Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08-31-18: The Window Patch

I don’t get it Especially from coming from  you?

What are you talking about?

You and Brady you were sleeping with his father while getting him ready for kindergarten, you gave him baths, you feed him, you taught him how to read.

You don’t have to concern yourself with that you will help me and you know why.

Sigh it’s not going to work

Yes it will i know Brady loves me

Fine, how’s EJ

Better everyday

BTW if Marlena dies I’m going to be very mad at you.

You sound just like father when you say that.

This Week in Salem

Kristen gave the gun to Sami who claimed to be drugged after some hesitation Eric intervened

Sami’s bullet hit Marlena instead of john


Not arguing with you

Kristen grabbed Claire and then took off

I let her go the sounds of her whining were too much for my ears.


What are your thoughts on the events of the shooting?

Sonny is in stalker heaven as Will remembers them being together  Susan was freed from the freezer in Doug’s place and let will and sonny in on what was going on Will took off Sonny stayed to look after Susan

At the hospital the inevitable everyone blaming each other started Rafe took Sami to the police station

Sami’s at the station…i better go

Good Luck Kristen leaves Bob ran into Steve who just got done hugging John before he left to check on Marlena.

Steve how’s Marlena?

Doesn’t look good

It never does she’ll be fine though trust me.

At the station Sami blamed Eric

Of course she did

Do you put any of the blame on Eric?

Belle got in Sami’s face smacked her and gave her all sorts of threats.

FINALLY standing up to Sami Good for you Belle Hope and Rafe naturally gave Sami the riot act with their threats and lack of Miranda’s and lawyers and all the fun things that are edited out for time constraints

Sami put Hope in her place

Whose side are you on Sami or Hope?

Kristen nabbed Eve and called Brady telling him to make love to her or Eve’s gone for good

Because that always works. What are your thoughts on the new Kristen and the new Susan which one does you think Stacey is playing better?

Kristen she’s harder to do imo

An overheard conversation about Sami/EJ made Jennifer feel guilty about not telling Eric why Nicole left town

Nothing new there except Sami seems to have forgotten that some of those kids of hers belong to Lucas..Speaking of the kids WHERE ARE THEY???

Who do you think is watching Sami EJ and Lucas’s kids?

Anyway Sami naturally got away from Rafe whose hair magically got grey

What are your thoughts on Rafe’s new look

Susan had another dream Will told her his memory returned she was happy for him

Sonny begged Will to be with him again

SMH Sonny is going to be one of those people in a relationship that follows you into the kitchen when you want to get a drink despite you telling him you are coming back in 90 seconds

Are you hoping that the writers fix Sonny before this all moves forward?

Paul found Sami in Eve’s room and they went searching for Kristen together

Back in the bedroom Kristen demanded that Brady stopped wasting time Eve walked in

Of course she did

Kristen grabbed the gun Sami burst into the room and demanded more answers about EJ. Kristen said No Brady for her then no EJ for Sami


Kristen cocked back her gun she was going to shoot Sami i think then Paul came Dived at her and they both flew out the window

That’s intense can’t wait until Tuesday

How are you holding up Steve?

As good as one can

Steve do you remember the time when


What, what is this

Homeland security your under arrested Take him away  Men in suits drag Steve off Bob is just stunned into silence been in Salem on and off since 1985 and This is how it ends for him

Really This is the best you can come up with???

Sigh I wonder if Stefan knows about this

Are you horrified? Mortified? Angry? or saddened by Steve’s way of  departure ..not just him leaving he chose to leave after it was clear they didn’t want him  But  why not just have him die by taking Marlena’s bullet  doesn’t mean they can’t ever bring him back   Off Screen Espionage ???? REALLY?????

Sigh what you think about Steve’s exit from Salem?


Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08-24-18: 6th Times A Charm

Welcome Stacey Haiduk who took over the roles of Susan Banks and Kristen Dimera this week


Bob and Blanca were heading for their seats”i thought Bart was coming? Asked Blanca

He’s catching up with an old Friend speaking of old Friends Blanca this is Susan, Susan Banks ”

A warning bell went off in Blanca’s head she was on Marlena’s okay list but there were footnotes


SHHHHHHHH Bob hurried them to their seats ” nice to see you again Susan please  try and keep things… civil ”

This week in Salem

Hope was Horrified to find that Ben was welcomed into the Soras House Ciara shot back at Hope for abusing her power to try and run Ben out of town

Hope does enjoy abusing her power

Okay how about Ben stay with us then

Hell no

are you siding with Hope or Ciara on the ben residence issue  ?

Shawn and Belle naturally aren’t happy that Ciara is also living with a serial killer

FORMER serial killer he takes pills he’s fine

Where do you fall on the Ben free issue?

Steve tracked down Bonnie Lockhart for some reason he claims that bonnie tried to seduce her way out of being caught


Yeah that’s what Steve and Adriane said lol

Are you happy to see Bonnie what do you think her purpose for being there is?

Marlena got a doll that looked like her as a present it was odd and creepy

Sonny tried again with Will


Kate pulled a gun on Ted and told him her or the money later on over the phone she told Will Ted is no longer a problem

Did Kate Kill Ted?


Carrie and Austin can’t make the wedding Sami is still nowhere to be found

Are you disappointed that we didn’t see Carrie and Austin ?

Susan Banks apologized to Will for the whole your my son EJ thing Will forgave her

Big move on both parts but i still can’t see Susan doing all that i can see her going along with it afterwards but Susan brainwashing no way

What did you think about Stacey’s portrayal of Susan Banks?

Susan got herself invited to Marlena’s painting party she told marlena she sent the doll then she ended up reading tarrot cards none of her readings made anyone happy

john was playing catch with Paul and caught a fastball with his face

ROTFLMAO  that’s too funny

he’s fine Kayla i think it was gave him a makeup job it didn’t fool Marlena


Roman told Eric why he didn’t attend the wedding and how it’s a good thing Sami didn’t run into Susan banks


Hold that thought Susan told Marlena that Kristen visited her in Memphis last year

Were you upset that Roger wasn’t with Susan

Kind of

Susan became upset when Marlena “forgot” her doll she took a knife with her to the wedding

Would Susan do something really bad

Doubt it I know everyone is mad at Susan over the Will thing But Talk about crazy and needing medication Free pass for Susan Banks

Claire collected all the cellphones so the wedding wouldn’t be interrupted

Claire did that wow that must have been hard for her lol

Will and Paul spoke out at the wedding

Will Remembered being married to Sonny

Will Will have the decency to talk to Paul before cheating on him i know sonny won’t care

shhh here comes Sami !!

Sami burst in and said Marlena couldn’t marry John after some rambling she saw and attacked Susan who turned out to be Kristen

Hey look its Kristen Blanca you were right i apologize for doubting you

In a surprise twist Kristen gave Sami the gun and told her all about how EJ was alive and that she would take Sami to him if she shot John

Eric went for the gun the gun fired and the credits rolled

That’s exciting what an intense show Cannot wait until Monday but we should quietly stay out of the way

What is your impression of Stacey as Kristen was she better as Kristen or Susan ?

Time To Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08-20-18:

You want me to what now

Show up at the wedding bandaged up like John was before everyone thought he was you

You mean everyone except you

(Bob snickered) yes

i don’t know about this

Come on Roman it will be great

I’ll think about it


This Week in Salem

Kayla comforted Abigail comparing her Ava and Tripp to Stefan and Abigail’s baby

Was this a fair assessment?

Kate saw Andre but it was a dream not a visitation because Andre told her what she wanted to hear and nothing the real Andre would ever say

Where you happy to see Andre again?

Abigail saw Chad and Gabi together feeling jealous and Hurt at the same time she told Chad she would wait for him to come around.

How long will Chad take to get his act together?


Sonny finally told Paul what was going on Paul was angry for being kept out of the loop but agreed to help anyway

Poor Paul

Eve asked Brady to forgive Victor hoping that it would soften any blows should he find out she was also involved

How will Brady handle all the revelations?

Eric Insisted he was over Nicole


“I think he is” Blanca said as she walked in

Hello Blanca

Roman nice to see you again

Hey Roman look at my wife like that again and I’ll turn you back into Chris Kosecheck don’t think i wont

What in the hell are you talking about

ROTFLMAO sorry i just can’t help doing that

Gabi continued to wedge herself in between Chad and Abigail

“HARLOT “commented Blanca

Blanca remember when mami Hernandez had you “distract” Rafe away from Hope

Ill makes some coffee

Thanks …love you. Where we were Right Gabi how far is she willing to take her revenge

All the way i hope cant back out now

Stefan wanted some more Abigail baby updates warning Kayla that he could turn off Steve’s sight at any time

“Stefan is a pig” said Blanca coming back with coffee” if i were Abigail id cut off his ……” :Bob cut her off

I’m not disagreeing with you Blanca but he eventually will deserve an attempt at a second chance then he can start terrorizing people in a proper manor

Steve caught Kayla hiding something from him in her desk

Uh oh

How will this play into his exit story

Mayor Abe caught COMMISSIONER HOPE and Detective Hernandez acting like teenagers behind the bleachers in the school gym  and of course Did Nothing but look the other way because he’s as corrupt as they are ..Shouldn’t he be up for reelection by now?

Abe use to be a straight shooter it’s sad

Claire told Marlena i think it was that with Ciara focused on Ben she can have Tripp

Speaking of second chances let’s talk about that for a moment

Ben is on some sort of redemption story they claim that as long as he stays medicated he won’t hurt anyone ,is it fair he’s walking around free to do whatever ?? And if he can be forgiven shouldn’t Stefan. I’m not saying automatically I’m saying eventually. He has to prove it and earn it but if you can do one shouldn’t the other be at least tried at some point he needs to be hated in a good way not the way he is now.

Maybe someday i remain hopeful

Speaking of Chad Billy Flynn has apparently left the show he’s got 6 months left give or takes

Are you shocked by this news do you think it had anything to do with him having to work with Kate Mansi again there were rumors they couldn’t stand one another.

I doubt that they may have just been rumors and Kate’s not staying long term doesn’t seem like he would leave over that?

What are your thoughts on Chad’s departure?

I want to be dancing for joy but i think they will recast him again …maybe Casey Deidrick can return Chad had such promise back then..If only Billy’s Chad remembered how much Casey’s chad  hated Gabi

SMH phony Flashbacks

John and Marlena are upset that Sami said no to their wedding

Upset or surprised??? What else did they expect

This is interesting in an attempt to swoo Tripp away from Ciara Claire voted Ben into the Soras house

Sure why not
Ben/ Ciara or Claire/ Tripp which one is the better couple ?

Steve found Bonnie lockhart in chicago and brought her home

remember that time you tried to escape Stefano’s island Roman and it was foiled by some teenager

that was you

No LOL but seriously im not against tracking down fugitives but  why now of all times are they bringing back Bonnie lockhart  could it have something to do with Steve’s exit story ?

Didnt Bonnie  rape lucas????  we’ll put her on the list

the votes were casted Ben was voted into the house Hope walked in and heard the whole thing

ROTLFMAO  looking forward to her nervous breakdown

they should change the locks though if the two guys and two girls are going to become real couples

will this Break Hope’s sanity

Hopefully lol

Will and sonny went to Kate for money and ran into ted


Kate demanded Ted chose money or her, Ted chose money

ohhh that’s go to hurt

She pulled a gun on him will she murder Ted like she did Vivian?

will kate ever pay for that ?

Nope, it’s too bad you couldn’t make an honest woman out of her roman

yes it is

Oh roman despite Sami telling john and Marlena she wouldn’t come to the wedding be on the lookout my sources say she will show up

Kristen too Blanca Snapped.

let’s just wait and see on that  okay

that’s about it

We’ll i have to get back to the pub

How are Caroline and Kimberly, Roman

Same as before taking it one day at a time

Give them my best

i will thanks Bob I’ll think about this bandaged thing

You’re a good sport Roman

Roman went back to the pub Bob and Blanca went to bob’s appointment with Marlena

Time To Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08-05-18: feel baby or not feel baby

It was not a fun week for Bob, Blanca spent half the week mad at him which led to some yelling and the other half ignoring him outright it was hard to determine which was worse

Marlena sensed the hostility immediately

So there’s obviously a problem here what happened

“Tell her” Blanca demanded

“Stefano called me he’s going to crash your wedding” Blanca started cursing in Spanish”

  This week in Salem

Ted explained to Sonny and Will how he knows they killed Leo

How is sonny and will going to handle this?

Victor continued to cover for Eve on how/why they lost tate  simply because there wasnt a need to have Brady hate both of them

Will this noble move backfire on Victor?

I doubt it

Jennifer told Kayla about Brady forcing Nicole to leave town Kayla shared her hiding something from Steve

Which secret will blow up first?

Marlena hypnotized Ben and after discovering he didn’t set the fire agreed to be his therapist

Whoa whoa whoa WHAT

I agreed to be his therapist he needs help i couldn’t walk away

i don’t care about that

So what’s the matter

Marlena There is no way Ben can afford your weekly rates even if he had insurance

That’s not your concern bob

Like hell it isn’t over the last three decades you’ve charged me almost 20 thousand dollars

Didn’t you tell me that Stefano reimbursed you for the first few decades

Oh you remembered that huh


Moving on

To boost Claire’s spirits John asked Claire to sing at the wedding

Cool she’s got a great voice

Are you looking forward to hearing Claire Sing?

Gabi did what she had to do to neutralize Kate on her Righteous quest for Revenge

I’m shocked by this

Me too trusting Kate is just stupid

Will Kate spill the beans before it goes too far

Abigail told Chad the baby was part of her so she wouldn’t abort it

Do you agree with Abigail’s decision?

I’m staying far away from that one

lani told Eli they were a mistake but their baby wasn’t

Are these two going to get moving or what?

Hope wants Marlena’s help in getting rid of Ben Marlena refused Hope lost it when she was told Ben didn’t start the fire

Good for you Marlena i think ???

Ben interrupted Tripp and Ciara’s night to tell her he didn’t start the fire

if he didn’t who did


Stop that

Marlena offered Chad some advice he went back to Abigail to see Stefan feeling the baby kicking naturally that set him off

Can’t blame him there i was upset when most males  tried to feel Blanca’s belly when she was pregnant It’s too bad EJ didn’t get Abigail pregnant that  would have been so funny unlike now where it’s just  infuriating

Anyway when Stefan told Chad he had permission He lost it and moved out and went straight to Gabi


Stefan wants updates from Kayla about Kate nothing new there

Steve Knows Kayla is hiding something from him

uh oh

What will Steve do to find out what’s going on ?

Ciara told Ben she would stick up for him with Hope

Sonny told Chad that he was screwing up with Abigail/moving out would not improve things

Gabi tried again with Ari this time it worked Mommy and daughter are reunited Sonny told Ari to stay the night

Are you happy about Ari coming around

Not if it gets in the way of her Revenge no

Will Ari make Gabi rethink what’s happening?

Chad came home all upset Gabi told him “you have me”



Now Blanca that’s not nice Chad and Gabi have years and years of made up flashbacks to reflect on

Is it possible Chad remembers Melanie and snaps out of Gabi’s trap?

NOPE he’s too much of an idiot for that

Hope told Rafe to come home to her house


John saw Marlena in her wedding Dress


Relax Bob I’m sure it will be fine

sigh Marlena what Blanca wanted me to tell you earlier is ..It’s possible Kristen may show up at your wedding

you’re sure about this


Oh Dear

Remember to tell John anything that happens is his fault

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08-05-18: Why not both eyes

Bob and Blanca are waiting in Marlena’s lobby Bob’s phone rings.  “HI !!’ll be here for the Wedding then THAT’S FANTASTIC !! but i can’t talk now Bye

“Who was that?” demanded Blanca


“Oh now you better tell me”

After diner when John and Marlena are gone

You do know that before we married Nicole gave me a list of names of people i should keep you away from!

I remember

So who is it

Come on in Guys

Marlena what perfect timing Bob hurried inside followed by a frustrated Blanca


This Week in Salem

Hope told Rafe she let her emotions get the better of her while Eve was delivering Justice on Ben

Just like she. Snapped she’s a disgrace to law enforcement NEXT

Ben told Ciara he started looking for a job

Ill hire him Marlena

You will

Yes to kill HOPE


ANYWAY right after that Claire Smacked him over the head with a frying pan even Ciara chuckled over it while tending to his wounds

ROTLFMAO aw come on that’s funny

Ciara called Hope and Rafe dragged him away and told him stay away from Ciara Blah blah blah


Okay seriously Marlena what are we supposed to do about Ben ?

What do you mean?

He’s supposed to be better as long as he takes his pills right


Well does Salem put the mark of Cain on him  or what ?

Time will tell on that Bob I’m not sure

What are your thoughts on Ben’s running around free?

Just for the record Victor killed more people than Ben and most everyone loves him

Victor told Jennifer he planted the drugs and there was nothing she could do about it especially since the man who planted them was long gone.

Was the glimpse of the old victor?
Eve told Jennifer why Nicole left town   and what could happen to her and Eric if he were to find out
do you think Jennifer is a bit worried?

Hard to tell with Jennifer sometimes not being scared is careless Anyway Eve told Jennifer if she blabs to Brady about this she will tell Eric why Nicole really left town

Stop that Bob said snapping at a smirking Blanca

What did i miss? Asked Marlena

I can’t help it i just get happy every time I’m reminded she’s gone went Blanca

For some Reason Adriane wants Steve to find bonnie Lockhart?

Why would Adriane want to find Bonnie Lockhart?

Maybe she’s bored with Justin and wants to do a wife swap reality TV show?

Somehow i doubt that

Brady talked to Tate on the phone

Must have been sad

Will Brady be visiting him anytime soon?

How’s Kimberly Marlena

She’s day to day Bob

Give her my best please

Stefan went to Brady and eve to celebrate their partnership and let it out he was going to be a daddy to Abigail’s baby

Sigh such a letdown what can they do to redeem Stefan’s character and when i say redeem i mean hate him in a good healthy way instead of the way he’s hated now

Jj and  Gabi  got each other up to speed on everything Abigail Stefan and baby

Will JJ get Gabi off the revenge express?

I hope not, not yet anyway the actress Camilla is really brining it these days !!

I think that after the wedding i will offer her my help

Abigail told Jennifer that the baby was Stefan’s they are dealing with it together

This is all getting ready to explode should be massive fun

Stefan told Steve about Abigail and his baby He is lucky Steve didn’t kill him

See Marlena Stefan’s a total Amateur he really needs some Dimera 101

Bob please don’t do that

i told him i wouldn’t help him

Gabi in her own amateur move looking for a partner told Kate everything

SMH IDIOT GABI surprisingly though she was able to convince Kate not to rat her out and to help her get Stefan

I’m shocked but it was still stupid on Gabi’s part

Will Kate be an asset or liability to Gabi

Liability I’m sure

we still don’t know why Lawyer Ted is doing this to sonny and will if he’s working for Leo or Paul or still unknown

What will come out of the Ted twist ?

HE’S EJ just doesn’t know it yet

Stop that

The operation was a success Steve got his sight back. So why not both eyes????

that’s a great question why not both eyes ?

Jennifer told Brady about the Victor goon planting the drugs

Are you surprised Brady didn’t think Victor right away ?

Eric told Marlena he and Brady Made Peace

How long will that peace last


When Victor confronted Brady Victor didn’t back down what we don’t know is Victors temperament he could stick to his guns or just get tired of the whole affair and throw Eve under the bus ?

Will Eve get thrown under the bus?

If she does she can say hi to Aiden?



That’s about it

Monday should be awesome

The session ended john arrived they all went out to dinner

During Diner Blanca got a hold of Bob’s phone and saw the name “Kristen ”

Knowing that name from Nicole’s list she didn’t know if she should tell Marlena right away or Murder Bob on the spot

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07-27-18: Kayla the Anchor

Absolutely not Bob

Awe come on Marlena what happened to bygones be bygones

I’m all for that, but that doesn’t mean i will allow a bunch of former Stefano men attend my wedding

But some of those men are the reason why you met John in the first place

Bring it up one more time and ill have you committed AGAIN..  Marlena said with a smirk Bob laughed

This Week in Salem

Abigail didn’t buy any of what Stefan was selling but chose not to have an abortion anyway

Is this a win for Stefan or Gabi ?

It’s a win for the baby let’s leave it at that

Sonny complained about the way Chad ran titan and threatened to move out

He should move in with Brady SMH

Don’t you think It’s time for NBC to spend the money so so many characters can have their own lives

Yes ….but they won’t .

Victor warned Chad not to be like the rest of the family

LOL bet Chad peed in his pants

Victor told his goon the child services guy to watch out Jennifer was onto him

Should Victor be worried about Jennifer


Without Leo around it looks like any charges against sonny will be dropped

Are you glad this story is over soon?

Nope because Ted has made this interesting

Anyone guess Ted’s angle?

He’s EJ

Bob do you really think that’s true


Steve told Tripp not to give up on Ciara

Are they over are Ciara and Ben for real?

Was Abigail robbing the cradle Because Chad was said to be too old for Ciara nobodies said that about Ben (yet) but Ben was with Abigail

If Ben is age appropriate for Ciara and Abigail is way older than Chad because Will and Chad went to HS together then  hmmme Abigail has to be …carry the one…Nope can’t do that without aspirin

Hope and Rafe repeatedly violated Ben’s civil rights by browbeating him for hours on end Ciara got him Lawyer Ted and they still don’t/know can’t prove Ben set the fire

Maybe Ted set the fire.???

speaking of Ted he took Bo and Hope to school on police procedures and ben was free to go

Stefan continuing to live in La la land things a part of abigail loves him because Gabigail did

not exactly you and stefano is it marlena

not in the least


Chad may be having issues with he and abigail raising stefan’s child

how long until its really chads ?

by 2019 maybe

Gabi lied to Abigail about how Stefan got to the clinic

Do you like Dark Gabi?

Yes hopefully it doesn’t just simmer out into nothing

Stefan goaded Chad about being an uncle to his wife’s baby,  punches were thrown, Chloe stopped it

How come Stefan still has scars from the last fight considering Salem’ recovery time it all should have cleared up

No idea

Rafe and Hope checked out Ben’s story Kate freaked out when she found out Ted was defending Ben

Everyone has a right to council Kate

Marlena remember that lawyer who came into prosecute you for shooting Stefano in 1984 and how the town felt the exact same way about him as they do Ted Now.

Bob did Robert help Stefano get out of town after that


Hmm always wondered

John and Marlena convinced Brady and Eric to put their stupid squabbles aside and walk them down the aisle


What will happen at the wedding

I have a bad feeling about this one Marlena

It will be fine Bob nice and routine

aww don’t say that lol

Jennifer and Eric declared their love for each other


What will happen to them now

Steve planted a flower to show Kayla that his sight was back they also have a wedding anniversary coming up

Do you remember their first wedding?

John is relieved he hopes his guilt can start to go away

can john be forgiven now ?

i hope so

Will and Sonny continue to hide everything from Paul the person who is sending Sonny those i know what you did notes is….Lawyer Ted

Kate is going to be pissed

What is Ted up to? Is he working for anyone?

I think he’s working for Sami

Why would you think that?

Because Sami wants Will with Sonny !

Who and why is behind Ted

Victors in trouble Maggie saw him pay off the goon that planted the drugs in JJ’s apartment later on Victor and Eve discussed the Goon the hired

Oh that’s going to be explosive

Will Maggie leave Victor over this

Hard to call Victor is seriously slipping

Eve Ran into Ben sleeping on the park Bench and Began to strangle him

The keystone cops aka Rafe and Hope stumbled upon this  Hope did nothing to stop it


Rafe stopped it

BOO Rafe Boo

Who was more right or wrong Hope or Rafe ?

Cannot wait until Monday

Me either Bob tell Bart he can come to the wedding

YES thank you Marlena


Time to Turn the Hourglass


By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07-20-18: Goodbye to Tate

Theresa got into her taxi  “airport please”  the car sped off when they got close to the airport  the driver asked Where are you going looking so sad ?

LA, my mother’s sick

I’m sorry to hear that  please give Kimberly my best

“How did you know my mother’s name?” Theresa asked just then the locks to the cab doors shut and the car went faster

WHAT ARE YOU DOING ? Theresa screamed

“Taking you to California” Bob turned so Theresa could see him

“BOB!!! ?” Theresa chuckled

This Week in Salem

Theresa blaming Brady for planting the Drugs/framing JJ said he would never see Tate again, Brady then lost custody

Were you surprised by the verdict?


JJ was suspended from his EMT job

Hmm bet he becomes a lawyer next

Victor offered Theresa a job and a place to stay but she said no she didn’t trust Brady anymore

Chad offered Kate a job at Titan


When will they come out and say Kate is Chad’s mother?

Abigail is considering ending the pregnancy because she thinks its Stefan’s not Chads

Not going there just going to say that in Salem abortions are rare

Can you remember the last Salem resident to have an abortion and why ?

Yes and i think so yes

Jennifer said she is going to get to the bottom of the JJ drugs situation the whys whose and what’s

How will Jennifer uncover this?

By talking to Eve she’ll crack soon enough

Roman told Theresa the bad news about Kimberly her cancer returned when she shared the information with Brady and Eve everyone made peace she left for California shortly after

Offering Brady to come out and see them.

Where you happy with Theresa’s brief return story and the obvious exit?


Ciara who now is focused on Ben told Claire she could have Ben

Will Ben and Ciara work? What will happen to Steve’s son and Bo’s daughter??????

No clue?

Hope and Rafe continued to badger Ben who denied starting the fire, at  first denying his medicine but eventually gave it to him he eventually got his phone call and he called Ciara

Who probably will get him a lawyer

TED Get TED!!! Hope he Sue’s the entire department

Lani Abe Valerie and Eli buried Baby David

What is next for these four?

Hearing Body over the phone Kate harassed Will about what was going on eventually he told her about the drug and the memories

Kate being Kate SMH

Will Kate screw everything up for Sonny and Will AND PAUL ,did Paul send the letter ?

Sadly i think so

Stefan was threatening Kate, Ted overheard and stepped into defend Kate.

Is Ted working for Stefan?

Anyway Kate thanked Ted by sleeping with him

Took her long enough Go Ted

Chad and Sonny argued about running Titan

Sonny needs to know his place

Where is Chad going to take Titan

Kayla continues to hide the backers of his surgery which Steve is now going to go through with

What will happen with Steve Stefan and the Bionic Eye?

Gabi wanting to stop Abigail told Stefan about the baby Stefan went to stop her

I don’t know. Gabi confuses me ??? is she being evil or not Make up our minds

How long will this drag out 6 months a year??

Maybe we’ll get lucky and it will be over soon

That’s about it  I’m going to miss you in Salem Theresa

I’m going to miss Salem !!

Where Here!

Wow that was fast

We’re traveling on soap opera time

Time to turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07-12-18: I Didn’t Start the Fire

Blanca was listening to i didn’t start the fire song when John started banging on the door


Blanca answered

what’s wrong John ..Bob’s not here

“He’s taken Marlena ” John showed her a letter with a chess Queen  taped to it “do you know where he/they went

“i don’t but Bob said I’m supposed to go with you find them ”

“Sigh okay i know where to start whenever you’re ready please?”

“Of course Mami please look after Stefano”

“You kids have fun”

“Your husband’s insane”

“i know i know ” Blanca laughed John smirked and they left

This week in Salem

Brady liked to Eve telling her Nicole killed Damos Eve wants him to bring the evidence to the police thinking it will help him with Taste’s custody

Nicole did not kill Damos SMH and that EVIDENCE ??? Victor said any evidence against Nicole would be USELESS once he told the cop’s Eve killed Damos WHICH HE DID

Nicole’s rumored to be coming back and i wouldn’t put it past The writers to bring Nicole  back just to put her in prisons so  anything is possible

Is the Damos murder mystery coming to an end ?

Will and Sonny did what they could to remove any and all evidence of Leo being in the house but when they went to the car to get rid of the body the car was gone

Will they buy Maggie a new rug?

Paul fears he will lose Will to his memories?

I think Paul moved the body and they will turn him dark to make Sad Stalker Sonny more likeable

i hope not

Eve went for the Nicole evidence Victor told her Brady had it moved

Didn’t Zander Steal it and will he return with Nicole

Nicole coming back could cause problems for my marriage went Blanca

Robert Bob was that explained to you

Yes and Bob is everything i ever wanted in a husband so let’s leave it at that

John nodded

Ciara told Hope and Rafe that Ben didn’t set the fire Ben saved her naturally the idiots refused to believe her declaring Stockholm syndrome

Aww just like Rafe and Sami had

Do you remember the story on how Rafe and Sami fell in love?

Ben is handcuffed in police custody and is being questioned without a lawyer wasn’t even mentioned

Rope’s corruption knows no bounds

Does it bother you when the writers forget the littlest details that will bring believably to the story lines?

Kate complained that her life was ruined because she killed Vivian

SMH that’s Kate for you

Ted kissed her and BOOM right to bed

WAY TO GO TED .. i hope he’s working for Stefan i really do !

Blanca did Bob say anything about partnering with Stefan?

Yes He said Stefan was an amateur and he would not get involved unless Stefano came to him in a dream and asked him to

Great…. just Great

Ari is still treating her mother (Gabi) badly

Kid needs a serious time out

Gabi came down with stomach pains and Maggie took her to the hospital

What is wrong with Gabi?

Jennifer is worried about the effects Theresa will have on JJ

Poor JJ Hope Jennifer warms his bottle

Theresa agreed to joint custody just to stop the fighting

Theresa is upset that Shane and Kimberly didn’t come to see her

Shane and Kimberly are horrible parents

that’s not fair something happened to Kimberly

right and something happened to Shane to prevent him to going to his only granddaughters Funeral

Horrible grandparents no creativity from the writers they can say they are there but Upstairs sleeping or staying at hotel from lack of room?? Something that doesn’t make them looks Lame

Are you upset that the show won’t spend a few extra dollars to have Charles/Shane and patsy/Kimberly show up ?


Child services found drugs in Theresa’s place JJ took the fall

SMH pretty low Brady, Brady denied it

Was it eve or Brady that planted them?

I think victor had a goon plant it but Eve knows about it

Either way it’s totally messed up to let that happen to your sister

Will this make eve Stop all the madness?

Kayla told Gabi there was a possibility she couldn’t have anymore children

Gabi vowed revenge as Chad pointlessly tried to console her

Not Chad’s strong point sigh

Somewhat drunk Stefan isn’t going to give up on Getting Gabigail back

Deluded and sad

Abigail is about to read the Gabi altered test results she will see that Stefan is the father

Are you tired of switching test results/who are the daddy stories?

I think we all are

Stefan sobered up rather quickly as he went to see Kate demanding the titan info he’s waiting for

Will Kate do it or use Ted to help block stefan

I hope Ted is working for Stefan

In court Theresa slammed into Brady for planting the Drugs it started getting real ugly when JJ came out and said they were his


Will Theresa leave with JJ’s baby ?

“We’re here” John and Blanca got out of the car and entered a building


Hi john

DIANA (corville)??

Good to see you too that bob is so nice he asked me to give you this

The note read

Close but no Cigar John now hurry up Diners getting cold

“sigh i think i know where they are now” he said to Blanca

Time To turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 0-06-18: Pepe Le Pew Attorney at Law

Marlena was waiting for Bob and Blanca to arrive she heard them approach the door Blanca was cursing in Spanish while she opened the door for them.

Hello Come on in

Thanks Marlena Bob said before holding the chair Blanca

Idiota Blanca snapped back while settling into the chair

What’s going on? Marlena asked

He went to See Stefan

NO I DIDNT I Went to the mansion to retrieve something and just happened to run into him

Just happened to run into him Tell Marlena what you did afterwards

Bob what did you do?

it’s not a big deal


We played Chess

Oh Dear

This week in Salem 


Abigail and Gabi began working to get Chad and Stefan’s DNA

Shouldn’t be that hard all things considered

You think so but then Gabi got caught by Stefan wandering around she made a business excuse

How can you see this going wrong?

Kate told Stefan nothing he could say or do would make her betray Chad

Okay what is the deal with Kate’s loyalty to Chad seriously it makes no sense character or story wise Especially taking into account the things she’s said and done to her Own flesh and blood children

It’s bizarre

Will interrupted Leo’s bizarre marriage proposal with Paul’s dirt on Leo, Leo attack him then Sonny threw him arms first into the fireplace. He’s dead

But you said his arms???

It’s best not to ponder

deciding it better not to call the police they wrapped him in the rug and tried to get him out of the house naturally Maggie walked in and offered to help they talked their way out of Maggie’s graciousness

Is it possible Leo is still alive while in the Rug?

Maybe, But why not just call victor and have him take care of all this???

They are thinking about staging a car accident


While looking through wedding dresses Kayla told Marlena she understood the pressure john was under when he was forced to poison Steve

She told Marlena about having to get dirt on Kate for Stefan so Steve could have his eyes fixed

Lani blamed herself for losing the baby because she pondered an abortion   she was reminded that Eli and others were still there for her they planned a service for “David Abraham Grant”

The Tate Custody Hearing is getting Ugly Both lawyers are pulling out all the stops SADLY though Ted is a far, far better lawyer than Justin Ted actually did his homework actually preparing for the hearing

Even bringing up Damos

Imagine that

Eve referred to him as Pepe Le Pew the French animated Skunk

Bob shook his head

Why are you shaking your head Bob? Asked Marlena

Didn’t you watch Pepe le pew cartoons  Marlena

We all did I’m sure

Pepe Le Pew is/was a serious Sex offender seriously that poor Cat being sexually harassed day in and day out with no way out and nobody trying to help her

Let’s try and stay on topic


Who do you think will win Custody of Tate?

Hope and Rafe found out that Ben missed his medication pick up


Chad made some take down Stefan threats  SMH blinded by jealously he doesn’t know what he is doing

Tripp and Claire shared more Ciara guilt i think Claire made a play for him could have been one of those over emotional moments

Are you okay with Tripp and Claire, if Ben and Ciara becomes a couple?

NO Tripp needs to stay clear of Claire. For now anyway

Back at the cabin Ben pill free is becoming unglued and Ciara is beginning to fear for her life

JJ told Eric he is helping Theresa with Tate because of his own guilt Lani losing her baby

Will Theresa and JJ get together?

Hope and Rafe went to see Clyde Weston to ask about Ben they got nowhere?

How could they Ben was taken from Clyde when he was what 12? And was reunited for what a month????

SMH guess hope forgot  that if Clyde told the Cops about Ben’s necktie confession Two murders and Abigail’s  terrible ordeals could have been avoided he’s not going to tell her anything

Where you happy to See Clyde Weston again?

Speaking of Clyde, Ben started to see him at the cabin A freaked out but rational at the same time Ciara tried to get Ben to see the truth about what was happening around him.

She convinced him to try and get his meds and tried to go to sleep, when she woke up the Cabin was on fire


Ciara will be fine

Oh forgot to mention last week It appears Kristen Blake  Dimera has been recasted shortly after that Eillen davidson has left that other show

Maybe they can use that first actresses Hands and arms only until Kristen can start filming  they’ve done it before

I dont think so but who knows

thats about it

good now Bob lets talk about the how’s and whys you shouldn’t get involved with Stefan

Wait First Marlena I understand you and John have set a date which by no coincidence is the same date you married John as John the very first time.

“Yes that is correct” Marlena saw a gleem in Bob’s eye

NO absolutely not

Aw come on Marlena you know i love you and john together, I’ll tell you what. If you let me try to stop your and johns wedding like Stefano would have then i will NOT help Stefan. At least until after you’re officially married

I’ll see what john says


Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06-29-18: May the Best Brother win

Friday Night Dimera Mansion

Stefan is in the living room when he hears someone enter the house and start for the stairs

Excuse me Who are you and where do you think you’re going ?

My names Bob and I’m going to my room i need to collect a few things

Hold on are you the Robert that the board keeps telling me about

Sort of yes

What can i do to get you to reinvest with Dimera Enterprises

Bob smiled not much I’m afraid

Perhaps then you can share some of our father’s insight

Where are Chad and Abigail

Moved out


Also out

Will you do everything in your power to Destroy Hope Brady?

Why don’t we focus on Kate and chad first

Bob looked at Stefano’s portrait “should i help him?”  Sigh… okay ill hear him out over a game of chess ..Your move

Stefan and Bob began playing


This Week in Salem

A devastated Lani demanded to see her son

They held a small ceremony where she named him

David Abraham Grant

Will Lani and Eli have any kind chance going forward?

If they are given a story yes

In what may be Theresa’s nuclear Option she threatened Brady with the courts JJ came to her defense

Abigail told Gabi that she had sex with Chad the night she killed Andre so the baby may not be Chad’s

NO NO NO NO not another pointless who’s the daddy story

Are you upset that they are going down this road again

Stefan offered Gabi her company back IF she ran it under Dimera Inc’s banner Gabi reluctantly agreed

Interesting went bob moving a piece

Has Gabi lost her mind?

Paul is angry and worried that Will Stole a vile of Dr Rolfs memory serum

Are Paul’s worries justified?


Chad being the new CEO of Titan changed her plans for taking down the company

How will Kate’s plans shift

Ted made a play for Kate. She smack him

LOL guess he’s not evil enough



Please don’t ever sleep with Kate

After what she did to my mother not in this lifetime

I’m going to hold you to that

Leo caught sonny trying to entrap him


Chad put on Stefano’s ring  thinking he is taking his rightful place

BARF that’s not his real ring btw Bob flashed it to Stefan

Where did you get that

From Andre

At the cabin Ciara made rounds making brief calls to everyone Tripp apologized for bringing up Chase they all tried to get her to give up her location she didn’t budge

Good for her

Hope fears she may be with Ben Weston

ROTLMAO That’s still funny

Anyway it looks like Ben and Ciara have become friends even sharing a opps I’m sorry did that hurt moment

Are you believing or Accepting Ben’s redemption story

Not until Eve is done with him

Chad told Stefan he was the worst thing to happen to Abigail

Let’s hope so dad



Gabi told Abigail about working for Stefan and Gabi saw the pregnancy test and offered to see it through with her

Aww look at that they are sisters again

What was that you just said i didn’t make it out

Forget it i was mumbling about my knight

You’re great at this

Learned from the best

So I’ve heard

Kayla gave Stefan the pics of Kate and Leo, Stefan complimented her on her work and just like that visionary biometrics was sold and now free of dimera influence Steve may be up for the chance to see again

Remind me to tell you about nick Stockton sometime


How will this all tie in with Steve’s exit from Salem

Stefan sent Kate the photos with a let’s talk note on them

Very good

Theresa arguing with Eve brought up her fling with JJ and Page. But immediately apologized

Knew that would happen

Will Theresa take Tate with her?

The custody trial for Tate began

Whose side are you on?

leo told sonny to marry him and all was forgiven and the lawsuit would be dropped

Desperate move doubt it will work

Paul got a call from john who found dirt on Leo

Uh Oh forget it Leo James bond is onto you

John black.. You’re not ready for him yet Stefan don’t go there

Will refused to destroy the serum Paul and sonny exchanged i love you and made love

Poor Paul’s going to lose everything

CHECKMATE nice game Stefan

Congratulations Bob your good at this have you made a decision

To reinvest in the company yes to help you No

It’s a start

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann