Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 03-22-19: Out With the New in with the Newer

Bob’s office Marco and Bart walk in on Bob’s meeting 

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Gunshots at Dimera Mansion Boss


Yeah their being attacked by a drug cartel nothing for you to worry about you better get going though 

the man says goodbye and leaves 

who’s that ?” asked Bart  
That’s the new Stefan i think he will do a fine job 

 Sad what happened with Tyler we wish him the best 

That we do s week in Salem 

Brandon Barash took over the role of Stefan Dimera this week what was your first impression of him 

I liked him he has that i can go psycho at any moment look 

Marlena still in her coma dreamed about being possessed Andre, Princess Gina, Tony and of course John 

Was it cool to see Thaoo again?

Yes it was But Curses to the writing team for NOT showing a Stefano Clip Especially when flashing the possession story, anyway Marlena woke up and john told her about the penicillin in her cookies 

Bart calls Kristen and tells her that she is being framed for poisoning Marlena 


Because she may want to return and punish Diana for falsely using her name

Brady warned Rex about Eric’s habit of stealing his brother’s women 

LOL Brady’s got a point 

Ciara nagged Ben for doing Stefan’s dirty work Ben doubled down about how and why saving Chloe was very important to him 

Do you agree with ben? 

I do 

They then told each other that neither could live without the other 

Sigh to be young and in love 

Brady and Gabi outsmarted Leo’s spying operation 

With this backfire on either of them 

i doubt it i don’t even think Leo cares at this point he wants to have a dad 

Awe its kind of nice watching him try to be good 

Will Leo be given a chance? 

After he gives up mommy completely maybe

A shooting occurred at dimera mansion the shooter left a Mateo drug family calling card 

How Far will they take this Mateo revenge  story ?

Jennifer Nagged Jack about using Haley as his political pawn 

Did you see any old sparks fly between the two of them?

Justin told Haley she lost her asylum case and has to leave in 30 days 


NO! I was just 

I know what you were about say do WE DO NOT DISCUSS THAT HERE  ..Despite all the stupid holes in the story just MOVE ON 

Right sorry 

Forget about it 

Ted told hope that he is going for the DA’s job to prove to himself and others that he can be a better person 

Does Ted have a chance to better himself? 

i think so…for starters nobodies come out of his past to accuse him of murdering his wife like with Rafe 

See he’s one up on Rafe already NOT an alleged murderer 

What will it take for Ted to get his second chance?

JJ proposed to Haley after one date 


Did he do it so Haley can stay or so he could selfishly date her some more? 

A little of both Love is in itself selfish is it not 

Was JJ of base and what about Haley’s reaction? 

Haley agreed to marry Tripp instead which has done nothing but further drive Claire down the Crazy Road 

What will Claire come up with next? 

Diana told John that she was sure Kristen poisoned Marlena

Man is she going to be pissed when she finds out 

Go tell her 


Call her on the phone and tell her 

Is that wise come on how epic would it be for Kristen to come back with fiery Righteous Vengeance focusing on Diana and Diana alone ?

Would you like to see Kristen go after Diana?

Stefan and Gabi continued to mask their Sexual tension with vicious threats against one another 

Do you think that Brandon’s Stefan and Gabi would be a good match maybe even better than Tyler’s?

Can’t wait to find out 

Leo called Brady out on his double crossing Brady mocked him Leo went to see John but John wasn’t there john was waiting for Diana with an evidence bag in his hand 

MAN Monday could be EPIC 

You guys want to grab a beer until i meet up with the wife 


Time to Turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

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