Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 01/19/18: Yao Ling not Yo Ming

Remind me to have your sanity tested when we get home…. AGAIN!!! ”

“It’s not that big of a deal it happens all the time in salem ”

“But why does it have to happen to you how am i supposed to get you home when it does

It’s for us trust me when it happens just call the people on that last they will know what to do.. It won’t last very long ..i promise.”

Blanca started cursing in Spanish Bob Kissed her “it will be fine”

This Week In Salem 

JJ’s resignation from the force and total jubilation about the baby made Lani pause in telling him that the baby might be Eli’s not his

Meanwhile Eli is trying to speed up his and Gabi’s relationship

Will Eli get Gabi pregnant before Lani tells him he’s already going to be a father is a double pregnancy baby switch story on the horizon?

Hope not to both

Anna told Jennifer some misinterpreted info about Eric not being over Nicole that made her decide to meet Dr Shah for lunch at the Brady pub

Roman told Eric to get himself together Dr shah told Jennifer he was more than friend interested

Well he’s much better than that stalker she had a few years ago. Can’t remember his name at the moment

Stefan is angry that Vivian wants to get rid of Andre; Anna warned Kate that Andre can’t change

Can we give Andre credit for trying really hard to change seeing how he’s tried really hard?

Yes we can

Kayla tried to get Lani to tell JJ the truth about the baby JJ is worried that Lani wants to end her pregnancy because he wouldn’t be a good father

He’s young but not too young should be okay ONCE HE GETS A JOB

He’s a Horton he doesn’t have to work

Horton right i forgot

Stop that

Stop what?

Steve’s vision is still on the fritz still nothing with Kayla on that

Chad got jealous when he saw Theo cheat on him by playing chess with Stefan

Theo told Chad that Stefan was better than him

ROTFLMAO everyone is better than Chad at chess he’s an embarrassment

Abigail warned Stefan not to make trouble for her Gabi and Chad and became livid when she thought he asked her out to diner

Abigail’s got bigger stones than Chad was she embarrassed or jealous when finding out he meant Gabi

Both probably

Abigail tried lecturing Stefan about Sexual harassment she ended up smacking him he laughed it off

Sexual harassment in Salem ..that’s funny

Abe was happy he was going to be a grandfather

Would it matter to Abe who the father was?


Everyone said goodbye to Theo as he’s officially off to South Africa for treatment

South Africa SMDH ..Word of recasted is on the horizon will you miss Killer Pettis ?

Anna’s urn continues to freak everyone out Anna found an unidentified letter in her purse and was horrified when she read it

What was and who from was that letter about

John told Chad the dimera hack was an inside john

Chad said he would make whoever it was pay

Well maybe Abigail will smh

Aunt Vivian introduced John to Stefan who wasn’t exactly thrilled

Vivian mistook Yo ling for  Yao Ming the basketball player


After they missed saying goodbye to Theo Andre told Kate he loved her Kate told Andre she loved him


With the Gabi chic deal done Vivian considers Andre a liability and wants to get rid of him

Stefan disagreed

Will Stefan end up being nothing but mommies pawn ?

Hope not

Lucas is out of rehab and is happy for Kate and Andre, he then asked Chloe out on a date

i thought his goal was to stop drinking ????

Lucas and Chloe again ???

Somehow and this is really bizarre when you think about it Eve was able to get Theresa on the phone

is her return to Salem soon

after the way she was written out i cant see how any of that has happened don’t be surprised if she returns Tate has a brother or sister

How could she not ?

Brady gave up the deal for Gabi chic and ended up back in bed with eve

When will Brady and eve go kaboom does anyone understand how or why Gabi’s company is in such high demand?

Beats me on both counts

Vivian ran to Stefan saying they had to get their stories straight

Abigail screamed and cried when she stumbled across Andre’s dead Body

Is this the end of Andre and beginning of Tony or the end of tony and Andre is still Andre

Will you miss Thaoo on days and are you Furious on how the character has been wasted for the last two and a half years plus

Andre’s ????  Bob sat down and went into shock

Bob ..are you okay ? BOB .??? I’ll get a doctor

WHO ARE YOU? Bob asked staring at Blanca

OH NO !!!

Time To Turn The hourglass


By Robert Feldmann

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