Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 05/03/19: Its coming from Inside the House

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Frustrated beyond belief Nichole went to See Robert she planned on a big surprise I’m alive reunion anyway and  if there was anyone that could help her find Holly it was Robert 

Nicole entered the building and dealt with all the “she’s alive’s”as best she could Bob was told of her arrival when she was seen in the parking lot  he made one call to delay the elevators and then another on his computer 

“She is here ?” 

“We prepared for this, you know what you have to do?” after a few minutes Nicole arrived in the doorway 

“Nicole ???’

“Yes Robert its me..I’m alive it’s so good to see you” Bob got up for a hug please sit we have much to talk about”

This week in Salem 

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A shocked Eric Reunited with Nicole A shocked Sarah left with Rex 

Were you happy for the long awaited Eric and Nicole Reunion? 

Yes. But I’m sure it will be screwed up 

Stefan reassured Chloe that the security cameras indicate Holly is still in the house”


“it’s possible you know the ins and outs above’s and below’s of that place its huge”

“Sure lets go with that”

“doesn’t Stefan have enough money and man power to have goons Rumage through every square inch of the place ?”

“Wonder why they didn’t think of that” 

“Stefan called the police and of course the Commissioner made a house call they searched the grounds and found nothing”

“SMH ..Nope not enough time…moving on 

“Abe and Shelia talked about their kiss?”

“Are you rooting for this couple?”

“Ted met with Holly’s captor good old Zander”

“Zander has Holly?”

“pops you didn’t hear that from me” 

“Sarah told Maggie ‘Nicole was alive just as Chloe walked in and told Maggie holly was missing 

“Talk about the good new bad news”

“What kind of reunion will Nicole and Maggie have ?

“Hopefully Holly will be with them”

“At Dimera Mansion Stefan got Nicole up to date on Chloe and the cartel and why they think they are behind this. Which made Nicole..Even more tense”

“You lashed out at Chloe didn’t you”

“Dam right i did” 

“Are you upset that one week back and the writers have already reverted Nicole back to the way she was”

“Yes but after this is all over it will all before forgotten I’m sure. It usually is”

“Ted met with Zander and told him kidnapping kids was not what he signed up for he was given half payment and they went over the next part of the plan”

“I’ll kill zander if this is true”

“That’s my girl”

“Hope was  …thrown for a loop when discovering Ben and Ciara made love” Bob started laughing”  I need to call Doug this is hilarious to witness”

“Do you remember Doug and his mindset when Hope and Bo were in their early stages?”

“Ted gave Hope a jewelry gift for some reason and told her he would make Hector Talk ?”

“Will Hector go along with any of this?”


Jack has an idea he thinks will help him in the polls Abe doesn’t want to discuss the Shelia kissing”

JJ thinks that Claire’s lighter is the same one that set the cabin fire, Claire reminded JJ he wasn’t a cop anymore”

“Will Claire see JJ as an obstacle”

“I hope so..Claire is about to lose it, even Eve doesn’t think she can control Claire anymore”

“it’s going to get Hot very soon especially since Tripp insisted that She move out later she updated Kayla on everything that was happening 

“LOL Claire is going to burn down the soras house is Kayla paying for Tripp how can any of them afford that place now ?”

Lani who is also losing it turned down a Miami vacation with Eli to stay home with not my Baby David”

“Who and when is going to reel in Lani before she is too far gone?”

Tripp and Claire went from hot to cold or vice versa when briefly mentioning goodbye sex ?

Are you happy Tripp and Claire are done?

Claire may have considered rooming at dimera mansion i think thats what it sounded like she then burned the tripp and haley wedding photo 

she also considered living in Dimera mansion for some reason ??? She better not burn down Stefano’s portrait or i will kill her myself. Sorry

How soon until we see her finally snap 

Not soon enough 

At the debate Jack revealed the Shelia and Abe kiss?

For real ?


Abe’s not married who in the hell cares Stupid nonsense 

JJ wanting to make his dad suffer because he’s EXACTLY like was before he was born just not evil wants to punish him for what i don’t know he went to Kayla to ask if he could use the rape in his ousting plot 

Why hasn’t the media dug this up Jack was prosecuted it’s all a matter of public record 

Because the writing of all this is beyond comprehension 

Gabi is still thinking about her revenge on Stefan 

Will Stefan fall for Gabi and would he get hurt or devastated by it 

That’s a tricky one i was once devastated when i could no longer see my favorite hooker.. ah Kate the good old days 

Did you just call Gabi a hooker?

“If the shoe fits  btw have you seen how she’s dressed lately  note she looking awesome 

Sarah told Marlena she would go back to Rex 

Poor Rex 

Will Sarah move on?

i think she will join Claire on the crazy train BTW Nicole, Sarah slept with Zander while you were gone shhhh

Ted told Rafe and Hope that Hector for a deal would help return Holly 

Will they take the deal ?”

Gabi returned to Dimera mansion in another smoking hot outfit and they both resumed the you liked it more but you’re not getting any more banter 

Then they had sex again 

it’s like Sami and EJ without the sadistic Violence 

How extreme will Stabi get?

Ted told Zander their plan was working after a brief reunion with Brady and Maggie hope came in and told them the hector news Ted then went to the station and told them were Holly Was 

Will Zander turn out to be Nicole’s hero ?

“that’s about’s so good to see you again Robert I’ve missed you

Nicole i…so much has happened there’s ALLOT of explaining to do” 

“That will have to wait Robert”

“BOB are you ready to go” NICOLE???” Blanca looked at Bob  

Nicole with a small sense of what was happening “I’ll call you later Robert i have to go”  went back to the others and left

“See i was telling the truth” Bob said to Blanca 

Time to Turn the Hourglass 

Time to Turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 04-26-19:whats to Hate about Hate sex

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Bob is about to leave his office for his Marlena appointment when three masked people enter the room subdue him put a bag over his head and handcuff his hands behind his back to the radiator 

Bart !!! Marco  Blanca !!!  GET THIS HOOD OFF ME 

How’d he know it was us” went Bart taking the hood off 

Thanks Guys I’ll take it from here” went Blanca 

Sorry miss Blanca but we need to stay for this “smirked Bart Marco started laughing 

Blanca unsnuff me right now 

And let you go running off to Nicole not a chance 

ARGHHH TRAITORS went Bob looking at Bart and Marco who continued to chuckle  

This week in Salem 

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Rafe is worried about leaving Hope alone with Ted?

Doesn’t Rafe trust hope enough? 

Why should he trust hope he knows Sami can’t trust him? 

They were on a break 

Uh huh 

Kate demanded to know why Ted was so interested in Chloe Lane and when he gave his answer she knew he was lying 

Kate’s just jealous Ted took the money instead of her “Bob struggled to get free 

Gabi and Stefan’s can’t seem to stay away from each other their “hate sex seems unstoppable”

Which one of them will developed real feelings first 

Hopefully Gabi 

Maggie is angry at Victor for letting Kate back into the company and their lives 

Victor insists its nothing 

Is victor up to something? Does Maggie have a right to be angry? 

Maybe a little it’s still early 

Ciara distracted Hector Ben got the drop on him and Hope and Eli arrested him 

Is that it will we see the cartel again? 

I think we will because Ted gave them updates right after 

How far deep is Ted involved with the cartel?

Stefan took a phone call with Chloe with Gabi in bed next to him upon hearing something Chloe asked about it Stefan referred to Gabi as the maid which made Gabi angry enough to .take matters into her own hands as it were Stefan was. Shocked

Thanks for the visual ..Moving on 

Sheila and Abe discussed the mayoral polls Shelia had a good one Abe had a bad one 

Which poll did you believe ?

After another round of “hate sex” they were almost busted by Chloe when Chloe was confronting Stefan on said matter Gabi snuck out 

How soon and how will Chloe catch them ?

Will is Cancer free but still has a tumor 

Sigh first the good then the bad 

Why did they drop the curse angle just like that?

Beats me you would think that after the amulet business the entire town would believe in curses 

Sarah because she’s only 16 years old maybe went to see Marlena about Eric Marlena decided the heck with her former priests sons promise to God and threw him under the bus 

A shadowy figure is wandering about the Dimera mansion halls waiting and looking for the right moment to snatch holly and take off 

ANOTHER KIDNAPPING SMDH ENOUGH IS ENOUGH @#$@#$ WRITERS I SWEAR IF THE KILL OFF HOLLY THAT WILL BE THE FINAL STRAW  Bob yelled while trying to yank himself free  from the handcuffs 

Are we calm now..Went Blanca


Ciara and hope discussed her and rate’s issues Ted tried to make peace with hope by buying her a necklace 

SMH stupid idea i just don’t get Ted at all this is above and beyond the cartels having him monitor police activity 

What is Teds deal ? 

Maggie and Kate argued about Rex and his cheating ways Rex overheard owned up to it and said it wouldn’t happen again 

Do you believe Rex? Is Maggie right to be ..Untrustworthy 

No and yes 

Nicole back from the dead ran into Rex and fainted after recovering Rex decided that the using the phone to inform everyone was not a good idea 

Darn straight it’s not 

Marlena decided that it was okay to betray God for Eric and told Sarah about his so called feelings 

SMH  ill talk to her later about this  

Was Marlena in the right 


Ben and Ciara made love 


The song they played was horrendous 

It usually is in those situations 

Ben said he loved her and that he wasn’t crazy anymore 

He’s not cured he’s medicated SMH 

She said she loved him back 

How soon until Hope is a great Grandma 


Ted apologized to hope for the rift he caused between her and Rafe 

Apologize. He should get a damn medal 

How is what he’s doing any different than when Hope was with Aiden yet Rafe wouldn’t go away ??? Minus the stupid gifts SMH TED 

Chloe went upstairs to check on Holly and upon hearing a scream  Stefan ran up after her 

What did Chloe see ? 

See what happens when you give security the night off 

Sarah decided to take full advantage of Marlena’s betrayal and do whatever she could to get Eric to break his promise to God by telling him she has real feelings 

When is Sarah going to go away?

Soon because right after that Eric and Sarah saw Nicole as she walked out 

Eric just stood there Sarah looked devastated like her world just ended 

That’s because i bet they will say she knew where Nicole was this whole time 

That’s yet to be seen 

Could Sarah have known about all this? 

Because of the time she slept with Zander i say yes 

Speaking of zander is he the one trying to get Holly out of Dimera mansion 


That’s about it 

Marlena and john walked in 

Bob you missed your appointment your secretary said you were still here but i can see your “tied up” what’s going on 

“Nothing” Bob jumped up free of the handcuffs and handed them to Bart 

“Shall we”  Maro and Bart just stared wondering how Bob got himself free as he left the room Blanca followed him 

Time To Turn The Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 04-20-19: Winning One with Chicken Fingers

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the Salem Docks
“KEEP FIRING” Bob yelled to his men “I Will not let the cartel turn Stefano’s house into a war zone” when the dust was settled
“two, maybe three got through boss but we stopped the rest of them”
“good job Bart, let’s get out of here “Bob’s phone rang he saw who was calling
“Rob. Is something wrong?” SERIOUSLY but what about my marriage? “Can you be sure about that? Bob hangs up
“what’s up Bob?”Asked Marco
“Ted’s working with the cartel. Oh and Nicole’s returning to Salem?”
“Say good bye to your marriage i guess” went Marco Bart laughed
“THAT’S NOT FUNNY …i need to see Marlena

This week in Salem

Marlena’s office

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Ben showed Ciara his guardhouse/home he offered her the bed and opted for the floor
Very noble of him
she said they could share Ben gave the i don’t want to mess things up line and Stefan called killing the moment
was that a proper place for a couples first time ?
Could be it depends
Claire decided not to stop the wedding so Tripp and Haley married ICE however will be watching them
you know what’s funny about all this you know besides nothing?
if you go by the Salem timeline Damos had to have been undocumented think of how that story Should have played out then instead of this one now”
Adriane did her best to stop JJ and Eve’s wedding but after all the not going to go there stuff they also married
wow am shocked
was this expected ?
no i thought one of the weddings would be stopped BUT look on the bright side Jack and Jennifer fans it will be even more devastating when it all ends for Eve
that’s true
Maggie interrupted Kate’s trying to enter Titan with news of Wills Brain tumor
Well at least we got rid of the Evil Eye last week that was fun 
does Will really have a brain tumor?
Will will be fine Marlena i promise you
Gabi Agreed to seduce Stefan
LOL this should be fun to watch

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She interrupted Stefan and Chloe’s picnic plans by using how long it’s been since she’s been with a man
how long has it been ????
months maybe
LOL Grabi 
THATS NOT NICE LOL besides if she actually becomes Mrs Dimera. someday .what then
which brings us to you Marlena
what about me ?
Are you possessed again ?
then why are you trying to get Eric to break his promise to God, No you know what don’t ask I’m not going to argue that here MOVING ON
Sarah insisted she was just friends with Eric
Here we go ..Marlena if Sara is working with Zander ..remember I told you so
Eric is going to be Rex and Sara’s wedding photographer
I hope he charges them for it and i hope they pay him
He’s very good
I know he is tell him not to worry though i have my people on the video taping of it as he can’t do both
Will Eric’s working at the wedding make things worse or better
Eli met up with Chloe just in time for one of the Cartel guys to show up ,another LONE Cartel guy was able to distract his way into the mansion claiming Vengeance for his dead brother
Lani continues to be “attached” to Baby David
Marlena you’re going to need to add Jordan AND lani to your patients lists now
is lani going to crack
Rafe wants to raise David for Jordan Hope said NO WAY
that’s too bad
why do you say that
hope lets Chelsea into her home Chelsea kills Zack
Hope lets Chase into her home he rapes Ciara
so Hope MUST let David live with them just to see how her life gets blown up”
we can only hope for the best
LOL i see what you did there ..anyway
Eli got the one cartel goon and Rafe entered Dimera mansion to be shot be the other Bob started laughing
Bob calm down
lol relax Marlena he was hit in the shoulder he’ll be fine
Chloe told off Brady again about Stefan
Is Brady falling for Chloe again?
Gabi kissed Stefan again
poor Chloe she got caught in the middle of the Stefan and Gabi hate/fest
is this why Chloe leaves Salem
no i think it’s for another reason
Hope told Kayla, Rafe moved out Bob started laughing again
Ted was talking to the cartel on the phone Eli nearly caught him
why and for how long has Ted been under the cartels thumb
I tried to help him Marlena but he wanted to be more than just a lawyer/DA
i remember

back at the mansion the cartel good Grabbed Ciara and took off
please Marlena it happens all the time Ciara may catch up to your being kidnapped record
I hope not I’m proud of that one ..Marlena said with a smirk and giggle that made Bob laugh 
Anyway Serial killers are sadly very adept at stalking and preying on people Ben is sure to rescue Ciara in no time flat
Ben found an earring Ciara dropped
a little Later Cartel goon Hector decided that Ciara as a hostage was too much of a risk so he decided to flat out murder her
he pointed his gun as the credits rolled
Hey Marlena do you think Ben and Ciara will develop a psychic link like Bo and Hope did
I hope not i want Bo and Hope’s ” connection” to be “special”
me too ..Marlena
I heard from Rob.. Nicole’s sort of returning i need to fill you in on the details
I’ll tell john we’ll be late for diner

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 04-12-19: Impersonating a fireman

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Bob, Bart, Marco, and several goons  are underneath Salem 

Brings back memories doesn’t it Bart”

I thought all the tunnels were sealed”

I had them unsealed

Why are we down here?” asked Marco 

two reasons,  one  to ensure that if and when the Cartel attacks Dimera mansion they can’t get inside it this way and get their hands on that “”bob pointed to a weapons cache 

When the cartel attacks it will be with nothing more than hopefully a few pistols can’t let them get their hands on any weapon  caches lying around 

“Rocket launchers, AK 47’s, shotguns  …CIA???? Oh that’s right  Big boss man  once moved weapons for them 
good old days  ” Bob paused and sighed “come on there’s sure to be some more 

This week in Salem 

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Rafe told Jordan he found Davd,Jordan refused to reveal who the father was and said no to Ben raising him 

Any ideas on who the father is??

Speculation is it could beTted  is it possible ?

Hope pulled away from Ted and apologized for misleading him she wants to work on her marriage Z

Good for her 

Lani could be getting a “little too attached” to Jordan’s David 

Ya you Think ??  SMH i feel bad for Lani it’s like Fate twisting the knife on an open wound 

Any chance that David and David are 


The tape to expose the sham Haley and Tripp marriage  didn’t work Eve used the occasion to announce her and jacks engagement 

Sigh not going to. Those blue hats rallies clearly one sided ..shame just ..people go to Salem to escape this 

How much longer for all this 

Well elections are in November so 



Jennifer and jj scolded jack again 

Getting old 

Claire freaked out some more because Haley and JJ’s sham was too convincing 

What is Claire going to do next? 

Rex tried to get Sarah to marry him on the spot/spur of the moment thing 

NOPE she didn’t go for it 

Do you wish Sarah said yes? 

Eric pretended to be Russian to lure Eve away from jack it worked 

Russian meeting SMH  SIGH STAY OUT OF SALEM SMH writers 

Jack was trapped in a room or closet or something and smoke filled the room 

Jennifer tried to recreate one of their classic moments to help jog his memory  

aww that’s kind of sweet 

Did she pick him up and carry him away 


Then it doesn’t count..Anyway something fell from a top shelf and knocked him out 

LOL did it jog his memory?

Not sure i think he had flashes and progress was made 

When will Jack get his memory back? 

I’m thinking may sweeps 

Will has a mass on his frontal lobe more tests are required 

Last week was fun Victor got so mad? 

LOL it was 

Haley let JJ off the hook for his betrayal 


Calm down 

Why should i if Nicole ever did that to someone they would hold her in contempt for Months on end 

how’s she doing anyway 


An enraged Claire admitted to Eve she set the cabin fire Eve said they would try to frame Ben 

Sigh sure why not 

Who are you sicker of Eve or Claire? 

Got to go with Claire 

Speaking of Ben Lani won’t let him see his Nephew 

Aww is the poor serial killer upset that A woman doesn’t want a murderer around a baby give him an aww 

But their family 

Would you like a list of serial killers that have murdered their own family moving on? 

Would you let Ben near the baby?

Rafe told Hope he wants to help raise David 

Hope said NO 

Good for Hope I’m with her on this one  

Really yes 

Hope let Chelsea into her home she killed Zack 

Hope let Chase into her house and he raped Ciara 

Hope should stop letting other peoples kids into her house can only imaging the terrors a sorased David would bring 

Anyway after some arguing and a Ted mentioning Rafe walked out 


Is it possible Hope  and Rafe are done 

Crossing fingers and toes 

Ciara may be onto Claire after questioning on how the lighter got into the Soras house 


LOL that would be funny but i don’t think it will get that far 

Will this be Claire’s exit story 

Ice made a surprise on Tripp and Haley just as Justin was marrying them 

Does this mean that Justin can also go to jail? 

I hope so 


Yes one it would be funny and two it would Victor an excuse to step in throw his money around and end all this 

How will this end ?

Shockingly because Claire ran into the room and yelled for it to stop at the same time jack turned to eve and said he couldn’t marry her 

Will both marriages be stopped ? Only one? And if only one Which one?

Tough call 

That’s about it 

Great the Cartels not going to get in this way let’s get out of here 

Stefan is going to owe you for this 

Stefan the police and several others..

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 04-07-19: California and back in 60 minutes

Kirakis mansion 

WENT TO THE WITCH DOCTORS HE TOLD US WHAT TO DO  yelled Bob who entered with a group of strangely dressed people “WE’RE HERE”he yelled louder 

“Whats going on” went Maggie as the men who came with Bob started dancing and chanting around the living room “hello Maggie don’t worry we are here to help!” 

Maggie had to move out of the way of one of them who chanted past her “BE CAREFUL” went bob 

“WHAT IN THE HELL IS ALL THIS “Went a very angry Victor who came in with Sonny in tow 

“Victor this is Chief of Staff  DR Alexander The Great and his staff Dr Leonidas,Dr Achilles.Dr Hector, Dr Paris, and Nurse Helen they are here to help rid Will of his curse 


Wait Uncle Vic maybe we should let them what harm could it do”  

Oh Dear God went Victor who turned to leave when he heard something Crash “THIS ISNT SPARTA” Went Dr Leonidas pausing before resuming his chanting

“Opps ill pay for that “went Bob trying to not laugh

This Week In Salem

Rafe told Jordan he would find her baby before he left Rafe warned Hope about Ted

Hopes a big girl Rafe 

Shouldn’t Rafe trust Hope 

well Rafe cant be trusted himself so ?

Eve and Jack prepared their trap involving Ice and a Rally 

As if this story wasn’t bad enough those blue hats SMH 

Shouldn’t Days budgets be better vested in other things? 

Sonny looked into curing the Evil Eye 

“Which is why i brought them to help” went bob as the doctors continued to dance and chant around the room releasing peddles and spraying into the air 

And it also gets under My Uncles Skin 

That too 

Gabi told Sonny that the kissing of Stefan meant nothing Stefan told Chloe the same thing 

Which one of them is more in denial ?

Tough call 

Victor mocked Sarah about burning the bed sheets her and zander used he also put his foot down when Brady hinted at Chloe moving back into the mansion 

They heard another Crash “does that look like the gordian knot Alexander really?”

“Sorry” went Dr Alexander going back to his room pacing  

I’ll pay for that too 

Victor gabe kate a NO when she asked about returning to Titan 

Smart move Victor 

Cant Kate find a job on her own?

Gabi went back to the mansion for some reason and started mocking him to Chloe they started arguing Stefan caught it and had some fun at their expense Gabi ran down the list of things Stefan did to Gabi and then kissed him
Gabi may have kissed him again to show Stefan what he couldn’t have he kicked her out again 

How are you liking the new Stefan?

I’m liking him Allot 

Stefan gave Chloe some reassurances about how he’s stepping up security 

JJ pleaded with Haley again 

Jacks rally started 

SMH at all of this 

It’s almost over…i hope 

Ciara tried to stop Ben from doing his job again 

is Ciara smothering him ?


Hope arrived to question Ben about Jordan’s baby Ben had no idea she was ever pregnant 

Did Jordan steal that baby and will we ever find out whom from 

i think many things will be made clear when we find out about Jordan’s car accident 


BOB went Maggie 

What that’s what he does 

SHHH not so loud you’ll interrupt them went Sonny watching the doctors with deep interest 

Stefan called off Ben’s mission 

Oh btw Ben is armed now 

How and why can Ben legally carry a gun ?

Its Salem just go with it 

Abe was furious with Ted but Ted convinced Abe to keep him on as DA 

What secrets are Ted hiding?

Not sure i thought one or two may have involved Diana?  Did she leave Salem i haven’t seen her?

JJ put his cop hat back on and asked Claire a bunch of questions when seeing her lighter 

Fire pretty JJ that’s all you need to know 

Haley and trips meeting with the Ice agent didn’t go as well as they hoped but it could have went worse 

Rafe arrived with Baby David not knowing who the father was 

Do you think he visited Theresa and the others out in California maybe Theresa has some insight on Matteo’s goons ?

doubt it 

At the Rally Eve’s plan to show the Haley and Tripp are frauds video was stattered as the tape was missing 

Did Jack Remove the evidence? Is he playing Eve?

I hope so i still want him to be Mayor though  jack can do both make a fool of eve and win the election because hes JACK 

Shelia and Abe are almost there ?

are you happy for that couple ?

Hope Let Ted Kiss her 

Why not Bo cheated on Hope a few times …Rafe …was on a break but still so soon after come on 

Remember when Hope forced Bo to sign the separation papers had sex with Patrick then dumped him the next day 

I still say Patrick’s Ciara’s father but whatever 

The chanting stopped “we have done all we can to lift the curse from this man and house” went Dr Alexander 

Well let’s be off then “good luck Will Sonny Maggie sees you soon 

Thanks Bob “went Sonny  

WHOSE GOING TO CLEAN THIS MESS went victor returning to the room 

RUN Bob and his doctors ran out 

Time to Turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 03-29-19: Watch out for the Evil Eye

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Marlena and john are on their way up to Rob’s office when Lani Eli and a bunch of officers enter the elevator with them 

“What are you doing here?” askedJjohn

“Ice raid we are looking for Haley Chen and other undocumented that may be on the premises ” went Eli 

“Oh dear” went Marlena their elevator door opened they headed towards the office Marco at the desk phones Bob a heads up 

Bob approached them Hello Everyone who’s up for a Bribe 

This week in Salem 

Checking over the Dimera Security camera’s revealed two Shooters 

Two that’s it ..seems weak 

I’m just grateful the Stefano portrait wasn’t damaged  went bob 

Because that’s more important than human lives? Went Lani 

Do you want an honest answer…MOVING ON 

Hope reminded Ted she was married 

Will Ted get the message and back off 

I hope so seriously i know Rafe and Hope are as exciting as watching paint dry but Ted could do SO much Better 

How far will Ted and Hope go ?

Marlena lent Leo 500 dollars for a hotel  Diana told Leo john wasn’t his father Leo got mad and took off 

I’m sorry about all that John ..if it helps you feel better Stefano told me he and  Marlena are my real parents” Marlena shot Bob a look  

LOL what Marlena i told you that Decades ago  

No Bob Rob told me that not you 

Right Right Moving on 

Here’s a nice twist Ted Ran into Diana and Ted’s wife’s passing two years ago came up and Diana said that was impossible she saw him 6 months ago 

Who could Ted’s wife possibly be if she already in Salem or on her way 


Stop it went Blanca 

Brady warned Sarah about Eric again Sarah told Brady to stay out of everyone else’s love life 

Sorry Sarah this time he can’t Brady is Gods emissary for Eric to stay to his word 

What’s it going to take for Brady to just knock it all off 

Brady enlisted Eric’s help to get Chloe out of Dimera Mansion 

Wouldn’t this all be easier if Brady and Sarah started up?

Brady and Sarah hmmmm ?

Leo signed the divorce papers but before leaving he gave Will THE EVIL EYE 

…wait did you say the Evil Eye 


I’m so sorry Marlena 

For what 

Once you get the evil eye your pretty much done for SEE LOOK BLANCAS GIVING IT TO ME NOW …STOP THAT 

Will got sick is this psychosomatic or is the curse real 

Curses are real Marlena remember the Amulet and what that did to everyone 

Chloe gave Stefan another NO ..but this time she said “until the Mateo business is over with ” 

Stefan seemed pleased ..speaking of Stefan …how did you like Brandons Debut performance ?

i think he’s got great potential ..I also heard he’s on Contract 

WHOO HOO Bob yelled out 

Gabi entered the mansion and started mocking Chloe and Stefan arguing ensued and then..Gabi Kissed Stefan 

She what 

She kissed him 


Stefan got pissed and yelled mortified she ran out of there like a bat out of hell 

Man they are going to be a hoot 

Will was taken to the hospital 

JJ continues to protest Haley’s marriage to Tripp 

Would you seriously trust JJ again after what he did? 

NOPE Horton’s can’t be trusted to keep quiet about anything Sad Haley had to learn the hard way 

Brady wants to try again with Chloe 

Like that worked out so well the last time, John you need to talk to Brady AGAIN 

I will bob 

Sarah found out Brady is the one behind Eric’s not wanting to be with her 

Sorry Sarah but Eric needs to stick to his promise 

Once Sarah finds out about Eric’s promise will she back off 

Not if she’s been sent from Hell 



Claire looked at the lighter she used to set the cabin on fire and her mind wandered to burning Haley alive i think not sure on that one 


Poor Claire will she get the help she needs 

Take some pills she’ll be fine just like Ben 

Eve jack and Claire worked together to film Tripp’s bogus Proposal to Haley 

Is it possible that Tripp and Haley become real they did seem to have a moment? 

After more not Eric you from Sarah  to Rex, Rex proposed 

Should Sarah say yes to Rex 


Hope told Jennifer about Ted’s kissing her 

I really Hope Ted is messing with Hope  

Is it possible Ted has other motives and what could they be 

How about Teds working for Andre and or Aiden Man that would be hilarious but then again it would mean ropes still a thing so NOPE 

Abe found out that HIS DA once blackmailed Will and Sonny and he let Hope have it 

Too late Abe you made this cesspool of corruption aka the Salem PD now you have to live with it 

Could this cost Abe the election 

Doubt it this town did Elect EJ dimera after wait we rigged that OPPS LOL 

Ted offered Abe his help in removing the cartel from Salem Abe told him no thanks 

Could this mean Ted is involved with the Cartel? 

Doubt it 

JJ yelled at jack for being a heartless Jerk 

So that means nobody told JJ that his father was a real heartless jerk before he was born SMH Jennifer 

Rafe went to visit Jordan and she insisted that she only set one Fire 

oh oh not to worry Claire Rafe could take YEARS figuring all this out Jordan then asked Rafe to find her baby 

OH Oh a who’s the father story coming up ..

Is the father anyone in Salem ?

Good question 

Eli and lani came back over “okay Blanca you have to come with us”


APRIL FOOL Bob started laughing 

Marlena hold him down while i kill him 

After the laughter and anger subsided Bob took everyone out to diner 

Time To Turn The Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 03-22-19: Out With the New in with the Newer

Bob’s office Marco and Bart walk in on Bob’s meeting 

Soap Opera Digest?s 40th Anniversary Party at The Argyle Hollywood – Arrivals Featuring: Brandon Barash Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 24 Feb 2016 Credit: Charlie Steffens/ (Newscom TagID: wennphotosfive672870.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

Gunshots at Dimera Mansion Boss


Yeah their being attacked by a drug cartel nothing for you to worry about you better get going though 

the man says goodbye and leaves 

who’s that ?” asked Bart  
That’s the new Stefan i think he will do a fine job 

 Sad what happened with Tyler we wish him the best 

That we do s week in Salem 

Brandon Barash took over the role of Stefan Dimera this week what was your first impression of him 

I liked him he has that i can go psycho at any moment look 

Marlena still in her coma dreamed about being possessed Andre, Princess Gina, Tony and of course John 

Was it cool to see Thaoo again?

Yes it was But Curses to the writing team for NOT showing a Stefano Clip Especially when flashing the possession story, anyway Marlena woke up and john told her about the penicillin in her cookies 

Bart calls Kristen and tells her that she is being framed for poisoning Marlena 


Because she may want to return and punish Diana for falsely using her name

Brady warned Rex about Eric’s habit of stealing his brother’s women 

LOL Brady’s got a point 

Ciara nagged Ben for doing Stefan’s dirty work Ben doubled down about how and why saving Chloe was very important to him 

Do you agree with ben? 

I do 

They then told each other that neither could live without the other 

Sigh to be young and in love 

Brady and Gabi outsmarted Leo’s spying operation 

With this backfire on either of them 

i doubt it i don’t even think Leo cares at this point he wants to have a dad 

Awe its kind of nice watching him try to be good 

Will Leo be given a chance? 

After he gives up mommy completely maybe

A shooting occurred at dimera mansion the shooter left a Mateo drug family calling card 

How Far will they take this Mateo revenge  story ?

Jennifer Nagged Jack about using Haley as his political pawn 

Did you see any old sparks fly between the two of them?

Justin told Haley she lost her asylum case and has to leave in 30 days 


NO! I was just 

I know what you were about say do WE DO NOT DISCUSS THAT HERE  ..Despite all the stupid holes in the story just MOVE ON 

Right sorry 

Forget about it 

Ted told hope that he is going for the DA’s job to prove to himself and others that he can be a better person 

Does Ted have a chance to better himself? 

i think so…for starters nobodies come out of his past to accuse him of murdering his wife like with Rafe 

See he’s one up on Rafe already NOT an alleged murderer 

What will it take for Ted to get his second chance?

JJ proposed to Haley after one date 


Did he do it so Haley can stay or so he could selfishly date her some more? 

A little of both Love is in itself selfish is it not 

Was JJ of base and what about Haley’s reaction? 

Haley agreed to marry Tripp instead which has done nothing but further drive Claire down the Crazy Road 

What will Claire come up with next? 

Diana told John that she was sure Kristen poisoned Marlena

Man is she going to be pissed when she finds out 

Go tell her 


Call her on the phone and tell her 

Is that wise come on how epic would it be for Kristen to come back with fiery Righteous Vengeance focusing on Diana and Diana alone ?

Would you like to see Kristen go after Diana?

Stefan and Gabi continued to mask their Sexual tension with vicious threats against one another 

Do you think that Brandon’s Stefan and Gabi would be a good match maybe even better than Tyler’s?

Can’t wait to find out 

Leo called Brady out on his double crossing Brady mocked him Leo went to see John but John wasn’t there john was waiting for Diana with an evidence bag in his hand 

MAN Monday could be EPIC 

You guys want to grab a beer until i meet up with the wife 


Time to Turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 03-17-19: Congratulations John Its a Boy

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 54434895_508006013060693_2115918838125035520_n.jpg

Bob entered Marlena’s hospital room Kayla please leave John I’ve got this “Bob began to unpack some vials  

“Hold on Bob what are you doing”

“Remember when Stefano induced Marlena to have dreams ..this may help wake her up 

John paused then let Bob get to work 

Inside Marlena’s mind 

Marlena…Marlena ..wake up my queen come back to me 


Well it’s a start   muttered Bob 

This Week in Salem 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 53668429_456117775211473_705492049595465728_n.jpg

Calm down Marlena I’m reversing engineering a Stefano concoction to try and get you out of your coma 

Nurse shelly and Diana put some penciling in some cookies which caused  your condition 

Why would nurse shelly do this to me? 

Because she’s stupid, and she’s blaming Haley 

The search for Salem’s most dangerous fugitive came to a close when Eli, Lani Jack and Eve entered the Soras House and arrested her 

What is next for poor Haley?

Julie and Ciara talked about Doug and Ben 

Can you compare Dougs hatred for Bo with Hope’s for Ben 

NO not even close 

Brady continues to try and get Chloe out of Dimera mansion 

Chloe refuses to budge 

Brady then warned Rex about Eric’s tendency to go after His brothers ex’s 

Does Brady have a point on this?


Stefan helped Chloe get Holly to sleep it made him think about what could have been if Charlotte really was his Stefan and Chloe found out they had orphanages in common as they were both raised in one 

This is Tyler Christopher’s last week as Stefan Dimera will you miss him and are you looking forward to Brandon Rash who is taking over the role next week?

I just hope Brandon works out and they change their minds about dumping the character 

Brady Eric and John rallied around Marlena 

John found out he is the father of a twenty something baby boy 

How does son Leo make you feel? 

Pretty good actually finding out Leo had a father he could admire and respect made him (say he would)stop everything he was doing to will and Sonny he went to Brady for a job and when that didn’t work he  went to Stefan and offered him Dirt on titan 

I knew there was a reason to like Leo 

How will this change everything currently going on? 

Need to find Leo a boyfriend 

Claire blamed the discovery of Haley on a nosey neighbor 

Did Tripp and Ciara believe Claire?

As of right now yes 

Like what Rex thinks matters but he doesn’t think Eric is into Sarah 
  it’s no wonder Sarah is the way she is Rex is a clueless moron 

Eric or Rex for Sarah?

John confirmed Leo’s baby status with Brady 

Gabi tried to push her new Gabi chic product through Stefan a pillow 

a pillow ?


Sure why not people do buy pillows..They probably match Her chic outfits. Which continue to be outstanding? 

Where do you get your pillows Marlena 


Stefano always had great bed wears sheets pillows ect ect i hate to admit it but they were comfortable i just ordered what he provided for me upon returning home 

LOL that’s kind of sweet 

Yeah well don’t tell him 


Diana told Nurse Shelly to divert the blame to Kristen 

Leo suggested to John that Diana did this to you 

Rex put more thought into Eric being into Sarah 

Seriously Rex you cheated on her TWICE obviously you don’t love her leave her alone 

Is Rex becoming tiresome ?

And you fell into a coma as the show ended 

Well I’ve done all i can do Marlena Please wake up we all love and need you 

Bob…Stefano’s not really here is he?

What if he was especially if it helps you wake up? 

Thanks Bob 

What flashbacks would you like to see on Monday’s episode?

Back in the real world 

I’ve done all i can john ..

“Thanks Bob”  Bob and John hugged

Did you…

John seeing Stefano may wake her up faster 

Can’t argue with that 

Time to Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann 

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 03-10-19: The Search for Haley

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Dimera Mansion Stefan and Chloe are in the study when Bob and a few men walked in  

Sorry to interrupt,Chloe could you come out here with me these men have something to discuss with Stefan 

What is going on here demanded Stefan 

“Sit down and listen” Bob said closing the door behind him, Bob escorted Chloe to the sofa 

“Have you found out something about the cartel? 

Nope Stefan is…obviously behind on his MANDATORY sexual harassment seminars so he’s taking the course and as This Mansion is Dimera in Property he doesn’t have a choice 

Chloe gave Bob a confused grin

This week in Salem 

Kayla refused to tell the cops anything about Haley   JJ (who is hiding Haley) told Kayla his father betrayed him 

Good Old Jack   sigh 

Would you forgive Jack if you were JJ 

Kate told Rafe she was the one who brought Ted to the deserted island 

That’s not how i remember it but okay..

Ted in an effort to make good with Hope told her he would recluse himself from the Will and Sonny Case 

Is Ted being genuine?

Doesn’t matter nothing will happen to Will and Sonny either way 

Ben told Claire he is worried that the darkness in him will cause him to hurt Ciara 

Darkness in him..Like Dexters Dark Passenger..Sounds like the writers are fans of Dexter 

What are you talking about? 

Forget it 

Tripp told Haley she was Safe in the Soras House 

LOL the young are so naive 

Ciara arrived home and suspected Claire was up to something she revealed Haley..Ciara welcomed Haley into the house 

Why not there’s plenty of room 

Stefan offered Ben his job back and when he was told it was to protect you he accepted 

Can i trust him bob 

Stefan or Ben?


For now i think so yes 

Who should Chloe be more worried about? The guy who can’t keep his hands to himself? The Necktie killer? Or the Mexican Cartel?

The necktie killer 

Really?? Went a worried Chloe 

LOL no 

Rex wants another chance 


I saw a man at the club with a gun 

Brady goon 

How did you. Forget it

Rex attacked him the goon said he worked for Brady and they let him go after an argument about you with Stefan, Brady later fired the goon 

Sigh do you miss the days when Goons were reliable 


Is Brady being overprotective ?


Marlena distracted Victor while John grabbed some stuff of Leo’s so they can get a DNA test done 

Did Victor know what was going on?

Not sure 

Brady and Gabi whined about Stefan Gabi is going to spy on him for Brady 

That’s spells trouble for Gabi 

How so 

Chloe besides you..How many of Brady’s Ex’s are among the living 

You told me Nicole was alive 

I did 



Stefan made moves on Chloe again Chloe may have been testing the waters kissing back when Gabi walked in and started mocking him

HA Gabi is so jealous of you Chloe 

She hates Stefan 

Sure she does 

Is Gabi falling for Stefan but doesn’t know it yet 

Tripp told Claire Haley was staying in the soras house 


Well its not like she wouldn’t find out noises showers toilet flushes Claire won’t believe the house is haunted 



Anyway Claire ratted Haley out to Eve almost immediately after 

@#$@#$# Witch 

Do you like how this story is playing out 

It’s ….silly to the point of sad but i like Haley… if only it wasn’t JJ 

Why doesn’t JJ call Abigail and have Abigail call Mr Chin to “fix” things for Haley it would take an episode TOPS?

Jennifer told jack he would lose his soul 

Well to be fair he never really had one he just borrowed half of hers 

Diana had several dreams about John coming to her after Marlena died did you find any of them amusing somewhere. Over the top”

eh sad what the writers did to her 

How is Diana working out for you 

Diana talked her way past a nurse (shelly) and found out Marlena was allergic to penicillin 

What will Diana do with this info?

No clue nurse Shelly then gave john the test results 


The credits rolled 


Where the tests altered once twice three times???? 

Is john the father 

He will be until they leave Salem most likely 

Stefan came out of his “meeting”

Did we learn anything Bob mocked 

HA HA you can leave now 

Goodnight Chloe 

Goodnight Bob

Time To turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 03-02-19: Your nothing but a scheming B@#$@

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 53010778_321646235361466_2347354258971557888_n.webp_.png

Bob is in a foul mood he is once again being forced to endure something that has taken him out of Salem Again

Do you swear to tell the truth 



NO i wont I’m tired of you clowns interrupting my Salem time for this nonsense why can’t you interrupt Dr OZ instead 

This Week in Salem 

Hope sort of thanked Ben for saving Ciara 

What does that mean Sort of?

It means she did it out of polite necessity not because she likes or trusts the guy 

Will Hope finally start to come around? 


Jennifer interrupted a JJ and Haley make out session because she had to show him pictures that were taken less than 6 hours ago 

Should Haley get out of this relationship before it’s too late 


Jack interrupted the Trask Haley debate with his Haley illegal immigrant bomb shell 

Sigh do you wonder if JJ thinks he may have been adopted 

Gabi and Brady discussed how to take down Stefan 

Will this lead to a Brady and Gabi pairing 

Doubt it but on the plus side it could shorten Gabi’s life’s expectancy

Will they ever bring up Ari in their conversations?

Stefan and Chloe bonded over obsession loss and finding love again?

I can’t remember Chloe? Being obsessed? And Stefan this is nothing Stefano, Kristen, EJ, Sami now they are obsessive people 

What was Chloe referring to? 

JJ tried to apologize to Haley and Melinda 

JJ and Jennifer both gave jack a what for 

Should they be midlist this a step in the right direction because some of what Jack is doing is EXACTLY what he did Pre Jennifer 

i think it’s a step forward 

Rex interrupted Sara’s dream about Eric 


John went to see Diana who may try and help stop Leo with his nonsense? It’s hard to tell if what she says is on the level 

Are you upset with the way Diana’s character was destroyed? 


Justin told Will and Sonny just how lousy things were and how with Ted Lamont as the acting DA they could get worse especially since they can’t prove Ted’s role in the blackmail 

Well at least in prison they can be together right Upside i suppose 

How will they get out of this? 

Get a new lawyer Dads terrible 

And here we go Diana told Victor she would reel in Leo for good if He helps her get John away from Marlena He agreed 

What will Victor do to help Diana or is he setting her up ?

Leo went to see Sonny Will punched him again 

Sigh round and round we go 

John broke up the fight and Marlena took offense to John taking Leo’s side 

Not sure if he meant it that way But??? 

If Leo really is johns what should he do ?

Gabi broke into Dimera mansion..

Excuse me how does one break into Dimera Mansion??? The front door is always open and the guards are?????? 

Not going to get into it 

Apparently she called Mr. Chin who is forcing Stefan to keep Gabi chic and not destroy it like he vowed to 

Gabi must have slept with Mr. chin only explanation as to the relevance of her dopey company 

Remember the good old days when nobody question Stefano and his word was LAW 

I do 

Anyway glasses were thrown it almost became physical when Chloe walked in Stefan called her a scheming bitch 

Did Chloe kick Gabi’s ass?



What are your thoughts on this triangle? 

It has possibilities 

After Gabi left Chloe calmed Stefan down with a massage 

See that Chloe is a keeper i hope they work and they work out Brandon staying 

Rex did one of those spur of the moment proposals Sarah didn’t go for it…because if was in front of Eric 

Get the message Rex SMH 

Who is Sarah better off with?

  Victor for whatever reason Agreed to help Diana break up john and Marlena he called Marlena and asked to see her and also gave Brady a heads up 

When Marlena showed up victor told her that john was Leo’s father 

Was this Diana’s plan OR was victor deliberately screwing over Diana and putting an end to this whole thing 

I think it’s both but hoping for just the later 

What are your thoughts on victor’s motivations? 

Claire with the lighter that started the fire dreamed about the fire until trip came in and they argued about actions and consequences 

Is Claire the Fire starter 

Didn’t they remake that ?

Not sure i think it was a direct to video sequel?

Jennifer had to remind JJ about the jack he was before he got married 

Jack was upset about how his stunt at the debate upset JJ Eve tried to play it off by kissing him 

Will Jacks upsetting JJ be the Kickstart to his memory returning 

Maybe he’ll have retrograde amnesia where he only remembers pre Jennifer things like when Emma faked that to get Shane away from Kimberly 


Ben’s guilt over what happened with Jordan forced himself to break thing off with Ciara 

Did this make you happy? 

Ciara’s not happy but she should be because this shows some sort of growth on his part? 

Melinda dropped out of the mayoral race because of the Haley business 

Sad she would have been a great mayor much better than the corrupt one we have now 

Who will be Mayor Jack or Abe?

EJ could have been a great mayor do you remember that story  is it on par with this one ?

Kayla told Haley she would help her 

Hey Kayla don’t you do background checks how did this get past Everyone in a HOSPITAL ????? 

don’t go there it’s pointless 

She also asked not to blame jj for this 

Why not JJ betrayed Haley the fact that jj couldn’t trust his own father has nothing to do with his original betrayal 

The police came looking for Haley?

Why Isn’t Illinois a.. Nope not going to even bother 

And I’m done goodbye ladies and gentlemen 

You’re not done bob this committee has many more questions for you 

One more question and i start naming all the people in this room that have had meetings with Stefano Dimera and the how’s and whys of those meetings 

This Committee is adjourned 

I thought as much 

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann