Day’s Of Our Live Cliffhanger Friday, Week of January 19th-24th, 2015

cf day 01 24 15Days of Our Lives Weekly Recap; Week of January 19th to 23rd, 2015, by Robert Feldmann

 Fans had a chance to rejoice this week as John is on his way to being reinstated with the Salem PD. When Stefano returns to Salem, he will have someone to play wit. Happy days will be here again!

 Theresa set an all-time Salem record by sleeping with a man she had known for less than two hours

Ben’s temper fell apart once again as he laid a huge beat down on Chad—too bad for Ben that he had done exactly what chad wanted him to do! For taking a beating like that gotta give props and kudos to Chad for a plan that was executed perfectly.

Victor has had enough of Clyde Weston, and the opening shots of a war have been shot

Rafe sunk to a new low by kissing Jordan. He did this in front of Chad.. Unfortunately for both of them, Jordan kissed Rafe back.

JJ became jealous of Page’s moving on after he broke up with her and took it out on Rory.

Despite  being 18, Page, who can practically have any boy she wants, decided to be all petty and vindictive over JJ instead.

Nichole is still trapped in Deja Vu, living the same storyline over and over again for the last decade. I wish—really wish!—she breaks out of it in 2015.

Jennifer arrived home in time to prevent “JJ and Eve Round 3.”

A week after telling Daniel to stay away from JJ, Jennifer went to Daniel seeking help with JJ, most probably using JJ’s teenage angst as an excuse to be with him again.

So, Days fans, what did you think of this week’s goings on in Salem?

What did you like, dislike, hope to see next week?

What was your favorite storyline or scene?


  1. Lola Skyee says

    I agree, so stupid to have Nicole go through the wash cycle again. Also, enough with Jen running to doctor Dan about JJs teen angst problems. What about his Uncle Lucas or other men in her family circle? God Jen stop trying to make your 18yr old son be in a long term relationship. Aunt Naggie said you should be sober a year, so same should apply to JJ.

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