Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 01/26/18: Pulse and High Heels

At the mausoleum

Sigh i forgot how long this takes

He’s coming around now

There we Go.. Welcome back to the living Tony

Thank you Bob. Wait what do you mean Tony I’m Andre

uh huh

Whatever the case seems things went according to the plan

Did they now could have fooled me, come on we need to get going, gentlemen please finish up here

Sure Boss


This Week in Salem

John continues to poison Steve

Word of Lani’s pregnancy has reached just about anyone

Checking out the dim


era security footage has Kate arriving with Andre and Anna leaving his office last

Who was more likely to do it Kate or Anna

Vivian is worried about the cops Stefan isn’t

Is Vivian a little too worried and if she didn’t do it what else is she afraid of?

Hope and Rafe called Roman out on his falsely giving Anna an alibi

Is Anna acting too suspicious for someone who didn’t do it ?

Hard to tell

Valerie is doing what she can to ensure that if Eli learns the truth that he knows it immediately

Will this hinder or help Eli down the road?

Will handed sonny divorce papers

Paul thought he heard john ordering more poison over the phone

Are you invested in this story ?

Only pertaining to the Why

John looked like his guilt was going to make him spill the beans to Marlena but a phone call from Carrie ruined the moment


Steve told john he had to quit the team as he had an auto immune disease

Will told Marlena about his divorce and moving closer to Paul’s house Paul and will agreed to work together to help john

Will this get Paul to see will “differently”

i hope so..on the sonny front he continues to be a sad sad man and it’s going to cost him titan if Brady has something to say about it

Speaking of Brady he and eve are still …whatever it is they are doing

Victor in one of his classic Victor moments Accused Brady of Falling for any woman with a pulse and High Heels

LOL Classic Victor

How will Theresa’s return affect the kirakis household?

Carrie Called Hope out on her Hypocrisy


And she then told Rafe that Sami told her what he and her did ..Rafe actually was surprised by that


Now that Rafe knows Sami is ..Being Sami will he tell Hope ?

Claire Ciara and Tripp had some quality video game time it was nice to see them all getting along

How long will it all last

Stefan warned Vivian that john was poking around

John says he knows who wrote the letter to Anna

Who do you think it was

it was you wasn’t it Andre

Not sure

Right you’re not back up to speed yet it will all come back soon enough

Speaking of coming back Billy Reed is on her way back to Salem

Are you excited to see Billy again if she stays around who would she be paired up with?

Some unknown man is supplying John with the Steve poison is he ISA and does this have anything to do with ISA agent Billy’s return?

Will went to tell Hope what was going on with John/Steve


Get this Andre Abigail vowed to make whoever killed you Pay

that’s good that’s good

BTW did you see who did it?

Do you know ?

Not yet I’ll let you know when i find out In the meantime I’m sending you to a wedding


Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

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