Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 03/04/16: Toasting Memories







Not-So-Late Friday night.

Robert is sitting in his conference room alone looking at the clock until, Bart and Marco enter.

“How did it go?”

“Everything went fine. Should hear from Rolf soon,” went Marco.

“Doesn’t matter if it worked; he’s not coming back,” went Bart.

“To Salem…he’s not coming back to Salem,” added rob with a sound of hope.

“Does it make a difference “

“Won’t know for a while.” They heard a knock coming from behind a bookcase.

Marco gets up goes over and comes back.

“Andre! Glad you made it!” Marco nodded at the cop who came with Andre.

“Yes, well, we have to hurry. I can only be gone for so long before someone notices I’ve been let out of my cell.”

“Why don’t you just escape?” asked Bart.

“Because that’s not part of the plan,” laughs Andre

“We better get to it then. Celebrating the life of STEFANO DIMERA! Who wants to go first?”


This week in Salem…

Summer yelled at Brady for saving her life. Brady told summer about Maggie and his cocaine addiction.

Nicole and Dario discussed Salem, which Brady had, to the dismay of Theresa, convinced Summer to come back to. How long will Theresa tolerate summer’s presence and Brady’s stupidity? Side note: Summer apparently is quite the klepto—stealing trinket after trinket along her way. What happens when she gets caught?

Hope and Rafe discuss Deimos being behind Bo’s plight and if its true Hope says she wont be able to sleep at night.

“Soon I will be the vision of her greatest nightmares.” added Andre

Roman accused Rafe of hiding something, and then told Lani that the Stefano murder investigation was closed. Honest cop Lani has serious reservations about the whole thing.

How far will Roman and Hope go to cover it up?

“Do you think this Lani can be reasoned with?” asked Andre.

“Don’t think so,” went Rob.

Eric confronted Jennifer about the kiss. She couldn’t remember. He wants her to go to an AA meeting with him. What will it take to reach Jennifer?

Do you think Eric will ask Jennifer to marry him, so he can get conjugal visits while in jail?

Everyone chuckled.

Marlena tried to get Eric to see that any problem Jennifer has isn’t his fault.

SMH. So its not Eric’s fault that he caused the accident that led her to this?

‘I think she means about the pill intake count.”

“Of course, of course.”

Ghost Stefano appeared to Chad and told him that it was okay to be his own man. They cried and hugged. what direction will chad take now?

“Do you have something in store for Chad, Andre?” asked Bart.

“He’s my brother.”

Steve admitted to Roman that he killed Ava, covering for Joey. Belle became Steve’s lawyer.

“Why does Steve need a lawyer? Roman’s not going to let his brother-in-law go to jail.”

Ben Weston escaped. How much danger are Chad, Abigail, and Thomas in?

“If Ben were smart enough to set up my brother, he should be smart enough to just get out of dodge.”

“Don’t think he’s that smart. I believe he still thinks Thomas is his.”

“That could be fun.”

“Would you help Chad against Ben, Andre?”

“Of course. He’s my family. Nobody messes with my brother but me.”

Chad is worried that JJ thinks Clyde is behind the escape.

“Supercop JJ on the case. I don’t even know why anyone is worried.”

Nicole called Dario looking for her stolen-by-Summer sunglasses. Dario told Nicole he was coming to Salem. Can you see Dario and Nicole as a couple?

“Will you be able to deal with that Rob ?” asked Andre teasingly.

“Andre, I swear if you do anything to Nicole ….I will end you.”

“Hey, you remember that time you and Nicole were on the plane to Brazil with Sydney, and Stefano had the plane return to Salem?”

“Not my greatest moment. We could have been happy. But then again, eventually “I believe the whole Syndey thing would have haunted us. Anyway, I’m now glad Stefano did what he did it he saved both of our souls that day. SNIFF SNIFF.”

“Easy there, Rob,” Bart patted Rob’s shoulder.

Abigail and Theresa had some girl time discussing dresses and Summer.

Chad got Abigail an expensive bracelet despite allegedly being broke.

Is it possible that he is in on it with Sami and that’s why he still has money?

“I’d be proud of him,” added Andre.

Brady and Theresa had a fight over Summer finding a place of her own. How soon until Summer ends Thrady?

“Nobody in salem is ever happy. It’s so depressing,” mocked Andre.

Joey’s new friend, Jade, is into pot. How much does this change their possible future relationship?

Roman, Marlena, Hope, Rafe, Abe, Victor, and Caroline got together to “toast” Stefano’s alleged final passing.

Were you happy with the selection of the montage’s memory clips? Were you mad when they wasted time asking John about his stupid past?

“It wasn’t long enough but it was decent. The ending was good,” went Rob.

Steve, out on bail, broke into Ava’s apartment and stole a key ring. Are you hearing that officer Andre directed towards the cop who didn’t move?

Claire wants to hang out with Chase. Chase isn’t really into Claire. Ciara voiced her disapproval until what he did to her finally came out. Chase can not go back to Chicago. Theo is demanding answers. How soon until all this erupts? Will hope murder Chase. Will the SORAS bunch torture and then kill him?

Philip wants a commitment from Belle. Belle’s not having it.

“That girl will never ever know what she wants.”


How much longer will this Shawn/Belle/Philip thing go on?

Victor and a goon marked Deimos with a knife as a warning. Why didn’t Victor kill him?”

Victor told Maggie what I believe is a twisted version of the him and Deimos events to ease Maggie’s suspicions and calm her nerves a little. Did Maggie believe Victor?

“Sir, we have to get back now,” said the cop to Andre.

“Yes, of course. Gentlemen, let’s do this again sometime. Ciao.” Andre and the cop leave the way they came in.

“How long until Rolf tells us if it worked?”

“Soon, I hope.” Rob looked at his watch. “Nicole’s going to be here soon. Later guys.”

“Goodnight boss.”


Rob went back to his office.

“Evening, Nicole. How was your week?” looking coy and playful

“What have you been up to?” she asked


Time to turn the hourglass…

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