Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 04-07-19: California and back in 60 minutes

Kirakis mansion 

WENT TO THE WITCH DOCTORS HE TOLD US WHAT TO DO  yelled Bob who entered with a group of strangely dressed people “WE’RE HERE”he yelled louder 

“Whats going on” went Maggie as the men who came with Bob started dancing and chanting around the living room “hello Maggie don’t worry we are here to help!” 

Maggie had to move out of the way of one of them who chanted past her “BE CAREFUL” went bob 

“WHAT IN THE HELL IS ALL THIS “Went a very angry Victor who came in with Sonny in tow 

“Victor this is Chief of Staff  DR Alexander The Great and his staff Dr Leonidas,Dr Achilles.Dr Hector, Dr Paris, and Nurse Helen they are here to help rid Will of his curse 


Wait Uncle Vic maybe we should let them what harm could it do”  

Oh Dear God went Victor who turned to leave when he heard something Crash “THIS ISNT SPARTA” Went Dr Leonidas pausing before resuming his chanting

“Opps ill pay for that “went Bob trying to not laugh

This Week In Salem

Rafe told Jordan he would find her baby before he left Rafe warned Hope about Ted

Hopes a big girl Rafe 

Shouldn’t Rafe trust Hope 

well Rafe cant be trusted himself so ?

Eve and Jack prepared their trap involving Ice and a Rally 

As if this story wasn’t bad enough those blue hats SMH 

Shouldn’t Days budgets be better vested in other things? 

Sonny looked into curing the Evil Eye 

“Which is why i brought them to help” went bob as the doctors continued to dance and chant around the room releasing peddles and spraying into the air 

And it also gets under My Uncles Skin 

That too 

Gabi told Sonny that the kissing of Stefan meant nothing Stefan told Chloe the same thing 

Which one of them is more in denial ?

Tough call 

Victor mocked Sarah about burning the bed sheets her and zander used he also put his foot down when Brady hinted at Chloe moving back into the mansion 

They heard another Crash “does that look like the gordian knot Alexander really?”

“Sorry” went Dr Alexander going back to his room pacing  

I’ll pay for that too 

Victor gabe kate a NO when she asked about returning to Titan 

Smart move Victor 

Cant Kate find a job on her own?

Gabi went back to the mansion for some reason and started mocking him to Chloe they started arguing Stefan caught it and had some fun at their expense Gabi ran down the list of things Stefan did to Gabi and then kissed him
Gabi may have kissed him again to show Stefan what he couldn’t have he kicked her out again 

How are you liking the new Stefan?

I’m liking him Allot 

Stefan gave Chloe some reassurances about how he’s stepping up security 

JJ pleaded with Haley again 

Jacks rally started 

SMH at all of this 

It’s almost over…i hope 

Ciara tried to stop Ben from doing his job again 

is Ciara smothering him ?


Hope arrived to question Ben about Jordan’s baby Ben had no idea she was ever pregnant 

Did Jordan steal that baby and will we ever find out whom from 

i think many things will be made clear when we find out about Jordan’s car accident 


BOB went Maggie 

What that’s what he does 

SHHH not so loud you’ll interrupt them went Sonny watching the doctors with deep interest 

Stefan called off Ben’s mission 

Oh btw Ben is armed now 

How and why can Ben legally carry a gun ?

Its Salem just go with it 

Abe was furious with Ted but Ted convinced Abe to keep him on as DA 

What secrets are Ted hiding?

Not sure i thought one or two may have involved Diana?  Did she leave Salem i haven’t seen her?

JJ put his cop hat back on and asked Claire a bunch of questions when seeing her lighter 

Fire pretty JJ that’s all you need to know 

Haley and trips meeting with the Ice agent didn’t go as well as they hoped but it could have went worse 

Rafe arrived with Baby David not knowing who the father was 

Do you think he visited Theresa and the others out in California maybe Theresa has some insight on Matteo’s goons ?

doubt it 

At the Rally Eve’s plan to show the Haley and Tripp are frauds video was stattered as the tape was missing 

Did Jack Remove the evidence? Is he playing Eve?

I hope so i still want him to be Mayor though  jack can do both make a fool of eve and win the election because hes JACK 

Shelia and Abe are almost there ?

are you happy for that couple ?

Hope Let Ted Kiss her 

Why not Bo cheated on Hope a few times …Rafe …was on a break but still so soon after come on 

Remember when Hope forced Bo to sign the separation papers had sex with Patrick then dumped him the next day 

I still say Patrick’s Ciara’s father but whatever 

The chanting stopped “we have done all we can to lift the curse from this man and house” went Dr Alexander 

Well let’s be off then “good luck Will Sonny Maggie sees you soon 

Thanks Bob “went Sonny  

WHOSE GOING TO CLEAN THIS MESS went victor returning to the room 

RUN Bob and his doctors ran out 

Time to Turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

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