Days Of Our Live Cliffhanger Friday, Week of January 24th-30th, 2015


Welcome to this edition of Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday (Days). This is Robert Feldmann, reporting, your trusted Day’s recapper. Actually it wasn’t really a cliffhanger today. Real world show interruptions have moved Days’s Friday show to early next week, so lets just look at some of this week’s highlights:

 Victor’s henchmen got to Clyde first with 3 shots is his chest, unfortunately for Victor, the shooter (Dameon) couldn’t be bothered to check the body or he would have seen Clyde’s bulletproof vest. Victor, unaware that Clyde will more than likely survive the shooting, is worried about what Maggie might think of him

(I wonder what Maggie would think about Victor if she were ever to find out that Victor hired assassin Steve Johnson to kill Melissa Horton and Peter Jennings back in 1984? But I digress) How is Maggie going to react to all this? Could her reaction go either way? Those that remember the show a few years back may recall Maggie’s getting shot is what ended the brief but highly entertaining Dimera-Kirakis war.

Brady and Melanie took it to the next level, telling all those that didn’t catch them. Victor is actually happy for Melanie and Brady. Could this be a bad omen for Melanie, as the only other two Women in Brady’s life that Victor approved of both ended up dead (Arianna Hernandez and Madison James)?

Theresa continues her “partying” with Kristen. Agent Clint continues to try to hide his jealousy of Brady and Melanie. Melanie continues to try be Theresa’s friend, but it isn’t helping Theresa’s attitude towards her. Sad news on the Kristen front: her long awaited return has reportedly been pushed back to April.

Chad and Jordan may have smoothed things over for the time being but the clock is indeed running on those two (personally, I like them together). Stefano phoned in to make sure the Abigail situation was progressing. Chad said it was, but he could also just be telling Stefano what he thinks he wants to hear.

Full Circle has come back to Nichole again as Daniel indeed dumped her, and naturally we saw that Nicole was right on the money with Serena. Look for Jennifer to pick up the Daniel pieces.

Many fans were disappointed not to see Bo being held Captive in Aiden’s previous residence/cabin.

Page continues to not let on as to why JJ dumped her.

Jennifer continues her hypocrisy as she tells Eve to stay away from JJ, but she thinks it okay for her to play Mother to Page

That’s it for this week! Time to flip the hourglass and stay tuned!

Readers, what did you think? Comment and let me know!


  1. Robert L Feldmann says

    not a fan of theresa but if Chad would stop playing games and be 100% on team stefano it could work

    I like melanie less and less wish the writers would let her be twenty something not 16

    would be nice if maggie stands by victor especially if something happens to sonny

    sonny is too good for will who continues to turn into his mother

    soon everyone will see Nicole was right on the money but eric will magically forgive serena as she blames it all on ???? jennifer will have her claws in daniel and nicole will be once again all alone ready to de ja vu with the next guy

    cant believe Stanford would want page its pretty clear that at times she’s not all there

  2. Chelsea says

    Watching Daniel and Eric berate and yell Nicole is not fun or entertaining at all. I am sick of Daniel and Eric acting all holier-than-thou. I can’t stand Serena but I really hope she screws Eric over so Nicole can say I told you so and tell them both to go kick rocks. Time for Nicole to move on to a new guy like Rafe or a not so new man like Brady. Melanie can be with T, or at least get in with the Chad/Jordan/Abby/Ben group.

    JJ and Eve are disgusting, why should Paige want a guy who cheats on her not once but twice and with her own mother. She is young, she should go on to Stanford and get an education.

    I was enjoying Brady/Theresa/Kirsten until Melanie showed up. I am sure Melanie will be the one to figure it all out and be the hero… barf.

    I am loving the Sonny, Paul, and Will drama. I am so on team Sonny.

    I am also happy to see Victor being Victor again. I am ready for Victor to get out from underneath Maggie’s thumb and do what he does best.

    I don’t really care about Stefano or his thing with Abigail which makes no sense and sounds dumb anyway. I was enjoying Chad/Jordan/Rafe but since Jordan will be gone soon I would love to see Chad and Theresa team up. Those two as a couple causing trouble for the goody-goody Salemites would be a pleasure to watch.

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