Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 03-02-19: Your nothing but a scheming B@#$@

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Bob is in a foul mood he is once again being forced to endure something that has taken him out of Salem Again

Do you swear to tell the truth 



NO i wont I’m tired of you clowns interrupting my Salem time for this nonsense why can’t you interrupt Dr OZ instead 

This Week in Salem 

Hope sort of thanked Ben for saving Ciara 

What does that mean Sort of?

It means she did it out of polite necessity not because she likes or trusts the guy 

Will Hope finally start to come around? 


Jennifer interrupted a JJ and Haley make out session because she had to show him pictures that were taken less than 6 hours ago 

Should Haley get out of this relationship before it’s too late 


Jack interrupted the Trask Haley debate with his Haley illegal immigrant bomb shell 

Sigh do you wonder if JJ thinks he may have been adopted 

Gabi and Brady discussed how to take down Stefan 

Will this lead to a Brady and Gabi pairing 

Doubt it but on the plus side it could shorten Gabi’s life’s expectancy

Will they ever bring up Ari in their conversations?

Stefan and Chloe bonded over obsession loss and finding love again?

I can’t remember Chloe? Being obsessed? And Stefan this is nothing Stefano, Kristen, EJ, Sami now they are obsessive people 

What was Chloe referring to? 

JJ tried to apologize to Haley and Melinda 

JJ and Jennifer both gave jack a what for 

Should they be midlist this a step in the right direction because some of what Jack is doing is EXACTLY what he did Pre Jennifer 

i think it’s a step forward 

Rex interrupted Sara’s dream about Eric 


John went to see Diana who may try and help stop Leo with his nonsense? It’s hard to tell if what she says is on the level 

Are you upset with the way Diana’s character was destroyed? 


Justin told Will and Sonny just how lousy things were and how with Ted Lamont as the acting DA they could get worse especially since they can’t prove Ted’s role in the blackmail 

Well at least in prison they can be together right Upside i suppose 

How will they get out of this? 

Get a new lawyer Dads terrible 

And here we go Diana told Victor she would reel in Leo for good if He helps her get John away from Marlena He agreed 

What will Victor do to help Diana or is he setting her up ?

Leo went to see Sonny Will punched him again 

Sigh round and round we go 

John broke up the fight and Marlena took offense to John taking Leo’s side 

Not sure if he meant it that way But??? 

If Leo really is johns what should he do ?

Gabi broke into Dimera mansion..

Excuse me how does one break into Dimera Mansion??? The front door is always open and the guards are?????? 

Not going to get into it 

Apparently she called Mr. Chin who is forcing Stefan to keep Gabi chic and not destroy it like he vowed to 

Gabi must have slept with Mr. chin only explanation as to the relevance of her dopey company 

Remember the good old days when nobody question Stefano and his word was LAW 

I do 

Anyway glasses were thrown it almost became physical when Chloe walked in Stefan called her a scheming bitch 

Did Chloe kick Gabi’s ass?



What are your thoughts on this triangle? 

It has possibilities 

After Gabi left Chloe calmed Stefan down with a massage 

See that Chloe is a keeper i hope they work and they work out Brandon staying 

Rex did one of those spur of the moment proposals Sarah didn’t go for it…because if was in front of Eric 

Get the message Rex SMH 

Who is Sarah better off with?

  Victor for whatever reason Agreed to help Diana break up john and Marlena he called Marlena and asked to see her and also gave Brady a heads up 

When Marlena showed up victor told her that john was Leo’s father 

Was this Diana’s plan OR was victor deliberately screwing over Diana and putting an end to this whole thing 

I think it’s both but hoping for just the later 

What are your thoughts on victor’s motivations? 

Claire with the lighter that started the fire dreamed about the fire until trip came in and they argued about actions and consequences 

Is Claire the Fire starter 

Didn’t they remake that ?

Not sure i think it was a direct to video sequel?

Jennifer had to remind JJ about the jack he was before he got married 

Jack was upset about how his stunt at the debate upset JJ Eve tried to play it off by kissing him 

Will Jacks upsetting JJ be the Kickstart to his memory returning 

Maybe he’ll have retrograde amnesia where he only remembers pre Jennifer things like when Emma faked that to get Shane away from Kimberly 


Ben’s guilt over what happened with Jordan forced himself to break thing off with Ciara 

Did this make you happy? 

Ciara’s not happy but she should be because this shows some sort of growth on his part? 

Melinda dropped out of the mayoral race because of the Haley business 

Sad she would have been a great mayor much better than the corrupt one we have now 

Who will be Mayor Jack or Abe?

EJ could have been a great mayor do you remember that story  is it on par with this one ?

Kayla told Haley she would help her 

Hey Kayla don’t you do background checks how did this get past Everyone in a HOSPITAL ????? 

don’t go there it’s pointless 

She also asked not to blame jj for this 

Why not JJ betrayed Haley the fact that jj couldn’t trust his own father has nothing to do with his original betrayal 

The police came looking for Haley?

Why Isn’t Illinois a.. Nope not going to even bother 

And I’m done goodbye ladies and gentlemen 

You’re not done bob this committee has many more questions for you 

One more question and i start naming all the people in this room that have had meetings with Stefano Dimera and the how’s and whys of those meetings 

This Committee is adjourned 

I thought as much 

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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