Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday

The Bold and the Beautiful, Cliffhanger Friday, 07/03/15: You’re Free
Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger 07/03/15: Clyde meets the Phoenix

Robert needed the weekly recaps but Nicole was still in the hospital. He would go see her, but first he had work to do. Nicole’s source wasn’t in his usual spot. So if you want to know everything that’s happening in Salem, there’s only one real place to go: Dimera Mansion. 


Sonny is furious when he uncovers Will's machinations.

Sonny is furious when he uncovers Will’s machinations.

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06/26/15: What the Hell Are You Doing in My House?

Robert, alerted to what happened to Nicole, rushed over to the hospital. Unfortunately he found out long after visiting hours were over and had to sneak in to Nicole’s room, which was sadly too easy. She saw him enter and sat up.

Nicole: Rob, what are you doing here? You’re going to get into trouble?



rp_days-pic-06-20-165x300.jpgDays of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06/19/15: Stefano Schemes…As Always!

This week in Salem: Robert split up from Eric to search for Nicole, after searching on his own for a while he lost contact with Eric as well. Time passed, 7 minutes 7 days. Salem time is always wonky, so he decided on another option. He drove to the Kiriakis mansion, because it was closer to his location than the Dimera Mansion and started banging on the door.

BANG BANG BANG!   More……… 



Hope begins to suspect Clyde might have been involved in Sonny's stabbing.

Hope begins to suspect Clyde might have been involved in Sonny’s stabbing.

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06/12/15: Abigail, What Have You Done?

This Week in Salem!

It’s late Friday. Rob is worried that he hasn’t heard from Nicole by phone, text, or email. He decides to go to her house and check on her. On the way he runs into Eric Brady.

Robert: Excuse me—Eric, Eric Brady?

Eric: Yes?

Robert: Remember me? I’m Nicole’s boss. Have you seen her?

Eric: No, I haven’t. Actually, I’m actually also looking for her       More……… 

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06/05/15: I’d Lie Again Just to Keep You

Eve and Jennifer get into a heated argument, which turns physical.

Eve and Jennifer get into a heated argument, which turns physical.

This Week in Salem!

Robert is sitting in his office. He turns on the TV. “Tennis? NOW? How many all-sports networks does this cable…” He stops ranting to himself when he sees Nicole approaching. He turns off the TV.

Robert: Nicole,  he says.

Nicole: Something wrong, Robert?

Robert: Yes there is. You let a Kirakis goon into the building. Remember our company policy on Kirakis goons running around here.


Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/29/15: Goodbye Melanie wish your stay was longer

Melanie gives Brady an answer to his proposal.

Melanie gives Brady an answer to his proposal.

This week in Salem:

It was a nice day. Rob decided to take a walk and meet up with Nicole for the recaps when he ran into Kimberly Brady Donovan.

“Kelly,” Rob said softly so nobody could overhear, “Wow! You look great. It’s been what 30 years, give or take.”

Kimberly: I’m sorry. You have my confused with someone else.

Robert: That’s okay. I understand. I’m sorry myself. I just got lost in the past for a second you really do look great though.


Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/22/15: Brady proposed to Melanie

Will manipulates an explosive situation with Paul and Sonny.

Will manipulates an explosive situation with Paul and Sonny.

This week in Salem:

Nicole arrives in the office of Robert, her senior editor.

Robert: Hey Nicole! Good to see you. How was your week?

Nicole: Eh. My computer crashed. I lost all my notes on what happened this week.

Robert: And you don’t remember?

Nicole: Don’t judge me. “Lets go to lunch and see what you can recall.”       More………    

 Days of Our Lives Friday  May 15Deidre HallDays CF 05/15/15

This week in Salem:

 Nicole and Zander are sharing champagne when

Nicole: OH SHOOT

Zander: What’s the matter     More……… 


 Days of Our Lives Friday  April, 24days CF 04 24, 2015, by Robert Feldmann 




 Days of Our Lives Friday  April, 1Joe Mascolo7, 2015, by Robert Feldmann 

Nicole Reports to Robert: No Shortage of Drama in Salem This Week!

Nicole arrives at Robert’s office happy that she saw nothing has been changed or altered since she left last week she had the recaps ready rob is typing on his computer “morning Rob”     More……… 


 Days of Our Lives Friday  April, 1Molly Burnett, Eric Martsolf0, 2015, by Robert Feldmann 

“Why Is Time Always Getting Screwy In This Town?”

Nicole enters her newspapers office with this week’s recaps, remembering that they moved to the top floor last week. She is stopped before she gets to the elevators.     More……… 


 Days of Our Lives Friday  April, 03, 2015, by Robert FeldmannAt the benefit, all hell breaks loose when a secret is exposed.

Nicole entered her office ready with the week’s recaps, but she was in not the best of moods. She had heard about what happened at the charity event and wanted answers. She bypassed her own office and went right for Robert’s. 




 Days of Our Lives Friday  March, 27, 2015, by Robert Feldmann

Nicole enters the elevator to bring Robert (her senior Editor) this week in Salem’s recaps, and hits the button to go up. She gets off the elevator, and see’s a sign that says that her papers office is now on the top floor of the building.More………

rp_Days-cf-031315-300x300.jpg Days of Our Lives Friday  March, 20, 2015, by Robert Feldmann

At her Office, Nicole is working on this week’s happenings, when…

Knock, knock!

Nicole:“Almost done, Robert.” More………


rp_cf-days-03-20-16-300x300.jpg Days of Our Lives Friday  March, 06 2015, by Robert Feldmann

This week in Salem:

–Nicole: Hello Robert

-Robert: Nicole nice to see you. Would you care for some tea ?

–Nicole: Sure, thanks.   More…

days pic 022715 Days of Our Lives Friday  February, 27 2015, by Robert Feldmann

This week in Salem:

Serena was furious with Eric for giving away the elephant, demanding that he get it back.  Paul’s Mother came to Salem too and was freaked out when she saw Marlena.  It’s officially over for Chad and Jordan. Kate‘s meddling and Ben’s pending jail time sealed their fate, Chad reached out to Stefano to deal with Kate  More…


Eve's jealousy threatens to ruin JJ's plan. Days of Our Lives Friday  February, 20 2015, by Robert Feldmann

“Nicole—I was just thinking about you What have you got for me?” –Robert, Nicole’s Senior Editor. After watching the video from beyond the grave, Hope prepares for the battle of her life, convinced Aiden was going to (try to) kill her. Her cop training proved futile, as Aiden was able to neutralize her. Aiden then broke down and revealed that son, Chase, killed his mother (accidentally), and he has been covering for him ever since.


Unable to let go of her curiosity, Melanie does a search for Dr. Mandrake. Days of Our Lives Friday  February, 13 , 2015, by Robert Feldmann

look at the time Where is she?” “Nicole on line one !” “Finally, Nicole what do you have for me and be quick about it we already missed the early edition” THIS JUST IN Days Writers  Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell  have  finally been fired deservedly so after everything they’ve come up with over the last year the bad news comes in two parts however  part one is that they were replaced with Dena higley and Josh Griffith.. Dena was already fired once before while she was better than the guy she replaced why she was rehired escapes logic..(I am unfamilar with Josh Griffith’s previous work) the second part of the bad news is Days films 5 months in advance it we may not see any real improvements until 2016  More…

 Days of Our Lives Friday  February, o6, 2015, by Robert Feldmann

dAY'S CF 02 06 14Hey, there folks this is Robert with your weekly Salem recap~ lets look at some of the events that unfolded on “Days or Our Lives.” Brady and Melanie started spreading their new found joy with their friends and family.Melanie who has been back in Salem for a month, maybe two—or even less in Salem time–has had more happiness in that short time span than Nicole has had in the last decade. Nicole has passed the recycle portion of her deja vu life, and the repeat is about to begin  More…

Days of Our Lives Friday  January, 3ord, 2015, by Robert Feldmann


Welcome to this edition of Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday (Days). This is Robert Feldmann, reporting, your trusted Day’s recapper. Actually it wasn’t really a cliffhanger today. Real world show interruptions have moved Days’s Friday show to early next week, so lets just look at some of this week’s highlights:


Days’s Cliffhanger Friday, January 23th, 2015

cf day 01 24 15Days of Our Lives Weekly Recap; Week of January 19th to 23rd, 2015, by Robert Feldmann

Fans had a chance to rejoice this week as  John is on his way to being reinstated with the Salem PD. When Stefano returns to Salem, he will have someone to play wit. Happy days will be here again!




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