Days of Our Live, Cliffhanger Friday 04/03/15

At the benefit, all hell breaks loose when a secret is exposed.Nicole entered her office ready with the week’s recaps, but she was in not the best of moods. She had heard about what happened at the charity event and wanted answers. She bypassed her own office and went right for Robert’s.

 Nicole: “ROBERT”

“Oh, hey, Nicole. How’s it going today? Have the recaps?”

Robert:“Don’t ‘Hey, Nicole’ me. Does that reporter work for you?”

Nicole; “What reporter “

“This guy.” (Nicole showed a photo she got online)

“No. He’s a sleaze for a tabloid trash mag.” this is a 5-star legitimate newspaper.”

Nicole hesitated but believed him. Robert saw the hesitation.

Robert: “Come on, Nicole. How long have we known each other?”

Nicole:“Since our…”

“I wouldn’t have gotten this high if I stooped that low.”

Nicole: “Sorry, but after last week’s revelation, I had to be sure.”

Robert:“The DiMeras usually hire useless idiots, not sleazebags.”

Nicole: “So your a useless idiot?” Nicole laughed

Robert: “Ha ha ha. Recaps!”

Nicole: Charity event week Clyde continues to hear DiMera legend snippets from all different sources then realizes that Victor played him and Kate.

“Do you think Clyde will pay attention or think nothing of them like he did with Victor?”

Robert: “He’ll learn the hard way…Continue…

Nicole: “Lucas an Adriane made love?” What are your thoughts on this new couple?”

Robert: “Say what ?”

“Lol. It’s true.”

Nicole: “He lost one wife to her alleged rapist, another to Dr. Manwhore, then goes and cheats with a married woman.”


“He should have stayed in Hong Kong.”

“Theresa continued to be her…herself with everyone around her. Why do you think she’s acting like this this time.”

Robert: “Heaven knows with her.”

Nicole: “At the charity event said reporter burst in and told everyone that Will had cheated on Sonny with Paul.”

Marlena figured out the John and Paul connection. John, after all that transpired, is relieved that Paul is leaving town, how long until all this plays out and how will another John son fit into Marlena and Brady’s world?

“Do you think they will tell Belle?

Robert: “Who?”

“LOL! Did you know that John and Ava Vitali had a son?”

“Good grief.”

“Here’s a quesiton for the article. If John Black fathered a child when he was Stefano’s pawn, doesn’t that technically make Stefano the father by proxy, as it were?”

Robert: “I try not to think about it…Thats about it”

Nicole: “Great lets take it to the printing room then grab lunch…Oh, BTW did you hear that your Friend Kristen Blake Dimera is coming back very soon?”

Robert: “WHAT?!?!?!?”

It should be awesome.

stefano and robert 9 14 07Time to turn the hourglass.

By Robert Feldmann

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