Days of Our Lives, Cliffhanger Friday 03/20/15

Naomi MatsudaNicole arrives at Robert her senior editors office and see’s he’s not there

“Where’s Robert? I have the Salem weekly Cliffhager”

“Have a seat in his office. I’’ll let him know you’re here”

“Thanks,” nicole replied to the secretary. “Weird that he’s not here. He’s always here.” Nicole entered the office and sat down

“Nicole. Hi how are you toda?” came from the intercom on the desk

Nicole: “Okay, I guess. Where are you?”

Stephano: “On a plane heading for the Devil’s Triangle.”

Nicole: “Devils Triangle??? OMG! You’re going to Stefano’s Private Island?”

Robert: “Hello, Miss Walker.”

Nicole: “Stefano.”

Robert: “Nicole, your article about Stefano regaining his CEO seat and one on one interview ensured the paper selling over a million copies that day alone and we’re celebrating.”

Nicole: “I asked if you could come with us, but Stefano said you would refuse.”

Robert: “Darn right, I would have…Seriously, Rob when you get back we need to have a serious talk about you, him, and how it affects this paper.”

Nicole: “Now, now, now Miss Walker. This is a happy occasion.”

‘Robert: Whatever.”

 In Salem this week…

Theresa‘s Boy Toy, Clint, took a sample of Brady’s blood after using a dart to knock him unconscious, the doctor’s friends and relatives alike all missed the giant hole in Bray’s neck and automatically assumed he was using again.

 Stefano returned to Salem to see The Hammer came down on Kate Roberts today as she took the bait from Victor and purchased a company belonging to fellow Dimera Enterprise Board Member Mr. Chin’s wife.

 Kate, in a fit of rage, yelled that she was set up. She only has herself to blame. If she had bothered to do any research at all she would have seen who was the owner and not gone there.

 Hope and Abe once again ignored the law they swore to uphold and entered and searched the Dimera household without a warrant.

 “WONT THEY EVER LEARN?” laughed Stefano.

“Can I continue, please?”

“My apologies, Miss Walker.”

“Continue, please.”

 “Will put his blackmail of Paul’s mother into effect. It’s a badly thought-out, lame plan from a very sad young man.”


“Right. Sorry.”

“Oh, this is big...”Bo Brady and Steve Johnson are rumored to be returning to Salem in time for the 50th anniversary!” In the plane Robert looked over at Stefano.

 What? I don’t have him. I swear.”

Jennifer continues her blind support of her son, JJ, who still wont come clean to the woman he allegedly loves.”

“What’s going on with you and Daniel, Nicole?”

“I don’t want to talk about that.”

“Right. I understand.”

“What? Please, Miss Walker, tell, tell.”


Robert turned off the intercom and told Stefano that Daniel in his mind has already broken up with Nicole for Jennifer again. When Stefano was finished laughing Robert turned the intercom back on.

“Forget it, Nicole. I understand.”

“Thank you.”

 BIG revelation with Serena! She recovered diamonds from The Elephant.”

“It wans’t one of my missing prisms, was it?”

“I doubt it, Stefano.”

“SERIOUSLY! Come on.”

“Just asking, Heh heh.”

“Diamonds from Africa. Wow—everyone saw that coming”


“I have to go, Nicole. Thanks. Great job. I’ll be back in the office next week.”

“Thanks, boss. Bye, Stefano.”

“Goodbye, Miss Walker.”


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann





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The Bold and Beautiful: Cliffhanger Friday 03/20/15

bb cf 031315Well, “Bold and Beautiful” fans, B&B’s cliffhanger happened on Wednesday, as episodes will not be aired Thursday and Friday due to the NCAA Basketball March Madness. So Let’s Talk About Soaps.

The “big Maya secret” was revealed on Wednesday and it was a doozie. Nicole proudly announced to Maya that she had done her research and was not her sister Maya at all, but her brother Myron. Now let’s examine the problem with this storyline.

  1. Maya was brought onto Bold and Beautiful as an ex-con looking for her daughter. Dayzee had Maya sign papers giving the baby up for adoption when Maya was about to be sentenced to ten years in prison. Dayzee later informed Maya that her daughter and the adoptive parents were killed in a car accident.
  2. When Maya was dating Rick, $Bill had her thoroughly investigated to keep her away from Caroline’s boyfriend. As we all know Caroline is $Bill’s niece. Well anywhoooo, $Bill confronted Maya to blackmail her with her jail time information. Maya shared with $Bill that she was pregnant and could not leave the criminal baby daddy because she did not have any money and didn’t know anyone in the area to seek help from. $Bill agreed with this information.
  3. We know $Bill as the tycoon, he would have readily used the information about Maya being born a male. He would have called her out on that even before she said that she was pregnant. Science has advanced in many ways; however, it has not advance to the point where a male can become pregnant. $Bill is nothing but complete when gathering dirt on someone to blackmail them, just consider when he got Deacon out of jail to stop LOPE’s wedding. He had the most sensitive information on the warden.
  4. Additionally, there are videos of Maya telling $Bill about being pregnant and carrying the baby on numerous fan pages since this “revelation” happened.
  5. Maya has always said that her family was not rich, so how did she pay for this surgery? It takes years of therapy and hormone therapy before gender reassignment surgery can be performed. Maya went to jail young, so when did this happen?

While the “big secret” took everyone by surprise, it left viewers in amazement that the history of Maya is being whitewashed to make this storyline happen. Viewers are not buying it, at least not long-time viewers. Now there are plenty of those that strongly dislike Maya and want her to get what’s coming to her and Rick. They are not on board with this because the Maya’s history was already established.

If “Bold and Beautiful” wanted to address the social issue of gender identity, then bringing in a totally new character would work better. Not one that has already been introduced. All of the current characters have had their history established. Since the character Hope is away and has suffered such a loss and tragedy, maybe Bell could reintroduce her as discovering that she has secretly struggled with her identity and is really transgender. They could take her through the entire process to encourage discussion and evolve the storyline properly and respectfully.

So, what do you think? Is Nicole right about Maya? Will Bell rewrite history? Can the return of Hope as a transgender be a possibility? Or should a totally new character be brought in to tell this story?

SofiaBryanby Sofia Bryan,

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We have been soap fans for a collective one-hundred plus years! We want to celebrate, uplift, and revel in all things soaps. But in addition to that, we want to do our part to preserve and celebrate a beleaguered genre, one that is an indelible and invaluable part of American cultural history and the individual histories of so very many of us, passed down, as soaps are, from one generation to the next. It is a genre whose stories are both our stories and those whose stories we might never hear were it not for soaps—and sometimes even stories that might never even happen (yet), whose casts and crews are the hardest-working and most deserving of acknowledgment in all of show business, whose stories recount in fabulous, moving, fun, suspenseful ways, the drama of the human experience and are irresistible to anyone with a heart and a soul. Think of us as a bridge between the soap industry and soap fans. Come on in and have a look, enjoy, subscribe (in the upper-right hand corner of any page), comment, and take a journey through a land that has survived the comings and goings of people, governments, social movements, technologies, fads, triumphs, and tragedies during more than sixty years of American national life and will for countless more, a land where fans, characters, and the actors who play the characters form a bonded triumvirate, cemented over decades, that is akin to the bonds fans form in “real life” with “real people” (characters are “real people” too!), and a land that will never end—the land of the soap opera!

Welcome to the Chicken Coop, Mr Wolf

Chucky 2Politics. The word is so charged and laden with emotional baggage that many people wisely leave the room at its mere utterance. Give it a try, and if you’re anything like most people, the images it conjures in your mind are probably fairly predictable (and not at all unreasonable): Angry people yelling at each other, often-rigged popularity contests, and above all, disingenuous, unscrupulous individuals more concerned with attaining positions of power than with faithfully carrying out the responsibilities that are supposed to come with it.

 It may surprise you to hear, then, that – of all things – the inner workings of soap operas are surprisingly similar to this latter aspect of politics. All too often, favors and status from personal friends result in the appointing of someone to a role of some stewardship over a soap that the named person in no way deserves. Today we discuss one such example, in the infamous person of Charles Pratt, Jr.

 Of course, for soap opera fans, this man needs no introduction. A writer of influence for some time on All My Children, he was commonly ridiculed by viewers, who liked to joke that he “couldn’t write a grocery list”. His style and the content of his stories left it plain that he neither understood the show for which he was writing, nor cared about its integrity. Susan Lucci and Michael E Knight are among the AMC alum known to have criticized Pratt, and even to have approached him with protestations that their characters were being egregiously mishandled, all to no avail. Fed up, fans even launched an online petition, collecting digital signatures to demand that Pratt be removed as a writer.

 So naturally, he’s now an Executive Producer on The Young and The Restless.

 I’m afraid you read that right. Not only has Pratt never been punished for his careless attitude toward the show he was entrusted to guide and protect, he’s now been rewarded with a promotion. In addition to the fact that this is simply outrageous, it’s also a threat to another beloved soap, and it must be treated as such. This monster, who obviously couldn’t care less about the soul of the shows he works on, must not be allowed to do to Y&R what he did to AMC.

Fans must make their voices heard, speaking clearly and unequivocally their rejection of Charles Pratt, Jr, and be clear that they will not patronize his involvement. It’s his job to protect this show, but we already know he’s not going to do it. And that means it falls to us!

By Eternalendrea

Those Who Will Not Be Silenced

Susan memoirKim's bookIt’s hard to overstate the affection which devoted fans of a soap opera feel toward the actors who play the characters they follow on TV every day. We’re talking about true, dyed in the wool fanatics here. These are the people, more than anyone, that the actors are talking about – and talking to – when they thank their fans for their support, because they are the people who provide encouragement and a human connection between the actor and their fans, and who most passionately inspire others to join the ranks of the fandom. We all know the type: They familiarize themselves with the actors’ career prior to appearing on the show, they write fan mail to the actors, they attend events where the actors are scheduled as guests. And they listen, very carefully, to everything the actors say.

 Which is why the irony is so overpowering that, many times, the actors really can’t say anything at all. It’s not their fault, it’s in their contracts. They’re working under a gag order.

What is a gag order? Put simply, it’s a clause in an actor’s contract (they’re also used for people in the Department of Defense who handle top secret classified government secrets) that requires them not to reveal sensitive information about their show or be outwardly critical of its producers. Basically they are obligated – under contract – to avoid saying anything that embarrasses the show, angers fans, or otherwise risks the profits of the suits behind the cameras. And these gag orders are serious business; if you violate one, losing your job on the show is the least of your worries. You could be looking at a hefty lawsuit.

This is why it’s so impressive when an actor is willing to risk such harsh consequences in the name of the truth. A prime example would be Kim Zimmer (Reva from Guiding Light CBS), who wrote a book entitled “I’m Just Saying” in which she was brutally and beautifully honest about her feelings towards the studio’s production methods on her show. In the book, she accuses the studio of abandoning their pride in a job well done, and concerning themselves only with churning out an hour of television (of whatever quality) as quickly as possible. She became disgusted with the caliber of her own soap, and she told everyone about it at hers bosses’ expense. It’s the kind of thing anyone under a gag order risks being severely disciplined for, but she loved Guiding Light too much to keep quiet.

 Another prime example Susan Lucci (Erica Kane, AMC) : Her rage is captured in excerpts published by the NY Post on Saturday.”An iconic show was losing out to greed … If Brian Frons could show his bosses that he could save the network 40 percent … he could keep his job even if the rest of us lost ours,” she writes, referencing the decision to go with a cheaper show — food talk show “The Chew — in the place of the classic soap. “I watched Brian Frons’ decisions destroy the production of our show and the lives of people on both sides of the country.”

Yet when this does happen, all too often there’s no appreciation for the courage of the outspoken actors, because there’s so little understanding of the risk they are taking. I’m hoping to put a stop to that, right here and now, at least for anyone who reads what I’m writing here. Let’s not be too hard on those actors who abide by their contracts and keep silent at all costs – they have good, personal reasons to do so – but please, let’s give credit where credit is due and acknowledge the downright heroism of those whom no order can gag!

By Eternalendrea,

Remember two things, soap fans, you have a voice, and an important one, at that. Use it! And two, as always, stay soapy!

Alura: We Won’t let Our Soaps Die Music Video


This is an open letter to the networks: I hope you are reading this because many soap fans feel the way I do!

I get that all the major networks still operate by the almighty advertising dollar and that their profits are based on viewing figures for every program. It makes no sense to me to keep this model. TV is recorded and ads are fast forwarded at least 70% of the time.

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