Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 02/03/17: Holly’s Holiday

“DAMMIT” Rob said throwing his phone on the ground

“What’s wrong “asked a worried Nicole
“That Amber Alert sent the Feds to the office, my home and my plane, we won’t be able to get near them”
“So we’ll figure something else out, I’ve contacted some people that should help us”
“You called Brady didn’t you”
“I Trust him”
“It’s like you want to get caught Nicole AGAIN. Rob changed his tune and knelt down in front of Nicole and Holly looking all worried and serious
“Nicole, this is not going to end well, we need to start thinking worst case scenarios”


This Week In Salem

Gaby’s telling Chad she loved him didn’t stop her from being Jealous of Supercop and Lani”
“What should Gabby do in this situation?”
“Gabby then yelled at Rafe for wanting to put Edgardo behind Bars”
Marlena asked Jennifer to help get Eric Home
let’s hope we don’t run into him
Deimos tried to apologize to you, you quit your job and left him
will deimos give up on Nicole ?
he better
deimos trying to make peace with Chloe naturally made things worse
Chloe then told you would never see Holly again and presented the restraining order
Jades father showed up he needs part of Jades liver jade agreed to help him
good for her i guess
Sonny wants victors blessing in taking Titan away from Deimos
Can you see Sonny Running Titan aka as a Mafia Boss
Sure why not sigh
Brady told me i would always have him
yeah well you can’t trust him either he’s too close to Chloe
Gabby so i suppose Andre wants Abigail to rid Chad of GAbby is the best way to put it
What is up with him will we ever find out
Chad,  Dario and Deimos couldn’t play nice with each other post Orwell Chad suggested he and Dario team up
Dario and Abigail discussed Unrequited love over ice cream
Aw you mean like i have for you
Brady told me about some Eric and Jennifer business and I kind of lost it
kind of lost it ? Rob looked around Nicole let out a small laugh
Anne asked Chloe for some Lucas Advice Anne then went for it by placing a kiss on lucas, lucas was taken aback not thrilled but not mad either
Handled it like an adult good for him
Is there any hope for Anne and lucas and where is Adrianne and Justin for that matter?
Deimos planned to kidnap Holly
Right sorry
After trying one last time i lost it knocked out Chloe and here we are
Told you the chloroform would do the trick
Yeah where’s Blanca by the way ?
I asked her to stay clear until this is over she understands
You didn’t break up with her did you
No i did not
Chloe called the police an Amber alert was issued and here we are
Who will be the first to find Nicole and Holly?
Hopefully no one Roman Announced his retirement  LT Hero Raines is now in charge
Chad and Abigail discussed plans to neutralize Chad
Gabby and supercop argued over Lanie and Chad
Which of these two couples are you rooting for the most
Sonny told Brady about his Deimos takeover plans Brady warned him to be careful
I admire Sonny but he is out of his league here
Hope was reinstated because Stefano had the nerve to survive his assassination attempt
Are you excited to see what the dirty cops do next now that they have the power to play GOD with people’s lives
Rafe was assigned the stolen arts case you know from a few months ago when Deimos and vVictor got caught stealing art by Kate they are going back to that
are you excited for this new story ?
Not yet no
Deimos still insists on helping you get Holly Back
he better stay away from both of us
and now we’re here

JUST IN IMPORTANT NOTE ADRIANNE ZUCKER the Actress who has played Nicole walker for the greater part of 20 years has decided to call it quits

This author having had enough of the last few years feels that this is this straw that broke that camel’s back and is considering giving it all up
you say that now…. in july things new writer remember things have to be better than this ..
That’s what they said when they hired the current one
I remember anyway  it is up to him to save the show past year 53  do you think he can do it ?
Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann


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