Day’s of Our Live, Cliffhanger Friday 02/06/15

dAY'S CF 02 06 14Hey, there folks this is Robert with your weekly Salem recap~ lets look at some of the events that unfolded on “Days or Our Lives.”

Brady and Melanie started spreading their newfound joy with their friends and family.

Melanie who has been back in Salem for a month, maybe two—or even less in Salem time–has had more happiness in that short time span than Nicole has had in the last decade. Nicole has passed the recycle portion of her deja vu life, and the repeat is about to begin

Jennifer and Daniel are (practically) underway AGAIN. Jennifer continued her smug, I-told-you-so-ing to Daniel about Nicole.

Chad tried to get the charges against Ben dropped but there were too many witnesses, and he was unable to do so.

Ben beats Chad to an unconscious bloody pulp and is somehow still the good guy in everyone’s eyes. Ben was being provoked, sure, but there’s a big difference between being knocked out and being viciously assaulted by a psycho. Ben crossed the state line into Psychoticville and nobody notices his obvious anger issues?????

Poor JJ. While we didn’t get “JJ and Eve: Round Three,” with the anger in his eyes with Eve this last time you can tell he is confusing anger and rage with passion and sex.

It is this reporters opinion that he is a potential serial killer candidate just like dear old adopted grandad (sources Criminal Minds and Most Evil) his notion of his and Page’s still being a couple after all this is can be chalked up to a combination of Horton arrogance, stupidity, and denial. When this all comes out, Jennifer should tell him that his father slept with his grandmother. It may boost his spirits a little.

Page is determined to find “the slut who slept with her man,” knowing he was in a relationship with her????? Again?????? Watching Page and knowing that this is partially her fault for wasting all that time thinking JJ would rape her because Jack raped Kayla before he was born, it is this reporter’s belief that JJ is the one that dodged the bigger bullet with those two.

Victor came down with What Will Maggie Think of Me Syndrome. After what he did to Clyde, I wonder, “What would Maggie think if she found out that Victor sent Steve Johnson to kill Melissa Horton and Peter Jennings way back when

Sonny was stabbed and drugs were planted on him in retaliation for Clyde’s shooting? Like EJ, it was made to look like a mugging/deal gone wrong.

Paul finally had the courage to tell his mother he was gay. As predicted by many viewers the mother (and father) already knew.

That’s about it for this week.

Time to turn over the hourglass, and wait see what happens next week on “Days of Our Lives!”

Tell me what you all think about the events in Salem this past week. What did you like? Not like? Better yet, WHO did you like and not like? Comment, discuss, etc.!


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  1. Kristy says

    I fast forward the JJ, Eve, Paige story lines. Should have left it as one mistake not an on going affair. I like the Aiden and Hope recent twist. Also, like Will, Paul, and Sonny story line as long as they don’t drag it out to long. The Sarena, Eric, elephant has been dragging on to long. Hoping it ends with Etic and Daniel apologizing to Nicole

  2. kathy says

    I love the SL between Eve and JJ. I CAN SEE FEELINGS EMERGING!! The writers will end it soon I’m sure bit in the meantime …I’m going to enjoy it!!

    • Blog Editor says

      Yes, enjoy in the meanntime, Kathy! I find I’m often doing the same with certain storylines on my soaps! Thanks for reading and commenting.

  3. sandra says

    I agree drop the eve and jj storyline bc it is sick and disgusting.need to let page find out so she can move on..and also the stupid elephant thing needs to be done with.send Serena back to africa..

    • Blog Editor says

      Thank you for reading and commenting, Wanda! Haven’t heard from you in a while, and nice to do so.

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