Days of Our Live, Cliffhanger Friday 03/06/15

rp_cf-days-03-20-16-300x300.jpgNicole: Hello Robert

-Robert: Nicole nice to see you. Would you care for some tea ?

–Nicole: Sure, thanks.

-Robert: Milk and sugar?

Nicole: Yes, please. You seem chipper today. What’s going on?

-Robert: Waiting on some major news. What have you got for me?

Nicole: Jordan is leaving Salem after months of nothing solid, substantial, or important. Jordan has decided to pursue interests outside of Salem. We wish her well in her future endeavors. What are your thoughts on her leaving?

 Ben‘s assault charges against Chad were dropped. One wonders if Chad had anything to do with that to get in better with Abigial…Do you think Chad have anything to do with it?

 Robert: Nicole, why don’t you ask Chad out? He seems like such a nice man and Stefano did approve of you and EJ.

 Nicole: WHAT? Well, he sort of did. Isn’t that robbing the cradle? This from the woman who married Victor Kiriakis. That was different

 Robert: RIGHT. Sorry, please continue.

 Nicole: JJ’s plan to bring in an old friend to ease Page’s curiosity and pain backfired on him. Eve disapproved of this plan out of jealously and because her possible feelings for him would lead to them getting together once again. But round 4 came with a twist.


 JJ and Eve’s sexual escapades were discovered by Jennifer, Jennifer made it all about her, calling JJ a victim and made every excuse for him, just like she did with Abigail and her affair with EJ Dimera, JJ, out of fear of his mother and looking for pity, decided to call it hate sex and said it meant nothing to him and he felt really bad. Jennifer fell for his pity me act, and in an ironic twist Jennifer agreed to keep quiet about it all making her, in this reporters opinion, no better than Eve.

 Robert: Nicole we have no opinions here, we report the news

Nicole: –Okay, okay.

 Robert: No matter the feelings on all of this most are just happy that its out and hoping its over and done with. There have been a few pregnancy rumors. It’s a long far -etched shot, but thanks to Marlena getting pregnant at 57, not entirely impossible.

Open question to the readers out there: You find out your mother slept with your boyfriend. Do you take him back?

–Knock, knock.

–What is it?

–This just came in over the wire, sir.

–Thank you


Nicole: –Great. Just what we need.

Robert:–Sarcasm, Nicole.

Nicole: –Eh.

Robert:–It better be. You know how much he means to this newspaper.

Nicole: –I know, I know.

–Gotta find out more on this. Be right back.

Robert: –Thanks, Nicole. Stick around for a bit, will you?


Time to turn the hourglass…


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann


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