The Bold and Beautiful: Cliffhanger Friday 03/27/15

bb cf 3 27 15Well, Bold and Beautiful fans, here we are again yet another week. A lot has happened, so “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

First I want to address Katie, Omgoodness, am I overtired of her over concern for Brooke. Now Katie, Brooke stole your man, was going to marry your man, but you are INSISTENT on bringing your man around her, crying on his shoulder about your concern for her, having her in your wedding, talking about her on your honeymoon. Let’s not forget the time you get back from your honeymoon you bring your man to her house to check up on her, have dinner with her, and on Cliffhanger Friday, beside talking about her you want her to come over to your house. Your man is trying to get some loving from you, but you want to go into the office since Brooke is not available. Lawd have mercy, I just can’t take it. #*$(@*(&@@_#(*&@&&@)))^@&@* #girlbye #GirlBye #GIRLBYE, why don’t you just give her your man since you are concerned about her being alone, especially since you are putting them before each other as a constant reminder of the past. Even $Bill told you that you should be concerned about Will, but noooooooooooooooooo you are insistent. YES, this is hate, YES, this is me tired of your constant, never ending, talking about Brooke. Take a seat and zip your lips.

Now I’m for addressing social concerns in a dignified manner, but two-minute wannabe alcoholic Brooke did not meet the standard. I would love to see Brooke given the opportunity to dive into that deeper, but hey, I’m not the writer. Ok, off to the AA meeting, Brooke gives this endearing speech about her resisting drinking due to a “friend.” However, she talked more about her loneliness which give Deacon this bright idea to head on over to Brooke’s house even though he just got engaged to Quinn.

Speaking of Quinn, Rick did the unthinkable again and asked Quinn to come back to work at her old job. Rick hates Ivy just that much that he would allow the certifiable “Qrazy Quinn” to return. Forget about her trying to kill Liam, pushing Ivy into the Seine, multiple confrontations with Hope, slapping your mama, and multiple infractions. He wants to do “what’s best for the company.” Even Wyatt had to ask how he was going to handle the employee backlash. Don’t matter, I’m CEO, but Rick did want to know how much of a liability her crazy was going to be. Quinn assured him that she has changed due to Deacon.

Well Deacon is trying to change you Quinn for Brooke because the Cliffhanger Moment was Deacon asking Brooke if they had a chance.

Will there be a reprise of BREACON? If so, will “Qrazy Quinn” make a special dagger for Brooke? Although Rick brought Quinn in because of his hate for Ivy, will Ivy and Quinn team up and bring Rick down? What will happen?


 By Sofia Bryan,

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Days of Our Live, Cliffhanger Friday 03/27/15

days cf 03 27 15Nicole enters the elevator to bring Robert (her senior Editor) this week in Salem’s recaps, and hits the button to go up. She gets off the elevator, and see’s a sign that says that her papers office is now on the top floor of the building.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” she says to herself while gathering her notes and re-entering the elevator.

“I hope he didn’t..,” she says to herself, “I really hope he didn’t,” the bell rings and the door opens

“He did,” she sighs, looking around the place. It is huge. Everything looks brand new and obviously costs a fortune.


Robert: “Oh, hey, Nicole! Like our new surroundings? Doesn’t the office look great. Look at this desk.” Rob waves his arm around it.

Nicole: “Please don’t tell me that you sold the newspaper to Stefano!”

Robert. “No, no, no. Of course not—he was just very appreciative after reading your article.”

Nicole: “Uh huh. And your going to his island last week had nothing to do with this?”

Robert: “Of course not. But he did purchase 45 percent of the company or the stocks or something. I’m not sure.”

Nicole: “HE DID WHAT???”

Robert: “Calm down, Nicole! You’re going to have a stroke.” What have you got for me?”

Nicole: Clyde thanked Aiden for his services in getting all the charges released against him for attacking Chad.

He started hearing snippets of Dimera legends from Hope, who sensed that Clyde might not be all he seems to be.

Robert: “Good, good, go on.”

Nicole: Daniel, now caught dead in the middle of the JJ-Eve-Jennifer conspiracy to keep Page in the dark, is trying to keep things from getting out of hand

Robert: “LOL! In this town out of hand is normal.”

Nicole: “There’s a new guy in town, Xander. Seems okay.”

Robert: “Got a picture of him?” Nicole shows Robert.

“Hmm looks like Dimetri of Kirakis, Inc. Be careful around him.”

Nicole: “This from the man who took money from Stefano and rebuild his office.”

Robert: “CONTINUE.”

Nicole: Clint completed his Brady-and-Theresa-blood-sample-collection for Dr. Mandrake, left Theresa a note and took off.

Robert: “Yeah guys that age tend to do that when girls just put out right away.”

Nicole: “Excuse me?”

Robert: “My bad. Go on.”

Nicole: Melanie, who wont stay away from any of this, told Brady that Theresa still loves him.

Will continues to try and remove Paul from his and Sonny’s life, but the more he pushes the closer they get.

Robert: “Not learning from Mommie’s mistakes, that’s for sure.”

Nicole: “Tell me about it…Victor went to chicago and back for a business meeting”

Robert: in the middle of a turf war?”

Nicole: “Yup.”

Robert: “Must have had to pick up something for Maggie.”

Nicole: “I talked to Eric. It was nice. I guess he wasn’t his usual judgmental, snobby self”

Robert:” “Stay away from those Bradys, Nicole. They’re nothing but trouble.”

Nicole: “I know, I know.”

“Thats about it. Don’t think I forgot anything.”

Robert:” “Well, there’s time before we have to go to print. If you remember anything we can add it.”

Nicole: “Thanks, Robert.”

Robert:” “Great. Now wait to you see your office. Come ill show you.”


Time to turn the hourglass…

stefano and robert 9 14 07Robert Feldmann,

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Days of Our Lives, Cliffhanger Friday 03/20/15

Naomi MatsudaNicole arrives at Robert her senior editors office and see’s he’s not there

“Where’s Robert? I have the Salem weekly Cliffhager”

“Have a seat in his office. I’’ll let him know you’re here”

“Thanks,” nicole replied to the secretary. “Weird that he’s not here. He’s always here.” Nicole entered the office and sat down

“Nicole. Hi how are you toda?” came from the intercom on the desk

Nicole: “Okay, I guess. Where are you?”

Stephano: “On a plane heading for the Devil’s Triangle.”

Nicole: “Devils Triangle??? OMG! You’re going to Stefano’s Private Island?”

Robert: “Hello, Miss Walker.”

Nicole: “Stefano.”

Robert: “Nicole, your article about Stefano regaining his CEO seat and one on one interview ensured the paper selling over a million copies that day alone and we’re celebrating.”

Nicole: “I asked if you could come with us, but Stefano said you would refuse.”

Robert: “Darn right, I would have…Seriously, Rob when you get back we need to have a serious talk about you, him, and how it affects this paper.”

Nicole: “Now, now, now Miss Walker. This is a happy occasion.”

‘Robert: Whatever.”

 In Salem this week…

Theresa‘s Boy Toy, Clint, took a sample of Brady’s blood after using a dart to knock him unconscious, the doctor’s friends and relatives alike all missed the giant hole in Bray’s neck and automatically assumed he was using again.

 Stefano returned to Salem to see The Hammer came down on Kate Roberts today as she took the bait from Victor and purchased a company belonging to fellow Dimera Enterprise Board Member Mr. Chin’s wife.

 Kate, in a fit of rage, yelled that she was set up. She only has herself to blame. If she had bothered to do any research at all she would have seen who was the owner and not gone there.

 Hope and Abe once again ignored the law they swore to uphold and entered and searched the Dimera household without a warrant.

 “WONT THEY EVER LEARN?” laughed Stefano.

“Can I continue, please?”

“My apologies, Miss Walker.”

“Continue, please.”

 “Will put his blackmail of Paul’s mother into effect. It’s a badly thought-out, lame plan from a very sad young man.”


“Right. Sorry.”

“Oh, this is big...”Bo Brady and Steve Johnson are rumored to be returning to Salem in time for the 50th anniversary!” In the plane Robert looked over at Stefano.

 What? I don’t have him. I swear.”

Jennifer continues her blind support of her son, JJ, who still wont come clean to the woman he allegedly loves.”

“What’s going on with you and Daniel, Nicole?”

“I don’t want to talk about that.”

“Right. I understand.”

“What? Please, Miss Walker, tell, tell.”


Robert turned off the intercom and told Stefano that Daniel in his mind has already broken up with Nicole for Jennifer again. When Stefano was finished laughing Robert turned the intercom back on.

“Forget it, Nicole. I understand.”

“Thank you.”

 BIG revelation with Serena! She recovered diamonds from The Elephant.”

“It wans’t one of my missing prisms, was it?”

“I doubt it, Stefano.”

“SERIOUSLY! Come on.”

“Just asking, Heh heh.”

“Diamonds from Africa. Wow—everyone saw that coming”


“I have to go, Nicole. Thanks. Great job. I’ll be back in the office next week.”

“Thanks, boss. Bye, Stefano.”

“Goodbye, Miss Walker.”


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann





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The Bold and Beautiful: Cliffhanger Friday 03/20/15

bb cf 031315Well, “Bold and Beautiful” fans, B&B’s cliffhanger happened on Wednesday, as episodes will not be aired Thursday and Friday due to the NCAA Basketball March Madness. So Let’s Talk About Soaps.

The “big Maya secret” was revealed on Wednesday and it was a doozie. Nicole proudly announced to Maya that she had done her research and was not her sister Maya at all, but her brother Myron. Now let’s examine the problem with this storyline.

  1. Maya was brought onto Bold and Beautiful as an ex-con looking for her daughter. Dayzee had Maya sign papers giving the baby up for adoption when Maya was about to be sentenced to ten years in prison. Dayzee later informed Maya that her daughter and the adoptive parents were killed in a car accident.
  2. When Maya was dating Rick, $Bill had her thoroughly investigated to keep her away from Caroline’s boyfriend. As we all know Caroline is $Bill’s niece. Well anywhoooo, $Bill confronted Maya to blackmail her with her jail time information. Maya shared with $Bill that she was pregnant and could not leave the criminal baby daddy because she did not have any money and didn’t know anyone in the area to seek help from. $Bill agreed with this information.
  3. We know $Bill as the tycoon, he would have readily used the information about Maya being born a male. He would have called her out on that even before she said that she was pregnant. Science has advanced in many ways; however, it has not advance to the point where a male can become pregnant. $Bill is nothing but complete when gathering dirt on someone to blackmail them, just consider when he got Deacon out of jail to stop LOPE’s wedding. He had the most sensitive information on the warden.
  4. Additionally, there are videos of Maya telling $Bill about being pregnant and carrying the baby on numerous fan pages since this “revelation” happened.
  5. Maya has always said that her family was not rich, so how did she pay for this surgery? It takes years of therapy and hormone therapy before gender reassignment surgery can be performed. Maya went to jail young, so when did this happen?

While the “big secret” took everyone by surprise, it left viewers in amazement that the history of Maya is being whitewashed to make this storyline happen. Viewers are not buying it, at least not long-time viewers. Now there are plenty of those that strongly dislike Maya and want her to get what’s coming to her and Rick. They are not on board with this because the Maya’s history was already established.

If “Bold and Beautiful” wanted to address the social issue of gender identity, then bringing in a totally new character would work better. Not one that has already been introduced. All of the current characters have had their history established. Since the character Hope is away and has suffered such a loss and tragedy, maybe Bell could reintroduce her as discovering that she has secretly struggled with her identity and is really transgender. They could take her through the entire process to encourage discussion and evolve the storyline properly and respectfully.

So, what do you think? Is Nicole right about Maya? Will Bell rewrite history? Can the return of Hope as a transgender be a possibility? Or should a totally new character be brought in to tell this story?

SofiaBryanby Sofia Bryan,

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The Bold and Beautiful: Cliffhanger Friday 03/13/15

Wellbb 03 06 15, Bold and Beautiful fans, I must say that I was sorely disappointed in our Cliffhanger Friday this week. I thought for sure that we were going to find out the “Big, Dirty secret.” Oh well, Let’s Talk About Soaps.

Side note here: I think the majority of B&B fans enjoyed Thursday when Ivy told Maya that if she and Rick were just having fun with Ivy and Aly for her to massage her feet as Rick told Aly to do. Well, Maya didn’t think it was funny then. Loving it.

As usual, Eric is blinded by Rick and, frankly, it’s getting real old. All Eric can talk about are the numbers and like Ridge told him, Rick didn’t do it by himself. It was CaRidge’s designs and all of the employees that made it happen. Needless to say, Ridge was talking to a brick wall.

I think it’s time for Ridge, Caroline, Ivy, Aly, Oliver, and Carter to bail ship and leave Rick and Maya to run Forrester. I was a hold out on this idea because Ridge and his children own 50% of the company. However, I am sick of RAYA and their antics.

Today Rick and Caroline‘s marriage ended. As we all know Linsey Godfrey, aka Caroline, was in an accident and was not filming at that time. We are ultra happy to report that Linsey is doing well and has returned to work. Carter stood in proxy for Caroline and had a deep conversation with Rick about whether this is what he wanted. Rick reminisced about their marriage as if he regretted the divorce. I for one DO NOT WANT Rick and Caroline back together again. Rick treated Caroline like a trick, some side chick. Plus, I am loving CaRidge! Their chemistry is off the charts. So leave RAYA together, but make them have a hard fall and pay for all the dirty deeds that they have done.

 Rick asked Maya‘s sister, Nicole, to stay with them and even had Aly FORRESTER, his cousin, give up her bedroom for her. Now this is a mansion, there are plenty of rooms, so Nicole could have stayed in another one of them.

Maya was reluctant to have Nicole stay with them. I have to agree with Maya here. Many fans are rooting for Nicole because they want to see her bring Maya down with some “Big Secret.” However, I see Nicole as just a true gold digger. Why, you ask? Well, Nicole feels entitled to living at the Forrester’s mansion and having everything that Maya has, although, she’s never done ANYTHING other than be Maya’s sister. For those that follow the spoilers, you will see the true gold digging Nicole surface soon. I don’t like people riding on the backs of others and feel entitled because of them. So, NO, I’m NOT a Nicole fan.

 The Cliffhanger moment, if you want to call it that, was Nicole’s telling Maya that she knows her secret. However, we didn’t find out what it was, so… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. BORING!!!!!

 What is Maya’s secret? Will Eric FINALLY listen to someone about Rick? Do you want CRICK or CaRidge?


SofiaBryanBy Sophia Bryan,


Days of Our Live, Cliffhanger Friday 03/13/15

rp_Days-cf-031315-300x300.jpgAt her Office, Nicole is working on this week’s happenings, when…

Knock, knock!

Nicole:“Almost done, Robert.”

Robert: “Finish it on the road, Nicole, WE have an event to cover—right now!”

Nicole: “You’re going?? Wait—why are you going?”

Robert” “I was invited, and I’m taking my best and favorite reporter with me. Now come on, we can’t be late.”

Nicole: “Okay, okay!”

Nicole grabs what she needs and they leave in the car.

 This week in Salem…

Jordan Ridgeway/Peggy Sue Weston/ ??? said her final goodbye to Salem on Monday with a touching farewell dance with Rafe. Salem wishes this wasted character well in the—


Robert: “Don’t worry about my driving. Continue..”

Nicole: Adriene had enough of Will‘s lies and excuses and slapped him silly…Will responded to that by blackmailing Paul’s mother, who is still afraid of running into John Black.

 The car comes to a screeching halt.

Robert: “We’re here. Now come on, and when inside, please whisper until the time is right.”

Nicole: “Sure. Whatever.”

Robert: “Sorry, Nicole, but this is important for the newspaper.”

Nicole: “It’s okay. I understand…why are the lights out?”

Robert: ” You’ll see. What else you got?”

 Nicole: Victor and Kate made a deal to ensure Kate remains in control of Dimera Enterprises.

Robert: Shhhhhhhh!

The lights go on.


 Nicole: “Sure, sure. [Sigh].

 Stefano Dimera is back in Salem!!!

 Time to turn the hourglass.

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldman,

Days of Our Live, Cliffhanger Friday 03/06/15

rp_cf-days-03-20-16-300x300.jpgNicole: Hello Robert

-Robert: Nicole nice to see you. Would you care for some tea ?

–Nicole: Sure, thanks.

-Robert: Milk and sugar?

Nicole: Yes, please. You seem chipper today. What’s going on?

-Robert: Waiting on some major news. What have you got for me?

Nicole: Jordan is leaving Salem after months of nothing solid, substantial, or important. Jordan has decided to pursue interests outside of Salem. We wish her well in her future endeavors. What are your thoughts on her leaving?

 Ben‘s assault charges against Chad were dropped. One wonders if Chad had anything to do with that to get in better with Abigial…Do you think Chad have anything to do with it?

 Robert: Nicole, why don’t you ask Chad out? He seems like such a nice man and Stefano did approve of you and EJ.

 Nicole: WHAT? Well, he sort of did. Isn’t that robbing the cradle? This from the woman who married Victor Kiriakis. That was different

 Robert: RIGHT. Sorry, please continue.

 Nicole: JJ’s plan to bring in an old friend to ease Page’s curiosity and pain backfired on him. Eve disapproved of this plan out of jealously and because her possible feelings for him would lead to them getting together once again. But round 4 came with a twist.


 JJ and Eve’s sexual escapades were discovered by Jennifer, Jennifer made it all about her, calling JJ a victim and made every excuse for him, just like she did with Abigail and her affair with EJ Dimera, JJ, out of fear of his mother and looking for pity, decided to call it hate sex and said it meant nothing to him and he felt really bad. Jennifer fell for his pity me act, and in an ironic twist Jennifer agreed to keep quiet about it all making her, in this reporters opinion, no better than Eve.

 Robert: Nicole we have no opinions here, we report the news

Nicole: –Okay, okay.

 Robert: No matter the feelings on all of this most are just happy that its out and hoping its over and done with. There have been a few pregnancy rumors. It’s a long far -etched shot, but thanks to Marlena getting pregnant at 57, not entirely impossible.

Open question to the readers out there: You find out your mother slept with your boyfriend. Do you take him back?

–Knock, knock.

–What is it?

–This just came in over the wire, sir.

–Thank you


Nicole: –Great. Just what we need.

Robert:–Sarcasm, Nicole.

Nicole: –Eh.

Robert:–It better be. You know how much he means to this newspaper.

Nicole: –I know, I know.

–Gotta find out more on this. Be right back.

Robert: –Thanks, Nicole. Stick around for a bit, will you?


Time to turn the hourglass…


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann


The Bold and Beautiful: Cliffhanger Friday 02/27/15

bb 022715Ahhh a day in the life at The Bold and The Beautiful. I must say I’m loving the many storylines and the inclusion of ALL actors and actresses instead of being solely focused on one or two. It has become more #BoldandBalanced.

As usual The Bold and Beautiful didn’t disappoint this Friday and left us hanging over the cliff wanting more. So, Let’s Talk About Soaps.

Honeymooners BATIE are all lovey dovey. There’s a few issues I have with them, Katie gave $Bill a new sword necklace. $Bill had reservations about taking off his sword necklace and as a matter of fact he didn’t, Katie did. $Bill told Katie that the necklace represented everything that he is and his accomplishments in life. Katie took the necklace off because the new one is a symbol of their new life going forward.

Some boards are abuzz with fans saying that Katie replacing $Bill’s sword necklace just shows her insecurities and her desire to control $Bill. We will see.

BATIE are on their honeymoon and what I want to know is why is so much of Katie’s conversation about Brooke? That’s total madness especially since Brooke was going to marry $Bill and in essence got him back partially due to being a rebound. Yes, I know Katie might be concerned for Brooke getting tipsey; but dang girl you are on your honeymoon. Regardless of the number of times that $Bill told her that Brooke is alright and he’s trying to get back to business, gluten for punishment Katie continues to talk about Brooke. They make love, she talks about Brooke; they are in the bed in an intimate moment, she talks about Brooke; this idiot actually was going to call Brooke. Omgoodness, girl give it up. Brooke is a grown woman and she wasn’t talking about you when she was riding your stallion $Bill like she was an equestrian jockey.

Also, $Bill why did you take the cheap way out with Katie by taking her to Big Bear for the honeymoon? You took Brooke to Dubai to marry her. Is it because Ridge put a “string on it?” ROTFL

Wyatt is at Quinn’s expressing his concern about QEACON’s relationship and basically Deacon as a whole. Quinn loves and trust Deacon because he was there for her when she needed him; when everyone else turned their back on her. Wyatt wants to know where Deacon is and Quinn tells him that he went out to get takeout dinner. Unbeknownst to them, Deacon ran into Brooke at the restaurant and found her tore up from the floor up. Brooke has been hitting the sauce and I don’t mean apple, pretty hard.

Deacon takes Brooke home to try to help her sober up. Ok, you must question motives right here. Yes, BREACON has a child together; but how that child was conceived is scandalous as Deacon was married to Brooke’s daughter Bridget. Plus, before Brooke left for International, Deacon had asked Brooke to marry him. Brooke had a driver and told him so, oh well moving forward.

When Deacon does manage to get her to the house all Brooke wants to do is drink and party. She wants Deacon to be her drinking buddy. When Deacon refuses and tells her that he is committed to Quinn and tries to get her to go upstairs and sober up. Once Brooke is upstairs, Deacon should exit stage right; however, he stays. Brooke comes back downstairs in a bathing suit with her sarong wrapped around her. Like, didn’t we see the “let’s go for a swim trick” last week with STEAM? Point here is that although Brooke looked good in the swimsuit, she couldn’t pull it off like Steffy did AND she didn’t work her sarong like Steffy. When Steffy was ready for action, she whipped that sarong off like a matador ready for her bull, Liam, to charge.

Although Deacon tried to resist, he found himself weak to Logan and planted a big kiss on Brooke. Well as we know, Brooke is without a man and at this point, any man will do. When he apologized, she said, “it’s not like you never kissed me before.” She wanted to “party.” Deacon realizing that he was about to get into some real trouble left.

Quinn and Wyatt was still talking about Deacon when he arrived at the house with the food. Side note here, he paid cash for his and Brooke’s tab, but Deacon doesn’t have a job, so actually he paid for it with Quinn‘s money, ROTFL he better hope that Quinn doesn’t find out this tidbit of information.

Quinn and Wyatt give Deacon the third degree about where he’s been. He finally fesses up that when he went to the restaurant to pick up the food he found Brooke drunk and took her home. Omgoodness, MISTAKE, Wyatt and Quinn wanted to know if he took Brooke all the way back to the house, did he take her in the house, and then Wyatt wanted to know if he took her “in the bed?” LOL, Deacon wanted to know what that was suppose to mean. Wyatt said, “well you had to do something with her.” When Deacon told him she had to sober up, Wyatt questioned if he made her a “big strong pot of coffee.” ROTFL, it was getting too intense for Deacon and he wanted Wyatt to leave.

Then Deacon was bounced over to Quinn for questioning. She wanted to know what Deacon did to sober Brooke up, lol. Deacon said that Brooke wanted to go swimming, but obviously they didn’t. Quinn again asked, “what did you do?” Deacon said that he had to “talk her down.” Ball back to Wyatt, “from what?” Ooooo, the then the glass ball broke, Deacon said, “she wanted to party and she was tracing around in that swimsuit.” Booyah, there it is….. they rode him up and down, it got too hot in there for him and he needed to excuse himself before the flames of Hades continued to burn him. ROTFL

As you know Quinn wasn’t having it and left to go to Brooke‘s house. Deacon comes back into the room and inquires where Quinn is. Wyatt says out. Thick headed Deacon asked “where?” Wyatt standing the cool, calm, and collected; folded his hands in front of him and answered his question with THE question, “where do you think Deacon?” Deacon just shakes his head and rolls his eyes in disbelief.

Deacon calls and texts Quinn; but we all know that Quinn is on a mission and is not about to answer. Deacon believes that Wyatt wants Quinn to go to Brooke‘s and set her straight, but Wyatt quickly clears it up and let him know that he wants Deacon out of Quinn‘s life. Deacon knows he’s the best thing that every happened to Quinn. Wyatt goes back to interrogating Deacon and wanted to know what “REALLY” happened, Wyatt believes something else happened that Deacon didn’t share with them.

Now for the Cliffhanger Moment, one I must admit that I enjoyed immensely. Brooke is chillin’ on the couch with her vodka, when ding dong, the doorbell rings.  Brooke opens the door and tells Quinn that she looks like she could use a drink. Quinn whips back “looks like you had enough for the both of us.”

Brooke wants Quinn to leave, but it’s not happening. Quinn begins her verbal sparing with Brooke. Quinn tells Brooke that she is drunk and pathetic and he doesn’t want anything to do with her. Chug-A-Lug Brooke, questions who? Ridge, Bill, Eric… Quinn is not ready for games and tells her not to play dumb with her, she knows who. Brooke tells Quinn to leave. Then my FAVORITE moment…..

Quinn frowns, rares back and brings “The Slap” around for Brooke. ROTFL, Brooke goes sailing in the air and lands on the ground looking dazed and confused. Quinn brazenly stands over Brooke and tells her “you stay away from him, you stay away from Deacon, do you hear me?” Brooke looks at her in shock.

That was classified as “ONE OF THE BEST SLAPS” in B&B history. Stephanie was the Queen of Slaps, but NEVER, EVER, did she send anyone airborne with her slap.

What will happen next? We ALL know Qrazy Quinn and what she’s capable of and now Brooke is on her radar. Will Quinn make Brooke’s life a living Hades? Exactly what is Quinn going to do to Brooke?


 by Sofia Bryan,




Days of Our Lives, Cliffhanger Friday 02/27/15

days pic 022715

At Nicole’s office:

Nicole:You wanted to see me, Robert?

Robert: Sit down please, Nicole.

Nicole: Did I do something wrong…again?

Robert:  Sort of.

Nicole:What did I do?

Robert: Nicole, when accessing the Dark Web don’t use the offices IP Address. You know what could happen if whatever you’re doing gets back here…

Nicole: Sorry.

Robert: Please be careful, Nicole, not only are you my friend, but you’re my best and favorite reporter, I don’t want to lose you.

Nicole: I will. I promise.

Robert: Thank you. Now what have you got for me?

This week in Salem:

Serena was furious with Eric for giving away the elephant, demanding that he get it back.

Paul’s Mother came to Salem too and was freaked out when she saw Marlena.

It’s officially over for Chad and Jordan. Kate‘s meddling and Ben’s pending jail time sealed their fate, Chad reached out to Stefano to deal with Kate.

What do you think Stefano and Chad will come up with, and will it lead to the EJ/Clyde-Miguel murder revelation?

Abigail went to talk to Chad about Ben, even though she was already aware that it was out of Chad’s hands…Abigail assumed that Chad was going to give her an “indecent proposal” but that was not the case…after reporting back to Clyde and Ben, Abigail may change tactics and try to seduce chad anyway.

Should she try to? And would she succeed if she did?

Melanie made a deal with Nicole: “Help me dig up dirt on some doctor and Theresa and I’ll would work things over with Daniel on Nicole’s behalf.”

Nicole agreed.

Do you think that Melanie should respect Theresa’s wish and stay out of everything?

To help Page get over him, JJ enlisted help from an old friend: “Roxanne.” Jennifer continues to freak out because she can’t control his life. Eve has obviously developed feelings for JJ, as she was clearly jealous of Roxanne, even though coming up with a plan to end Page’s curiosity and her relationship with JJ was her idea.

What are your thoughts on this weeks happenings?

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert J. Feldmann