Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 02-24-19: You’re Innocent like I’m mother Theresa

John and Marlena were walking towards Bob’s office when they  heard loud music and  a huge crowd Blanca was there to greet them “Hello John,,Marlena” said happily looking back over at Bob 

“Why don’t we ..go over here so nobody sees us”

“what’s going on ? John wondered 

“Neighborhood block party” from a safe distance they saw Bob jump on a car and started moving about”

“He calls that the funk chicken  … i think “

“Oh man that’s embarrassing” went  Marlena  chuckling 

“Its like a bad accident i can’t look away from “went John also chuckling

This week in Salem 

Kate told Rex that leaving Sarah alone with Eric ON VALENTINES DAY was a bad idea 

Do you agree with Kate’s assessment? 

If he wants her back yes 

Jordan went to Ciara’s hospital room and once again tried to explain to Ciara that Ben was no good  Ben Was there they struggled Rafe came in and took Jordan away 

Do you feel sorry for Jordan? 

How can one not 

Charlotte was reunited with Chad Abigail and Grandma Jennifer?

Were you thrilled for them?


DIana told John not to tell Marlena about Leo being his dad 

Bob is having his doubts about that Marlena 

As am i 

Who will drop the bomb if it is even true? 

Leo woke up tied to a bed shocked to see Gabi with a pair of scissors not sure how far Gabi would go Leo started going on about the evidence he had against sonny and will Gabi’s stunt gave 

 Gave Sonny and Will some alone time which they took full advantage of 

Will this start Gabi on her road back to the good guys ?

Maybe but when she freed Leo he went right to the police with the evidence 

What will they do with it 

Probably lose it quickest way to end the story right ?

Chad forgave Kate for her role in the Gabi thing and invited her to his wedding she happily accepted 

Jacks amnesia continues to get in the way of family bonding and his warning JJ off Haley didn’t help matters either 

Haley and JJ remind me of Rob..Bob and myself?”

Are you ..”John didn’t finish 

No but Bob said that if i was he would bribe every politician in the country if it meant me staying 

Awe that’s kind of sweet 

Where is this story going ?

The evidence forced Eli to book Sonny and Will for attempted murder 

whose going to bail them out and will this force Victor to …be younger victor ?

Haley told Eve to leave JJ and his family alone 

Won’t happen nice thought though 

Jack doesn’t want to do say anything to anyone about Haley because of what it will do to JJ 

Good man  Jack won’t stop Eve though 

How will they get Eve to back off 

Eve and Chloe discussed Stefan and Jack 

Da Trask Stopped Haley from telling Tripp anything 

Chad and Abigail re married 

I’m happy for them Went Marlena we all are added john 

Stefan gleefully told Gabi that Gabi chic was ending once and for all a piece at a time Gabi was livid as there was nothing she could do 

Were you cheering Stefan on ?

Stefan Chad and Abigail all made peace Stefan again apologized to Abigail for “taking advantage of her Gabi persona state” it all went down very nicely 

Chad and Abigail left Salem for a Spot in the Hong Kong Office   Chad is still with Dimera Inc but is no longer in any kind of Ceo position 

How does Their leaving it measure up to some of the other super couple departures?

Ben is worried that he wanted to kill Jordan 

Does Salem have cause to fear Ben? 

it’s a tough one but i have a feeling Ciara will be the beauty to his beast and we won’t see Serial killer Ben anymore 

Melinda resigned from her DA position to go full focus on her mayoral campaign so in the meantime Abe hired Ted which naturally pissed off Rafe 

Does Rafe have anything to worry about 

What I’d be worried about is Ted becoming DA not to long since he magically returned from Stefan’s exile 

Could they turn Stefan and DA Ted into an upcoming story ?

Jordan told Rafe about her car accident and why she had to attack Kate after warning Ciara that Ben will never change she went off to bay view 

Will we See Jordan again? And if we do will she be cured or be even worse off the next time? They all heard a thump apparently bob jumped up on top of a car and started some new dance moves 

What is he doing now went Blanca 

i believe they call that the John Travolta ?  Blanca gave john a weird look “it’s from the movie Saturday night fever, Come on Doc help me get him down so we can go eat 

Blanca was relieved that She didn’t have to be the one to tell them that Claire was the one who set fire to the cabin

Was your mind blown by this “Revelation?”

Time To Turn The Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

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