Days of Our Live, Cliffhanger Friday 02/20/15

Eve's jealousy threatens to ruin JJ's plan.“Nicole—I was just thinking about you What have you got for me?” –Robert, Nicole’s Senior Editor

After watching the video from beyond the grave, Hope prepares for the battle of her life, convinced Aiden was going to (try to) kill her. Her cop training proved futile, as Aiden was able to neutralize her. Aiden then broke down and revealed that son, Chase, killed his mother (accidentally), and he has been covering for him ever since.

I wonder if people besides Hope will believe him. It is this reporters opinion that Aiden is telling the truth. Aiden and Hope as a solid couple is what Salem needs right now.

What are everyone else’s thoughts about Ahope’s latest devolopments (Ahope ???)?

Jennifer has decided that she would take over for Eve and be Page‘s mother, because she’s done so well with her own children.

If a reader out there can figure out WHY Page is still hung up over this loser, JJ, please tell us in the comments.

Eve and JJ went at it again…and again. JJ still claims he loves Page poor BOY is out of his mind with delusions apparently the blood flow has not redirected back into his brain). Eve said they needed to call it quits JJ said that’s not possible

the worst part of JEVE, in this reporters opinion is that horrible music they play for Eve. People compare it to bad porn music. Trust this reporter’s opinion that Eve’s personal theme is much, much, much worse. Whose idea was it, and why is that music always there?

 Sonny busted Will on his cheating with Paul, Like his mother Will made every excuse and rationalization he could make up and blurted out even trying to place the blame on Sonny and his club problems. Will’s journey to become his mother is progressing on schedule. Can you see Will taking up the reigns of his mother

 Paul went to Marlena for help with his life and was rejected and hurt when he was told that Marlena was Will‘s grandmother and couldn’t help him. Will Paul seek another’s help or just pick himself up and move on?

 Victor cried “Uncle” to Clyde and ran away. Public opinion seems to be that it’s a smokescreen, so Clyde doesn’t see what’s next? It is this reporter’s opinion, however, that Maggie has his ba…Stop. Nicole, you know i cant print that … his “MANHOOD” locked away with the expensive booze. Victor doesn’t want Brady to drink.

Adrian’s marriage to Justin is in turmoil. Justin has an online phone wife and Adrian has found comfort with Lucas…while two wrongs don’t make a right and etc., etc. You would think that Lucas, who had a wife leave him for her (alleged) rapist and another one cheat on him with Dr. Manwhore, would stay away from a still legally married women. Lucas should have begged his Hong Kong fiancee for forgiveness and gone back to her long time ago. The public’s opinion on Lucas and Adrian is just getting started? What are your thoughts on this new couple?

 Serena is searching for elephants, or what’s in them. They were in Africa so this reporter is guessing diamond smuggling. Nicole, stop without proof you know! I can’t print this!

Anyway, Eric continues to be clueless about everything.

That’s it for this week’s recap, folks. Time to Turn the hourglass once again any comments please list them below and they will all be forwarded to enoughalready.


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