Days of Our Lives, Cliffhanger Friday 02/27/15

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At Nicole’s office:

Nicole:You wanted to see me, Robert?

Robert: Sit down please, Nicole.

Nicole: Did I do something wrong…again?

Robert:  Sort of.

Nicole:What did I do?

Robert: Nicole, when accessing the Dark Web don’t use the offices IP Address. You know what could happen if whatever you’re doing gets back here…

Nicole: Sorry.

Robert: Please be careful, Nicole, not only are you my friend, but you’re my best and favorite reporter, I don’t want to lose you.

Nicole: I will. I promise.

Robert: Thank you. Now what have you got for me?

This week in Salem:

Serena was furious with Eric for giving away the elephant, demanding that he get it back.

Paul’s Mother came to Salem too and was freaked out when she saw Marlena.

It’s officially over for Chad and Jordan. Kate‘s meddling and Ben’s pending jail time sealed their fate, Chad reached out to Stefano to deal with Kate.

What do you think Stefano and Chad will come up with, and will it lead to the EJ/Clyde-Miguel murder revelation?

Abigail went to talk to Chad about Ben, even though she was already aware that it was out of Chad’s hands…Abigail assumed that Chad was going to give her an “indecent proposal” but that was not the case…after reporting back to Clyde and Ben, Abigail may change tactics and try to seduce chad anyway.

Should she try to? And would she succeed if she did?

Melanie made a deal with Nicole: “Help me dig up dirt on some doctor and Theresa and I’ll would work things over with Daniel on Nicole’s behalf.”

Nicole agreed.

Do you think that Melanie should respect Theresa’s wish and stay out of everything?

To help Page get over him, JJ enlisted help from an old friend: “Roxanne.” Jennifer continues to freak out because she can’t control his life. Eve has obviously developed feelings for JJ, as she was clearly jealous of Roxanne, even though coming up with a plan to end Page’s curiosity and her relationship with JJ was her idea.

What are your thoughts on this weeks happenings?

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert J. Feldmann

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