The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday; 09-15-17: Changing Roles

What’s up #BoldandBeautiful fans? Today is another Cliffhanger Friday and since I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks, I’m just going to do a breakdown. Ahhh, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

Well as you know my main man $Bill got tired of waiting for what he wanted. He’d been patient, offered more money than the property was worth, but still unable to get what he wanted. So, $Bill did the same thing any good villain would do, he burned down Spectra.

To no one’s surprise, Rescue Ranger Liam had to figure it out and be all self-righteous. However, many was surprised at how he dealt with the situation. The hypocrite secretly records $Bill’s confession and blackmails him. SAY WHAT?????? Yes, once again, Rescue Ranger looking through his rose colored glasses breaks the law to suit his self-righteousness.

Boy, I want to kick you’re a*s all kinds of ways messing with $Bill. Thankfully, $Bill took care of that after signing the letter of resignation; hypocrite all puffed up decides to get smart and $Bill knocked him into next week. Oh, what a lovely site as Blackmailing Rescue Ranger’s knee’s buckled under him and it was a KO. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Not to disappoint, $Bill stands over his demon spawn and tells him, “I don’t get even with my enemies, I decimate them.” Yes, yes, yes; decimate that troll $Bill, decimate him.

Well Steffy stops by and is shocked that Blackmailer went through with his plan. I declare, I’m positive I saw a smirk on Steffy’s face when she saw that shiner Rescue Ranger had as a casualty of war with $Bill. She reiterated that this is not a battle he wants to fight and to make up with his father. Nope, no way; Blackmailer isn’t having it.

Steffy leaves to try and talks some sense into $Bill. As usual, he opens up to her and tells her everything. Feeling compassion for $Bill, Steffy embraces him. Now $Bill might start off using Steffy; but lights were flashing, firecrackers going off as memories from six years ago flood in to me. Now lovelies, you all know I drag Steffy, yep I do. But I’m letting you know right here and right now. If I get a return of #STILL, my dragging days of Steffy will cease for a while. I’m going to need my STILL because I’ve always felt both of them could truly be themselves with each other. Steffy brought out the best in $Bill and he in her; she’s wasted her time with Wyatt & Rescue Ranger. The chemistry was off the charts with STILL; I’m 100% #TeamSTILL.

Hypocrite Blackmailer calls in Sally Spectra 2.0 and gifts her the property. She’s shocked and amazed of his “kindness.” I don’t call it “kindness,” I call it what the law calls it, misappropriations of corporate funds, thief, and embezzlement. Oh, did I forget to say that this “gift” must be kept secret and no one can know, including $Bill and his WIFE, Steffy?

We all know Sally is the ultimate taker and had absolutely no problem taking this “gift.” Chile, when oh when are you going to stand on your two feet? Never, because even if Spectra succeeds, she will ALWAYS be indebted to Forrester Creations, Thomas, and now Spencer Publications for the hundreds of millions of dollars. #GirlBye, I can’t tolerate you right now.

Anywhooooo, Sally embraces Liam. Oh, wait, what is this I see? Is this a chemistry spark? Well now we know how this hypocrite blackmailing rescue ranger fool loves a damsel in distress. I see LALLY coming. Hey, I’m not mad at it because this means I have a better chance of get STILL. Go LALLY go.

Brooke had to use a crow bar to get the info out of $Bill and once he began to tell her she was light a deer in headlights. He had to break it down to her like a five year old child.

Then Brooke gets pissed, “I dare you, who are you?” #GirlBye, he’s the same man who did dirty deeds to your daughter, dumped Ridge into the ocean, and a laundry list of other things you know about. But NOW, you decide to get pissed, Brooke, I can’t with you.

In utter faux shock; Brooke storms out. Yes, go Brooke go, leave $Bill so I can have my STILL.

So, what will happen next? How long will it take for Liam to totally drive Spencer Publications into the ground? Will $Bill allies Justin, Allison, and Wyatt sabotage Liam? How long will it take for $Bill to decimate Blackmailing Hypocrite Rescue Ranger Liam? What is Steffy going to do Liam when she finds out that he LIED to her about Sally’s “gift?” Will #LALLY happen? Most importantly, will I get my #STILL? You tell me

By Sofia A. Bryan

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/08/17:What the Devil, Irma!

Thoughts and prayers go out to all affected by Hurricane Irma please be safe and smart.
“Blanca Dear could you sign this please ill only be gone a few hours?” Robert handed Blanca a form she read it?”

“What happened to Nicole?”

“Nothing she’s with Brady or Eric or both i don’t know i have to do this I’ll be back in time to make you diner. Promise”

“Fine” Blanca signs the paper love you” Robert kisses her and leaves
Bayview mental Hospital

“What the Devil” Andre says when seeing Marlena and john moments later Robert is thrown into the room with them.

“Hey guys been awhile since we’ve all been together like this … have you tried their Prozac.. You should, I’m telling you  its top of the line !!

Andre, Marlena and john just stared


This Week in Salem

For Steve’s sake Kayla is going to try and let Tripp into their lives

Will Tripp ever be treated like a real stepson

Without money from joey’s parents Claire and Theo won’t be able to stay in the soras house Fate sent them Tripp looking for a place to stay Theo showed off some natural jealousy but looks like Tripp is in.

Why won’t Abe and Belle cover the extra costs for Theo and Claire ?

What kind of Job will Tripp have to get to come up with his fair share as he stupidly gave the Marconi money to the hospital?

Bonne/Adrianne kept her cool when being questioned about Angelica

How long until she cracks.

Raines threatened to shoot Gabi.  Gabi was saved by Eli Hope and Rafe gloated condescended and scolded at Raines for being bad

sigh hypocrites

Will you Miss Commissioner Hero Raines? Who will gets his Job?

Hattie/Marlena tried her best to convince Brady that her love for Roman was the deal.

Who’s going to figure Hattie out first Paul or Brady ?

Can’t be Paul he has no clue as to anything Hattie and Brady well sometimes he can..Take a little longer to wake up.

Nicole thanked Eric for all his Holly Help and apologized again for the way she treated him in Greece and in General Brady’s jealously kicking in reminded Nicole that it was HE that got Her Holly Not Eric.

Eric told her it’s all forgiven and forgotten

Eric or Brady for Nicole?

John and Marlena are scheduled for electric shock therapy

Robert started quietly laughing

John frowned at him

Sorry john i was just remembering that one time when Bart was connecting wires and got electrocuted and Andre here just shook his head not doing anything to help him Man that was so funny

“Oh yeah” Andre chuckling while remembering

JJ, lani and Jennifer all had disagreements about the double wedding of sonny Paul, Chad and Abigail

The Abe situation now resolved automatically seemed to help Theo and Claire possibly rebuild theirs as he apologized to Theo for keeping him in the dark.

Will Tripp and Claire become a thing or will Tripp be saved for recasted Ciara instead of Theo?

Andre’s plan to prove his Sanity Backfired at the press conference he was dragged here

ROTFLMAO Seriously Andre Alfie spent all that time with Hattie and you couldn’t tell the difference

It’s not funny Robert

It kind of sad but I’m laughing anyway

Could Kate be in cahoots with Hattie bonnie and RIP  Angelica ?

Be an interesting Twist

Chloe helped Lucas sober up

Luchlo? With no dr feel good around could Lucas and Chloe have another shot?

In prison Adrianne/bonnie asked about to be released Sheila to get a message to Justin for her Sheila agreed.

Will Justin believe Sheila’s message?

Bonnie/Adriane began her plan on taking Victor away from Maggie.

LOL that’s going to be hard to yet funny to watch

Does Bonnie have a chance with victor?


Hattie was about to flee Salem when Hope met her at her door correctly identifying Hattie as Hattie

And the credits rolled

Well guys it’s been fun I’ll do what i can to help after I’m gone


“You can’t leave me in here Robert ” demanded Andre

“Right now have to. No worries though won’t be much longer PROMISE, Marlena always a pleasure” see you men at my Bachelor Party,
“You couldn’t take this guy John??? SERIOUSLY???”  Robert Screamed while being escorted out

“Bet if one of us were Nicole he’d get us out of here” Andre Mocked

“Andre do you all of the details about Robert’s project pawn  Marlena Asked “he’s yet to completely fill me in

“Project pawn.. oh no no no no NO !!

Time To turn the Hourglass

Stay Safe Everyone!!!

By Robert Feldmann



Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/01/17: The rewrite of a Hero

Rob and Blanca met up with Nicole and Brady at the courthouse.
Nicole what are you doing?

what’s wrong?

Your about to see a judge for custody of your daughter


Well it’s just that you’re wearing an outfit that makes me want to ravage you for days on end, sorry Brady, “Blanca embarrassed looked away and sat down .

Oh it’s okay i agree Nicole you really should “put those away” if you know what i mean ?

Look he’s a man isn’t he if he’s anything like you this outfit will help me win come on Brady we’re already late” Nicole went inside Robert took a quarter out his pocket .

“Heads i bribe him, Tails you do”

“Done” went Brady

“TAILS, good luck Brady”

“don’t worry Robert Holly is coming home TODAY “Brady followed Nicole inside Robert sat down next to Blanca

“What i thought i was helping?” he ask Blanca who shook her head

This week in Salem

Lani’s anger against Eli and others involved with Arrested Abe continues to fester Supercop wants to try a restart on his relationship with Lani

Why is JJ suddenly willing to give it another go?

Bonnie and Hattie discussed Angelica’s dead body while dealing with Drunk Lucas and Justin, they were able to make it work and Bonnie/Adrianne got an invite into Karakas mansion

“Obviously they are going on with the plan without the smart one which one will screw it all up  …first?

Andre showed Kate documents stating that he was fit and sane to run Dimera Enterprises Kate didn’t think his source were credible sending Andre off to try again.

Why Is Andre putting up with all this?

John and Marlena discussed who could be behind their predicament Stefano Andre and Alex North’s name came up?

Will they find out before they escape or after?

Andre went to Hattie/Marlena for help with his Sanity documents she agreed to play along after hearing about Kate and roman somehow she didn’t blow her cover and was able to stall/trick Andre

Lucas called Chloe and asked for her help with his “predicament” she agreed to try after she insisted and they finally called 911

Will Lucas remember anything to help himself or the police would you like to revisit Chloe and Lucas as a couple?

without daniel around it could work

Paul confronted Hattie/marlena about john she talked her way out of it for now ?

Will Paul be able to see what others havent before its too late ?

Back at the ward John instructed marlena in the art of escaping Straight Jackets

bonding at its best how long until they can get to another phone ?

Eric told Chloe that he wouldnt act on his feelings for nicole

How about Eric and Chloe as a couple ?

rafe and hope are taking help from a lowlife snakes and rats to get Raines  aka Myron and Daro

Right because their words are so trusting SMH

Would you take the word of Dario and Myron ??

The judge called Nicole on her violating her court order when running into holly at the square apparently the fosters ratted her out

SMH figures if it weren’t for bad luck sigh

Kayla obviously very upset over joey’s incarceration is not happy with Steve and Tripp’s father son bonding

Will Steve turn into Brady and forget that he has a son.

LOL poor Tate i hope they are paying that nanny serious money

Tripp Donated all the left over Marconi money to the hospital Kayla over heard this

What direction will Kayla go with Tripp?

Claire invited Tripp Back into the Soras House

Will Tripp come in between the sort of off Theo and Claire

And with Tripp broke and Steve and Kayla no longer funding joey how can the others afford to stay there

Is this the end of Soras house ?

Back for more Hattie/Marlena agreed to be fair and honest with Andre’s evaluation

what’s next for Hattie/Andre ?

Back at the station Rafe and Hope continue to act like kids and again had to be told to work by Raines Hope mocked him refusing to do so

..There are no words

Is Ron following Dena’s notes or his he just as bad when it comes to the Rafe and Hope Clown show

Eli told Gabi any man would be lucky to have her

Is that the official start of of ELABI or should Eli just Run while he still can

He should run but he won’t cant wait to see Julies face

Gabi had to retrieve some earrings and while there accepted a packed mean for Dario of course she opened it and heard incriminating Evidence against Raines while he was standing there

Who will save Gabi Eli or Supercop ?

Hope and Rafe probably

Sigh ” Robert peaked into the judge’s Chambers Brady did what he felt he had to do looks like Holly is going home with Mommy


Time to turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/25/17: Today your john Black tomorrow your John Rochambeau

Robert was walking around Salem Square to meet up with Nicole and  whichever brother she would be hanging out with when he ran into Andre looking all flustered and angry.

“Wait a minute i know that look, Tony is that you?”

Funny Robert, how are you?

Fine, let me guess Kate

I saw her, My Wife Kissing Roman Brady, Roman of all people.

Well she’s either trying to make you jealous OR make you slip up so you lose all claim to Dimera Enterprises..Or Both Either way, try not to fall for any traps

Oh don’t you worry about me Robert

Somebody has to Andre..Oh by the way i heard from Kristen today



This week in Salem

Chad and Abigail are getting Re Married

I am so happy for my brother

Who isn’t…besides gabby …Will they make it to the alter before something else happens

Not if i have anything to say about it

that’s the spirit Andre

Nicole thinks she killed Damos

sigh every other week we have another potential killer that’s the Salem PD for you!  Well at least Chad is off their list.

Andre what are you going to do when everyone knows Abigail did it

How do you know it was Abigail?

It was my job remember

Bonnie/Adriane told Justin she dumped Lucas.

Hattie locked john in the cell before he could rescue Marlena  they discussed who was behind this your name Stefano and Alex North’s came up.

He was a psychiatrist

How long until they are able to break free

Hopefully never!

Andre when Hattie is done with john and Marlena she may convince Roman to help her get you

I’d like to see them  try.

That’s the spirit what was with all that Alfie stuff anyway?

I was bored

Fair enough, Hope told Jennifer that in regards to Abe she had an obligation to uphold the law Andre and Robert just looked at each other and shook their heads.

How will Hope prove Abe’s innocence or is she already in on this?

Abe is faking all this with Eli to snuff out Raines they think he’s the big bad

why would Raines, HOW did Raines get involved with Dario of all people a cheap wanna be punk thug. He had it all and threw it away for nothing NOTHING!

All rather pointless isn’t it!

Yup new writers throwing away good characters ignoring what came before them..Sad

The Johnson family including bonnie/Adriane gathered to say goodbye to joey who is off to jail roman will try to see to his well being.

How will joey do in prison?

Would you accept a recasted joey somewhere down the line? Speaking of recast, looks like we may be getting a new Ciara by the end of the year/early next are you excited for her return?

No because it’s rumored that Theo is leaving?

with joey gone the soras bunch is looking for a new roommate will it be Tripp and will he get the same deal that was given to joey.

He should

Bonnie almost blew it with Lucas she slept with him he was drunk so she may be in the clear!

Drunken Lucas confronted Eric about betrayals and naturally brought up Nicole, Lucas went on and on about brothers, conveniently forgetting all the time he spent trying to get Carrie away from Brother Austin.

Sigh he was drunk so i won’t hold it against the writers for forgetting that important part of lucas’s life

How low will Lucas Go?

Kate tried once again to sell up Gabi to Chad didn’t work

Sell up.. Considering how some feel about Gabi that’s funny.

You were talking to Stefano’s picture that Kate pushed you too far ?

Is the real Andre Emerging?

I am trying to be good Robert i really am

I know i know but for the record.. Talking to the pictures..Well remember on melesewan when you were talking to a corpse on a chair Man that was classic you!!

Sonny and Chad are having a double wedding!

Who wears white? Which father pays ? Will there be another Salem interruption

Funny that you mentioned Will


Victor continues to badger Brady about Nicole nothing new there Brady is hiding the amulet now

Wow that sure gets around doesn’t it

Yes well as long as it’s out of Chads life


I’m sure she will be fine Robert

How much longer in the halo pointlessness is over especially since we both know Who did it, don’t we Andre?

I don’t know what you’re talking about

Good for you

Anjelica thinks that having John and Marlena so close together will be the end of  their plans

She’s right!

John couldn’t get the orderlies to believe that he was who he said he was

Imagine that

How soon into Jarlena breaks out

You know Andre they are going to blame this on you!

But i had nothing to do with it Andre and Robert burst out laughing

Angelica found out Bonnie had sex with Lucas Had a heart attack..and died


Will you miss Anjelica and overall what did you think on Morgan’s take on the character

Great actress so so material not her fault

Nicole met up with Gabi about Chad and told her heart will heal

Whose next for Gabi ? Could this be the beginning of a new friendship between Gabi and Nicole !

Works for me!

What Works for You ..ANDRE ?

Hi Nicole we were talking about the bachelor party..Andre Nicole here was able to convince Blanca not to be mad at me anymore

Appreciate that Nicole thank you

Your welcome BYE.. Andre took the hint and got up

“See you around Nicole, Robert good day” Andre leaves

What is he up to?

He’s worried his fake wife is cheating on him

And what are you both up to ?

Nothing Nicole i Swear
Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann


The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday; 08-25-17: It’s Getting Hot In Here

Awww, someone get the fire extinguisher because sparks are flying and “It’s Getting Hot In Here” #BoldandBeautiful fans. This Cliffhanger Friday is burning up and I have a little treat for you at the end of this column. Ready, set, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

Ridge inquires why Thomas suddenly went to New York. Steffy tries to cover with “he’s got his priorities in order, putting his family first, and away from Spectra.” Ridge still feels something is off with Thomas departing so suddenly. Talk moves on to Sheila living at the Forrester mansion and how Ridge doesn’t know if and when Eric will ever forgive him.

On the other side of the railroad tracks, everyone is scurrying around getting ready for the big Spectra fashion show. The phone rings and its Thomas, Sally asks him if he received the emails of her designs and if he can fly in for the show. He’s indeed received the emails and thinks her designs are fabulous; however, he doesn’t know how much longer Caroline has and he can’t come. Sally is a little pissed and lets him know that it’s as simple as flying in for a day. No luck buttercup; he’s not coming.

Rescue Ranger Liam is rubbing salt in $Bill’s womb by singing the praises of Sally Spectra. $Bill is cool as a cucumber. Gloating, he says that Spectra’s designs will be well received, $Bill might have to find another place to build his building and to be prepared to have a plan B. Justin comes in just as Rescue Ranger flies out the door to his next mission. $Bill tells Justin he has a plan B.

Cool Breeze Justin came up with the scheme to torch Spectra; but now he’s acting like he has cold feet when $Bill is interested in moving forward with plan B. $Bill wants the dirt on the Spectra building; Cool Breeze Justin is a step ahead of him with his trusted folder filled with goodies. CJ’s insurance on the building has expired. Oh what luck, the look in $Bills is priceless.

Rescue Ranger lands at his next location, which is Forrester Creations to continue singing the Spectra praises. Ridge is annoyed and Steffy gushes on what a good guy Rescue Ranger is looking out for the little guy. Yeah, right.

The Ranger shares that $Bill says he won’t interfere with Spectra; both Ridge and Steffy are skeptical. Although skeptical too, Rescue Ranger can’t help himself and defends $Bill because “there’s nothing he can do.” Aww, shucks, the Rescue Ranger’s powers are thwart.

Granny called the handyman that clearly told Silly Sally yesterday to shut down and get a licensed electrician in to rewire the building. Why? He repeated what he told Silly Sally yesterday, to shut down all power and call a licensed electrician in ASAP to rewire the building. Noooooooooo, Silly Sally says it will be ok for “one more day.” How stupid can Silly Sally be? Not only is she endangering her life and the life of her staff; she’s willing to endanger the lives of the buyers and media at the fashion show. Now $Bill maybe ruthless; but he certainly isn’t responsible for this move.

Thrilled with the Spectra team’s willingness to pull an all-nighter to finish the job; Silly Sally insist on taking everyone to dinner.

$Bill tells Cool Breeze Justin it’s full speed ahead with the plan, but makes it perfectly clear that he doesn’t want anyone hurt and to be discrete. Later high up in the “sky” at Spencer Publications, $Bill is looking over the city when a text comes in from an Unknown Caller, simply saying “Done.” A lamp is plugged in the socket that caught fire yesterday and a blaze ensues.

I must say I’m happy to see my evil villain $Bill back to his normal self. He better not pay for his dirty deeds; because if he does, I expect everyone else to pay for theirs. I want my evil $Bill to walk like a free bird. As much as I’ve dragged Brooke in the past for all of her misdeeds; I’m #TeamBrill on this one; I loved how she was standing by her man yesterday. I would like to see this power couple become the super couple of evil.

Here’s my little remix based off of “It’s Getting Hot In Here” by Nelly; no copyright infringement intended.

I was like, good gracious, Sky is bodacious

Flirtatious, trying to show faces

$Bill waiting for the right time to spark the flame you know

Waiting for the right time to demo

Spectra’s leaving, $Bill’s believing, oh!

Bill and the rest of his heathens

Check it, got it locked at the top of Sky Seasons

Penthouse, roof top, Rescue Ranger he’s feeding

Bill is deceiving, something up his sleeve and

He’s teasing, he needs Spectra to

Get up out of the ground floor

Give that man what he’s asking for

‘Cause Bill is busing loose

And he feels like torching you, uh oh

And can’t nobody stop the juice

So Sally tell Bill what’s the use? He said

It’s getting hot in here, so hot, Bill is burning all the clothes

Spectra getting so hot, Bill burning Spectra’s clothes off

It’s getting hot in here, so hot, Bill is burning all the clothes

Spectra getting hot in here; holla Dolla, Dolla, Dolla

So, what will happen next? Will Spectra be able to save the designs or is all lost? Will Rescue Ranger find out that it was $Bill that sent the order to set Spectra ablaze? Or, will Rescue Ranger’s super powers kick in and he rushes to the Spectra building with a fire extinguisher? What will Brooke do if she finds out? Will she stand by her stallion or gallop off into the sunset with the next beau? Will $Bill lose all? You tell me…..

By: Sofia A. Bryan

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/11/17: Its like She’s A Totally Different Person

Nicole walked into Robert’s office, like most times he was on the phone “are you serious Andre?, You won’t come to the bachelor party or wedding unless i invite Chad to both?!”

“That’s blackmail besides he won’t come anyway, okay fine I’ll sent out an invite..But you Owe Me, AGAIN!” Robert Hangs up

Hey Nicole, that’s for you. And Holly ?” Rob pulled out an envelope with money”

“What did you do? …What did i do?”

“The blackmail Angelica, money i spread the money around to friends and charity. And no i would never hurt Mimi that was just a bluff; i also need your services as a proofreader

Blanca’s pretty mad” Rob gave Nicole a letter to read “Eric inspired me and…” Nicole started reading

“You actually?


“Sigh Robert what am i going to do with you?

This week in Salem

Chloe tried her best to talk Lucas out of drinking

Would the new writers re consider Lucas and Chloe?

Brady found the amulet in Eric’s room and pondered turning Eric in, Victor slammed Brady on his alcohol abuse and threatened to throw him back into rehab.

Could Victor end up doing both frame Eric and get Brady away from Nicole?

“He better not”

“Marlena’s call to John failed and she was sedated”

“Will john be able to get a solid lead?”

“I hope so Stefano’s queen must always be safe it’s what Stefano would want”

“Sure sure, after a meeting with Hattie/Marlena and Bonnie/Adrianne, Eric could tell something was off”

“Good for Eric lets end this”

“Hattie/Marlena told john to move out john knows she’s hiding something”

“Can’t get anything past john, amateurs”

“I saw through your duplicate remember”

“Your more observant than john”

“Dario’s case is causing internal department strife between the Salem pd causing Lani to quit the task force and  Raines  is acting really off”

“That’s because it’s him sad that they ruined another good character by being overtly obvious”

“Abe with a wad full of money was arrested for counterfeiting/being Darios inside man by Hope and Rafe

Hope and Rafe making an arrest SMH hypocrite corrupt lying idiots.

Do you believe its Abe?

“No nobody does hopefully Abe sues the entire department”

“Do you think Abe’s in on all this”

“Seems more than likely”

Abe is still mad that Theo is working for the Dimeras but not much he can do especially now

Kate yelled at Andre for keeping her in the dark about Chad and to stay away from the board because they think he is nuts Andre overheard Kate throwing him under the Dimera enterprise Bus

Why is Kate forcing a wedge between Anything dimera and Andre and what is Andre going to do about it?

“kates skating on thin ice

Chad and Sonny both recanted their confessions

Pointlessness none of them did it

“Do you know who killed Damos?

“Yes actually i do


“Master Chief”

“Who the heck is mater Chief”

“From the Halo Video game franchise

“Video game ?..What are you blabbering about?”

“Might as well be master chief the halo is the killer the actual killer is as almost a victim as Damos was

As expected Tripp, Kayla, Steve and joey worked things out. But even after Tripp told him he wouldn’t say anything Joey still wants to confess to Ava’s murder.

Kayla eventually accepted Joey’s decision on why he had to turn himself in.

“mans gotta do what a mans gotta do”

“Are you happy with Joey’s decision?”

Eli took Abe’s gifts to Valerie calling them Evidence


“Is this business or personal for Eli Abe and his mother?

“Eric is trying to get Nicole out of his head”

“HA like that could happen Poor Eric, Nicole maybe you should dump Brady and be with Eric”

“What no why after everything we’ve been through?”

“Eric told Chloe that he loves Nicole like nobody else”

“Ha we have that in common”

“Angelica is having trouble keeping bonnie and Hattie focused on the plan ”

“Which one is going to screw it up first?”

“Hattie/Marlena went to john and laid it on the line, Roman told Hattie to go back to john.

“Hattie/Marlena Planted a huge kiss on Roman. But it didn’t work ”

“Wow kudos Roman i was hoping for a trip down Melesewan lane…remember in tony/Andre’s castle when they cheated and made a baby”

“Everyone Wants to forget that Robert”

“Ha ha i wont let them”

Brady accused me and Eric of having an affair”

I think you should switch Brothers Nicole not that it matters to project pawn”

Brady things Eric killed Damos after spotting the amulet

“His someone besides Brady trying to frame Eric ?”

“Not me i swear probably Victor

Roman told John about the Marlena episode John Punched Roman in the face

ROTLFMAO   john and Roman need to have a fight to settle once and for all who gets to call her DOC

Roman told john that something was wrong with Marlena and he needed to figure out what it was

How will john Figure out what’s going on ?”

Kate helped roman with his John inflicted room a kiss was in there somewhere which  Andre’s saw

“is Andre in love with kate enough that the Real Andre will emerge to keep his sham wife ?

“Just like tony/Kristen this could be EPIC

“What kind of game is Kate playing doesn’t she remember what happened to her and others around her When she cheated on Stefano with Rafe and IAN”

“Kate is the one that’s insane Not Andre”

“That’s about it”

“Good do you think you can  …talk to Blanca and help get me out of this one?

“Probably? Maybe I’ll try my best?”

“Maybe we can see phony Marlena and i can pay her to take my side”

“Your side !!! ???, You wrote a love letter to your Pregnant Fiance and Wrote in  My name instead of hers.”

“It was a typo Nicole i swear ”

“Sigh, come on lets go see Blanca and fix this before it’s too late”

Time To Turn The Hourglass


By Robert Feldmann





Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/11/17: But we’re not even married !?”Can you hear me now ?

Friday afternoon Robert was getting ready to meet Nicole wondering if she would be with Eric or Brady when

Anjelica, Hattie, Bonnie how nice of you to come how is your Doppelganger scheme coming along ?

“Cut to the chase Robert what do you want ?”

“I Want one Million dollars Cash and for all of you to stay away from Nicole Walker”

“That’s it”

“yup that’s it, listen i got to run, Marco here will make sure everything goes nice and smooth, Bonnie great job hiding Adrianne’s breast cancer surgeries  those idiots haven’t a clue.

and  Bonnie i don’t mean to single you out but  if somehow Nicole gets hurt by whatever you all are  doing, i will bring Mimi back to Salem a piece a time ! Bye Now!  Robert left the office and not too long later

“JOHN just the person i was looking for”
Hey Robert, sorry but  I’m kind of in the middle of something here

This Week in Salem

Chad told a confused Abigail why she was in the hospital; they exchanged “I love you’s”

“As a Chabby fan just how happy are you right now”

“Tickled pink”

“Gabi let him go who will be her next target be JJ or Eli ?

“I’m guessing Supercop ?

Steve talked Tripp down away from Kayla before anyone got hurt”

“That’s good news”

“Will we see the reformation of Black Patch?”””LOL is it possible they can work past all this and become a real family?”

“i doubt it ..BECAUSE joey wants to turn himself in Steve wants to let him Kayla then demanded that Tripp share a cell in prison next to his”

“Could you see the brothers together in prison”

“No both would become boyfriends like nick and end up worse after getting out”

“Victor told Brady he did hire Zander to kill Damos but Something went wrong and Zander didn’t do it ,Victor wants Brady’s help in pinning the murder on someone else

“Will Brady go that far?”

“Brady nah he won’t”

“After getting no help from the FBI Rafe has decided to go to Mexico for Dario”

“Because the Salem pd and Mexico have such a great working relationship  …Will we see some on location shots in a few weeks?”

“Maggie told Nicole she was unable to took pics of Holly in this visit, and of course Nicole got all stupid and went to look for herself.  Eric was able to stop her from getting busted”

“Would she have been caught under Dena’s writing? And are you seeing anything different with her and Ron’s writing?”

Yes and no

Eric suggested Nicole make some recordings so Holly could hear her voice !

“Great idea I’m starting to like Eric again !”

“Eric or Brady for Nicole?”

“Marlena told John that she wasn’t getting enough romance and wanted a divorce john responded with a “we’re not even married” Robert burst out Laughing “ROTFLMAO sorry john but that’s funny”

“Don’t see me laughing,”

“Your just too close to it BTW doesn’t Marlena seem off to you doesn’t it seem like she’s somebody else AGAIN ?”

“What are you getting at ?”

“Nothing” Robert shook his head

“Justin told sonny things don’t look good for him with no other suspects

“Hatties friend Chett helped smuggle bonnie out of prison where was Bonnie while hope was there?”

“Brady has stooped to ease dropping his own past mistakes and Nicole’s life choices in the past have caused a major rift of mistrust”

“Is brady overreacting? Yes, but who can blame him for not trusting Nicole


Angelica gave Bonnie a book that supposedly had everything she would need to fool Lucas and everyone else that she was really Adrianne” apparently the plan is to break up with Lucas then go back to Justin and break up with him then get Victor to give up Maggie so she could have  all his money ?” Something like that it’s all kind of dopey that it went this far already”

Lucas asked Bonnie/Adriane to elope then she broke up with him”


“What are you yelling about ?”


After returning his ring Bonnie/Adrianne met up with Hattie/Marlena in a hotel where they had a party and viewed some hotel porn”

“They are ..Different” that’s for sure”

“Could either one of them have a future in Salem when this angelica business blows up in their faces?”

Abe gave Valerie an expensive gift looked like earrings or cufflinks maybe?”

“Is that fishy at all?”

“It shouldn’t be no”

“Raines is upset that the FBI is taking over the investigation”

“Is that suspicious ?”

“No every cop gets that way when the FBI takes over i remember when they did that to you as Roman And as you!”

“Tripp is pondering leaving Salem, Claire talked him out of it

Could you see Tripp and Claire as a couple Especially since recasted Ciara is coming back to claim Theo soon ?”

“Too early to tell”

Chad jeopardized the lives of hundreds of patients by smuggling an UN sterilized stuffed Elephant into her room

Abigail wants them all to take a vacation. But then Dopey Chad confessed to the police that he killed Damos (because he thinks Abigail did it)

He’s a dumbass”

“Are you tired of the halo damos murders story?”


Brady’s jealousy has him rummaging through nicole/erics things

Lucas was at the Bar Chloe was there to stop the drinking

“Are you happy to see Chloe? Could Chloe and Lucas go again ? Do you want Chloe to leave Lucas alone as this is technically her fault?”

“Marlena was able to smuggle a phone away from an orderly and call john”

“Better ending that last week ?”

“Do you know what’s going on with Marlena Robert ?”

“Of course i do but I promised Stefano i wouldn’t tell you, LOL not so easy figuring things out when you can’t blame it on him is it john”

John’s phone rang” better answer that John it could be important” Robert saw Blanca and Nicole and left”

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday; 08-11-17: You Don’t Want To Become My Enemy Now!!!

Hereeeeeeeeeeee we go……another #BoldandBeautiful Cliffhanger Friday. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

Well lovelies, there’s nothing much to talk about today other than Spencer drama. First, I want to address CaroLYING. What’s the purpose? Why, why, why did she fly all the way to LA to tell $Bill that he’s lying to Thomas and she will not go along with him? All CaroLYING had to do from the start is to tell Thomas the truth. This story line is getting beyond ridiculous and is totally pointless. What CaroLYING need to do is go back to New York, tell Thomas the truth, be done with this craziness, and spare fans having to watch this madness. #GirlByeYouLie.

Next on my agenda is “Self-Righteous Rescue Ranger Lapdawg Liam.” He’s ready to spring into action to rescue Sally from the lie big old bad $Bill told Thomas about CaroLYING dying. I would be able to take him seriously; but there are a few things that hinder me from buying his integrity.

  1. Just a few weeks ago, Hypocrite Liam covered up the fact that Steffy was carrying a concealed weapon illegally, shot Sheila, and lied to the police to protect her.
  2. Was in cahoots with Ridge to bring Quinn down and was upset when Ridge failed.
  3. Lobbied and demanded that Ivy delete the video that incriminated Steffy in Aly’s murder that should’ve gone to the police as evidence for PROFESSIONALS to decide Steffy’s innocence or guilt.
  4. Cheated with his brother’s wife and encouraged her to leave him on numerous occasions.

These are only a few of the latest offenses; so excuse me if you want me to believe that Hypocrite Liam has an ounce of morality in him. He only shows a moral fiber when it suits his endgame.

I’m going to have to give $Bill a standing ovation. This is the ruthless $Bill I know and love. So happy to see him clap back and privileged Liam. $Bill refuses to be called out by Hypocrite; and when Hypocrite challenges him with “ridiculing me won’t make you more right;” $Bill is quick to tell him “it works for you.” Yes, yes, yes, disown him if he doesn’t fall in line. Rip everything from him and like $Bill said; “let your wife support you and you will be one of the poor relations he never had.”

Self-Righteous Liam is so clueless that his own father knows his wife better than he does. When Liam says he’s going to tell Steffy. $Bill laughs, “So, you threatening to go to mommy.” $Bill told him that Steffy would side with him; and guess what, she did.

$Bill let’s Rescue Ranger know that if he goes to Sally or Thomas that he’s out of the family and the company. Hypocrite tries to get smart and asks if he’s going to take back his DNA too. $Bill maliciously says he doesn’t have enough of his DNA; but quickly apologizes for that statement. However, it doesn’t change the fact that Recue Ranger will be out if he tries to rescue Spectra.

$Bill tells Liam he’s his son, he loves him and that’s why he tolerate him being a nuisance; but never his enemy. “Trust me when I tell you, you don’t want to become my enemy now.” After seeing the fear in Rescue Ranger’s eyes, $Bill thinks he got through and embrace him.

Well…..Will CaroLYING finally come clean with Thomas? Will Hypocrite Liam take head to $Bill’s warning and keep his mouth closed? Or will he run to rescue Sally? You tell me.

By Sofia A. Bryan

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/04/17: Strawberry Whip Creamed Surprise

Marlena’s Apartment Hattie and Angelica are discussing things when there’s a knock on the door after some looks and some assurance head shaking Angelica ran into the bedroom Hattie Answered


“Hello Marlena” he said sitting down “Hattie looked at Marlena’s appointment book”

“Robert, you look well how things are today”

“Great just great project pawn is coming along nicely Fiancée Blanca and I are having a Boy ,she’s letting name him and he’s going to grow up and marry Holly it’s all coming along great ”

“Guess what I’m going to name him come on guess” Hattie paused for one second and that’s all Robert needed

This Week In Salem

John and Paul returned to Salem John thinks that Victor is innocent because of Sonny being put in harm’s way, Paul thinks that Victor may be risking it all on the halo and knows did it knowing sonny would be exonerated

John or Paul which theory makes more sense ? “Hattie’s cell went off “excuse me”

Hattie drugged Marlena’s strawberries and whipped cream dish and took her place sending her off to be committed in a psych ward somewhere?

Who will be the first to notice a different Marlena?

“Is it shady hills? Will Marlena run into Ben?

Will john be able to figure this out knowing he can’t use Stefano as a He’s responsible starting point ?”

“Kayla was reinstated as a doctor just in time to help Niece Abigail?”

“Is Kayla the only doctor in the hospital shouldn’t she be forbidden to help family?

“Like Brady’s care about things like ethics and rules”

Nicole told Maggie about forgiving Eric  Brady’s jealousy of Eric is starting to fester he thinks they are cheating on him.

Is Brady over reacting?

“Nicole’s history? Well most of the time her “history” was to obtain him, he should at least give her the benefit of the doubt instead of following her around?

“News of Abigail was all over Commissioner Hero Raines had to remind Hope and Rafe that the best thing they could do for Abigail was their DUTY especially since she was one of their own aka working for the department

“Don’t you just love Raines, he’s awesome!”

Justin heard Adriane say she loves Lucas?  How is this going to play out with a phony Andrianne soon to be running around?

And how come nobody in Salem before now noticed that Bonnie Lockhart and Adrianne Johnson Kirakis Are TWINS Bonnie was with Mickey Patrick and Jennifer were “friends for a bit”  and Mimi was constantly around belle and Shawn Certainly there are photos of Bonnie somewhere in the Horton Households.

Chad was told of his incriminating photo and why Andre had Theo get rid of it   Chad broke down in Andre’s arms  they shared a hug
Did that Hug feel weird ?
I thought it was awesome Andre’s transition is complete.
Gabi told chad  that Abigail only married Dario for his green card status Gabi heard Chad tell Abigail he loved her so they are pretty much done.

What or whose next for Gabi? Eli or Supercop?

After being updated on Tripp’s progress Tripp wanted to give up  Angelo encouraged him not to give up by  offering  him  a Gun that can’t be traced.

Tripp said he would do it HIS way rejecting the gun

Good for him.

Would you like to see the Marconi’s running around Salem again?

Only if it’s to see Andre and chad chasing them out

Chad vowed not to leave Abigail’s side ever again

Andre told Gabi, Chad may have killed damos

Does it really matter who killed damos when it was the Halo that caused it not the actual person?  ”
“doesn’t knowing that  “it was the halo”  aka the killer won’t spend a single night in prison makes it all pointless ”

Tripp Attacked Kayla with a knife so small it could not hurt her on daytime tv

Did that seem silly to anyone else ?

How will Steve get Tripp out of this and will they all be buddies by the end of next week?

Abigail opened her eyes? Will she have a serious injury? Will she have amnesia of some kind?

Are you happy that Chad and Abigails unification is Weeks away if not less ?


“That’s about it”

“Ill see you next week then this was very informative Robert”

“Thanks Hattie, best wishes on your plan Roman’s safety word is “kosicheck LOL” Robert said walking out on a stunned Hattie

“Wait till Andre hears about this: Robert laughed to himself while heading for his car

Time To Turn The Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday; 08-04-17: Over My Dead Body or Yours

It’s #BoldandBeautiful Cliffhanger Friday!!!!! Sooooo much tea to spill. “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

At Forrester Creations Steffy is filling in Liam on what went on in Monte Carlo. Liam is confused about why Thomas went to NY and shows concern about what will happen to Spectra Fashions. Steffy is like “I don’t know and I don’t care as long as it keeps him away from Spectra.” ROTFL

Ridge enters, Liam gets an urgent call and actually is going to work. Ridge shares with Steffy that Eric has disowned him and it’s never been this bad. She gives Ridge the side eye and say, “Can you blame him?” That’s right Steffy, I can’t believe I’m saying this since I seldom agree with you; but I have to agree with you on this one, nobody can blame Eric for this, and whatever Eric chooses to do is right.

Ridge lays the blames at Sheila’s feet for being in “Eric’s ear.” He tries to figure out who told Sheila and because the Fab Five: Ivy, Brooke, Katie, nor he or Quinn; would tell her. Who did it? Stupid Ridge just leaked out the list of who knew to Steffy. I don’t think it’s an accident; he’s trying to relieve the pressure off him and throw blame elsewhere as to people who kept the secret from Eric and he’s not the only one that can’t be trusted.

Across the hall is #TeamLoyal; that is Perv Wyatt and StepMotherfu*ker. You all know I come up with all these fantastic nicknames; but I can’t take credit for #TeamLoyal, that’s my friend Jen and StepMotherfu*ker is courtesy of my friend Juanita. Anywhoooooooo, this newfound incest couple #TeamLoyal is chatting it up about their kisses when in walks Charlotte to hit on Perv Wyatt. Really? Why is Charlotte needed again? Isn’t there enough cast members on the backburner without bringing in a stray?

Ok, I digressed, StepMotherfu*ker is playing all coy like “I think you should find someone else and so should I.” #GirlBye, we ALL know that both you and your baby’s brother are horny and haven’t had any in ages. Just go ahead and smash each other so you can get off our screens. We know the twisted minds of the writers are going to take it there; so let’s just get it over with so we can move on.

Now, on Thursday Zende stood up for Maya against two jerks that were dissing her because she’s transgender. Maya gratefully gave Zende a hug and a kiss on the cheek. But as the saying goes, people that do dirt always suspect others of doing the same thing or worse. So Busybody Katie witnessed this innocent encounter and believes “something is going on.”

On the way back from Monte Carlo on the Spencer private jet; Busybody told Perv what she saw and her suspicions. I must commend the Perv, he said, “Oh my gosh, they hugged.” Then Busybody admitted she had trust issues. A normal person would’ve moved on; but not Busybody, she mentioned it again on Friday. Evidently Perv helping StepMotherfu*ker Busybody over her trust issues is one of the foundation pieces of #TeamLoyal,

A few people are rooting for this incest couple because they want to see what $Bill will say. I have two questions 1. If StepMotherfu*ker gets pregnant by Perv; how are they going to explain it to Will? And 2. If the purpose of putting this sick twisted couple together was to see what $Bill’s reaction is; has the creative well dried up on Bold so bad that this is the best they could think of? I want to know what happened because last week they wrote an Emmy winning script for Ridge and Eric.

Over at the hotel, Charlie aka “some two-bit security guard,” according to Sheila; is hilariously trying to stand up to Sheila. I hate to tell you this Charlie; but you’re out of your league. Queen Sheila is going to rule and reign all over you. Sheila tells Charlie that Eric is with Quinn and hopefully asking for a divorce. Queen Sheila reveals that she was once married to Eric and Charlie surmise that Sheila wants to be Mrs. Eric Forrester again. By gosh Charlie, you are right.

Queen Sheila asks her subject “some two-bit security guard” to leave and a knock is at the door. It’s Beatrice, Sheila’s personal clairvoyant. She walks in and begins cleansing the room. Charlie states as boldly as he can that Sheila is up to something and he’s going to find out what it is. In classic Sheila style; she quips, “Over my dead body…or yours,” and gives her trademark devious laugh and smile. Charlie’s Adam’s apple sink to the bottom of his foot as he stands there looking dumbfounded in silent fear.

Meanwhile over at the Forrester Mansion, Quinn begs Eric not to divorce her; they can work through this and they have overcome so much. She might as well push play and repeat on this broken record speech; because it’s the same lame excuses. Eric isn’t buying what Quinn is selling and reminds her that she and Ridge “couldn’t help themselves.” Quinn, go upstairs, pack your bags, and leave with a little dignity. Eric is not going to counseling; he’s not going to take you back (at least not now); because you are tainted and spoiled goods by Ridge Forrester. Quinn, unlike your perv son; Eric is not going to swap spit with you after his son has had a whorl. Unlike your perv son who wants his father’s sloppy seconds and go in from whence his brother came; Eric is not interested in having what his son has tasted. AGAIN, Quinn, go upstairs, pack your bags, and leave with what little dignity you have left.

So, what will happen next? Will #TeamLoyal continue their twisted relationship? Will Busybody Katie get all up in Maya’s business for her to slap her? Will Charlie persist to find out what Queen Sheila is up to only for it to be “over his dead body?” Will Sheila’s clairvoyant’s cleansing make her all spanking brand new again for her to become the next Mrs. Eric Forrester? What about Quinn? Will she walk out with what little bit of dignity she has left or will Eric have to throw her out? You tell me.

By Sofia A. Bryan