General Hospital Cliffhanger Friday 09/18/15: Dr. Susan’s Diagnoses and Treatments for the Week

gh cf 09 18 15

This week was a critical week for all of us Port Charles citizens.  Sonny had emergency surgery, Kristina returned, Ava has a new lawyer who gets her charges dropped. and Morgan went after Julian. In analyzing this week for all the citizens, I feel everyone escaped one thing or another.  I, Dr. Susan, of Port Charles General Hospital, am giving my medical analysis, care plans, and treatment for this week’s critical cases…(Disclaimer: all of my patients mentioned below have signed agreements forfeiting their HIPAA rights).

Sonny escaped death after his heart stopped. Carly made the decision for Patrick to do the surgery after Sonny’s sons gave her the right to decide on their behalf. After a long surgery, he woke up when Carly asked him to look at her. He tells her he is sorry he missed their wedding.  He tells everyone that he loves them and Milo guards him. My care plan for Sonny includes getting out of the business, and life without guards. His treatment would include a lot of TLC and not going into warehouses without back up if he insists he is remaining in the mob!

Elizabeth felt guilty about her past dealings with Sam. Even though Jake tells her he will never leave her, she needs to come clean with him and Sam, which would be my care plan for her. This would also be her treatment which is a clean conscience, even if she loses Jake and all of her other friends.

Ric loses his wife to Franco, of all people. My care plan for him includes living an honest life, which I have recommended to him before, but he has not been able to follow. Or he and Elizabeth beg forgiveness from Elizabeth, once again, when she comes clean. The treatment for Rick would be to get wounds stitched another town–a Geographical Cure, we call it.

Lulu walked in on Dante praying in the chapel. My care plan for him is to tell his wife what he and Valerie did and beg her to understand his feelings at the time. The treatment would be for Dante and Lulu to come together as a couple for treatment and have a better marriage because of it.

Ava got a new attorney, Scott Baldwin–this after she tried to steal her confession from him when he was DA. She should have just taken her chances with another attorney. Ava and Scott had some dirty dealings, so now they panic when they see a ransacked room. Scott still wanted money for the missing flash drive containing Ava confessing to killing Connie. Ava is too smart for Scott and goes home. She dies her hair blond again.  After all, she will have more fun!  Will Ava have an ally in Paul?  My care plan and treatment would be the same for them: suck it up and face the music! Eventually, they might have adjoining cells at Pentonville.

Julian maintained his innocence concerning Sonny’s shooting. He told Lucas he is innocent even as Lucas told him he has seen cases like Sonny die the ER. Julian also plead his case with Alexis when she returned with Kristina.  Alexis seemed to believe him  for now. My care plan and treatment for Julian are the same: leave the mob if you are still in it and find out who is framing you once and for all so you can live a healthy, long life.

Nathan told Valerie that he knows about her and Dante. They agreed to never speak of it again. What will happen if Valerie is pregnant? Will she lose her new family and get Dante for herself? Will Dillon step up to save the day? My care plan and treatment for Valerie would be the same: leave town and raise the baby (if there is one). Olivia did it with Julian’s baby. If she could do it, so can Valerie, as they are both in good health. Olivia has followed my my recommendations for her, and she and her baby are in good health. But, as soap life goes, once the cat is out of the bag, a miscarriage might happen!

Michael finally forgave Sonny and they reconciled. My care plan for Michael would be for Michael to help his dad recover like Sonny once helped him. The treatment plan would be taking the Corinthos business back along with  the Quartermaine one, thus honoring both of Michael’s fathers and healing him.

Hot-headed Morgan took off to avenge his dad’s shooting. He had a gun and was looking for Julian. When the penthouse was empty, he found something to telling him where Julian is hiding. Will he succeed with his revenge or will one of his brothers stop him, possibly get hurt in the process? My care plan and treatment would be an ideal safe outcome for everyone. But, this is Port Charles, after all.  A little blood and violence must fall! We will see what happens to in the Morgan/Julian fight next week and if Morgan can be stopped and get the treatment he emergently needs.

Take good care of yourselves, and stay tuned for more bettering and worsening of health in Port Charles next week!


Written by Susan Illo-Adamou and Akbi Khan

Edited by Akbi Khan


Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 07/31/15: Crying over you..

days cf 08 01Rob was sitting in his office staring at the walls, bored. Nicole was off celebrating her engagement to Daniel, hence his boredom. He looked at the trucking company add that Clyde Weston paid to place after he showed up last week, which reminded him that no Nicole means no recaps. One place to go.

Stefano: Robert you’re looking well.”

Robert: As are you Stefano.

Stefano: I’m sorry, Robert but I have to attend a meeting. Can we exchange notes later?

Of course,” Robert starts to leave. He hears crying.

Chad is upset; he poured his heart out to Abigail.

Robert: Doesn’t sound like it worked.

Stefano: It might have. It’s hard to get him to open up right now.

Robert: I’ll talk to him.

Stefano: Thank you. Ciao for now.” Stefano exits. Robert enters the living room

Robert: Hey.

Chad: Oh, hi rob. *Sniff*

Robert: You doing okay there, bro?

Chad: *sniff* “I’m fine.

Robert: You’re not fine. Talk to me. Let’s go out for a drink and talk.

They leave for TBD.

This week in Salem

JJ continues to interfere in Paige’s life. Paige continues to track down JJ just to tell him to stay away. Whats next with them and have you had enough of them both?

Beverly decided that being Paiges rebound wasn’t good enough for her and she told JJ to take a hike (rumor has it she is leaving Salem). Was Beverly wrong to do what she did?

The battle between Countess Wilmena and Mad World Cosmetics. All the parties involved are going nowhere, slowly. Will Kate and Justin become a couple now?

Nicole came Clean to Daniel about Eric, Zander, and the dying. So proud of Nicole for that. Daniel proposed. Nicole said yes. Will Chloe’s pending return put a cork in their bottle ?

Have to throw her an office party,” Rob thought to himself.

Rafe’s feelings for Hope are growing stronger than he’d like, so he is starting to push her away. Hope and Aiden seem to be happy for now. but there was an ominous Novemeber 9th warning on the horizon. What does this November 9th sign mean?

At TBD there was a brawl between some gay men and some homophobes. John and Rafe were there to break it up before it escalated. The end result was married Sonny possibly being jealous of Paul and Derrik when he saw them kissing on a bench. Are Will’s antics causing Sonny to pine for Paul more than he has admitted?

Why is Sonny hiding in the bushes? Wasn’t he stabbed in that park? You’ think he would know not to go there at night all alone…

Biggest news: Chad cries his heart out to Abigail laying his feelings on the line and bearing his soul to her.

Rob smiles at Chad,

Chad: Don’t you start with that. Nothing wrong with what I did.

Robert: I’m not making fun. Just between you and me, it was the crying that convinced Jan to end her Shawn obsession and start a serious relationship with me. Don’t tell Nicole, she’ll make fun of me.

Chad: You’re just as soft as the rest of us.

 Rob stops in his tracks

Robert: You hear that?

Chad: What?

Robert: I Knew we should have driven. Listen.

Chad: I don’t hear anything.

Robert: Are you armed, Chad?

Chad: What? No.

We have to go. Come on.” Rob starts to hurry up his steps, and Chad quickly follows him.

Chad: What/who are we running from?

Robert: Bush People.


Time to turn the hourglass.


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann,


General Hospital Cliffhanger Friday 07/10/15: Dante and Lulu Go From “Blah” to “What?!?”

Image-1Cliffhanger:  How will Elizabeth react when she sees her “deceased son” after 5 years?  Will Lulu forgive Dante for kissing Valerie?  Will there be something that results from Dante and Valerie’s night of passion?  How will Tracy react when she finds out that Luke and Laura are not together and Luke loves her?

The Classic Luke and Laura Adventure drama from last week continues with shots being fired. Who fired them and who got shot?  Lucky saves the day by shooting Frank Smith and his henchmen. Frank is still alive barely and tries to shoot.  Luke shoots him, and before he dies, he tells Luke that Lucky was in on the kidnapping. Lucky tells Luke and Laura that his and Elizabeth’s son, Jake is alive. Luke and Laura go to Cassadine Island to search for Jake. First, Luke requests to see Helena alone. He takes a gun in case he needs to help her talk.  Helena tells Luke that she is so proud of Nikolas even though he exiled her. Luke sees Jake when the door opens and Jake enters with a remote car.  Lucky talks with Luke about how he is proud to be his son. Luke tells Lucky about his love for Laura and his son. Luke also tells Lucky that he killed his parents and how it changed him. Luke, Laura and Lucky take Jake home to see his family after 5 years. Lucky rings Elizabeth’s doorbell and she answers.

Denise/Eva tells Franco that she is really Ava.  He doubts her until she tells him things that only Ava knows.

Lesley calls Dante on July 4th and asks to speak with Lulu. Dante loses his cool and kisses Valerie since he “knows” Lulu slept with Dillon. Valerie and Dante make love. They wake up and decide they are not sorry it happened.  Valerie tells Dante that she cares about him.

Sam and Jake/Jason continue to keep the secret of their working together to unseat Nikolas at ELQ. They both regret not being able to tell Patrick and Elizabeth. Sam tells Jake about a happy time she and Jason spent together. Jake worries about Elizabeth and Nicholas’ friendship. They go to Windemere to snoop to see if they can find anything that will help them. Valerie finds them there and they question here about Nicholas and Hayden.  She tells them that Hayden lived there for a while. They are able to cover the fact they were in Nicholas’s safe and found an expensive necklace and Hayden’s driver’s license. Sam is going to try to find out how close Nicholas and Hayden were.

Silas and Nina meet at the fireworks and talk about both Ava and Denise.  They meet up with Sam and DannySilas has a hard time seeing Sam with Patrick.

Brad tells  Felix that he is hiding something from Lucas.  What is he hiding?  A family secret, etc?

Nicholas cancels all Michael’s projects at ELQ. Elizabeth goes to see Nicholas about their lying to Jake/Jason. Patrick tells Elizabeth that Hayden’s condition may be changing. Elizabeth worries Hayden will tell people that she and Nikolas know Jake is Jason if she regains consciousness.

Maxie is on the way to see Georgie in Portland. She and Nathan meet Lulu and Dillon at the airport. Lulu tells Maxie the truth about her tripand they plan a reunion when she gets home.

Lulu and Dillon come home. Lulu tells Dante the truth. Dante is hostile at first and does not let Lulu talk. When she tells him the entire story, he feels guilty about his night with Valerie. He takes the dirty sheets off the bed when Lulu goes to shower. Lulu finds broken glass from a picture of her and Dante in a dresser drawer.

Tracy and Sabrina talk and Tracy tells her she is flying to Los Angeles to talk with her grand daughter, BrookLynne.  She wants to find out how Nicholas blackmailed her, so she can get ELQ back. Tracy bumps into her ex-husband and Dillon’s father, Paul HornsbyPaul and Tracy talk about their past.  He tells her that he came to Port Charles to see his son. Dillon is trying to reach his mother to tell her that Luke and Laura are not together and Luke still loves her.  Dillon goes to the airport and finds that the flight she booked had already taken off.  He does not know that she was not on that flight.  Tracy returned home with Paul, after hearing Dillon’s voicemail message saying he has something important to tell her. While Tracy and Paul wait for Dillon, they talk about their past lives separate and together.  Meanwhile, Dillon meets TJ at Kellys.  Sonny comes over to talk to Dillon. Dillon tells Sonny the truth after Sonny berates him for sleeping with Lulu. Sonny tells Dillon to go see Dante and talk with him. which Dillon does.  Dillon also sees Monica and tells her about Lucky’s kidnapping.

TJ talks with Sonny about their living situation.  He said he felt that he should move out, because he does not want to interfere with Sonny, Carly, and Avery’s family bonding.  Sonny tells him that this is his home as long as he needs it.  Sonny also encourages him to make up with his Mom.

Alexis meets TJ at General Hospital and tells him that she is not happy Molly is going away to college.  She explains that they are best friends.  TJ tells her that he and his Mom are estranged.  Alexis warns TJ about the dangers of life with Sonny.

Valerie takes some police files into Jordan’s office.  While she is there, Jordan asks her to send Dante in to see her.  Valerie tells her that Dante is handling a personal matter before he comes to work today. Jordan questions Valerie about her relationship with Dante. Valerie tells her that Lulu was having an affair. She admits that she and Dante had slept together.  Jordan warns her about getting involved with a married man. She also makes clear she does not approve of co-workers dating. Jordan tells Valerie about TJ living with Sonny.

Jordan tells Valerie she is determined to find something to arrest Sonny for, thereby liberating TJ from his influence.

Carly comes to General Hospital to see Silas about Josselyn’s latest cancer screening tests. She finds Elizabeth to talk about and tells her how she is nervous to get Josselyn’s test results and how grateful she is that little Jake donated a kidney to Jocelyn. She asked Elizabeth to go with her to see Silas. They received good news and bonded due to their children.

Dante seeks Valerie at work to talk to her about the what Lulu was really doing in Vancouver and his night with Valerie. He tells her the truth about Canada. Valerie thinks that Lulu is lying. She wants to have a relationship with Dante. Dante asks her to keep their night of passion to herself. He wants his marriage to Lulu to work. Valerie is questioning if she will have anything lasting with Dante. Will there be an unplanned pregnancy? Carly brings Rocco back to Lulu and tells her she was wrong to lie to Dante about what she left town for. When Lulu tells her the truth, Carly tells Lulu that Sonny told her that Dante kissed Valerie. Dante comes in the door just then. What will happen now with this couple? Will a kiss come between them?

Elizabeth returns home from work tired. She asks Jake to spend the night with her. He says he has something to do; but he would come back. A tortured Elizabeth thinks about telling Jake/Jason that he is really Jason. Instead, she tells him she loves him, and he responds by telling her the same thing. She goes on to tell Jake about her son Jake how he saved Josselyn‘s life by donating his kidney before he died.

Sam and Nicholas talk about ELQ and why Jake Doe was at Windemere with her.  Sam questions Nicholas about Hayden. He denies knowing about Rik’s and Hayden’s plot to scam Jake.  Sam is concerned about Hayden and Jake.  Will Nicholas’ involvement with Hayden come out, or will Hayden wake up and tell Jake that he is really Jason? It looks like Jason will find out who he is and the fact he has two sons.

What exciting story lines are in store for all of us Port Charles fans?  I really think that there is a major Lulu/Dante/Valerie story coming up soon. The little Jake story was something that I did not see coming. What about my fellow fans–did you see foresee this story? Stay tuned for all the hidden agendas, forbidden romances, and happ endings. We can travel through the dark alleys and one-way streets to find the next back stabbing, nail biting and foot stomping events in the way only General Hospital can tell them.

rp_Ssan-gh-cf-300x188.jpgby Susan Illo-Adamou,


Genoa the_downfall_of_phratt bookCity, Wisconsin is under attack and troops are needed now to save it! Not the real Genoa City, of course, but the Genoa City that is located on a sound stage at CBS Television City in Los Angeles, California. Saving Genoa City is a job that not even our wonderful military can accomplish. No, only loyal and devoted soap fans can save Genoa City and the soap that is based there, “Young & the Restless.”

This petition will go directly to the executives at Sony and CBS, the companies that own “Y&R.” Even if you are not a fan of “Y&R” and have no history watching it, please sign this petition! When you do, you are not just working to save this one soap, you are working to save all the remaining soaps!

Just take a moment and think about this: There are now only FOUR soaps on the air!

Over the past 15 year, television executives have been cancelling our beloved soaps, one by one. To them, they are just profit and loss centers and when the ratings fell and profits declined, they were no longer viable. To us they are parts of our history. They have offered comfort when times were bad and validated our lives when nothing else could. Their characters were our families and now we are left to wonder, what would Erica think of this, or how would Reva react to that, what you think Katherine Chancellor would say? Below is the sad list of what we have lost:

  • Another World – Disney – 1999
  • Guiding Light – Procter & Gamble – 2009
  • As The World Turns – Procter & Gamble – 2010
  • All My Children – Disney – 2011
  • One Life To Live – Disney – 2013

If you have ever loved any of these soaps, please sign this petition now! The fate of “Young & the Restless” depends on it. As the number one soap in America since 1987, one would think it is in no danger, but storm clouds are gathering. First, CBS and Sony executives hired Jill Farren Phelps as Executive Producer. Phelps has been in the soap business for decades and has worked on the following soaps:

  • Another World
  • Guiding Light
  • One Life to Live
  • Santa Barbara

Does this list look familiar? It should because it is almost an exact copy of the list showing the soaps that have died! This is not a coincidence! Jill Farren Phelps kills soaps! Now, she is in charge of “Young & the Restless.” Worse, she has hired her longtime friend and accomplice Charles Pratt as co-Executive Producer and Head Writer. Pratt is widely believed to have destroyed “All My Children.” He is known for ignoring long time soap history and writing outrageous storylines that involve murder, explosions and any other number of silly and stupid plots that drive long term fans away in droves. Has anyone watched “Young & the Restless” lately? In just the past two months there has been three explosions, four murders and character acting in ways they never would have before. Sound familiar? Friends, we are walking down the same path, and it’s a path to death. “Young and the Restless” is dead man walking and only we can issue the pardon!

How sad this is. “Y&R” was created by the amazing Bill Bell, who was a master soap story teller. He learned his craft under the guidance of the inventor of soaps Erna Phillips. Together they created the soaps we all loved so much. “Young & the Restless” was a labor of love for Bell. He set the soap in the small town of Genoa City, Wisconsin, since he drove through there on his many trips to his summer home on Lake Geneva. From 1973 until 1998 he was Head Writer and he remained active with the show until just before his death in 2005. Over that time he made “Y&R” the standard in soaps. His characters were fully developed and his storylines were steeped in “Y&R” history and tradition. He is rolling over in his grave at the current state of his masterpiece.

By signing this petition you will be joining he fight to save all the remaining soaps and helping us bring soaps back to their glory days. In 2009, CBS and Procter & Gamble decided that if they could get rid of “Guiding Light” which had been on the air for 75 years(!) they could easily cancel all the rest. Now, CBS and Sony are making a similar calculation. If they can kill the top rated soap, the others will be easy to kill. WE CAN’T LET THAT HAPPEN!!!

This petition makes the following demands:

  • We demand that CBS and Sony immediately fire Jill Farren Phelps and Chares Pratt JR!
  • We demand that CBS and Sony hire an Executive Producer and Head Writer who understands “Y&R” and who will respect this history of the show and respect the soap genre.
  • We demand that CBS and Sony allow those who love soaps to make the decisions at “Y&R” and make sure that the input from fans is respected and listened to!
  • We demand the return of soap opera production to New York City. Bringing the soaps back

Please sign this petition:

Thank you for your support! Together we can save our soaps and make sure they are around for generations to come!

David Arwood

David Arwood


David Arwood,




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The Bold and Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday 05/29/15 Rick Forrester Gets His Just Desert!

bb cf Rick fired LTAS05 29 15

Bold and Beautiful fans, another week, another Cliffhanger Friday; well actually we had 2 cliffhangers today. If they didn’t do so many flashbacks, we would have gotten more information; but that’s later. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

My girl Ivy was standing at the door and overheard Steffy professing her love to Liam. Well, Ivy is no pushover, so she decides to enter the room and ask, “What’s going on?” CRICKETS…… Then Steffy shares with Ivy that the takeover is back on and that Ridge will be CEO; Steffy, President; and Liam Vice-President. Now, I am happy, happy, happy about that and that’s the way it should be. Two thumbs up. Ridge enters and says so much for a secret, Liam lets him know that Ivy has known from the beginning.

Ridge and Steffy are really struggling to oust Eric because of their relationship. Rick–not so much. Good riddance. He’s the reason all of this is happening anyway.

Yesterday, Ridge had the most touching scene where he went to the guest house at the Forrester mansion, found Stephanie’s portrait, uncovered it and began confiding in it and seeking her approval for what he was going to do. That scene was a tear jerker.

Eric remains blinded by Rick, it’s sickening, it’s PAST TIME for Eric to retire if doesn’t have any better judgment than what he’s been displaying. Rick tells Eric that he has his support and no one can remove him. Mmmm, just wait.

Nicole arrives at Rick’s office, and needless to say the girl can’t keep her mouth shut. So fast forward, she tells Rick where Maya is, after he shares with her about the car accident. Amazing that Rick couldn’t find Maya on his own. I mean, it’s not like it’s rocket science.

Carter arrives at Maya’s apartment to find her packing and tries to convince her not to leave. I’m like, why are you concerned Carter? Why are you all up in their business? It’s just like yesterday when you were talking to Rick: you’re not BFFs, you should give a flying flip on what they do. I will say it again: it’s time for Carter to get a woman. Then maybe he will mind his own business.

Maya wants to know if Rick sent him and how did he find her (again, not rocket science). Carter continues to tell her about Rick’s undying love for her. Maya, being stubborn, says she loves Rick too much and that Rick doesn’t want to marry her.

Cliffhanger #1 After Nicole spills the beans, Rick smiles and leaves the office; however, not without reminiscing again. While Maya is doing, guess what? Reminiscing.  Now I have to admit, the scene was done beautifully, they both were reminiscing about the first time they met. Maya was sitting at the table and amazingly, she had the same hairstyle and outfit as she did the first day they met. Maya asks for the check and Rick says the exact same line, wearing the exact same outfit as when they met. It was lovely.

Cliffhanger #2 Eric walks in and is delighted to see Steffy and wants to know how long her visit will be. Steffy informs him that she’s staying for good. Eric says, “We can use your PR expertise right now.” Ridge informs him that Steffy will not be doing that. Still elated, Eric says, “Well, whatever you want to do, just make sure you run it by Rick. He’s the CEO now. He needs to approve of any changes that need to be made.”

Tears flowing from my eyes with laughter, Ridge says, “Not with this.” Eric gets agitated and tells Ridge, “You know where I stand with this.” Self-assured, Ridge says, “Yeah I do. You support Rick above everything and everyone else, we got it.” Neither Eric nor Ridge wants to fight about this. Ridge says that they were a team once, the best in the business. It’s killing him, the things that Rick is doing to the company, clouding Eric’s judgment and that he and Stephanie created FC and he doesn’t want Rick to destroy it.

Eric tells Ridge to stop it, to look at the reality of the situation and accept it. Meanwhile behind Rick, Steffy and Liam are in utter disbelief of Eric. Ridge says he doesn’t have to accept it. Eric tells him there’s nothing he can do. Ridge hangs his head and says, “That’s not true.” BOOM!!!! Ridge says, Thomas signed a proxy and he’ll control his 5%, Steffy is with me, and Liam, that’s 62.5%.

Eric says Liam is not a stockholder. Liam tells him that he controls the 12.5%. Then Eric says, I see. Ridge didn’t want it to come to this.

Eric says, “Ridge, you wouldn’t do this.” Steffy chimes in that they didn’t want to do this. Ridge says, “I asked you to terminate Rick because his behavior is getting worse and worse; and you refused.” Liam shares just a few of Rick’s indiscretions. Ridge says they own 62.5% of the company and they want to protect its future.

Eric doesn’t see how he is doing this. REALLY, ERIC? REALLY? Well, Ridge raises his voice and says, “I’m overruling you dad, Rick’s tenure has CEO just ended.” Eric still in disbelief says, “NO, I DECIDE WHO RUNS THIS COMPANY.” Ridge had to break it down for Eric some more, “You don’t decide dad, we decide.”

Eric screams, “YOU CAN’T DO THIS.” Ridge says, “You are making me do this! What am I suppose to do? You left me no choice. I’m grateful for everything you taught me and the legacy you left for this family…” Eric breaks in “NO, NO, NO…” Ridge continues, “You ran the company from then until just now. But now, we need a change in leadership. Rick Time is over” Ridge points his finger to Eric, “Your time is over.”

THANK YOU RIDGE, THANK YOU RIDGE, THANK YOU RIDGE, STEFFY, AND LIAM, for taking the trash out. Let it stay out.

What will happen next? Now that Napoleon cannot run to Daddy to make it all better, will he run to $Bill? If he does, how will that work since he told $Bill he was going to destroy him? Are you happy that Rick is OUT? Tell me what you think.

SofiaBryanBy Sofia A. Bryan

Days of Our Live, Cliffhanger Friday 04/10/15 “Why Is Time Always Getting Screwy in This Town?”

Molly Burnett, Eric Martsolf

Nicole enters her newspapers office with this week’s recaps, remembering that they moved to the top floor last week. She is stopped before she gets to the elevators.


“Excuse me, miss. ID please. ”

Nicole: “What? I’m Nicole Walker. I work here.”

Security: “Just doing my job, ma’am.”

Nicole looks through her bag

Nicole: “Wait–don’t I know you? ”

Security: “I don’t think so, Miss.”

Nicole: “Yes, I do. You’re Marco! You worked for Stefano and EJ while I was living with EJ in their house.”

Security: “Hello, Nicole.”

Nicole: “What in the blue blazes are you doing here?”

Nicole: “Robert hired me to work security.”

Nicole: “He hired you?”

Security: “Yup.”

Nicole: “OK. Well, see you. I have to get upstairs.”

Nicole starts to leave

Security: “Wait. ID please,” went Marco.

Nicole shook her head and showed him

Nicole: “Thank you. Have a nice day.”

Nicole headed for the elevator mumbling to herself, “Phone calls, trips to private islands, new office, former employees working here. It’s the Twilight Zone.”

Nicole enters and exits the elevator, puts her things on her desk, and starts for Robert’s office.

Robert: “Morning, Nicole,” Rob called out while heading towards her.

Nicole: “Why is there a DiMera hit man working door security?”

Robert: “Dimera hit…no, that’s Mark. New hire. Nice guy, impressive resume with great references.”

Nicole: “Mark, huh okay. Fine, I’ve got the recaps.”

Robert: “Fire away.”

Nicole: Leeping JJ and Eve’s secret continues to put strains on Jennifer and Daniel, Jennifer wants Daniel to keep quiet. Daniel, to everyone’s surprise, called Jennifer out on her own hypocrisy.”

Robert: “Finally! Someone had to…What else?”

Nicole: “I ran into that Zander guy again. He’s…impressive. And that accent…”

Robert: “He’s trouble, I’m sure. Be careful.”

Nicole: “When do I ever meet a guy that’s not trouble?”

Robert: “Point taken. What else?”

Nicole: “The more Will sees Paul, the more he channels his inner mother what do you think he will do next?”

Robert: “Dress up like her, I’m sure.”

Nicole: “Really?”

Robert: “Kidding. What else?”

Nicole: John, Paul, Marlena, and Tori have all but figured out their connections to each other. How do you think this will play out.”

Robert:”Monday? But last week’s…Man, they sure drag things out don’t they?”

“It’s mind boggling.”

Nicole: “Stefano uncovered a Ben secret and told chad. Who then took to Abigail.”

Robert: “What secret?”

Nicole: “Using a phony identity. He got into trouble.”

Robert: “Probably a kid and too young to prosecute. Hey, how come nobody busted Jordan for identity fraud?”

Nicole: “Because…it doesn’t matter anymore.”

Robert: “You’re right, it doesn’t.”

Nicole: “Time is getting all screwy again as Sonny’s stabbing went from less than 3 weeks to months ago.”

Robert: “What is it about this town and time’s always going bonkers?”

Nicole: “I have a nephew: last year he was six today he’s 18. Is it the water ?”

“Must be, that’s about it?”

Robert: “Nothing new with your friend Theresa and Melanie?”

Nicole: “Not really, no.”

Robert: “Have you been keeping up your daily workouts?”

Nicole: “Always. Why?”

Robert: “Relax. You look great. But remember this ?” Robert shows Nicole a video of Kristen and Nicole’s fighting.

“She’s coming back next week. Everyone in the office is rooting for you.”

Nicole: “I’ll be ready for her.”

Robert: “I know you will be. Now lets get this to print.” They leave the office. A man walks by them.

“Is that Bart?”



Time stefano and robert 9 14 07to turn the hourglass.
By Robert Feldmann,

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Who Sh(u/o)t J.R. and Dallas?

who shot JR picMaybe you had seen it happen. You sure would have heard about it from your beloved grandmother. If you are a little over the middle ripe age, you must have had a brawl at the bar or a conundrum with your spouse over it. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that the juggernaut we are talking about here, derives its roots from around as back in time, as the good olden days when Apple and Blackberry were still considered as fruits, the ‘Windows’ were square sized holes in the walls and the ‘Web’ as we know it today was believed to be a spider’s home. We are talking about the mass sensation, the goliath of a serial soap, Dallas.

Be it a feline hullaballoo at the neighborhood kitty party or be it a snack break in the midst of a bridal rehearsal, “Who shot J.R.?” had become the nation’s most widely asked question. Not only the local magazines but the debate had ranged onwards into foreign shores with a penetrative power well into the hearts of the Middle and Far East. The Barnes-Ewing Feud had been an atom bomb with widespread greed, melodrama and unexpectedness as its sidekicks. Such had been the glamour of Dallas that it had even found its way into the then Presidential Campaigns, the likes of Jimmy Carter. Dallas had been and will always be the apple of the eyes of the television audience all around the globe.

With the current revival and shut down that Dallas has witnessed, it wasn’t really justice that was meted out both to the passionate fans and the reputation of the show itself. The television primetime industry of the nation has for sure backed out on the very ideals on which the nation flutters its star spangled banner today; Justice and Freedom. The audience doesn’t get what it wants and the chains of surreal politics within the industry threatens to curb the happening worldwide sensation. With great entertainment houses fueling themselves from the emotions of the public, the likes of Dallas developers CBS and Warner Bros, this now remains a silent unheard appeal on the audience’s part, for the revival of the Dallas. With millions of eager eyes ready to jump in into the buzz and sponsors throughout the globe to support, there’s no real setbacks either for Warner Bros or CBS to give to the viewers what they really want. All we hope for is to let the silence of this appeal buzz so much that they realize the might of the happening conspiracy. We have fed you with our emotions for years now and all we expect in return is the exact dose of entertainment that we really are passionate about. Let the buzz not be about ‘Who shot J.R.?’ or ‘Who shut Dallas?’ Let the ears and the tongues move towards the question, ‘Who revived Dallas?’

By Odinwordspinner,


And so, LTAS/Dallas/soap fans, our Dallas trilogy comes to an end. To review: In part I, titled, “Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow,” we demonstrated that TNT pulled the plug on Dallas 2.0 because it didn’t have the resources of a big network, like CBS, to revive a soap juggernaut like Dallas. In Part II, For The Love Of Dallas by tvblogger1127, we showed an international audience why they support Dallas’ return and what an amazing job Cynthia Cidre did in keeping Dallas 2.0 fresh while remaining true to its history—not to mention leaving us with an excellent cliffhanger to be picked up when it is revived again on CBS. In the above final post in our trilogy, our guest blogger showed how CBS and Warner Brothers will make big bucks by bringing Dallas back. We hope that Mr. Iger over at ABC/Disney sees that the Dallas fans, arguably so of the most passionate and loyal out there, haven’t given up on Dallas, and from the looks of it never will, thus the ABC soap fans will not disappoint should that company finally bring All My Children and One Life to Live Back. The same goes for the fans of Loving, Guiding Light, Another World, and As the World Turns. On the flip side of the coin, Mr. Iger, ABC soap fans will not give up boycotting and generally advocating for the return of our beloved ABC soaps. What do you think, readers? We want to hear from you! Comment and discuss, please!

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For The Love Of Dallas

Dallas picOn April, 2 1978 Dallas premiered to the world. It was originally scheduled to be a five part mini series about a man and woman from two rivalry families— Romeo and Juliet kind of love story. After the mini became a success, producers moved forward in making another season.The show slowly picked up an audience as it’s popularity grew. These new seasons were 25-26 episodes per season. The formula that the writers, producers, and actors had created was a phenomenon. The fans were intrigued by the backstabbing, family struggles, and affairs. Viewers were glued to their televisions every Friday night to see what was next for the Ewings at Southfork Ranch.  The show’s writers created just the right mix of struggles of love and hate, greed and compassion, and wealth and power. The multiple storylines kept the viewers, and more and more viewers kept the ratings rising. With every season the show grew in popularity. This fact was very apparent after the 1980 cliffhanger, “Who Shot J.R.” aired.  Everyone wanted to know who was the culprit. The big, rich, oil family known as the Ewings had struck it big!

Dallas was translated into 67 languages in over 90 countries. Even Queen Elizabeth herself asked Larry Hagman who shot his character on the show! It was an international success. The show had global appeal that everyone wanted to be a part of. It was a melodramatic pleasure that made the viewers feel as if they were living this rich wealthy lifestyle right along side of the Ewings. The international audience was definitely key to the success of Dallas. Dallas was a turning point in global television history because of its international appeal.

When TNT decided to do a reboot of the show, fans were ecstatic! The internet blew up with stories of the famous show being revived. Old and new fans eagerly awaited the arrival of the rebooted Dallas! The shows creators slowly released the cast of the show. Once Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, and Linda Gray confirmed their parts on the new show, the old fans went crazy. Next the “new cast” was announced, and the younger fans were drawn into the mix. As a fan of the original Dallas, I must say that I was skeptical at first. How were they going to pull this off? Will the new show be as good as the old one?

To all you would-be Dallas fans out over the Globe, you would have and will again too love Dallas! Head writer of Dallas 2.0, Cynthia Cidre balanced the old Dallas with the new one with great aplomb. It was almost as if she had written for the old Dallas back in the 80’s! We at LTAS applaud her for that. She honored the old actors and fans by writing story for actors that stayed true to character.

Some have wondered how the Dallas reboot survived the death of iconic character, JR Ewing, played by Larry Hagman. We at LTAS say it was the same way it survived the death of another iconic character in the 80s, Jim Davis who played Jock Ewing. Again, by staying true to character. And honoring Dallas’ history by giving the 20-year-love-story between JR and Sue Ellen the respectful closure it deserved, so heartbreakingly played by Linda Gray, who truly deserved an Emmy for her portrayal of Sue Ellen.

When the Dallas reboot was, well, rebooted, with John Ross and Christopher, it was as if we hadn’t missed an episode in 20 years—in no small part due to the eye candy that John Ross and Christopher had grown into. Bobby was still the patriarch of the Ewing family, ever the peacemaker. The Barnes/Ewings feud hadn’t lost it’s power and was more exciting than ever! Here in the U.S. we were left with a nail-biting cliffhanger when Dallas 2.0 left the airwaves.

To non-U.S.-resident-readers: for the love of Dallas, we ask you to unite with us and bring back Dallas. Warner Brothers now owns the rights to Dallas, so we must put pressure on the to return Dallas to its original home, CBS and to your countries out there. If you don’t speak or write English, write to CBS and Warner Brothers in your language—the top executives at CBS have translators!

I was pleasantly surprised overall at how well the reboot turned out. The head writer of the TNT reboot, Cynthia Cidre, did an excellent job at bringing in new viewers and tying in old facts to make the show a success. Unfortunately after the 3rd season of the Dallas reboot, (readers, we refer you to our previous blog on the Dallas reboot) TNT cancelled it. So many fans were devastated and rallied behind the show. #SaveDallas became a common hashtag on Twitter every single day. There are still tweets, Facebook posts, and petitions to #SaveDallas all over the Internet. Dallas fans remember: Don’t give up, keep posting, and long live Dallas!

Cynthia Cidre, in one of her many brilliant moves, honored the original Dallas and two of its most beloved characters by having Jock and Miss Ellie’s portraits hanging in South Fork. Now its time for Dallas fans to honor those characters’ memories as well by bringing Dallas home!

When we all, U.S. fans and fans the world over unite and bring Dallas back, Dynasty will follow, and eventually, so will so many of our beloved Daytime soaps, starting with All My Children and One Life to Live on ABC!

By TVBlogger1127,


Dallas Fans:

Here is a link to a CBS feedback form (choose other not listed):

Warner Bros Bring back Dallas home to CBS.

They try to make you choose what you’re messaging them about from a list of their current shows, but I’m pretty sure you can not choose any. Or choose a random one, and then in the body of your message write about Dallas!

And remember to always Stay Soapy!

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The Bold and Beautiful: Cliffhanger Friday 03/27/15

bb cf 3 27 15Well, Bold and Beautiful fans, here we are again yet another week. A lot has happened, so “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

First I want to address Katie, Omgoodness, am I overtired of her over concern for Brooke. Now Katie, Brooke stole your man, was going to marry your man, but you are INSISTENT on bringing your man around her, crying on his shoulder about your concern for her, having her in your wedding, talking about her on your honeymoon. Let’s not forget the time you get back from your honeymoon you bring your man to her house to check up on her, have dinner with her, and on Cliffhanger Friday, beside talking about her you want her to come over to your house. Your man is trying to get some loving from you, but you want to go into the office since Brooke is not available. Lawd have mercy, I just can’t take it. #*$(@*(&@@_#(*&@&&@)))^@&@* #girlbye #GirlBye #GIRLBYE, why don’t you just give her your man since you are concerned about her being alone, especially since you are putting them before each other as a constant reminder of the past. Even $Bill told you that you should be concerned about Will, but noooooooooooooooooo you are insistent. YES, this is hate, YES, this is me tired of your constant, never ending, talking about Brooke. Take a seat and zip your lips.

Now I’m for addressing social concerns in a dignified manner, but two-minute wannabe alcoholic Brooke did not meet the standard. I would love to see Brooke given the opportunity to dive into that deeper, but hey, I’m not the writer. Ok, off to the AA meeting, Brooke gives this endearing speech about her resisting drinking due to a “friend.” However, she talked more about her loneliness which give Deacon this bright idea to head on over to Brooke’s house even though he just got engaged to Quinn.

Speaking of Quinn, Rick did the unthinkable again and asked Quinn to come back to work at her old job. Rick hates Ivy just that much that he would allow the certifiable “Qrazy Quinn” to return. Forget about her trying to kill Liam, pushing Ivy into the Seine, multiple confrontations with Hope, slapping your mama, and multiple infractions. He wants to do “what’s best for the company.” Even Wyatt had to ask how he was going to handle the employee backlash. Don’t matter, I’m CEO, but Rick did want to know how much of a liability her crazy was going to be. Quinn assured him that she has changed due to Deacon.

Well Deacon is trying to change you Quinn for Brooke because the Cliffhanger Moment was Deacon asking Brooke if they had a chance.

Will there be a reprise of BREACON? If so, will “Qrazy Quinn” make a special dagger for Brooke? Although Rick brought Quinn in because of his hate for Ivy, will Ivy and Quinn team up and bring Rick down? What will happen?


 By Sofia Bryan,

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Days of Our Live, Cliffhanger Friday 03/27/15

days cf 03 27 15Nicole enters the elevator to bring Robert (her senior Editor) this week in Salem’s recaps, and hits the button to go up. She gets off the elevator, and see’s a sign that says that her papers office is now on the top floor of the building.

“I have a bad feeling about this,” she says to herself while gathering her notes and re-entering the elevator.

“I hope he didn’t..,” she says to herself, “I really hope he didn’t,” the bell rings and the door opens

“He did,” she sighs, looking around the place. It is huge. Everything looks brand new and obviously costs a fortune.


Robert: “Oh, hey, Nicole! Like our new surroundings? Doesn’t the office look great. Look at this desk.” Rob waves his arm around it.

Nicole: “Please don’t tell me that you sold the newspaper to Stefano!”

Robert. “No, no, no. Of course not—he was just very appreciative after reading your article.”

Nicole: “Uh huh. And your going to his island last week had nothing to do with this?”

Robert: “Of course not. But he did purchase 45 percent of the company or the stocks or something. I’m not sure.”

Nicole: “HE DID WHAT???”

Robert: “Calm down, Nicole! You’re going to have a stroke.” What have you got for me?”

Nicole: Clyde thanked Aiden for his services in getting all the charges released against him for attacking Chad.

He started hearing snippets of Dimera legends from Hope, who sensed that Clyde might not be all he seems to be.

Robert: “Good, good, go on.”

Nicole: Daniel, now caught dead in the middle of the JJ-Eve-Jennifer conspiracy to keep Page in the dark, is trying to keep things from getting out of hand

Robert: “LOL! In this town out of hand is normal.”

Nicole: “There’s a new guy in town, Xander. Seems okay.”

Robert: “Got a picture of him?” Nicole shows Robert.

“Hmm looks like Dimetri of Kirakis, Inc. Be careful around him.”

Nicole: “This from the man who took money from Stefano and rebuild his office.”

Robert: “CONTINUE.”

Nicole: Clint completed his Brady-and-Theresa-blood-sample-collection for Dr. Mandrake, left Theresa a note and took off.

Robert: “Yeah guys that age tend to do that when girls just put out right away.”

Nicole: “Excuse me?”

Robert: “My bad. Go on.”

Nicole: Melanie, who wont stay away from any of this, told Brady that Theresa still loves him.

Will continues to try and remove Paul from his and Sonny’s life, but the more he pushes the closer they get.

Robert: “Not learning from Mommie’s mistakes, that’s for sure.”

Nicole: “Tell me about it…Victor went to chicago and back for a business meeting”

Robert: in the middle of a turf war?”

Nicole: “Yup.”

Robert: “Must have had to pick up something for Maggie.”

Nicole: “I talked to Eric. It was nice. I guess he wasn’t his usual judgmental, snobby self”

Robert:” “Stay away from those Bradys, Nicole. They’re nothing but trouble.”

Nicole: “I know, I know.”

“Thats about it. Don’t think I forgot anything.”

Robert:” “Well, there’s time before we have to go to print. If you remember anything we can add it.”

Nicole: “Thanks, Robert.”

Robert:” “Great. Now wait to you see your office. Come ill show you.”


Time to turn the hourglass…

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