Days of Our Lives, Cliffhanger Friday 04/17/15

Joe Mascolo

Nicole Reports to Robert: No Shortage of Drama in Salem This Week!

Nicole arrives at Robert’s office happy that she saw nothing has been changed or been altered since she left last week. She has the recaps ready. Rob is typing on his computer.

Nicole: Morning, Rob.

Robert: AHA! CHECKMATE!” “What? Where? Oh, Son of a…

“LOL. Good try, good try. LOL,” came from his computer.

Nicole: ROBERT!

Robert: Oops. Sorry, Nicole. Good morning.

Nicole: Morning, Stefano,” she called out into the air.

Stephano: Morning, Miss Walker.

“Ciao, Robert,” came from an intercom before the sound of a click.

Nicole: He beat you again?

Robert: Yes, he did. How are you?

Nicole: Good as I can be, I suppose.”

Robert: Shame about Xander.

Nicole: Xander? What ?

Robert: You had Theresa in a UFC style chokehold that would make Rhonda Rusey proud. I suppose it was for the best. Wait–were you there?

Nicole: No, but they were talking about it around here.

Robert: Sorry you missed it live. Why do the men in Salem always break up girl fights ?

Nicole: Haven’t a clue.

Robert: Remember when you got into that fight in Vegas?

Rob started to drift off.

Nicole: Hello! Earth to Rob! FOCUS!

Robert: Right! Sorry. So what else happened this week?

Nicole: Abigail burst in on chad while he was preparing a sushi diner and was quite embarrassed when she saw Zoe.

Robert: ZOE... mean Zoe from that trash mag Will Horton is working for?

Nicole: Same.

Robert: Should i feel proud or disgusted?

Nicole: Can’t say.

Robert: Do you like Sushi ?

Nicole: Its okay, i guess.

Rob made a bad taste face and shrugged.

Robert: Continue, please.

Nicole: You had that John is Paul’s father was made known to everyone. FINALLY!

Causing more trouble for Sonny and Will, Marlena was talking to Will and said, “Don’t make me watch you turn into your mother.”

Robert: Marlena said that ?

Nicole: Yup.

Robert: Good for her. Good for her.

Nicole: Melanie figured it all out Mandrake. Kristen, the blood, Theresa, Brady, and a baby. Got Kristen’s location from Victor and are on their way to find her.

Robert: She realizes that she’ll lose Brady over this?

Nicole [sarcastically]: I dont know, its not like my interfering ever backfired.

ROTFLMAO! Both of them laughed together.

Nicole: Turns out Eve and Ben knew each other from Miami when Ben called himself Kevin.

Robert: Kevin.

 Rob drifted again.

Robert: Was that the same name i found and gave…

Nicole: Can’t remember. Sorry.

Robert: What are..forget it…

Nicole: JJ found his jacket in Eve’s house and flipped.

Robert: Successful cougar hunt wanting its trophy.

Nicole: Apparently Adriane and Lucas…

Nicole couldn’t get it out. Rob could tell by her expression.

Nicole: If they’re happy, I suppose. Victor let them know that he knew about them.

Robert: THAT must have been funny. Victor can be a riot…Hey wasn’t a riot, though, when we were in Vegas where you gambled his million dollars away. Lol! Now that was a trip.

Nicole: Don’t remind me…JJ and Page made love. Did he tell her about Eve?

Robert: No

SMH unbelievable.

Nicole: Anyway, Jennifer was in the house.

Robert: Did she interrupt and jump on Page like she did Eve?

Nicole: No. My grandmother came home a night early when I was with a hooker once…

Robert: MOVING ON!

Nicole: Right, sorry. I saw Xander and Serena together there’s something going on there.

Robert: No, there isn’t.

Nicole: How do you know?

Robert: There’s something else going on. I’m sure of it.” Nicole looked down. Did Stefano tell you ?

Robert: Maybe

Nicole [sighing]: Well, thats about it?

Robert: You and Daniel?

Nicole: I dont know.

Robert: You know i’m always here for you.

Nicole: Thanks…print and lunch. Lets go.

Time To Turn the Hourglass

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