Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08-31-18: The Window Patch

I don’t get it Especially from coming from  you?

What are you talking about?

You and Brady you were sleeping with his father while getting him ready for kindergarten, you gave him baths, you feed him, you taught him how to read.

You don’t have to concern yourself with that you will help me and you know why.

Sigh it’s not going to work

Yes it will i know Brady loves me

Fine, how’s EJ

Better everyday

BTW if Marlena dies I’m going to be very mad at you.

You sound just like father when you say that.

This Week in Salem

Kristen gave the gun to Sami who claimed to be drugged after some hesitation Eric intervened

Sami’s bullet hit Marlena instead of john


Not arguing with you

Kristen grabbed Claire and then took off

I let her go the sounds of her whining were too much for my ears.


What are your thoughts on the events of the shooting?

Sonny is in stalker heaven as Will remembers them being together  Susan was freed from the freezer in Doug’s place and let will and sonny in on what was going on Will took off Sonny stayed to look after Susan

At the hospital the inevitable everyone blaming each other started Rafe took Sami to the police station

Sami’s at the station…i better go

Good Luck Kristen leaves Bob ran into Steve who just got done hugging John before he left to check on Marlena.

Steve how’s Marlena?

Doesn’t look good

It never does she’ll be fine though trust me.

At the station Sami blamed Eric

Of course she did

Do you put any of the blame on Eric?

Belle got in Sami’s face smacked her and gave her all sorts of threats.

FINALLY standing up to Sami Good for you Belle Hope and Rafe naturally gave Sami the riot act with their threats and lack of Miranda’s and lawyers and all the fun things that are edited out for time constraints

Sami put Hope in her place

Whose side are you on Sami or Hope?

Kristen nabbed Eve and called Brady telling him to make love to her or Eve’s gone for good

Because that always works. What are your thoughts on the new Kristen and the new Susan which one does you think Stacey is playing better?

Kristen she’s harder to do imo

An overheard conversation about Sami/EJ made Jennifer feel guilty about not telling Eric why Nicole left town

Nothing new there except Sami seems to have forgotten that some of those kids of hers belong to Lucas..Speaking of the kids WHERE ARE THEY???

Who do you think is watching Sami EJ and Lucas’s kids?

Anyway Sami naturally got away from Rafe whose hair magically got grey

What are your thoughts on Rafe’s new look

Susan had another dream Will told her his memory returned she was happy for him

Sonny begged Will to be with him again

SMH Sonny is going to be one of those people in a relationship that follows you into the kitchen when you want to get a drink despite you telling him you are coming back in 90 seconds

Are you hoping that the writers fix Sonny before this all moves forward?

Paul found Sami in Eve’s room and they went searching for Kristen together

Back in the bedroom Kristen demanded that Brady stopped wasting time Eve walked in

Of course she did

Kristen grabbed the gun Sami burst into the room and demanded more answers about EJ. Kristen said No Brady for her then no EJ for Sami


Kristen cocked back her gun she was going to shoot Sami i think then Paul came Dived at her and they both flew out the window

That’s intense can’t wait until Tuesday

How are you holding up Steve?

As good as one can

Steve do you remember the time when


What, what is this

Homeland security your under arrested Take him away  Men in suits drag Steve off Bob is just stunned into silence been in Salem on and off since 1985 and This is how it ends for him

Really This is the best you can come up with???

Sigh I wonder if Stefan knows about this

Are you horrified? Mortified? Angry? or saddened by Steve’s way of  departure ..not just him leaving he chose to leave after it was clear they didn’t want him  But  why not just have him die by taking Marlena’s bullet  doesn’t mean they can’t ever bring him back   Off Screen Espionage ???? REALLY?????

Sigh what you think about Steve’s exit from Salem?


Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08-24-18: 6th Times A Charm

Welcome Stacey Haiduk who took over the roles of Susan Banks and Kristen Dimera this week


Bob and Blanca were heading for their seats”i thought Bart was coming? Asked Blanca

He’s catching up with an old Friend speaking of old Friends Blanca this is Susan, Susan Banks ”

A warning bell went off in Blanca’s head she was on Marlena’s okay list but there were footnotes


SHHHHHHHH Bob hurried them to their seats ” nice to see you again Susan please  try and keep things… civil ”

This week in Salem

Hope was Horrified to find that Ben was welcomed into the Soras House Ciara shot back at Hope for abusing her power to try and run Ben out of town

Hope does enjoy abusing her power

Okay how about Ben stay with us then

Hell no

are you siding with Hope or Ciara on the ben residence issue  ?

Shawn and Belle naturally aren’t happy that Ciara is also living with a serial killer

FORMER serial killer he takes pills he’s fine

Where do you fall on the Ben free issue?

Steve tracked down Bonnie Lockhart for some reason he claims that bonnie tried to seduce her way out of being caught


Yeah that’s what Steve and Adriane said lol

Are you happy to see Bonnie what do you think her purpose for being there is?

Marlena got a doll that looked like her as a present it was odd and creepy

Sonny tried again with Will


Kate pulled a gun on Ted and told him her or the money later on over the phone she told Will Ted is no longer a problem

Did Kate Kill Ted?


Carrie and Austin can’t make the wedding Sami is still nowhere to be found

Are you disappointed that we didn’t see Carrie and Austin ?

Susan Banks apologized to Will for the whole your my son EJ thing Will forgave her

Big move on both parts but i still can’t see Susan doing all that i can see her going along with it afterwards but Susan brainwashing no way

What did you think about Stacey’s portrayal of Susan Banks?

Susan got herself invited to Marlena’s painting party she told marlena she sent the doll then she ended up reading tarrot cards none of her readings made anyone happy

john was playing catch with Paul and caught a fastball with his face

ROTFLMAO  that’s too funny

he’s fine Kayla i think it was gave him a makeup job it didn’t fool Marlena


Roman told Eric why he didn’t attend the wedding and how it’s a good thing Sami didn’t run into Susan banks


Hold that thought Susan told Marlena that Kristen visited her in Memphis last year

Were you upset that Roger wasn’t with Susan

Kind of

Susan became upset when Marlena “forgot” her doll she took a knife with her to the wedding

Would Susan do something really bad

Doubt it I know everyone is mad at Susan over the Will thing But Talk about crazy and needing medication Free pass for Susan Banks

Claire collected all the cellphones so the wedding wouldn’t be interrupted

Claire did that wow that must have been hard for her lol

Will and Paul spoke out at the wedding

Will Remembered being married to Sonny

Will Will have the decency to talk to Paul before cheating on him i know sonny won’t care

shhh here comes Sami !!

Sami burst in and said Marlena couldn’t marry John after some rambling she saw and attacked Susan who turned out to be Kristen

Hey look its Kristen Blanca you were right i apologize for doubting you

In a surprise twist Kristen gave Sami the gun and told her all about how EJ was alive and that she would take Sami to him if she shot John

Eric went for the gun the gun fired and the credits rolled

That’s exciting what an intense show Cannot wait until Monday but we should quietly stay out of the way

What is your impression of Stacey as Kristen was she better as Kristen or Susan ?

Time To Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07-27-18: Kayla the Anchor

Absolutely not Bob

Awe come on Marlena what happened to bygones be bygones

I’m all for that, but that doesn’t mean i will allow a bunch of former Stefano men attend my wedding

But some of those men are the reason why you met John in the first place

Bring it up one more time and ill have you committed AGAIN..  Marlena said with a smirk Bob laughed

This Week in Salem

Abigail didn’t buy any of what Stefan was selling but chose not to have an abortion anyway

Is this a win for Stefan or Gabi ?

It’s a win for the baby let’s leave it at that

Sonny complained about the way Chad ran titan and threatened to move out

He should move in with Brady SMH

Don’t you think It’s time for NBC to spend the money so so many characters can have their own lives

Yes ….but they won’t .

Victor warned Chad not to be like the rest of the family

LOL bet Chad peed in his pants

Victor told his goon the child services guy to watch out Jennifer was onto him

Should Victor be worried about Jennifer


Without Leo around it looks like any charges against sonny will be dropped

Are you glad this story is over soon?

Nope because Ted has made this interesting

Anyone guess Ted’s angle?

He’s EJ

Bob do you really think that’s true


Steve told Tripp not to give up on Ciara

Are they over are Ciara and Ben for real?

Was Abigail robbing the cradle Because Chad was said to be too old for Ciara nobodies said that about Ben (yet) but Ben was with Abigail

If Ben is age appropriate for Ciara and Abigail is way older than Chad because Will and Chad went to HS together then  hmmme Abigail has to be …carry the one…Nope can’t do that without aspirin

Hope and Rafe repeatedly violated Ben’s civil rights by browbeating him for hours on end Ciara got him Lawyer Ted and they still don’t/know can’t prove Ben set the fire

Maybe Ted set the fire.???

speaking of Ted he took Bo and Hope to school on police procedures and ben was free to go

Stefan continuing to live in La la land things a part of abigail loves him because Gabigail did

not exactly you and stefano is it marlena

not in the least


Chad may be having issues with he and abigail raising stefan’s child

how long until its really chads ?

by 2019 maybe

Gabi lied to Abigail about how Stefan got to the clinic

Do you like Dark Gabi?

Yes hopefully it doesn’t just simmer out into nothing

Stefan goaded Chad about being an uncle to his wife’s baby,  punches were thrown, Chloe stopped it

How come Stefan still has scars from the last fight considering Salem’ recovery time it all should have cleared up

No idea

Rafe and Hope checked out Ben’s story Kate freaked out when she found out Ted was defending Ben

Everyone has a right to council Kate

Marlena remember that lawyer who came into prosecute you for shooting Stefano in 1984 and how the town felt the exact same way about him as they do Ted Now.

Bob did Robert help Stefano get out of town after that


Hmm always wondered

John and Marlena convinced Brady and Eric to put their stupid squabbles aside and walk them down the aisle


What will happen at the wedding

I have a bad feeling about this one Marlena

It will be fine Bob nice and routine

aww don’t say that lol

Jennifer and Eric declared their love for each other


What will happen to them now

Steve planted a flower to show Kayla that his sight was back they also have a wedding anniversary coming up

Do you remember their first wedding?

John is relieved he hopes his guilt can start to go away

can john be forgiven now ?

i hope so

Will and Sonny continue to hide everything from Paul the person who is sending Sonny those i know what you did notes is….Lawyer Ted

Kate is going to be pissed

What is Ted up to? Is he working for anyone?

I think he’s working for Sami

Why would you think that?

Because Sami wants Will with Sonny !

Who and why is behind Ted

Victors in trouble Maggie saw him pay off the goon that planted the drugs in JJ’s apartment later on Victor and Eve discussed the Goon the hired

Oh that’s going to be explosive

Will Maggie leave Victor over this

Hard to call Victor is seriously slipping

Eve Ran into Ben sleeping on the park Bench and Began to strangle him

The keystone cops aka Rafe and Hope stumbled upon this  Hope did nothing to stop it


Rafe stopped it

BOO Rafe Boo

Who was more right or wrong Hope or Rafe ?

Cannot wait until Monday

Me either Bob tell Bart he can come to the wedding

YES thank you Marlena


Time to Turn the Hourglass


By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 02/09/18: Marry me or Shoot Me ???


Blindfolded Andre was brought to his destination when the blindfold was removed he saw a small crowd of people he saw Robert standing in a room music started playing everyone stood up

Robert Why have you brought me here?

Andre despite the last two years or so your still my best man

Andre looked over to see Taylor then turned to see Nicole walking down the aisle

FINALLY ITS HAPPENING Robert said as he watched Nicole approach him “so beautiful”

ANDRE Nicole said as she arrived

DEARLY BELOVED..The minister started

This Week in Salem

Hattie admitted to sending Anna the letter about Andre’s murdering tony but denied killing him herself

DO you think Hattie killed Andre?

Anna despite the truth being known for over six years still thinks Andre killed tony

First Stefano did then Andre did we all know Philip ACCIDENTALLY caused it  SMH can’t stand her anymore

Why won’t Anna’s loved ones see she gets real Help

Eli told Julie to cut out the badmouthing Of Gabi

Won’t happen Eli nice try though

Valerie’s is pushing Eli and Now Lani for the truth to come out

Why doesn’t Valerie just burst out an accidental Freudian slip should raise enough questions to get this all over with

Vivian is acting like her and Stefan killed Andre

Do you think Vivian set up Gabi?

Stefan told Gabi he would do what he could to get Gabichic back to Gabi

Does Stefan know more than he’s letting on? He did have access to the security footage?

JJ wants to be an EMT

Do you think that’s a good job fit for the former Supercop ?

Could be could be

Gabi saw the security footage and yet denies it’s her

do you believe her

Sadly i do only idiots aka the Salem PD would actually think that woman was Gabi

The fake hair, the hips, the Butt, COME ON ???   MORONS !!!

Trip ended up cooking diner for Claire and Ciara Ciara is trying to get Trip to admit he wants more than friend zone with Claire he won’t do it

Ciara shared her Rafe/Hope concerns with Tripp when she saw a rope wedding date was set

Will they make to the actual alter before the truth comes out?

Brady and Eve decided to bring back Bella Magazine to recover gabichic loses

Will this be a successful venture ?

I have a question considering the lengths Victor was willing to go to get everything Dimera back in 2012 why hasnt he crushed Chad like a bug and taking everything all  for himself

Very good question sigh

Lani told Eli the baby was his Eli said he would be there for the baby whether Lani wanted it or not

Eli’s a standup guy

Lani begged him not to say anything he agreed


Abe who must have stayed in South Africa with Theo for an hour MAYBE returned to Salem JJ asked Him for Lani’s hand in Marriage

Abe whose 180 on JJ is now complete gave him his blessing

Justin told Sonny murder charges against Gabi were pending

Abigail wants Andre’s killer to pay but will give Gabi the innocent until proven guilty thing

Is it sad that Abigail cares about Andre more than Chad does


An ISA goon arrived and eventually got to john and gave him some more poison demanding to know why the job wasn’t finished yet

John told him it wouldn’t be much longer refusing to kill Steve outright

Salem’s Newest Bush people Will and Paul overheard and tried to intervene demanding answers, each tried to follow a target both got caught

Will demanded answers from John Paul disarmed the Isa goon but couldn’t follow through

Paul lucky the ISA good didn’t seriously hurt him

Can we call them the Hardy Boys???? ill look into that

John refused patiently trying to get will to leave it alone for some reason will won’t let this go ?

steve collapsed again

Will confronted John, john asked him to let it go

John pulled a gun

Outside Paul heard a shot ring out and went inside

Brave man

Will was lying on the ground John pulled a gun on Paul another shot rang out as the credits rolled

Now that’s Exciting can’t wait until Monday

Did john shoot Paul?

it would be fun but i doubt it maybe Marlena arrived to shoot john ????


opps sorry Nicole … I DO

Moment later Robert and Nicole were married at the reception Robert was thanking everyone for coming

Nicole i have another returned from the dead surprise for you ” Nicole turned to see FAY

MOM Nicole and Taylor  ran to her with tears in her Eyes

Now Andre while we have a minute please hold Frisky

WHAT ? Robert grabbed and put a cat into Andre’s arms …..”I knew it” Robert said as he went to join Nicole, fay and Taylor

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 01/26/18: Pulse and High Heels

At the mausoleum

Sigh i forgot how long this takes

He’s coming around now

There we Go.. Welcome back to the living Tony

Thank you Bob. Wait what do you mean Tony I’m Andre

uh huh

Whatever the case seems things went according to the plan

Did they now could have fooled me, come on we need to get going, gentlemen please finish up here

Sure Boss


This Week in Salem

John continues to poison Steve

Word of Lani’s pregnancy has reached just about anyone

Checking out the dim


era security footage has Kate arriving with Andre and Anna leaving his office last

Who was more likely to do it Kate or Anna

Vivian is worried about the cops Stefan isn’t

Is Vivian a little too worried and if she didn’t do it what else is she afraid of?

Hope and Rafe called Roman out on his falsely giving Anna an alibi

Is Anna acting too suspicious for someone who didn’t do it ?

Hard to tell

Valerie is doing what she can to ensure that if Eli learns the truth that he knows it immediately

Will this hinder or help Eli down the road?

Will handed sonny divorce papers

Paul thought he heard john ordering more poison over the phone

Are you invested in this story ?

Only pertaining to the Why

John looked like his guilt was going to make him spill the beans to Marlena but a phone call from Carrie ruined the moment


Steve told john he had to quit the team as he had an auto immune disease

Will told Marlena about his divorce and moving closer to Paul’s house Paul and will agreed to work together to help john

Will this get Paul to see will “differently”

i hope so..on the sonny front he continues to be a sad sad man and it’s going to cost him titan if Brady has something to say about it

Speaking of Brady he and eve are still …whatever it is they are doing

Victor in one of his classic Victor moments Accused Brady of Falling for any woman with a pulse and High Heels

LOL Classic Victor

How will Theresa’s return affect the kirakis household?

Carrie Called Hope out on her Hypocrisy


And she then told Rafe that Sami told her what he and her did ..Rafe actually was surprised by that


Now that Rafe knows Sami is ..Being Sami will he tell Hope ?

Claire Ciara and Tripp had some quality video game time it was nice to see them all getting along

How long will it all last

Stefan warned Vivian that john was poking around

John says he knows who wrote the letter to Anna

Who do you think it was

it was you wasn’t it Andre

Not sure

Right you’re not back up to speed yet it will all come back soon enough

Speaking of coming back Billy Reed is on her way back to Salem

Are you excited to see Billy again if she stays around who would she be paired up with?

Some unknown man is supplying John with the Steve poison is he ISA and does this have anything to do with ISA agent Billy’s return?

Will went to tell Hope what was going on with John/Steve


Get this Andre Abigail vowed to make whoever killed you Pay

that’s good that’s good

BTW did you see who did it?

Do you know ?

Not yet I’ll let you know when i find out In the meantime I’m sending you to a wedding


Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 01/26/18: One Down the Tokyo Fab

Blanca asked Marlena and john to come to her and Bob’s house for their Diner after Blanca’s offered for them to come to especially Kayla as Bob would  need a doctor thinking that strange the four of them

Arrived and entered the house

“Hello Everyone thanks for coming. Blanca do it now” Blanca picked up a Baseball bat and Smacked Bob over the head

WHAT HAVE YOU DONE Yelled Kayla as she tended to Bob Steve went to help Kayla john went into defensive disarm the suspect position

He said it would help regain his memory more efficiently then Sami’s method of strangulation

Bob, Bob are you okay

I’m fine

What year is it asked Kayla

Its 1984 Megan Hathaway still loves Bo, Bo and Hope are fighting their feelings for each other and Maxwell Hathaway just unveiled the Prisms

1984 Well we’re getting Close” Blanca went to strike him again

WAIT DON’T yelled Marlena

This week in Salem

Vivian lectured Stefan about getting their Andre’s dead Story Straight

Did Vivian murder Andre?

Chad found Abigail crying over Andre’s Body Chad called the police but Rafe and Hope showed up instead

Commissioner of police making house calls ???? The found Anna’s tony urn under the desk

Did Anna murder Tony ?

Marlena told Paul to stay away from Will if he was indeed in love with Sonny, Will’s not making that easy as they are neighbors now

Will Paul Forget Sonny and Give in to Will

Will insisted they could just be friends and it turns out that “EJ” and Paul share interest in the band Tokyo Fab

Could this be the beginning Branch

Music can be a romantic starter

Roman is trying to shield Anna from Hope and Rafe’s questioning at least until he found out who wrote the mysterious letter she got that said Andre killed Tony

Do you remember how Tony Died?

Does Roman know for sure Anna did it?

Wouldn’t surprise me they are all corrupt

Sonny confronted Brady on his Murder Andre commission Brady turned it back on him and told him he was unfit to run titan

He’s right Sonny’s barely capable of running lemonade Stand

Lani’s pregnancy news is spreading apparently Abe decided that Theo isn’t very important and is returning to Salem shortly ?

Is it ridiculous for Abe to leave Theo in South Africa Alone?

Very Much So

Eli told Gabi to place nice with Kate for her company’s sake Gabi is grateful Eli is by her side

Did Gabi Kill Andre for firing her


JJ told Jennifer she was going to be a Grandmother again

Sigh if only he and Eve had a baby


Eli told Lani he couldn’t be the father because they only slept together once

………………………… …………I’m just going to let that sit there…………

Valerie doesn’t want Eli to go through what she did so she insisted he found out the father truth ASAP

Eli said he would Step up and Father the baby!

Good man Eli

Will Eli be the first one to find out who the real daddy is?

Are you disappointed at yet another baby daddy story ?

After seeing the funeral director Abigail Asked Gabi if she killed Andre?

Did Abigail really expect a truthful Answer from the Home wrecker?

“isn’t Home wrecker Harsh ?”


Hope and Rafe wondered who could be setting Anna up and why

Here’s a question why is the COMMISSIONER doing Detective work?

Hope is there to cover up for her cousin’s daughter in case Abigail committed the murder

Kate knew Andre loved her and couldn’t understand the betrayal

Chad said Andre couldn’t help being Andre Chad wondered if Andre’s death would bring Stefano out of hiding

They still think Stefano is out there does them mentioning this means what it could mean

I hope so there are ways to pull it off

Will we ever see Andre again ?

After the next writing change if we’re lucky

Are you upset over the way the last two sets of writers portrayed Andre as a Character

YUP utterly disgraceful both of them

John doesn’t seem to enjoy spiking Steve’s drinks and enticing him to keep drinking

What will happen to Black Patch when this is all over?

Hopefully no harm no foul

Who why and what for is john doing all this?

Abigail demanded to know why Stefan would not undo what Andre did to Gabi’s company but she didn’t get an answer

What is Stefan’s motive for not doing it?

Rafe and Eli watched the security camera footage the killer took Andre’s phone they noticed something else on the footage as the cameras rolled

What did Rafe and Eli See and will it speed up or drag this all out


Kayla finished her examining of Bob “he seems okay but we should get him to the hospital for an X-Ray while she was helping Bob out of the chair Blanca Smashed his head with a drinking glass


Thank you Blanca it seems to have worked Went Bob rubbing his head

Hello Marlena, kayla, Steve ,,John, Steve do me a favor tonight be the designated Driver ”

John stared at Bob as Kayla tended to him again

Thanks Kayla went bob


Time to turn the hourglass 


By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 01/19/18: Yao Ling not Yo Ming

Remind me to have your sanity tested when we get home…. AGAIN!!! ”

“It’s not that big of a deal it happens all the time in salem ”

“But why does it have to happen to you how am i supposed to get you home when it does

It’s for us trust me when it happens just call the people on that last they will know what to do.. It won’t last very long ..i promise.”

Blanca started cursing in Spanish Bob Kissed her “it will be fine”

This Week In Salem 

JJ’s resignation from the force and total jubilation about the baby made Lani pause in telling him that the baby might be Eli’s not his

Meanwhile Eli is trying to speed up his and Gabi’s relationship

Will Eli get Gabi pregnant before Lani tells him he’s already going to be a father is a double pregnancy baby switch story on the horizon?

Hope not to both

Anna told Jennifer some misinterpreted info about Eric not being over Nicole that made her decide to meet Dr Shah for lunch at the Brady pub

Roman told Eric to get himself together Dr shah told Jennifer he was more than friend interested

Well he’s much better than that stalker she had a few years ago. Can’t remember his name at the moment

Stefan is angry that Vivian wants to get rid of Andre; Anna warned Kate that Andre can’t change

Can we give Andre credit for trying really hard to change seeing how he’s tried really hard?

Yes we can

Kayla tried to get Lani to tell JJ the truth about the baby JJ is worried that Lani wants to end her pregnancy because he wouldn’t be a good father

He’s young but not too young should be okay ONCE HE GETS A JOB

He’s a Horton he doesn’t have to work

Horton right i forgot

Stop that

Stop what?

Steve’s vision is still on the fritz still nothing with Kayla on that

Chad got jealous when he saw Theo cheat on him by playing chess with Stefan

Theo told Chad that Stefan was better than him

ROTFLMAO everyone is better than Chad at chess he’s an embarrassment

Abigail warned Stefan not to make trouble for her Gabi and Chad and became livid when she thought he asked her out to diner

Abigail’s got bigger stones than Chad was she embarrassed or jealous when finding out he meant Gabi

Both probably

Abigail tried lecturing Stefan about Sexual harassment she ended up smacking him he laughed it off

Sexual harassment in Salem ..that’s funny

Abe was happy he was going to be a grandfather

Would it matter to Abe who the father was?


Everyone said goodbye to Theo as he’s officially off to South Africa for treatment

South Africa SMDH ..Word of recasted is on the horizon will you miss Killer Pettis ?

Anna’s urn continues to freak everyone out Anna found an unidentified letter in her purse and was horrified when she read it

What was and who from was that letter about

John told Chad the dimera hack was an inside john

Chad said he would make whoever it was pay

Well maybe Abigail will smh

Aunt Vivian introduced John to Stefan who wasn’t exactly thrilled

Vivian mistook Yo ling for  Yao Ming the basketball player


After they missed saying goodbye to Theo Andre told Kate he loved her Kate told Andre she loved him


With the Gabi chic deal done Vivian considers Andre a liability and wants to get rid of him

Stefan disagreed

Will Stefan end up being nothing but mommies pawn ?

Hope not

Lucas is out of rehab and is happy for Kate and Andre, he then asked Chloe out on a date

i thought his goal was to stop drinking ????

Lucas and Chloe again ???

Somehow and this is really bizarre when you think about it Eve was able to get Theresa on the phone

is her return to Salem soon

after the way she was written out i cant see how any of that has happened don’t be surprised if she returns Tate has a brother or sister

How could she not ?

Brady gave up the deal for Gabi chic and ended up back in bed with eve

When will Brady and eve go kaboom does anyone understand how or why Gabi’s company is in such high demand?

Beats me on both counts

Vivian ran to Stefan saying they had to get their stories straight

Abigail screamed and cried when she stumbled across Andre’s dead Body

Is this the end of Andre and beginning of Tony or the end of tony and Andre is still Andre

Will you miss Thaoo on days and are you Furious on how the character has been wasted for the last two and a half years plus

Andre’s ????  Bob sat down and went into shock

Bob ..are you okay ? BOB .??? I’ll get a doctor

WHO ARE YOU? Bob asked staring at Blanca

OH NO !!!

Time To Turn The hourglass


By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 01/12/18: Towels Doorknobs and forgotten nudity’s

On their honeymoon. Bob and Blanca were walking down the beach Bob made a quick phone call

Andre Hello

Hello …Bob

Need to keep this short Andre just wanted to say that I’m happy that your, Stefan and Vivian’s plan is underway and best of luck with it

Well thank you it’s going very well, can i count on your assistance…

No Andre you’re on your own ..i will tell you this though  John was hired to look into Stefan

John….well this could be fun after all

Best of luck Andre. Congratulations on you and Kate!!


This week in Salem

Ciara Stopped Rafe from confessing about him and Sami (to Hope)

Were you upset by the delay?

She was given back the keys to her motorcycle

Good for her maybe she crashes it through the church to stop the wedding like brother Shawn did once

Abigail snapped at Stefan for inviting her into his madness

Andre and Vivian tried to stay focus on their plans for Everything Dimera

Why did Andre wait so long? Is Stefan the real deal or a Vivian/Andre prop?

Kate Finally Invited Andre into her bedroom


But is is real or part of the overall plan

No reason it can’t be both

Eric stalled with Jennifer and she met a Dr Shaw

What are your first impressions with DR Shaw

Will this make Jennifer get her job back at the hospital?

Maggie and Victor discussed how Wills not willing to jump back into anything was hurting Sonny

Sonny needs to step back he’s become possessive desperate and annoying it’s a terrible unhealthy combination

Will Sonny Dial it back and play it smart

Doubt it he blamed everything on Paul and when he told will he didn’t want to be friends he wanted to be his husband Will walked out on him

Good for Will

Stefan failed in sweet talking Gabi

Would Stefan be a better fit then JJ or Eli?

Im sure it will be JJ

Steve is having Vision Problems he tried to play it off but john wasn’t fooled

Is someone doing this to Steve or is it internal?

Stefan caught Abigail in nothing but a towel more than once the first time it was his fault the second time it was hers

Chad in discussing Stefan’s nakedness with his wife forgot about the 3 times that Abigail saw EJ naked

Has Chad gone stupid or is it a deliberate  blunder on the writers part

Did everyone else remember the EJ/Abigal Thing?

for some bizarre reason one of the keys to Vivian and Andre’s plan revolve around Getting Gabi’s company allied with theirs Andre assured Vivian he would get it Andre also warned that Stefan’s flirting could ruin Everything

Which one will cause their plans to backfire?

Chad hired john to investigate Vivian and Stefan will this lead to a John vs. Andre showdown

I hope so those were so much fun to watch

lani doesn’t know what to do about her baby Loves JJ knows its Eli’s standard stuff she is considering not having it.

Kayla told her to do what was best for her

Steve’s vision problems continued as he couldn’t read a menu

Why would a Grown man with one eye Hide a vision Problem from his DOCTOR wife??

Its ridiculous hope it doesn’t drag out

Victor told Brady that he knows Brady well enough that his scheming Eve won’t work

Now that they are into the sex phase whose going to break first?

Steve Kayla and Roman questions Anna’s sanity (again)as she is still carrying around Tony’s ashes

Is that tony in there or are we in for another twist?

Would have been funny if it spilt out over the table

Anna wants Steve to find Stefano they told her he was dead but the stunt Steve rafe and Shane pulled says otherwise

This can go many ways many, many  people Are enjoying Ron’s work so far so it’s very hopeful this could work out for everyone

Supercop Resigned from the Force

Sad sad day for Salem

What kind of job will he get next?


Lani tried to tell Eli but naturally for a former FBI agent he’s a clueless idiot

JJ picked up on it Right away and said he will support whatever decision she makes

Will Lani Abort it

I doubt it

Do you remember the last Salem resident to have an abortion?

Brady and Vivian had a run in Brady attempted to strangle her after it was broken up Him and Eve went back to bed

Does Brady and Eve bother you more so than any of the other Sibling swapping

what’s Tate going to think ?

Whose Tate ?


Abigail and Chad think Stefan is dodging their questions on purpose

Of course he is remind me to call him when we get home

Andre told Vivian that they need to be vigilant as John will be on their trail soon

Vivian didn’t seem to care as she plans to throw Andre under the bus

Good he can say hi to Aiden while he’s under their


Forget it lol

Bob stopped at a certain spot and looked up Lets go up there, there’s a walk able path

They arrived at the top “check out the view”

“it’s lovely”

Yes it’s also very momentous to Salem


Stefano and Roman did Battle up here once

Who won

Bob Smiled


Time to turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 01/05/18: Dont be such a B#$@$@

At the church the wedding was  underway Chad Abigail, Kate and Andre were getting seated when Stefan and Vivian entered Chad got in Stefan’s face then Vivian snapped at Kate arguing became yelling

“Fight breaking out at wedding CHECK” went Bob to himself who signaled to have it stopped

The ceremony Started Blanca walked down the aisle and into position, as soon as the minister started talking  Emilio Ramirez burst through the doors


“Look Jennifer its Emilio !!” Bob said to a stunned Jennifer “Wait Weren’t you Dead ?”

“I’ve never seen him before in my life” a confused and scared Blanca pleaded to Bob

Ex returns from dead to stop Wedding CHECK CHECK went a happy Bob”

This Week in Salem


At the stroke of midnight Will kissed Paul and thanked him for not making him feel pressured due to his lack of memory

Will Paul developed feelings for Will ?

Vivian introduced Stefano O   Stefan Octavius DImera declaring him the son of Stefano’s alter ego Rudolfo and herself and if that wasn’t bad enough the board had made Stefan CEO of Dimera inc

What is your first initial thoughts on Stefan ???

Eve and Brady got each other out of their systems by Having Sex

Who will fall for the other first are you upset by this predictable turn?

Drunken Ciara interrupted Eric and Jennifer’s forward progress Ciara then went after Claire Trip hope and Rafe

Rafe figured out that Ciara knows about him and Sami

was Caira in the nick of time or in the way of Eric and Jennifer
rafe and Ciara started arguing when Rafe tried making excuses about why he and Sami happened
Rafe’s cheated on so many people what excuse is a good one this time  ?
Hope interrupted Ciara and Rafe and wants to know what’s going on
will Ciara drop the bomb on hope

She might have BUT.. Kate interrupted them all to tell them about Vivian and for some reason Hope had to go despite there no legal reason for Cops to go to see Vivian

Stefan immediately took a interest in Chloe

Stefan and Chloe ?  STOE ?

Claire and Ciara continued their war over Theo nothing really knew their

Chloe went to tell Brady that Vivian was back in town she figured out about him and Eve

Is Chloe jealous how about a Brady and Chloe reunion ? Why tell Brady, Victor is the one who should be worried ?

Why would Chloe want to talk to victor?

Good Point

Will told Sonny he wants to find his own way and wants to divorce him sonny was naturally heartbroken

Should Sonny start to move on?

Stefan explained that he was able to seize control of DImera Inc due to a loan Chad made from the bank for the company

SMH now why would someone who can afford to spend  20 million dollars on an Illegal Amulet need to take out a loan SMH

Are you tired of all the plot holes and inconsistencies the writers have with the Dimera Board of Directors?

I am indeed

Chad told Stefan he would get everything back Stefan told him the board thinks otherwise

See how fast the board turned on him the board has been waiting for someone like Stefan

Was the board better off with Andre or Stefan? Devil you know or unknown

Stefan went about choosing his room Abigail caught him in the Buff

Wow didn’t waste any time there

Will Stefan and Abigail eventually?

I doubt it i believe they are past those stages for Chabby

Eric ran into Roman after him and Anna “reconnected” roman told Eric to “go about things differently”

Chad and Abigail quit they met up with Kate and Andre and all agreed to work together to regain the company

One big happy Family HURRAY

Andre was having a private conversation with Stefano’s picture when Vivian interrupted him “he told her not to be such a bitch” when celebrating their partnership

Were you shocked by this reveal?

Is it too little too late for Andre or is it About time ?

Is Andre Tony?

That’s about it

Great now about this Emilio

Forget him i paid him to be here

I’ll explain after the ceremony

Bob and Blanca exchanged their I do’s everyone left the church and headed for the reception except for two people and two sleeping babies   Bob went back inside to see them unveil themselves upon greeting him

Robert, Nicole great to see you thanks for coming

Congratulations BOB went Robert giving him a Hug

This is just too weird Went Nicole looking around to ensure nobody saw them

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 12/30/17: Welcome Back Aunt Vivian

Come on Bob we’re going to be late

So it’s going to be a Boring Party and besides I’m pretty sure we weren’t invited

“Your wrong Abigail invited us see “Blanca waves the invitation

Chads a snooze fest Andre’s…. can’t we go over finalizing the wedding again
“there’s nothing else we can do its next week lets go
“I DONT WANT TO besides i need to stay here and protect Baby Stefano
“He’s fine with Mami the people who took him are in jail thanks to you now come on
Rob’s phone went off he got a text “On second thought lets go to the party






This week in Salem 


After convincing JJ to talk to someone Gabi Took JJ’s gun and left

SMH how is JJ going to explain the gun and leaving him alone wasn’t smart ”

“Should Gabi have left him alone like that?”

Gabi then told Eli the truth about why Eli saw them in bed together and gave him the gun to give to Rafe?”

“Not a brain in her head “oh well I’m sure it will work out”

should Gabi have told EL ALL the details about the worst night of JJ’s life

Thanks in part to the Jennifer reality smack down Abe Finally got around to forgiving JJ and he wants JJ to forgive himself

Eli then told Lani about JJ

SMH will Lani be upset or grateful with Gabi?

Theo Woke up

COOL we should go see him

Chad wanted to know why Kate was taking so long to leave

Andre came to her defense stating that Gabi’s deal depended on Kate being part of it all

Chad relented but not before threatening them both

Kate told Andre she wouldn’t forget what he did

“Time for Kate to give it up” Blanca smacked him on the shoulder


Word of Theo waking up started to spread Claire and Ciara started playing the who loves him more game

JJ apologized to Theo  Theo said there was nothing to forgive

Wasn’t JJ told that all a waste of time?

Eric and Jennifer played Scrabble and decided to go to the party “together”

Scrabble  SMH  well hopefully soon they will be playing Twister

Twister? what’s that ? Asked Blanca

..I’ll save it for the Honeymoon Rob said with a smile

Tripp broke up a Ciara and Claire fight, Ciara suggested they work together to both gets what they want

Awww just like Sami and Lucas Started

Tripp and Claire or Tripp and Ciara

Abigail told Kate to hurry up and go after andre before she loses him she wants him to be happy because she loves her brother in law.

Kate only loves Strong Evil Men Andre isn’t evil or Strong he will be rejected fast

Is Abigail under some sort of Andre induced hypnotic spell

ONLY thing that makes sense

Besides him being really tony

Not that again SMH

Belle and Shawn are going back to Hong Kong


Belle’s bummed they never found the saboteur before she left she told Chad she was sure the Dimera hack was an inside job

“If they only waited a few hours”

Will you miss Shawn and Belle?

Tripp and Ciara’s plan to get Claire alone backfired Tripp doesn’t want out the friend zone

The friend zone is a dark and lonely place Tripp should get out while he still can

Wasn’t “Robert” was stuck there with Nicole  “Blanca mocked

“He isn’t anymore” Bob said with a smile Blanca looked at him

“MOVING ON…Hope’s commissioner again”

Oh joy of joys

Abigail noticed a party invite discrepancy

And we arrived just in time to see it we should stand over there Bob and Blanca got out of the car and stood in the doorway behind everyone else

Paul decided to skip the party Andre told sonny next year Dimera will be back on top

I want to believe him but

Eve and Brady ran a game and Eve was able to make another pitch for Gabi’s business

Will Gabi switch teams

LIKE she did in prison HAW HAW HAW sorry mind wandered there for a bit moving on

Ciara got her motorcycle license and went to hope for the keys

Hope said no

BECAUSE SHE”S A LIAR and Hypocrite

That or maybe because Ciara had a drink or two

That also sure sure

Ciara became enraged but still didn’t unleash her Rafe and Sami Bomb


Will got a bad news call about Susan from Roger  will was upset  but despite that he returned and comforted a sad Paul

I like that Will is into Paul Sonny is an overbearing smothering stalker in the making

Great to see Will still cares about Susan hope we see her again soon

Rafe tried playing dad with Ciara again after stopping a drunken text

Drunken texts are disastrous

What is taking Ciara so long?

She needs them in the room together hopefully in front over everyone do you see the bullet you Dodge Blanca, Rafe cheats on everyone with anyone

Yes i do

MIDNIGHT Stroke HAPPY NEW YEARS went around Bob kissed Blanca

Andre kissed Kate

Eric Kissed Jennifer

Will Kissed Paul

Which one was your favorite?

Shh blanca Watch this … After the new year was wrung in a mysterious woman walked in and removed her hood

Kate Gasped Vivian as in Vivian Alemain as the credits Rolled

a man behind Vivian nodded  at Bob,Bob tipped his glass of soda and nodded Back wondering if he was going to enter after Vivian’s grandstanding was over with

Time To Turn The hourglass

By Robert Feldmann