Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 03-29-19: Watch out for the Evil Eye

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Marlena and john are on their way up to Rob’s office when Lani Eli and a bunch of officers enter the elevator with them 

“What are you doing here?” askedJjohn

“Ice raid we are looking for Haley Chen and other undocumented that may be on the premises ” went Eli 

“Oh dear” went Marlena their elevator door opened they headed towards the office Marco at the desk phones Bob a heads up 

Bob approached them Hello Everyone who’s up for a Bribe 

This week in Salem 

Checking over the Dimera Security camera’s revealed two Shooters 

Two that’s it ..seems weak 

I’m just grateful the Stefano portrait wasn’t damaged  went bob 

Because that’s more important than human lives? Went Lani 

Do you want an honest answer…MOVING ON 

Hope reminded Ted she was married 

Will Ted get the message and back off 

I hope so seriously i know Rafe and Hope are as exciting as watching paint dry but Ted could do SO much Better 

How far will Ted and Hope go ?

Marlena lent Leo 500 dollars for a hotel  Diana told Leo john wasn’t his father Leo got mad and took off 

I’m sorry about all that John ..if it helps you feel better Stefano told me he and  Marlena are my real parents” Marlena shot Bob a look  

LOL what Marlena i told you that Decades ago  

No Bob Rob told me that not you 

Right Right Moving on 

Here’s a nice twist Ted Ran into Diana and Ted’s wife’s passing two years ago came up and Diana said that was impossible she saw him 6 months ago 

Who could Ted’s wife possibly be if she already in Salem or on her way 


Stop it went Blanca 

Brady warned Sarah about Eric again Sarah told Brady to stay out of everyone else’s love life 

Sorry Sarah this time he can’t Brady is Gods emissary for Eric to stay to his word 

What’s it going to take for Brady to just knock it all off 

Brady enlisted Eric’s help to get Chloe out of Dimera Mansion 

Wouldn’t this all be easier if Brady and Sarah started up?

Brady and Sarah hmmmm ?

Leo signed the divorce papers but before leaving he gave Will THE EVIL EYE 

…wait did you say the Evil Eye 


I’m so sorry Marlena 

For what 

Once you get the evil eye your pretty much done for SEE LOOK BLANCAS GIVING IT TO ME NOW …STOP THAT 

Will got sick is this psychosomatic or is the curse real 

Curses are real Marlena remember the Amulet and what that did to everyone 

Chloe gave Stefan another NO ..but this time she said “until the Mateo business is over with ” 

Stefan seemed pleased ..speaking of Stefan …how did you like Brandons Debut performance ?

i think he’s got great potential ..I also heard he’s on Contract 

WHOO HOO Bob yelled out 

Gabi entered the mansion and started mocking Chloe and Stefan arguing ensued and then..Gabi Kissed Stefan 

She what 

She kissed him 


Stefan got pissed and yelled mortified she ran out of there like a bat out of hell 

Man they are going to be a hoot 

Will was taken to the hospital 

JJ continues to protest Haley’s marriage to Tripp 

Would you seriously trust JJ again after what he did? 

NOPE Horton’s can’t be trusted to keep quiet about anything Sad Haley had to learn the hard way 

Brady wants to try again with Chloe 

Like that worked out so well the last time, John you need to talk to Brady AGAIN 

I will bob 

Sarah found out Brady is the one behind Eric’s not wanting to be with her 

Sorry Sarah but Eric needs to stick to his promise 

Once Sarah finds out about Eric’s promise will she back off 

Not if she’s been sent from Hell 



Claire looked at the lighter she used to set the cabin on fire and her mind wandered to burning Haley alive i think not sure on that one 


Poor Claire will she get the help she needs 

Take some pills she’ll be fine just like Ben 

Eve jack and Claire worked together to film Tripp’s bogus Proposal to Haley 

Is it possible that Tripp and Haley become real they did seem to have a moment? 

After more not Eric you from Sarah  to Rex, Rex proposed 

Should Sarah say yes to Rex 


Hope told Jennifer about Ted’s kissing her 

I really Hope Ted is messing with Hope  

Is it possible Ted has other motives and what could they be 

How about Teds working for Andre and or Aiden Man that would be hilarious but then again it would mean ropes still a thing so NOPE 

Abe found out that HIS DA once blackmailed Will and Sonny and he let Hope have it 

Too late Abe you made this cesspool of corruption aka the Salem PD now you have to live with it 

Could this cost Abe the election 

Doubt it this town did Elect EJ dimera after wait we rigged that OPPS LOL 

Ted offered Abe his help in removing the cartel from Salem Abe told him no thanks 

Could this mean Ted is involved with the Cartel? 

Doubt it 

JJ yelled at jack for being a heartless Jerk 

So that means nobody told JJ that his father was a real heartless jerk before he was born SMH Jennifer 

Rafe went to visit Jordan and she insisted that she only set one Fire 

oh oh not to worry Claire Rafe could take YEARS figuring all this out Jordan then asked Rafe to find her baby 

OH Oh a who’s the father story coming up ..

Is the father anyone in Salem ?

Good question 

Eli and lani came back over “okay Blanca you have to come with us”


APRIL FOOL Bob started laughing 

Marlena hold him down while i kill him 

After the laughter and anger subsided Bob took everyone out to diner 

Time To Turn The Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

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