Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/29/15: Goodbye Melanie wish your stay was longer

Melanie gives Brady an answer to his proposal.

Melanie gives Brady an answer to his proposal.

It was a nice day. Rob decided to take a walk and meet up with Nicole for the recaps when he ran into Kimberly Brady Donovan.

“Kelly,” Rob said softly so nobody could overhear, “Wow! You look great. It’s been what 30 years, give or take.”

Kimberly: I’m sorry. You have my confused with someone else.

Robert: That’s okay. I understand. I’m sorry myself. I just got lost in the past for a second you really do look great though.

Kimberley: Thanks. Well, okay then I guess goodbye.

Kimberly walked away not looking back but looking around.

Robert: Goodbye, Kimberly. Say hello to Shane, Roman, and Caroline for me!”

Kimberly turned around and looked at Rob who gave a polite “thank you smile.” She nodded and was gone when rob had his back.

Nicole approached. He heard her and turned around. They sat down.

Hope I didn’t creep her out. I didn’t mean to,” Rob said to himself as Nicole sat down.

Nicole: What was that all about?” asked Nicole, watching Kimberly walking away.

Robert: When Kimberly was an escort…

Nicole: Okay. I get it. Time to move on.

Robert: Come on, Nicole its not too different from how we met!

Nicole: MOVING ON.

Robert: Right—recaps! Sorry. What do you have for me?

Nicole: More fallout from the JJ and Eve revelation. Paige went on a venomous spree possibly saving the best for last, as Jennifer got herself an earful.

Robert: Do you think Paige should give it to Daniel too? And if where does Paige go from here?

Nicole: She should, and I haven’t a clue. Good. Next?

Kimberly Brady Donovan showed up in Salem to see her new grandson and Theresa. She had nothing good to say about Victor, Brady and the Kiriakis name She tried to take Theresa back to California. Theresa then used Kimberly’s emotional state to further manipulate Brady. She also used guilt to get Melanie out of Brady’s life.

What depths will Theresa go to get what she wants, and are you sorry to see Melanie go…again?

Robert: The depths of hell and back again, I’m sure. It boggles the mind to think of how long and how short some of these people stay here.

Nicole: Chad may be making progress with Abigail and finding out what Stefano wants out of their relationship…

Robert: Only good things I’m sure. Chad may be his last chance. Speaking of chances, what kind of influence will Andre be on Chad when he returns this year?”

Nicole: Haven’t a clue. Anyway, BO is also confirmed to be returning later this year.

Robert: Who’s Bo again?

Nicole: Funny. Anyhow who Speaking of Bo, Hope and Aiden look like they are done. Clyde Weston may be in the middle of that, and Rafe may be on the sidelines.

Robert: Aiden or Rafe—who will eventually end up with Hope?

Wish Larry Welsch was coming back.

Nicole: Who ????

Robert: Whatever, moving on.

Nicole: Lucas continued his efforts to crush Kate’s business. Victor, because it amused him, teamed Kate up with Justin to compete against Lucas and Adriane.

Robert: Is it possible that Kate and Justin become a couple?

Nicole: Highly doubt it.

Robert: Anything else what about that elephant business ?

Nicole: Still in limbo, I’m afraid.

Robert: You think that the elephant will be the focus point for the 50th?

Nicole: God, I hope not.

Robert: Come on, now the elephant could be the new prism that everyone tried to get from Stefano?

Nicole: NO, NO, and NO! everyone wants that stupid elephant to be gone.

Robert: Hear, hear.

Come on. Let’s eat.

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The Bold and Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 05/29/15 Rick Forrester Gets His Just Desert!

bb cf Rick fired LTAS05 29 15

Bold and Beautiful fans, another week, another Cliffhanger Friday; well actually we had 2 cliffhangers today. If they didn’t do so many flashbacks, we would have gotten more information; but that’s later. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

My girl Ivy was standing at the door and overheard Steffy professing her love to Liam. Well, Ivy is no pushover, so she decides to enter the room and ask, “What’s going on?” CRICKETS…… Then Steffy shares with Ivy that the takeover is back on and that Ridge will be CEO; Steffy, President; and Liam Vice-President. Now, I am happy, happy, happy about that and that’s the way it should be. Two thumbs up. Ridge enters and says so much for a secret, Liam lets him know that Ivy has known from the beginning.

Ridge and Steffy are really struggling to oust Eric because of their relationship. Rick–not so much. Good riddance. He’s the reason all of this is happening anyway.

Yesterday, Ridge had the most touching scene where he went to the guest house at the Forrester mansion, found Stephanie’s portrait, uncovered it and began confiding in it and seeking her approval for what he was going to do. That scene was a tear jerker.

Eric remains blinded by Rick, it’s sickening, it’s PAST TIME for Eric to retire if doesn’t have any better judgment than what he’s been displaying. Rick tells Eric that he has his support and no one can remove him. Mmmm, just wait.

Nicole arrives at Rick’s office, and needless to say the girl can’t keep her mouth shut. So fast forward, she tells Rick where Maya is, after he shares with her about the car accident. Amazing that Rick couldn’t find Maya on his own. I mean, it’s not like it’s rocket science.

Carter arrives at Maya’s apartment to find her packing and tries to convince her not to leave. I’m like, why are you concerned Carter? Why are you all up in their business? It’s just like yesterday when you were talking to Rick: you’re not BFFs, you should give a flying flip on what they do. I will say it again: it’s time for Carter to get a woman. Then maybe he will mind his own business.

Maya wants to know if Rick sent him and how did he find her (again, not rocket science). Carter continues to tell her about Rick’s undying love for her. Maya, being stubborn, says she loves Rick too much and that Rick doesn’t want to marry her.

Cliffhanger #1 After Nicole spills the beans, Rick smiles and leaves the office; however, not without reminiscing again. While Maya is doing, guess what? Reminiscing.  Now I have to admit, the scene was done beautifully, they both were reminiscing about the first time they met. Maya was sitting at the table and amazingly, she had the same hairstyle and outfit as she did the first day they met. Maya asks for the check and Rick says the exact same line, wearing the exact same outfit as when they met. It was lovely.

Cliffhanger #2 Eric walks in and is delighted to see Steffy and wants to know how long her visit will be. Steffy informs him that she’s staying for good. Eric says, “We can use your PR expertise right now.” Ridge informs him that Steffy will not be doing that. Still elated, Eric says, “Well, whatever you want to do, just make sure you run it by Rick. He’s the CEO now. He needs to approve of any changes that need to be made.”

Tears flowing from my eyes with laughter, Ridge says, “Not with this.” Eric gets agitated and tells Ridge, “You know where I stand with this.” Self-assured, Ridge says, “Yeah I do. You support Rick above everything and everyone else, we got it.” Neither Eric nor Ridge wants to fight about this. Ridge says that they were a team once, the best in the business. It’s killing him, the things that Rick is doing to the company, clouding Eric’s judgment and that he and Stephanie created FC and he doesn’t want Rick to destroy it.

Eric tells Ridge to stop it, to look at the reality of the situation and accept it. Meanwhile behind Rick, Steffy and Liam are in utter disbelief of Eric. Ridge says he doesn’t have to accept it. Eric tells him there’s nothing he can do. Ridge hangs his head and says, “That’s not true.” BOOM!!!! Ridge says, Thomas signed a proxy and he’ll control his 5%, Steffy is with me, and Liam, that’s 62.5%.

Eric says Liam is not a stockholder. Liam tells him that he controls the 12.5%. Then Eric says, I see. Ridge didn’t want it to come to this.

Eric says, “Ridge, you wouldn’t do this.” Steffy chimes in that they didn’t want to do this. Ridge says, “I asked you to terminate Rick because his behavior is getting worse and worse; and you refused.” Liam shares just a few of Rick’s indiscretions. Ridge says they own 62.5% of the company and they want to protect its future.

Eric doesn’t see how he is doing this. REALLY, ERIC? REALLY? Well, Ridge raises his voice and says, “I’m overruling you dad, Rick’s tenure has CEO just ended.” Eric still in disbelief says, “NO, I DECIDE WHO RUNS THIS COMPANY.” Ridge had to break it down for Eric some more, “You don’t decide dad, we decide.”

Eric screams, “YOU CAN’T DO THIS.” Ridge says, “You are making me do this! What am I suppose to do? You left me no choice. I’m grateful for everything you taught me and the legacy you left for this family…” Eric breaks in “NO, NO, NO…” Ridge continues, “You ran the company from then until just now. But now, we need a change in leadership. Rick Time is over” Ridge points his finger to Eric, “Your time is over.”

THANK YOU RIDGE, THANK YOU RIDGE, THANK YOU RIDGE, STEFFY, AND LIAM, for taking the trash out. Let it stay out.

What will happen next? Now that Napoleon cannot run to Daddy to make it all better, will he run to $Bill? If he does, how will that work since he told $Bill he was going to destroy him? Are you happy that Rick is OUT? Tell me what you think.

SofiaBryanBy Sofia A. Bryan

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 05/22/15: Brady proposed to Melanie

Will manipulates an explosive situation with Paul and Sonny.

Will manipulates an explosive situation with Paul and Sonny.

This week in Salem:

Nicole arrives in the office of Robert, her senior editor.

Robert: Hey Nicole! Good to see you. How was your week?

Nicole: Eh. My computer crashed. I lost all my notes on what happened this week.

Robert: And you don’t remember?

Nicole: Don’t judge me.

“Lets go to lunch and see what you can recall.”

(Knock, Knock! Came from the door)

Maggie: Excuse me.

Robert: Mrs. Kirakis! So nice to see you again! What can I do for you?

Maggie: I saw how your advertisement for the Brady pub boosted their business.

Robert: Say no more. Always happy to help.” Robert takes the ad”

Maggie: Thank you. Have a nice day, Nicole.

Maggie leaves the office. Robert puts the ad down.

Robert: Did it just get cold in here?” Rob joked

Nicole: Stop it.

At lunch…

Robert: Fire away,” said Robert to Nicole.

Nicole: Marlena was returned home to Salem.

Robert: Did she thank Chad for saving her life?

Nicole: No. Not yet anyway.”

Robert: Unbelievable! If not for Chad she’d be splatted over a rocky coast. She thanks EJ for telling her John was alive but not Chad for stepping up?”

Nicole: That’s Marlena for you?

Robert: Don’t you think Marlena should thank Chad the way she thanked EJ?

“What else?”

Nicole: I am getting close to finding out what’s up with Serena the elephant and her connections to Zander.

Robert: Last week didn’t you and Zander..?

Nicole: Nope.

Robert: But don’t you and he..?

Nicole: Nope. Just want to see what everyone is hiding.

Robert: Sounds like someone rewrote something.

Nicole: Probably.

Robert: Will this elephant business ever end?

Nicole: Theresa started with her ‘Phase Melanie Out’ plan using her ultimate weapon right away. Mother Kimberly returned to see her and the baby.

Brady proposed to Melanie. Can they get to the altar before Theresa’s plans work?”

Robert: Brady proposed to Melanie?

Nicole: Yup. and I’m okay with that. Jeez! We’re just friends! It’s not…Doesn’t Melanie know that all three of the women Brady proposed to ended up dead?”

Robert: Ari was murdered when hit by a car, Madison died in the earthquake, and Kristen…Sniff, sniff.

Nicole: STOP!

Robert: The question should be: Brady proposing to Melanie, does Brady want her dead?

Nicole: Can we move on, please?

Robert: Of course. Sorry.

Nicole: Paul and Will continue to have it out. Paul had enough and hit Will good and hard.

Robert: That must have been cool.

Nicole: John stepped in, trying to smooth things over. Will he be able to?

Robert: The question should be: why is John getting in the middle of Paul and Will when Marlena was whisked away? Did he even notice she was gone? Shouldn’t he be all yelling at/threatening Stefano, etc. etc. etc.?”

Nicole: Haven’t a clue.

Page, Jennifer, JJ, and Eve.

Robert: Please tell me.

Nicole: Yes. Page found out.

Robert: FINALLY!!!

“Did she give them all a what for?”

Nicole: Yes.

Robert: Hallelujah.

Do you think its over for JJ and Page?

Nicole: It should be but probably isn’t.

Anyway that’s about it this week.

Robert: Things are getting good. Can’t wait until Monday.

Nicole: Listen…

Robert: Hold that thought.” Robert sees Ben and Clyde. “Have to make a phone call. BRB.”

Nicole is happy, takes a sip of her drink, and waits for the food.

Time to turn the hourglass…


stefano and robert 9 14 07

 By Robert L. Feldmann,

The Bold and Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 05/22/15: More Fallout From Maya’s Revelation

bb cf 05 22 15

Bold and the Beautiful fans, I’m back. And this has been one heck of a week. Seems like there was a cliffhanger just about every day. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

This week, my man, the REAL $Bill was back. Oh, how I love that ruthless, take no prisoners, run-over-you-with-a-train $Bill. I REALLY was hating on $Bill when he became infested with Brooke Logan. He was “Logan whipped” and I detested him. But now, my $Bill is back. He showed Katie that he was back too when she insisted that he did not run the Maya story because “Rick was family and it’s their personal life.” #GirlBye.

$Bill quickly told her that this was business and that she NEVER complained about stories they ran on everyone else. He told her that she was letting her emotions rule her decisions.

My $Dolla’ being my Dolla’, had enough of her ear bending nagging and led her to believe that all was well in Spencerville. ROTFL, Dolla’ ran those articles in EVERY publication. The headlines were filled with smut. Get mad if you must, but $Bill was handling his business.

After Maya FINALLY told Rick, his phone (which was set for notifications) lit up like the sky on the 4th of July. Rickyboy became Freakyboy, he flipped and freaked out. Calling Eric to reassure him and $Bill to threaten him that if he didn’t take down the stories he would “destroy him.” ROTFL! Yeah, right.

RickyFreakyboy you CAN’T destroy $Bill. Maya, being selfish, wanted CONSTANT reassurance, when Rick asked for time to process all of this, she fled. Now Maya, let’s get real here. You just told the man that you were born a male. $Bill told the world, and you want him to just hold your hand and swaddle you? #ByeJustBye.

Although I want Rick to find himself under the FC building, Maya was just being selfish, foolish, and immature. Rick chased her in the car, constantly calling, she’s hanging up. Then when she did answer, he asked her to pull over several times, but NOOOOOOOOOOO, she wanted to know if he still loved her and wanted to get married.

Well, as fate would have it Rick crashed and the phone hung up leading Maya to believe that he hung up on her.

Now, let’s fast forward to Friday, Caroline is back and CaRidge did not disappoint by steaming up my screen with a kiss. She told Ridge the reason she was away was that she was hit by a car. It was so sweet, Ridge told her that he was going to return the favor, that she helped him use his hands to draw again; and that he was going to help her use her feet to walk again.

But at one point, I wanted to reach through the screen and slap Caroline when Ridge told her there was a morality clause in Rick’s contract and Caroline said, “Has he done enough to violate the morality clause?” REALLY CAROLINE, REALLY? Not only has he treated you and everyone else like the scumb on the bottom of his shoe, he SHOT at you and Ridge. I dare you to ask that question.

Nicole playing the victim game blamed Wyatt for telling $Bill about Maya. Let’s take a moment here and examine. Nicole, Maya is YOUR sister, not Wyatt’s. If you weren’t so busy trying to dig for gold, you would have never thrown YOUR sister under the bus and run over her with it. You have been on two—count them, two—dates with Wyatt and he’s supposed to keep some grand secret of yours? He’s suppose to have loyalty to YOU and not HIS FAMILY.

Then I got peeved at Wyatt for even trying to explain to this chick. Lesson learned. Nicole, remember that. Here’s a bit of advice for you going forward, Nicole: $$$$$ signs in your eyes will blind you. Stop digging for gold and remove those cobwebs out of your brain and think about your decisions. Check and checkmate.

#MamaBearBrooke told “Rickyboy” to stay home from work. All week #MamaBearBrooke has been nursing her cub and insisting that he leave Maya alone. Crybaby Rick has whined and complained to Brooke and Eric about Ridge and woe is me.

Ridge tore Rick a new one when he told Rick that he knew about Maya before he did. Ridge questioned him and asked him if he “freaked out when she told him because Rick can’t take pressure and is that why she left him.” Rick got steaming hot and lunged at Ridge. Now they didn’t show exactly what happened after that, but Ridge should have flattened him.

Rick whined and complained when Eric came to see him and told him that Ridge “needs to go.” Well Eric told Rick that Ridge was going nowhere and if anyone left it would be him. What???? Did I hear that right? UNBELIEVABLE, Eric ACTUALLY told Rick that? Did the scales FINALLY fall off Eric’s eyes?

You know it, Rick blamed Ridge for his problems and even stooped so low as to say that Ridge stole Brooke from Eric. Rick wants Eric to “believe in him.” BAM, Eric wasn’t biting and told Rick that he has treated everybody cruelly and that his decisions are questionable and he needed to STEP DOWN AND THAT IT’S TIME.

Is this a temporary Eric? Will Eric revert back to playing the fool to Rick? Will RAYA get back together? Will Ridge become the new CEO? Tell me what is going to happen next on The Bold and The Beautiful.


SofiaBryanBy Sofia A. Bryan

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 05/15/15: Stephano Seek Revenge

Deidre Hall

This week in Salem:

 Nicole and Zander are sharing champagne when…

Nicole: OH, SHOOT!

Zander: What’s the matter?

Nicole: I have to get something to my boss.

Zander: Can’t you just email it?

Nicole: His email’s down. Hold on, Ill ask Eric. I overheard him and his grandmother saying she was going that way.

 Nicole: Makes a phone call and Eric agrees to help her. That was nice of Eric–yeah it was….

Eric and Caroline arrive at Nicole’s newspaper and make their way to Rob’s office.

 Robert: Hello Caroline, Eric. Pleased to officially meet you both. Nicole has told me so much about you both.

 “You look familiar,” says Caroline “Have we met?”

Robert: I’ve eaten in your pub several times over the years, Miss Brady. But i don’t think we can really call that meeting . What can I do for you?

Caroline: I’d like to purchase advertising space for my Pub.

Robert: Happy to help.

Eric: Nicole can’t make it into the office today, so she asked me to give you this.

 Eric hands Robert a flash drive.

Robert: “Is she okay? “Rob asked with a worried sound

Eric: She’s fine, just busy?

“Glad to hear it she’s my star reporter.”

Eric: She speaks well of you too,” adds Eric.

Robert walks over to his desk with the flashdrive and Caroline’s ad, loading them in to his computer.

Robert: Here is your receipt, Miss Brady, thank you, and you too Eric for bringing this here.

Good bye.

When they leave the office, Caroline looks at Brady, and leans and whispers at, ” I was sure he was one of Stefano’s thugs hanging outside the pub a few years ago.”

Eric: I doubt it, grandmother.”

Back inside…

Robert: Oka,y what have you got for me?

Nicole: Sorry. Couldn’t be in the office, boss, but I’m partying with Zander. Was at the top of the page. Lucas, using a clause in the company contract, fired the first blow in a war against his mother. How far will these two take it before there is nothing left of family or between either of them? Paul tried to make nice with BradyBrady got in his face, Theresa made it all about her and got in Paul’s face, John got in between them and dropped the brother bomb. Paul told Everyone to get lost. Will they become a real family ?

Theresa’s plans to remove Melanie and get Brady and his money all to herself are underway.

 Ben, with help from Aiden, had his name legally changed to Weston.

Robert: How come the IRS isn’t all over Ben for his many, many counts of identity fraud?

Nicole: Will arrived in popular bluff and ran into Jemimah. Are they going to tell Will what they think he wants to hear or will the just “convince him”

What to write about Roman? Without a warrant, he took it upon himself to harass JJ and Jennifer while searching through his house. After Roman was gone, JJ found drugs hidden in his room and blamed EVE immediately. Eve tore into Cole for his overboard screw up. How much more can Salem take of JJ, Eve, Jennifer and Page before It all goes kaboom. Stefano decided to give Marlena a free trip to Italy, to extract some revenge for Kristen by having Marlena suffer the same fate. The two of them shared some fine memories while two goons half Marlena’s age couldn’t throw her out an open window. Roman and Abe got to Chad who convinced via blackmail to let Marlena go Stefano relented and then took Marlena home, both acting as if nothing happened.

Should Marlena seek out and thank Chad for saving her life? Rumors in the wind are singing that Andre Dimera will be joining Steve and Bo’s return to Salem this year ? Will it be Andre will it be Tony where is Anna where is Bart? Has Bo been held captive by Andre this entire time “

Won’t be printing that last part Robert thought to himself using his pen to cross it out.

stefano and robert 9 14 07Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

The Bold and Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 05/15/15

cf bb 051515Hi Bold and Beautiful fans this is Sofia, today I have a special treat. I invited my very good friend Jimmy August to write this week’s Cliffhanger Friday column. So, let’s let Jimmy “Talk About Soaps.” –Sofia Bryan

Bill Wants to Avenge Rick’s Wrongdoing? Will He Be Able To?

By: Jimmy August

Today’s show was very special, Maya’s being the center of this whole story brings a new dimension to this show. Karla Mosley’s perfect acting brought a new level of emotions to many viewers watching this authentic storyline that could change the life of many people in real life that find themselves in the same situation.

The way Maya explained how she became her true self as Maya Avant was heartbreaking and delivered beautifully. Sure, Rick seemed very confused by what his future wife was telling him, but clearly it was important for Maya to tell him all about herself before confirming a future for the two of them.

Now on the other hand, we see that Bill Spencer aka Stallion or Dollar Bill was all about revenge for Rick’s tyranny at Forrester and the way he has been treating his niece. Using Maya in his scheme to get what he wants, isn’t the first time in Bill’s history he’s done tyrannical things. 2013, Maya’s first introduction to Rick’s life prove it, when a beautiful sexy conniving Caroline was more than jealous that Rick would fall for someone in a different social class with a future uncertain. Her uncle Bill used Maya’s past to get her away from Rick. But in the end, the couple survived and became stronger than ever.

Now is a whole new level. Because Maya has been keeping this huge secret that could not only impact her relationship with Rick but also her environment and the people she interacts with. She hopes that Rick will understand that her parents “raised her as a boy,” which is in part why she needed to come to L.A. to become her true self and to transition finally to the woman she was meant to be.

Brooke, Ridge, & Eric was actually interesting, although quite awkward. Knowing the history between the three of them, it seems like they throw some insults to each other without their being taken too seriously. It seems like for Ridge it’s all about protecting FC—but is that really the case? What if Maya is actually what could boost FC creations to a new level. We know that in real life, in our society right now transgender people are seen more and more in different careers such as acting, singing, modeling, and so on. This could be a good thing for FC and that could backfire on Bill knowing his intention and how Spencer Publications could be seen by the LGBT community as being bullies and ignorant people who would use someone’s transgender identity to gain profits. You know what they say about revenge, its plate you eat cold. And that’s exactly what will happen to Bill. However, this time he might not survive it. Until next time, stay Bold and Beautiful, and have faith that Karla Mosley & Jacob Young as supercouple Rick & Maya could change the world for a better place with this story.

Jimmy AugustJimmy August,

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 05/08/15 Xander to Victor: I Need Your Approval!

True O'Brien, Casey MossNicole arrived at Robert, her senior editor’s office with the weekly recaps.

Robert: Hey, Nicole?

Nicole: Where’s Jan?

Robert” She doesn’t work here. She was just helping out last week.

Nicole: Lunch was fun. Tell her I said hi.

Robert: I will. Speaking of helping out, she asked me to ask you if you would come help us build a cage of some sort.

Nicole” Are you okay with that?

Robert: I guess.

Nicole: Fine. I’ll help you.

Robert: Great. What have you got for me?”

This week in Salem.

Nicole: Xander, while being fed up with Serena, continues to try to get Victor’s approval for anything and everything he does.

Why does Xander seek or need Victors approval so much?

Robert: Isn’t it obvious?

Nicole: No, please tell me. It could help with me get to know him.

Robert: Well, if you remember your former husband, Victor Kirakis’ history, then you know about Justin. Xander came out of nowhere by Victor’s own admission, he shouldn’t exist.

Nicole: Yeah, but victor lies all the time.

Robert: True enough. Continue, please.

Nicole: Caroline and Roman were talking about Sami. Roman showed concern about “Caroline’s possible Alzheimer’s again because she was really talking about Will

Robert: Is the miracle drug they got for Caroline wearing off or is it just impossible to differentiate between Sami and Will?

Nicole: For Caroline‘s, sake I hope its the latter.

Robert: Me too.


Nicole: Clyde found out all he needed to know about Will’s writing for Sonix magazine, and that Stefano and Chad owned said magazine. Will considered going to popular bluff to get more story on Clyde Weston. Clyde is now more than willing to help Will with the article.”

Nicole: Where do you think this is all going?

Robert: Not sure, but it could be building to something big. And before you say anything The Dimeras’ owning Sonix does not effect this newspaper.”

Nicole: Which they only half own of.

Robert: Half being the key word! Continue.

Nicole: Stefano found out enough about what happened to Kristen to blame Marlena,” Nicole said.

Robert: What do you think will happen with Stefano and Marlena?” asked Robert.

Nicole: We all already know, don’t we?” sighed Nicole.

Robert: Maybe it will be different this time…” said Robert.

Nicole: Sure, sure, it’s possible.

Jennifer and Daniel continued to share opinions on the JJ/Eve situation. Jennifer thinks that Eve’s attachment to JJ is unhealthy.

Robert: Nicole, let me ask you: what is the difference between Daniel and Chelsea and Eve and JJ—relationship-wise?”

Nicole: Beats me. I was focused elsewhere when Chelsea was in Salem.

On another relationship front, Justin, Adriane, and Lucas is starting to build and blow up. Will Victor have to get involved?

Robert: Victor may have other problems to worry about. Go on.”

Nicole: Jennifer continues to help JJ hide the truth from Page. How much longer will it work?

Robert:  Let me ask you something about Jennifer, Nicole?

Nicole: Gee, my favorite topic. What? asked Nicole.

Robert:  Do you see ANY difference in Jennifer’s budding into JJ’s life and the way Kate builds into Lucas‘?”

Nicole: Personally, me, no I don’t but then again I’m an obvious relationship expert,

Robert: right? Sorry, go on

Nicole: please, said Nicole.

 Theresa and Brady bought the baby home, and it took all of two minutes for Theresa to begin planning Melanie and Brady’s separation.”

Nicole: Will Theresa succeed in ruining their relationship? asked Nicole.

Robert: Hope not, but I have my doubts. Go on,” said Robert.

Nicole: Cole, per orders from Eve stashed something in JJ’s room then called the police. Roman showed up and began to ask questions.

Robert: Without a warrant, I bet. Lousy salem cops,” muttered Robert

Nicole: Anyway. What exactly is Eve trying to do here?

Robert: I can only speculate. What else? asked Robert.

Nicole: I told Daniel to get lost,” replied Nicole.

Robert: YOU DID?

Nicole: Yes.

Robert: I’m so proud of you. we need to celebrate!” said Robert.

Nicole: Will this bring Daniel and Jennifer into another relationship?

Robert: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Nicole: ROBERT!” yelled Nicole.

Robert: Sorry hearing about those two as a couple makes me sleepy.

Nicole: Me too. Anyway that’s about it.

Robert: Great. Print and lunch. Lets go. So where exactly do I purchase what I need to construct a cage anyway?

Nicole: How would I know?

stefano and robert 9 14 07Time to turn the hourglass.

The Bold and Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 05/01/15 Another Maya Avant Bombshell

bb cf 05-02-15Well, Bold and Beautiful fans, this Cliffhanger Friday was a doozy. I am going to save my two heroes Carter and Ridge for last, so Let’s Talk About Soaps.

 RAYA had a heart-to-heart conversation today about secrets. Rick has a huge surprise for Maya, an engagement ring. And Maya has a monumental surprise unbeknownst to Rick—she’s transgender.

Their conversation is the usual, Rick gushing over how perfect Maya is, and Maya’s lying to his face. Nothing new here. Rick plans to sweep Maya off to Big Bear to pop the question.

All of a sudden Nicole does not want Maya to tell Rick the truth. Maya called her on it the other day and Carter did today. Nicole’s ONLY reason for her to campaign to Maya not to tell Rick is because she doesn’t want to mess up her good thing with Wyatt. The Avant sisters are hanging on the arms of two rich, powerful, and successful men. Nicole told Carter that if she had anything to do with it Maya, she will never tell Rick.

Now for the juicy stuff. Ridge let Eric and Brooke know in no uncertain terms that he QUIT. Yes, you got it right Ridge QUIT after Logan-blind Eric said that he was thinking about making Rick’s irrevocable control CEO position permanent. Eric told Ridge that he supports Rick, but doesn’t want to lose Ridge, that he’s the best designer in the world. (Right, Eric, you are only thinking about the Benjamins).

Living in Logan-logic-land, Brooke and Eric are in disbelief that Ridge quit. As usual, self-centered Brooke felt part of the reason was her, Ridge’s inability to respect Rick, blah, blah, blah. Brooke even went as far as to say that Ridge was emotional and once he calms down he will change his mind.

 Eric finally had an epiphany and said that he could relate to what Ridge was going through and that he should have set parameters to the CEO position (you think, Eri *eyeroll*). But it was too late now, because Rick doesn’t have to answer to him. Brooke told Eric that Rick lives to please him and that he would listen. (No way, no how, Rick is out of control).

Brooke told Eric that he could make his appeal to Maya regarding Rick. Isn’t this uncanny? The co-founder and stockholder of the company has to appeal to the lead model. The son of the Forrester matriarch, whose father financed the start of the company, and between him and his children owns 50% of the company, quit.

Again meddling in someone’s relationship, Brooke feels that RAYA should wait to get married. Eric boasts that Maya has “proven herself.”

 Now for our Cliffhanger moment. Carter and Ridge are BFFs, so when Carter later arrived and Ridge’s and filled him in about him quitting. Carter was taken aback. At first Carter tried to convince Ridge to stay and when that didn’t work and Ridge was on his way out the door. Carter said, “WAIT!!!” With much struggle, Carter shared with Ridge that when he was engaged to Maya, he really didn’t know her. He said that FC has invested a lot of money in Maya and that she was the face of FC, had lines designed around her, and Rick’s girlfriend. When Ridge couldn’t take the belaboring anymore, he pressed Carter to spit it out.

 Carter dropped the BOMB!!!!! “Maya is not her chosen name, she wasn’t born with it.” Ridge said, “This is LA, people change their names all the time, is this your big secret?” Carter continues, “Maya’s birth name is Myron.” Shocked look on Ridge’s face, “Myron???” Carter pressed the ignite button, “MAYA AVANT IS TRANSGENDER.”

What will Ridge do with this tidbit of information? Will he immediately drop it on Rick? Or, will he hold the bomb and throw it at Rick at the right moment? What will happen, you tell me?


SofiaBryanBy Sofia A. Bryan

Days of Our Lives, Cliffhanger Friday 05/01/15 Congratulations, It’s a..!


After meeting her guy like last week, Nicole went to the office with the recaps and a bad feeling

Jan: Morning Nicole.

Nicole: Jan—what are you doing here?

Jan: His receptionist is off today and he’s…..well, if you like you can give the recaps to me.

Nicole: No, that’s okay I’ll—,

Nicole looks into the office, but the lights are out and she doesn’t see him.

Nicole: Congratulations on your engagement. By the way. The ring is beautiful.

Jan: Will you be my maid of honor, Nicole?

Nicole: Sure.

Jan gets up and hugs Nicole, and says, “Thanks.

Nicole: Easy there now, Jan.

Jan: Rob says that if we have a baby we can name him, ‘Robert Shawn.

Jan and Nicole hear loud crying coming from Rob’s office.

Jan: Sweetie.

Jan turns around

Nicole: I’ll take care of this, Jan.

Jan: Yeah you better. He’s been moody all morning. Thanks.

Nicole: You’re welcome.

Nicole starts to enter the room.

Jan: Oh, and Nicole—it’s okay. It doesn’t bother me that you and rob use to…

 More loud crying enabled Nicole to get away from that awkward conversation for the moment. She headed into Rob’s office.

Nicole: Rob?? You okay?

Nicole turned on the lights. “ROB!

Robert: Nicole.

 Rob runs to her and gives her a hug. “Sniff.

Nicole: Mmm…lots of hugging today…what’s wrong?

Robert: You know what’s wrong.

Nicole: Should I just leave the recaps with Jan then?

Robert: No, please go ahead.

 Nicole: Stefano continues to consort and move Chad forward with whatever plans they have for Abigail.

Robert: What exactly are those plans? Are Chad’s feelings for Abigail real, and if they are, what will Stefano think about them?

Good. Go on.

Nicole: Clyde and Ben continue to bond over what happened to Ben in Florida. Ben is unaware of Clyde’s “help” on the matter.

Will all this bring father and son together?

SNIFF! Rob blows his nose, “Continue.

 Nicole: Eve and Rafe had a “moment” where Rafe worked.

What do you think about them as a possible couple?”

Robert:Hey, if Victor and Maggie can make it work why not ?..What else ?”

 Nicole: At Kristen’s residence in Italy Marlena showed up and…”


Nicole: Um, excuse me you know I hate her right?” Suddenly Rob was back to normal.

Robert: You bought all that? Great! Hopefully I can sell it to Stefano, should he stop by today. He’s in town.

Nicole looked confused than looked outside at Jan who gave her a thumbs up through the window. She figured it all out and re-focused on the recaps.

Robert: I’m on whatever side you’re on, Nicole, but it still sadness me—*cough cough*–What else?”

Nicole: Theresa and co. are on their way home with their new baby…

Robert: Do you think that being a mom will make Theresa a better person? Will she bleed Brady’s bank account dry? And what will happen to Melanie now that Brady’s a father?

Nicole: I have an idea, but I’d like to think I’m wrong.

I had some moments with Eric.  Serena got to see Zander in his shirtless glory before i confronted her about everything.

Robert: I’m proud of you, Nicole.

Nicole: That’s about it, highlight-wise.

Robert: Great print and food. Let’s go.

Nicole: Jan likes the ring, seems happy.

Robert: Thanks.

Nicole: Are you really going to name it Robert Shawn?

Robert: Shhhh, no…time for lunch, Precious.


stefano and robert 9 14 07Time to turn the hourglass…



Days of Our Lives, Cliffhanger Friday 04/17/15

Joe Mascolo

Nicole Reports to Robert: No Shortage of Drama in Salem This Week!

Nicole arrives at Robert’s office happy that she saw nothing has been changed or been altered since she left last week. She has the recaps ready. Rob is typing on his computer.

Nicole: Morning, Rob.

Robert: AHA! CHECKMATE!” “What? Where? Oh, Son of a…

“LOL. Good try, good try. LOL,” came from his computer.

Nicole: ROBERT!

Robert: Oops. Sorry, Nicole. Good morning.

Nicole: Morning, Stefano,” she called out into the air.

Stephano: Morning, Miss Walker.

“Ciao, Robert,” came from an intercom before the sound of a click.

Nicole: He beat you again?

Robert: Yes, he did. How are you?

Nicole: Good as I can be, I suppose.”

Robert: Shame about Xander.

Nicole: Xander? What ?

Robert: You had Theresa in a UFC style chokehold that would make Rhonda Rusey proud. I suppose it was for the best. Wait–were you there?

Nicole: No, but they were talking about it around here.

Robert: Sorry you missed it live. Why do the men in Salem always break up girl fights ?

Nicole: Haven’t a clue.

Robert: Remember when you got into that fight in Vegas?

Rob started to drift off.

Nicole: Hello! Earth to Rob! FOCUS!

Robert: Right! Sorry. So what else happened this week?

Nicole: Abigail burst in on chad while he was preparing a sushi diner and was quite embarrassed when she saw Zoe.

Robert: ZOE... mean Zoe from that trash mag Will Horton is working for?

Nicole: Same.

Robert: Should i feel proud or disgusted?

Nicole: Can’t say.

Robert: Do you like Sushi ?

Nicole: Its okay, i guess.

Rob made a bad taste face and shrugged.

Robert: Continue, please.

Nicole: You had that John is Paul’s father was made known to everyone. FINALLY!

Causing more trouble for Sonny and Will, Marlena was talking to Will and said, “Don’t make me watch you turn into your mother.”

Robert: Marlena said that ?

Nicole: Yup.

Robert: Good for her. Good for her.

Nicole: Melanie figured it all out Mandrake. Kristen, the blood, Theresa, Brady, and a baby. Got Kristen’s location from Victor and are on their way to find her.

Robert: She realizes that she’ll lose Brady over this?

Nicole [sarcastically]: I dont know, its not like my interfering ever backfired.

ROTFLMAO! Both of them laughed together.

Nicole: Turns out Eve and Ben knew each other from Miami when Ben called himself Kevin.

Robert: Kevin.

 Rob drifted again.

Robert: Was that the same name i found and gave…

Nicole: Can’t remember. Sorry.

Robert: What are..forget it…

Nicole: JJ found his jacket in Eve’s house and flipped.

Robert: Successful cougar hunt wanting its trophy.

Nicole: Apparently Adriane and Lucas…

Nicole couldn’t get it out. Rob could tell by her expression.

Nicole: If they’re happy, I suppose. Victor let them know that he knew about them.

Robert: THAT must have been funny. Victor can be a riot…Hey wasn’t a riot, though, when we were in Vegas where you gambled his million dollars away. Lol! Now that was a trip.

Nicole: Don’t remind me…JJ and Page made love. Did he tell her about Eve?

Robert: No

SMH unbelievable.

Nicole: Anyway, Jennifer was in the house.

Robert: Did she interrupt and jump on Page like she did Eve?

Nicole: No. My grandmother came home a night early when I was with a hooker once…

Robert: MOVING ON!

Nicole: Right, sorry. I saw Xander and Serena together there’s something going on there.

Robert: No, there isn’t.

Nicole: How do you know?

Robert: There’s something else going on. I’m sure of it.” Nicole looked down. Did Stefano tell you ?

Robert: Maybe

Nicole [sighing]: Well, thats about it?

Robert: You and Daniel?

Nicole: I dont know.

Robert: You know i’m always here for you.

Nicole: Thanks…print and lunch. Lets go.

Time To Turn the Hourglass

stefano and robert 9 14 07Robert Feldmann