Days of Our Live, Cliffhanger Friday 04/10/15 “Why Is Time Always Getting Screwy in This Town?”

Molly Burnett, Eric Martsolf

Nicole enters her newspapers office with this week’s recaps, remembering that they moved to the top floor last week. She is stopped before she gets to the elevators.


“Excuse me, miss. ID please. ”

Nicole: “What? I’m Nicole Walker. I work here.”

Security: “Just doing my job, ma’am.”

Nicole looks through her bag

Nicole: “Wait–don’t I know you? ”

Security: “I don’t think so, Miss.”

Nicole: “Yes, I do. You’re Marco! You worked for Stefano and EJ while I was living with EJ in their house.”

Security: “Hello, Nicole.”

Nicole: “What in the blue blazes are you doing here?”

Nicole: “Robert hired me to work security.”

Nicole: “He hired you?”

Security: “Yup.”

Nicole: “OK. Well, see you. I have to get upstairs.”

Nicole starts to leave

Security: “Wait. ID please,” went Marco.

Nicole shook her head and showed him

Nicole: “Thank you. Have a nice day.”

Nicole headed for the elevator mumbling to herself, “Phone calls, trips to private islands, new office, former employees working here. It’s the Twilight Zone.”

Nicole enters and exits the elevator, puts her things on her desk, and starts for Robert’s office.

Robert: “Morning, Nicole,” Rob called out while heading towards her.

Nicole: “Why is there a DiMera hit man working door security?”

Robert: “Dimera hit…no, that’s Mark. New hire. Nice guy, impressive resume with great references.”

Nicole: “Mark, huh okay. Fine, I’ve got the recaps.”

Robert: “Fire away.”

Nicole: Leeping JJ and Eve’s secret continues to put strains on Jennifer and Daniel, Jennifer wants Daniel to keep quiet. Daniel, to everyone’s surprise, called Jennifer out on her own hypocrisy.”

Robert: “Finally! Someone had to…What else?”

Nicole: “I ran into that Zander guy again. He’s…impressive. And that accent…”

Robert: “He’s trouble, I’m sure. Be careful.”

Nicole: “When do I ever meet a guy that’s not trouble?”

Robert: “Point taken. What else?”

Nicole: “The more Will sees Paul, the more he channels his inner mother what do you think he will do next?”

Robert: “Dress up like her, I’m sure.”

Nicole: “Really?”

Robert: “Kidding. What else?”

Nicole: John, Paul, Marlena, and Tori have all but figured out their connections to each other. How do you think this will play out.”

Robert:”Monday? But last week’s…Man, they sure drag things out don’t they?”

“It’s mind boggling.”

Nicole: “Stefano uncovered a Ben secret and told chad. Who then took to Abigail.”

Robert: “What secret?”

Nicole: “Using a phony identity. He got into trouble.”

Robert: “Probably a kid and too young to prosecute. Hey, how come nobody busted Jordan for identity fraud?”

Nicole: “Because…it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Robert: “You’re right, it doesn’t.”

Nicole: “Time is getting all screwy again as Sonny’s stabbing went from less than 3 weeks to months ago.”

Robert: “What is it about this town and time’s always going bonkers?”

Nicole: “I have a nephew: last year he was six today he’s 18. Is it the water ?”

“Must be, that’s about it?”

Robert: “Nothing new with your friend Theresa and Melanie?”

Nicole: “Not really, no.”

Robert: “Have you been keeping up your daily workouts?”

Nicole: “Always. Why?”

Robert: “Relax. You look great. But remember this ?” Robert shows Nicole a video of Kristen and Nicole’s fighting.

“She’s coming back next week. Everyone in the office is rooting for you.”

Nicole: “I’ll be ready for her.”

Robert: “I know you will be. Now lets get this to print.” They leave the office. A man walks by them.

“Is that Bart?”



Time stefano and robert 9 14 07to turn the hourglass.
By Robert Feldmann,

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