Our Soapy New Year’s Resolutions

Hey, Soap Fans. We at LTAS wish you a happy new year!

This is the time of year for resolutions, right? So here are ours:

  1. We resolve to continue not to watch ABC (except for watching “General Hosptial”), boycott all Disney products, advertisers, parks, etc. No support of The Rat until “All My Children” (AMC) and “One Life to Live” (OLTL) are back in their 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m time slots on ABC, respectively.
  2. We resolve to boycott Proctor and Gamble, the original soap killers that set this whole nightmare in motion, all their sponsors and products, until “Guiding Light” and “As the World Turns” are returned to their original time slots on CBS. (See Kim Zimmer’s (Riva Shane GL) book, ‘I’m Just Sayin.’).
  3. We resolve to support the advertisers who support the soaps.We will support all Soap Opera Website by clicking at least ten times on the advertisements on those sites, to make sure the soap admins get revenues and can keep their soap opera websites going. [Also, we humbly request that you do the same ten clicks on our ads too! Please. :).
  4. We resolve to pressure Warner Brothers to make a deal with CBS to bring “Dallas” home.
  5. We resolve to get the “Dynasty” reboot off to a good start and make its ratings sky-high by faithfully watching it (but first and foremost, because we love it) from its first day back.
  6. We resolve to support in any ways we can the soap stars, who have been at the forefront of the fight four our soaps.
  7. And we resolve to remain vigilant and do whatever the moments call for in the future to make sure we are never in this position fighting for our soaps to return to us again.

Also, remember that we will be posting a run-down of our 2014 accomplishments next Monday, our and the many other faithful Save Our Soaps groups’ accomplishments being the reason we are confident our resolutions will make a difference and that even without them, AMC and OLTL are on their way back.

P.S. To Disney: The only way to have the boycott of all your goods and services lifted is to return AMC and OLTL to their original time slots. If they return in any other form, yes, we will follow them, but your millions of soap viewers (AMC and OLTL) will not end the boycott of all things ABC/Disney. Also, Spain has a second soap channel, and we don’t even have one! Why? We want SOAPnet back!

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Akbi Khan


We Need Alexis Carrington Colby!

IDynasty’ve been watching the new “Dallas” on TNT, and I’ve seen how or favorite Southfork family has been brilliantly and successfully resurrected as a prime time soap. The new Dallas combines the best of the past with engaging new stories for the next generation of Ewing’s, Barnes’ and their associates. As I’ve watched how easy it was to become reengaged with the Ewing’s of Dallas one thought keeps coming into my mind: We need Alexis Carrington Colby back!

Yes, it is time for the powers that be to realize that Americans are eager to catch up with their favorite night time soap families from the 1980’s and it is time for them to bring Dynasty back! Dynasty was a unique soap because the writers were not afraid to tackle the most controversial issues of the day. At least they did at first, until circumstances of the day caused the producers and writers to pull back and be more cautious. With society at a much different place now, imagine the ground breaking and dramatic storylines a new generation of Carrington’s and Colby’s cold bring to life on the television screen.

Dynasty premiered in 1981, and it was far ahead of its time. Think back to that year. 1981 was the year that Ronald Reagan moved into the White House ushering in an age of business, riches, greed, opulence and entrepreneurship. It was the perfect time for a show like Dynasty. Americans loved to watch the Carrington’s live large and they came to represent the 1980’s in the most perfect way.

 Still, 1981 ushered in a conservative era when women still had subordinate roles in the workplace, for the most part, and 1981 was the year that AIDS burst onto the scene, setting back the gay rights movement for another two decades. Dynasty’s writers and creators pushed the envelope with topics like women in positions of corporate power and a gay character in a relationship with another man. Americans had not seen anything like it, even on the powerhouse Dallas, which had more traditional storylines. The Dynasty writers had to constantly calibrate just how far they could go to tell the stories the wanted to tell.

 Two characters were central to these ground breaking stories. There was Steven Carrington, the family son and heir to the empire. Steven was handsome and smart, and he was rebellious and independent. Steven was also gay, and in a relationship with another man. The very first season was crafted around the trial of Steven’s father and family patriarch Blake Carrington for killing Steven’s gay lover when he found them in a compromising position. Americans were riveted to their televisions when Steven testified in great detail about his relationship with another man and when Blake was cross examined and angrily revealed his feelings towards gay men. Topics like this simply were not discussed on American TV in 1981, not until Dynasty came along, that is. Sadly, when the AIDS epidemic burst onto the scene, the topic became taboo and the Dynasty writers had to scale back their provocative story, even making Steven straight and pairing him with Heather Locklear’s Sami Jo.

 The second character to break through with amazing stories was the one and only Alexis Carrington Colby, played to perfection by Joan Collins. I have to say that one of the television moments that I will never forget was the last few minutes of that first season when the prosecution in Blake’s trial called their surprise witness, his ex-wife Alexis! It immediately became television history. The producers had not yet cast Alexis, so they had to have the actress wear a hat with a black veil to cover her face. When the show returned in the fall of 1981, Joan Collins was under the veil, but in that episode in the spring, it was just a woman and a veil, and the audience immediately knew that this woman meant business!

 Alexis is what set Dynasty apart from its main rival Dallas. That show of course had its ruthless corporate villain, JR, but Americans were used to men playing the role of greedy vicious businessmen. 1981 was only one year after the movie “9 to 5” which shined the spotlight on the plight of American women in the work place. In 1981, most women who worked outside the home worked in the hospitality industry, were teacher or nurses or worked retail. Those who were in the corporate world were most likely part of the secretarial pool. No one had seen an ambitious woman charge the corporate board room and do whatever it took to reach the top. Not until Alexis did it!

 Alexis was ambitious and determined to get what she felt was rightfully hers. When she didn’t get it from her ex-husband Blake, she chose to get it by any means necessary. She would use her children, her knowledge of people’s past for blackmail purposes, and most of all she would use her sexuality. Who can ever forget how she went after Cecil Colby, convinced him to marry him and then watched as he had a heart attack during their passionate night of sex? For 1982 this was shocking, but Americans loved it! Unlike the storyline of a gay man dealing with his sexuality in a time of AIDS, America was ready for a strong woman to enter the corporate arena with a men and beat them at their own game, so the writers made Alexis bigger than life and were not even afraid to have her roll around in the mud fighting with her arch nemesis, and Blake’s wife Krystal.

 Dynasty ended in 1989, and like all series, sputtered to an end, suffering from storylines that were no longer fresh and cutting edge. There was a two part mini-series a few years later to wrap up loose ends and it seemed like the end of Dynasty for good. Today, however, we have seen the rebirth of Dallas, and it works! The new Dallas is riveting and most important it is fresh, focusing on modern and contemporary issues like alternative energies and the tension in Texas between the law enforcement authorities and the Mexican drug cartels. The characters are familiar, but they are modern. The older Ewings have one foot in the past and the other in the present and the younger generation is fully engaged in the issues that contemporary 20-somethings face every day. There was even a three-way sex scene!

 Imagine what Dynasty could be today if it was reborn. Its not 1981 anymore and there are no boundaries. Americans have come to accept the most controversial subjects and there would be no limit to what the writers could do. Steven could be out and would probably be married to his lover. Younger Carringtons could be involved in any number of situations and there would really be no limit.

 Best of all, Alexis could be unleased and watching Joan Collins reprieve her iconic role would be incredibly entertaining. With the children of the ‘80’s now the adult and parents of the new millennium, there is a craving for the icons of that incredible decade; Dallas has proved that.

So now, with one voice, the fans of Dynasty are proclaiming – BRING BACK DYNASTY AND BRING BACK ALEXIS CARRINGTON COLBY!

David Arwood

David Arwood

Written by David Arwood.





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DirecTV Considering Creation of Soap Channel!

Direct TV logoIn 2007 DirecTV bought the rights to air Passions from NBC, hoping to target a soap audience. Why? Because they have been targeting soap fans for years, knowing how loyal, passionate, and dedicated we are. Now they simply want insurance of sorts that if they create a channel for our soaps, there will be support for it.

For us soap fans, DirecTV would be an ideal dwelling for our soaps. Not only would we not be at the behest of ABC/Disney and other broadcast networks, who have shown little if any interest in the desires of soap fans, but we would be giving over care of our soaps to a channel that has shown such an interest.

A simple way to show DirecTV our passion and loyalty would be to imitate the coupon campaign started by various groups involved in the Save Our Soaps movement, and to create a Facebook group named something akin to “I Would Pay DirecTV to Air My Soaps.”

Now we have a specific company interested in us and what we want! Another way to show DirecTV our interest in their picking up our soaps is to use Facebook and Twitter to post and Tweet about it.




Write to Direct TV (fill out this form).


For the soap fans who prefer to use a template to sent to directv we compose one for you below, you can just copy and paste..

To Whom It May Concern:


My name is ___________.


I am writing to you to express my unequivocal support for the creation of a DIRECTV channel dedicated to showing daytime serials that the networks have foolishly abandoned. These include, most recently, All My Children and One Life to Live, but there are many more, as you undoubtedly know. Soap fans are a large, loyal, and dedicated fan group. We will not let you down. Know that if you create such a channel it will have millions of viewers immediately. And I am one of them.

Thank you for your time.




From Shawn Brody (leader of Fans United) interview in regard of Soap Net:

DirecTV was one of the last bastions for SOAP Net. DirecTV promised soap fans early on they would not pull the plug on SOAP Net until they were absolutely forced to by Disney, and they were good to their word and maintained SOAP Net until Disney stopped the network feed. DirecTV was attuned to what soap fans wanted.

So let’s do it, soap fans! Let’s make directv our new home for our soap channel.

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As always, stay soapy!

How the Internet is Eating TV Alive

“The Online Omnivore”

by Eternalendrea

TV vs internet picIn general, the Internet has been of tremendous service, and its impact on the television industry is no exception. The advent of YouTube has allowed fans to easily rewatch beloved clips and listen to the music of their favorite shows. Online message forums have made it possible for these enthusiasts to correspond with one another all over the world and share opinions and ideas about their common love on a scale never before imagined, let alone realized. The truly die-hard have even invested their time and talent into the writing of fan fiction, or simply “fanfic”, fictional prose set in the universe of a particular program. All of this, being online, makes the passion of a fan base apparent to everyone, thus increasing a show’s exposure and making it more likely that its audience will grow. It’s hard to argue that this is anything but a great boon.

But perhaps there really can be too much of a good thing, and the once-benevolent Internet now threatens to devour the entire television industry and absorb it completely. Alas, this is no exaggeration. Television shows are increasingly being made available online, not in individual scenes or songs, but as whole episodes to be watched in front of a computer monitor rather than a television screen. There could be no more perfect example than the recent broadcast of the Daytime Emmy Awards, which last week were streamed live over the Internet rather than actually aired on a real network. This marked the first time, ever, that the Emmy’s were not made available via television. It’s a usurpation of TV’s domain unparallelled in history (even television’s rising to prominence over radio can’t compare, as people still listen to the radio), and an unconscionable overstepping of the Internet’s bounds.

And who is driving this slow but inexorable move to the online realm of cyberspace? Primarily the young, and its easy to understand why. Young people are practically married to their computers already, relying mostly on them for their news and passive entertainment. Watching shows online is only natural for them; they do everything else in front of their PC’s, why not this as well? But the inexperience of youth is a poor guide in understanding one of the fundamental, essential lessons of life: There is a place for everything, and everything ought be kept in its place.

In her book “I’m Just Saying”, TV soap star Kim Zimmer (Echo DiSavoy of One Life to Live and Reva Shayne of Guiding Light) touched on this issue when she worried about a Guiding Light special being planned for the benefit of Hurricane Katrina victims, and which would feature the show’s actors speaking directly to the audience. Zimmer was so upset about the plan to air this “episode” on television that she initially refused to be a part of it, rightly observing: “If the episode airs in the Guiding Light time slot, I am no longer Reva Shayne – I’m Kim Zimmer.” But she saw how things changed when the producers modified their plans, and decided instead to make this special an online-only installment. It was amazing: What would have broken the fourth wall on television and threatened “Guiding Light”’s suspension of disbelief, made for a fitting and touching extra for fans (or simply victims of Hurricane Katrina) who cared enough to look it up on the Internet. The problem was solved, and Zimmer withdrew her objection, happily participating in the project.

We do well to learn the lesson Kim teaches us (or perhaps learned for herself): TV and the Internet are not one and the same, and they shouldn’t be interchangeable. What works on one doesn’t necessarily have any place on the other. If we allow these separate and disparate media to merge, we risk losing the unique artistic possibilities inherent in each. Let’s allow television and computers to work together; we don’t need either one trying to annex the other.

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Soap Recurring Themes #9

All pregnant women have the same crazy craving: pickles and ice cream!

Can anyone think of an example of this, recent or long ago, on any soap?

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Soap Recurring Themes #8

When a character gets injured and then gets addicted to painkillers. At first it’s a secret, then a friend or family member finds out, then there’s the big confrontation with that friend or family member. Or now there’s an official intervention.

Never have I seen it happen so fast as it seemed to with Asher on AMC just before it went off the air (and will be back soon).

Can anyone else think of any? Post in the comments!

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And, as always, fear not, our soaps–maybe even Another World, As the World Turns, and Guiding Light (Loving? Now that would be a real coup considering the way it ended! So awesome! But who could be Ally Prescott Bowman besides Laura Wright??!?!) WILL BE BACK SOON! Keep the faith!

Stay soapy,


True Blue Soap Monday 4-14-14

Photo on 4-14-14 at 12.02 PM


There’s me, cuz I’m a true blue soap fan and it’s True Blue Soap Monday! I

Soap fans, we’d love to see your pics of yourself in blue for this True Blue day. Post in the comments or link us!

Have a soapy day!

Akbi, Blog Editor


Column: Soap Recurring Themes #7

Characters A and B are “slow-dancing.” Character C comes over and says, “May I cut in?” But C doesn’t really want to dance with the one s/he supposedly came to dance with, he just wants to have an important conversation. 🙂

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Our soaps are on their way back–never forget!

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Soap Fans, Listen Up: We OWN Disney/ABC. Read On!

Sweeney Todd was the Demon Barber of Fleet Street who butchered his clients. Anne Sweeney was the soap opera butcher of Disney/ABC who not only butchered ABC’s longstanding daytime lineup, but stabbed millions of ABC fans in the back . On March 14, 2011, she and her henchman, Brian Frons, orchestrated and oversaw the startling cancellation of “All My Children” (AMC) and “One Life to Live (OLTL),” soap operas that had been in ABC’s daytime lineup for decades. But Sweeney did not act alone. A whole host of bottom-line-obsessed, shortsighted executives in their corner offices with sprawling views of LA, such as Brian Frons, as mentioned, and Bob Iger, head of Disney/ABC decided to place AMC and OLTL on the chopping block and hack them off the ABC daytime lineup.

In the March 25th issue of the New York Times, author Delia Ephron wrote a piece as an uber-fan of The Good Wife in response to the events of its latest episode that left fans stunned and bewildered. In the subtitle of the article, she writes, “A great show like “The Good Wife” isn’t just something you watch. There is ritual, expectations built up over years. Love.” And of what took place on the show this past week she writes that it, “…dashed my dreams and broke my heart.” As a soap fan, I feel her pain. That last sentence brought a lump to my throat. I felt the same way when, on “General Hospital (GH),” Bobby sees Felicia in the hospital and with just one look at Bobby, Felicia realizes it was Bobby’s daughter, BJ’s, heart that saved Felicia’s daughter Maxie from certain death. Felicia collapses in guttural, choking tears as Bobby runs to catch and comfort her. What soap fan doesn’t have at least one memory like that? And is it any wonder that feeling people of all backgrounds would form attachments to characters who live through such traumas, but also ecstatic highs, fear-filled suspense, and wild adventure? These are our families and our friends for whom we feel, as Ephron noted, love. Over years and years, our lives and hearts include them in their daily functioning.

Given this attachment and devotion that forms to and for soap operas in particular, what happened after Sweeney, Frons, and others committed their daytime massacre, should surprise no one. The fan backlash began.

Protests, boycotts, petitions all demanded that Disney/ABC reverse their misguided, to say the least, decision to cancel AMC and OLTL (along with the decisions to replace them with the worst kind of cultural dreck: “reality-based programming”). We vowed to make them hurt where a corporation feels the most pain—the bank. And we have. ABC/Disney has been hemorrhaging millions of dollars since soap fans organized boycotts of its television stations, theme parks, movies, and merchandise.

The production company Prospect Park showed us a glimmer of hope (and the respect we deserve) when it leased the rights to both AMC and OLTL from Disney/ABC and began producing and showing them online. Even this glimmer of hope may not have been what it seemed. The executives at the helm of Prospect Park (named for the Hollywood neighborhood has studios) had been affiliated with Disney/ABC. Some fans have proposed that the leasing of rights by Disney/ABC to Prospect Park may have been simply a way to placate fans and end the boycotts of Disney/ABC and their advertisers.

Disney/ABC also owns shares of Hulu, one of the platforms the online versions of AMC and OLTL were shown on

Anyway, because of a pending lawsuit with—you guessed it—Disney/ABC, the Prospect Park-produced online versions of those shows are on indefinite hiatus. Meanwhile the shows that replaced AMC and OLTL, “The Chew,” “The Revolution,” and “Katie,” are all either cancelled or in the ratings doldrums. And now there are murmurings that ABC/Disney wants full legal possession of the rights to AMC and OLTL, now we will be waiting for them to pick them up as they left it when It last air on TV.

Additionally, a replacement for Anne Sweeney has been named, Bob Sherwood. Now, he had not proven himself to be any friend of the soaps during his tenure as head of ABC News, at one point trying to axe “General Hospital” to put “Good Afternoon America” in its place.

But ultimately, THE FANS/VIEWERS/CONSUMERS have the power in this complex situation. Incredible leaders, such as Cole Bell of Boycott ABC 7 across America and Boycott ABC 7 among other SOS groups, have and are doing the hard work for us–we simply need to follow. And show ABC/Disney what we as consumers, their bread and butter, will and won’t stand for. Disney/ABC like any corporation in this capitalistic economy we live in and by, ultimately cares for revenue, which is ultimately provided by us, the FANS/VIEWERS/CONSUMERS. And we have shown and are showing them a simple formula to stanch the revenue-hemorrhaging that even people as thick as Frons and Sweeney should have be able to follow: that they will lose revenue if they don’t bring AMC and OLTL back and they will gain a great deal of it if they do bring them back. I’m not sure how we could spell it out more simply. We fans/viewers/consumers have the power. And we will continue to wield it in the way we see fit and fair—boycotts of Disney/ABC and their advertisers—until AMC, OLTL, and GH are safe in their one-hour lengths on television and SOAPnet is restored, showing all soaps, all the time.

To the fans: look out for a petition to Disney/ABC in a couple of days that will demand all I’ve mentioned above. Info will be available here, on our Facebook page, and on our Twitter account. It will take seconds to sign, but could get us everything we want. We can do this!

To Disney/ABC, and Mr. Sherwood especially: we at letstalkaboutsoaps.com ask you once again to end the bloodshed. Bring back AMC and OLTL to their original time slots, leave GH safe in its current length and time slot, and return SOAPnet to the cable lineup as well, showing only soaps all the time. We will make it worth your trouble. And we will continue to wage a bloody and unpleasant (for everyone) war if you don’t.

Column: Soap Recurring Themes #6

By Akbi Khan, Blog Editor

A asks B a loaded question, often one that could change the course of a storyline, then someone comes in and interrupts, a phone rings, a loud sound is heard, etc. and they just drop it and move to the new topic of conversation or their conversation ends. In this way, a storyline is extended by days, weeks, months, years.

Can you fans think of any such examples? I can think of many, but one recent one was when Maxie tried to tell Lulu about 10 million times that Connie wasn’t her child, and every time she tried, some minor occurrence would stop interrupt her, but she would never get back around to telling her! Arg!

So if you can think of any similar examples from your favorite soaps, past or present, please leave them in the comments.

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