Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 01/29/16: No Emergency Room—Instead, an Emergence!

Daniel JonasRobert was flustered. He just didn’t understand Salem sometimes. Take Bo Brady. Putting the Reckell effect aside, Bo’s funeral was ten minutes. Or Will Horton, a long-running legacy character was maybe 20 minutes.

Daniel Jonas’ funeral seemed to go on for days and days, but at last it was finally over.

Rob went back to Nicole’s place and spent the night on her couch. He was in the kitchen when Eric knocked on her door. After she got rid of him, he returned to the living room.

“That couldn’t have been easy.”

“It wasn’t.”

“He EXPECTED you to just forgive him? I’m surprised you didn’t hit him with something.”

“Yeah, I am too.”

This week in Salem…

“Andre survived the building collapsing on top of him.”

“There was never any doubt.”

“Will he be able to go back for Stefano’s body?” Robert coughed, mumbled something, and looked away. Nicole ignored him.

“Somehow Stefano didn’t pay his mortgage. Chad wants to purchase the mansion for himself, Abigail, and Thomas, and to give Andre the boot.”

“They just keep adding in all these money issues that make no sense whatsoever.”

“Will Andre and Chad have a legal battle over the mansion?”

“I don’t think Abigail’s mommy will approve of Abigail living there, but we’ll see.”

“Joey wants Ava to run away with him. Kayla is still missing. Ava demanded that to see Kayla again, Steve find their unknown son. Joey got drunk over his teenage crush on Ava and it made Steve getting rid of her difficult.”

“Why couldn’t she have had a son with John instead?”

“Who could it be? The new guy that’s hanging around the SORAS bunch, or maybe even Chase?”

“If it were Chase, it would tie in some theories, but make no sense with some of the other stuff that happened.”

“Theo expressed his more-than-friends wishes for Ciara. He lashed out at Lani over her blabbing about his being bullied.”

“Shawn warned Philip to stay away from Belle.

“Oh, boy. Shawn, Philip, Belle. Its 2003 again. BORING! Why would Shawn want her back? Seriously, I know he’s stupid and everything, but come on now.”

“Cheat on me once, shame on you. Cheat on me twice, shame on me”

“Are you done?”


Victor tried to bribe Deimos out of town. It didn’t work. Victor faking a heart attack may have worked. Philip tried to get out of his deal with Deimos. Didn’t work.”

“What is the end game of Deimos, and how will Philip’s efforts or lack of efforts play in its end results.”

“Brady and I both want the maximum penalty for Eric. Brady claims that Daniel’s heart is teaching him compassion.” Rob wanted to slam the entire scenario about Daniel’s heart controlling Eric’s brain, but he knew that would upset Nicole, so he just kept quiet, which Nicole noticed and appreciated.

“Theresa insisted that because she has this new outlook on life, she won’t let the whole Daniel-me-Brady-heart thing get to her.”

“Hope so. I really hope so.”

“Melanie said goodbye and left Salem.”

“Did you see that dress she was wearing at the funeral?”


“Was she at a funeral during the day or a singles night at a bar?”

“Jennifer’s back is still hurting her, but she’s trying to overcome it while recruiting Lucas to help Eric’s drinking issues.”

“Back pain, high heels, and she wonders…Boggles the mind.”

“Eric denied help, because he’s going to prison, so what’s the point.”

“Lucas told him that he could still face addiction problems in jail.”

“How would he know? The only jail he stayed in was DiNera mansion with EJ and Sami.”

“Haven’t a clue. Will Eric actually go to jail?”

“With Roman in charge? Nope.”

“Andre broke into Hope’s house and found the evidence/gun that he was looking for. Shawn came home just then, but Andre slipped out unseen.”

“Where will Andre go from here?”

“On an away trip, Hope tried to introduce Rafe to fishing.”

“So she’s Miss Friendly with Rafe again?”


“SMH. That woman is all over the place with her ‘feelings about people.’”

“Chase got attacked by a skunk. Ciara, in helping him get his pants clean, snooped in his belongings and found something that freaked her out.”

“What could it be?”

“Could be a number of things. But I’m sure its the obvious, easiest one.”

“And later on at work today, I’m going to see how Theresa feels about she and I leaving Kate in the dust and branching out on our own.”

“COOL! You need anything, I’m here for you.”

“Thank you.”

“We both have meetings to get to. Stop by the office tonight if you can.”

“I will.”


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By Robert Feldmann

Edited by Akbi Khan

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