Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 01/26/18: One Down the Tokyo Fab

Blanca asked Marlena and john to come to her and Bob’s house for their Diner after Blanca’s offered for them to come to especially Kayla as Bob would  need a doctor thinking that strange the four of them

Arrived and entered the house

“Hello Everyone thanks for coming. Blanca do it now” Blanca picked up a Baseball bat and Smacked Bob over the head

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE Yelled Kayla as she tended to Bob Steve went to help Kayla john went into defensive disarm the suspect position

He said it would help regain his memory more efficiently then Sami’s method of strangulation

Bob, Bob are you okay

I’m fine

What year is it asked Kayla

Its 1984 Megan Hathaway still loves Bo, Bo and Hope are fighting their feelings for each other and Maxwell Hathaway just unveiled the Prisms

1984 Well we’re getting Close” Blanca went to strike him again

WAIT DON’T yelled Marlena

This week in Salem

Vivian lectured Stefan about getting their Andre’s dead Story Straight

Did Vivian murder Andre?

Chad found Abigail crying over Andre’s Body Chad called the police but Rafe and Hope showed up instead

Commissioner of police making house calls ???? The found Anna’s tony urn under the desk

Did Anna murder Tony ?

Marlena told Paul to stay away from Will if he was indeed in love with Sonny, Will’s not making that easy as they are neighbors now

Will Paul Forget Sonny and Give in to Will

Will insisted they could just be friends and it turns out that “EJ” and Paul share interest in the band Tokyo Fab

Could this be the beginning Branch

Music can be a romantic starter

Roman is trying to shield Anna from Hope and Rafe’s questioning at least until he found out who wrote the mysterious letter she got that said Andre killed Tony

Do you remember how Tony Died?

Does Roman know for sure Anna did it?

Wouldn’t surprise me they are all corrupt

Sonny confronted Brady on his Murder Andre commission Brady turned it back on him and told him he was unfit to run titan

He’s right Sonny’s barely capable of running lemonade Stand

Lani’s pregnancy news is spreading apparently Abe decided that Theo isn’t very important and is returning to Salem shortly ?

Is it ridiculous for Abe to leave Theo in South Africa Alone?

Very Much So

Eli told Gabi to place nice with Kate for her company’s sake Gabi is grateful Eli is by her side

Did Gabi Kill Andre for firing her


JJ told Jennifer she was going to be a Grandmother again

Sigh if only he and Eve had a baby


Eli told Lani he couldn’t be the father because they only slept together once

………………………… …………I’m just going to let that sit there…………

Valerie doesn’t want Eli to go through what she did so she insisted he found out the father truth ASAP

Eli said he would Step up and Father the baby!

Good man Eli

Will Eli be the first one to find out who the real daddy is?

Are you disappointed at yet another baby daddy story ?

After seeing the funeral director Abigail Asked Gabi if she killed Andre?

Did Abigail really expect a truthful Answer from the Home wrecker?

“isn’t Home wrecker Harsh ?”


Hope and Rafe wondered who could be setting Anna up and why

Here’s a question why is the COMMISSIONER doing Detective work?

Hope is there to cover up for her cousin’s daughter in case Abigail committed the murder

Kate knew Andre loved her and couldn’t understand the betrayal

Chad said Andre couldn’t help being Andre Chad wondered if Andre’s death would bring Stefano out of hiding

They still think Stefano is out there does them mentioning this means what it could mean

I hope so there are ways to pull it off

Will we ever see Andre again ?

After the next writing change if we’re lucky

Are you upset over the way the last two sets of writers portrayed Andre as a Character

YUP utterly disgraceful both of them

John doesn’t seem to enjoy spiking Steve’s drinks and enticing him to keep drinking

What will happen to Black Patch when this is all over?

Hopefully no harm no foul

Who why and what for is john doing all this?

Abigail demanded to know why Stefan would not undo what Andre did to Gabi’s company but she didn’t get an answer

What is Stefan’s motive for not doing it?

Rafe and Eli watched the security camera footage the killer took Andre’s phone they noticed something else on the footage as the cameras rolled

What did Rafe and Eli See and will it speed up or drag this all out


Kayla finished her examining of Bob “he seems okay but we should get him to the hospital for an X-Ray while she was helping Bob out of the chair Blanca Smashed his head with a drinking glass


Thank you Blanca it seems to have worked Went Bob rubbing his head

Hello Marlena, kayla, Steve ,,John, Steve do me a favor tonight be the designated Driver ”

John stared at Bob as Kayla tended to him again

Thanks Kayla went bob


Time to turn the hourglass 


By Robert Feldmann

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