Days of Our Live, Cliffhanger Friday 03/27/15

days cf 03 27 15Nicole enters the elevator to bring Robert (her senior Editor) this week in Salem’s recaps, and hits the button to go up. She gets off the elevator, and see’s a sign that says that her papers office is now on the top floor of the building.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” she says to herself while gathering her notes and re-entering the elevator.

“I hope he didn’t..,” she says to herself, “I really hope he didn’t,” the bell rings and the door opens

“He did,” she sighs, looking around the place. It is huge. Everything looks brand new and obviously costs a fortune.


Robert: “Oh, hey, Nicole! Like our new surroundings? Doesn’t the office look great. Look at this desk.” Rob waves his arm around it.

Nicole: “Please don’t tell me that you sold the newspaper to Stefano!”

Robert. “No, no, no. Of course not—he was just very appreciative after reading your article.”

Nicole: “Uh huh. And your going to his island last week had nothing to do with this?”

Robert: “Of course not. But he did purchase 45 percent of the company or the stocks or something. I’m not sure.”

Nicole: “HE DID WHAT???”

Robert: “Calm down, Nicole! You’re going to have a stroke.” What have you got for me?”

Nicole: Clyde thanked Aiden for his services in getting all the charges released against him for attacking Chad.

He started hearing snippets of Dimera legends from Hope, who sensed that Clyde might not be all he seems to be.

Robert: “Good, good, go on.”

Nicole: Daniel, now caught dead in the middle of the JJ-Eve-Jennifer conspiracy to keep Page in the dark, is trying to keep things from getting out of hand

Robert: “LOL! In this town out of hand is normal.”

Nicole: “There’s a new guy in town, Xander. Seems okay.”

Robert: “Got a picture of him?” Nicole shows Robert.

“Hmm looks like Dimetri of Kirakis, Inc. Be careful around him.”

Nicole: “This from the man who took money from Stefano and rebuild his office.”

Robert: “CONTINUE.”

Nicole: Clint completed his Brady-and-Theresa-blood-sample-collection for Dr. Mandrake, left Theresa a note and took off.

Robert: “Yeah guys that age tend to do that when girls just put out right away.”

Nicole: “Excuse me?”

Robert: “My bad. Go on.”

Nicole: Melanie, who wont stay away from any of this, told Brady that Theresa still loves him.

Will continues to try and remove Paul from his and Sonny’s life, but the more he pushes the closer they get.

Robert: “Not learning from Mommie’s mistakes, that’s for sure.”

Nicole: “Tell me about it…Victor went to chicago and back for a business meeting”

Robert: in the middle of a turf war?”

Nicole: “Yup.”

Robert: “Must have had to pick up something for Maggie.”

Nicole: “I talked to Eric. It was nice. I guess he wasn’t his usual judgmental, snobby self”

Robert:” “Stay away from those Bradys, Nicole. They’re nothing but trouble.”

Nicole: “I know, I know.”

“Thats about it. Don’t think I forgot anything.”

Robert:” “Well, there’s time before we have to go to print. If you remember anything we can add it.”

Nicole: “Thanks, Robert.”

Robert:” “Great. Now wait to you see your office. Come ill show you.”


Time to turn the hourglass…

stefano and robert 9 14 07Robert Feldmann,

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