Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 02/09/18: Abigail Has Left the Building

Bob was checking his messages Stefan left several messages about him/his companies  reinvesting back into Dimera Inc “not a Chance” he said to himself when Bart Came in

Excuse me Bob but MAGGIE is here asking to talk to Robert?”

“Send her in please” this is different he thought to himself

“Hello Robert i hope I’m not interrupting”

“Not at all Maggie not at all this is a pleasant surprise, how are you”

“Not to well I’m afraid would it be okay if i asked you some questions  …About Victor that he won’t tell me”

“Only if you call me Bob”


“Right, “Bob pulled out a book Maggie was thrown by the size of it Rob opened the book “let’s start right here “1985 Victor Orders Hitman to Kill Melissa

“WHAT WHAT WHAT” went an exasperated Maggie

“This is going to be interesting fun” Bob thought to himself

This Week In Salem

Gabigail introduced herself to Stefan, Stefan deduced that Gabi was framing him for Andre’s murder

What is your first Impression of GabiGail ?

“gabigail has a weird ring to it”

Trip sort of enjoyed riding on the back of Ciara’s motorcycle

“there’s a joke in here about Tripp and Ciara in the back of the mustang but..nah”

“Is this the start of Triara ?

“Triara ?”

John explained to Marlena Kayla and Steve why Van Damn wanted him dead  joeys confession but her job and her future at risk” Steve recovering from the antidote John got for him told everyone if he was in johns position he would have done the same thing

Does this mean that John and Steve can go back to being buddies again?

“I hope so there’s something odd yet cool about it”

The ISA has always had weird Bosses “one of them worked for/with Victor once around the time he kidnapped john and turned him into roman”

Maggie looked at bob with dead like eyes ” that’s in section 4″ Maggie flipped through the pages

Billy Paul and will had an encounter with Van damn  Billy was shot they were able to get her to the hospital

Were you happy to see Billy in Action?”

Eventually they trapped down Van Damn who took Tripp and Ciara hostage and demanded Steve die or the do”

“Two Hostages Stupid mistake”

After a brief standoff Ciara bit Van dams hand and Tripp injected her with the needle she used to detain him”

“Triara is definitely a thing now can you see Claire screwing them up ?”


“Speaking of Claire she recorded their conversations and knows that Rafe slept with Sami, what will Claire do with this information?

“i have a few ideas for that  sneaky conniving HERO ..I should give her a call”

“Maggie having enough of Victor and Brady’s conspiring against Eve Demanded it all Stop and we actually saw Tate !”  Then she left the mansion

Is this the end of Victor and Maggie?

“Proud of you Maggie” Maggie didn’t hear him right away because she was taken aback by what she was reading”

“Here Maggie let me get you some coffee” minutes later  Bob  returned with a cup “MY GOD HE RAPED KIMBERLY”

“Opps spoiler alert sorry

Kate complained to Billy about her short Salem Stay Lucas wasn’t thrilled with her either for putting Will in harm’s Way Billie assured them it was all under control

Chad warned Stefan to stay away from Abigail

MOVE OUT OF THE HOUSE IDIOT it’s not even legally his anymore SMH

Gabigail visited Stefan again Stefan doesn’t seem to know what to do Clearly Abigail has “lost it” as he can see she thinks she’s two people

Gabigail told Stefan not to say anything or she would see to it that he went down for Andre’s murder

Is it more than clear that Abigail killed Andre  is it possible this goes back to the Halo and gabigail also killed Damos ?

Are you enjoying this story? How about Marcia’s handling of the character?
Are chad and Abigail playing Stefan ?
Is Stefan controlling Abigail’s mind ?”

enjoying it more and more everyday

Chad thinks Stefan Framed Gabi

LOL can’t wait for him to find out about Gabigail

Hope and Rafe prepare for their wedding on smith island Hope surprised Rafe with someone who could marry them?”

Maggie were exactly is smith island i can’t find it on a Illinois map ?
“Its not too far away from the Horton cabin ?”
“Okay i know the area then thank you?”
Brady told Eve what he did to Eric and Nicole Eve forgave him for playing her
he could still be playing you Eve SMH I have got to see if i can get theresa back here even for just a day
Eric and Jennifer seem to be starting i guess not much from them this week ?
Bob looked at Maggie who was really upset “OH MY He had her murdered ?”!!!
well she was blackmailing him Maggie Man like victor can only take so much” Bob had to calm Maggie down he made a phone call
“yeah hi i have Maggie here she’s in bad shape” Bob handed Maggie the phone
Come on Holly Say Hi to Grandma

Time to Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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