Day’s of Our Live, Cliffhanger Friday 02/13/15

Unable to let go of her curiosity, Melanie does a search for Dr. Mandrake.

look at the time Where is she?”

“Nicole on line one !”

“Finally, Nicole what do you have for me and be quick about it we already missed the early edition”


Days Writers  Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell  have  finally been fired deservedly so after everything they’ve come up with over the last year

the bad news comes in two parts however  part one is that they were replaced with Dena higley and Josh Griffith.. Dena was already fired once before while she was better than the guy she replaced why she was rehired escapes logic..(I am unfamilar with Josh Griffith’s previous work)

the second part of the bad news is Days films 5 months in advance it we may not see any real improvements until 2016

 now to Salem this week


No surprise to anyone Clyde survived the shooting and being buried in the snow and took revenge by attacking Sonny

Victor is the only one who is aware of the true motive, a surprise meeting with Clyde afterwards reminded Victor that This is not a war between honorable men,there are no innocents or civilians and nobody is safe..Victor needs to rethink his strategy in this war before another innocent is harmed

Sonny’s attack has brought Lucas and Adriane closer together...Justin is said to be on his way home to be there for Sonny.

Paul came to Sonny‘s Rescue with lots of Blood Paul did this not even knowing it was Sonny that was hurt

Eve and JJ had Round 3.. this time though it was different however as there had to be a moment where one if not both of them stopped before moving it to the bedroom the tide and public approval on their “relationship” may be turning

 Page however is becoming unglued over all this she is losing touch with Reality over JJ..i bet that right now she is regretting not going to Stamford for a not committed boyfriend

Jennifer sunk to yet another new low by hacking into her adult son’s phone for reasons to ridiculous to bother listing and on the other side of Horton Hypocrite Front Abigail had the nerve to get in JJ’s face over things she thought he did.Its too bad JJ didnt throw EJ in abigails face..

Abe took another step closer to becoming a stand up comedian when he told Sonny’s Family that they (meaning the police)would get whoever was responsible (he said the same thing to Sami chad kate and others about EJ‘s murder ) when we heard him say that the entire office started laughing

 Nicole and Daniel had a nice moment and for a split second i thought..maybe…maybe

 Theresa proved again that she does not deserve any kind of kindness from Melanie or anyone else

Hope and Aiden are on a Cabin Sabbatical  Hope found a conveniantely placed video from Aidens dead wife…

Excuse me Robert, Stefano is on line one

thank you I’ve got it

Hello Sir what can i do for you

 Time to turn the hourglass.

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