Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/16/16: Salem vs the Three Stoogies


Damos and Nicole headed for Nicole’s place to prepare everything of her’s that was going to be moved into the mansion. “I’m having some men who will meet us there; it wont take long.,” went Damos.

“Oh i’m sure, its already done,” went Nicole with a playful smile. Damos took his eyes off the road to see the smile and when turning his eyes back on the road he saw why Nicole was smiling.

Robert was standing in the driveway with boxes and bags all packed and ready to go, “I don’t believe it!!” went Damos “Oh relax. Think of all the work he saved you.” Nicole chuckled as she went out to greet him.

This week in Salem


This week in Salem

Victor summoned Brady to the hospital to show him Titus Drews dead body and to explain that he was killed AFTER he confessed to taking Tate.

Is Brady right to believe Brady and let it all go or will he remain doubtful?

Roman continued following up connections between the dead woman Tate and the Chopin Group.

Did you forget about the Chopin group? Will we ever see their members in Salem?

Theresa apologized to Victor and they all agreed to live in Kirakis mansion.

“Which means there’s no room for you Robert; sorry,” half joked Damos “Forgive me for not giving you a key” obviously trying to send a message.

“Oh I don’t need a key, I know where all the secret tunnels and entrances are,” Rob joked back.

“Tunnels, entrances?”  Damos looked at Nicole who smiled.

“Nicole, remember when Jan killed Victor in the bathtub and when you both got him out of there. I had him shipped to Melsawen Island. Great Times…

“Victor killed? What is he talking about Nicole?”  Rob just laughed.

Victor assured Kate that everything went the way they wanted it to.

How soon until the tables get turned on Kate this time?

Belle said goodbye to her family.

Will you miss Belle? Will Belle and Mr Chin make a good couple?

“I know Mr. Chin; Belle could fall for him.”

Edgardo was in a prison van and attacked the man he said was after his family causing it to crash and its prisoners escape.

“Did Edgardo do this deliberately???”

Orpheus Zander and Clyde are all on the loose.

“OFFICE JJ will Catch them,” Rob said assuredly.

Well, he hasn’t yet.

If Zander gets too close to you again, I will murder him!”

“Why don’t you leave protecting Nicole up to me Robert?” Rob looked at Nicole. Nicole shook her head so Rob nodded in agreement.

Despite being told of the escape and who escaped, the salemites decided to go on with the wedding.

Orpheus showed up with a gun to Eve’s head, Clyde went to visit Kate and Xander went after Theresa.

I offered Theresa the island I bought but there wasn’t enough time.

Brady arrived in time to save Theresa.

Clyde beat up chad.

ROTFLMAO!!! Thats too funny…

Aren’t you suppose to care about all the dimeras.

NAH! It’s a case by case basis.

What will Clyde’s next move be? Will he summon Jerimah and his popular bluff goon squad?”

“Its surprising; he hasn’t already.”

Damos you should prepare the mansion for an end of the movie scarface like confrontation.

Don’t worry about the mansion, we will all be fine.

Victor tried to bribe Orpheus with a blank check and a cayman island, it didn’t work. Then Paul tried to disarm Orpheus; john got shot in the arm. Orpheus took off john’s going to be fine.

That’s good to hear.

Aiden told Chase had him transferred out of salem and that he hope and Ciara will all be joining him there soon.

Even Chase could see that Aiden has become delusional.

Poor Aiden, he’s never going to shake the reckell effect.

“Does Aiden’s plan have any chance of succeeding?”

“Nope not even an ioda,” Damos’s phone rang; he excused himself to take the call.

“Damos still thinks he’s Chloe’s baby. Daddy he is trying to get her tested and move her into the mansion with you and him.”

“Sigh, thanks for the heads up but let me worry about it for now.”

Kate pondered getting some security from Rafe and hope but decided better on it.

Kate doesn’t need Hope and Rafe. Kate needs OFFICER JJ.

Stop that.The Soras bunch talked about College.

kayla is still nagging and manipulating Steve.

JJ decided not to throw more warnings about Chad to Gabby to focus on apprehending the stooges.

See OFFICER JJ is on the job, he will round them up inside a week.

Said Stooges regrouped and went over their initial encounters. They acknowledged their mistakes and will from now on try to Act as a solid team.

“Salem has become a fascinating place to be.”

“Not the word I would use but…” Damos returned.

“Is everything alright?”

“Yes,” Nicole smiled.

“Whose hungry, I’ll cook something,” offered Robert.

“Why don’t you let me do that Robert,” went Damos heading for the kitchen.

“Lol look at him trying to show you I’m not needed around here anymore.”

“Don’t let it bother you.”

“It would only bother me if he wasn’t bothered by me; PLEASE be careful with Zander around.”

“I will do my best to be on guard at all times.”

Time To Turn The Hour Glass

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann


Edited by: Pallav Mittal


Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/09/16: Shady Hills Shady Business


Nicole and Damos open the door to Rob’s office and get an ear and eyeful Charlie Puth’s “We Don’t Talk Anymore” is being blasted over the speakers. Blanca is dancing for the camera which Rob is operating.
“HELLO!” yells Nicole.
“CUT” yells Rob turning around “Oh! Sorry Nicole didn’t hear you come in, Damos.”
“Robert,” they shook hands while Blanca turned off the music.
“Why don’t you change Blanca; we’ll finish later.”
“CI” smiled Blanca turning off the music.
“I’m afraid to ask,” commented Nicole.
She’s making something for Instagram,” Rob responded.


This Week In Salem
cf-days-09-09-16-2Laura Horton told Jennifer that the medication they gave Abigail for her PTSD made her worse; Jennifer now feels she will relapse.”
“Is Marlena to be blamed for recommending that place?”
“John asked Victor to make amends with Brady, Victor remained skeptical.”
“Will Victor come around?”
Nicole, Damos and Rob all said, “DOUBT IT” at the same time and laughed together.
“Theresa declared Me family.”
“I’m so happy for you both.”
“I asked Victor and Maggie to move back into the mansion.”
“Kirakis mansion is huge but only has one secret entrance sad really”
“Secret entrance ?” Damos looked at Nicole.
“I’ll show you later.”
“Talking to Steve, Adriane said that counseling was a great idea.”
“All women think that way SMH if they want real help. Don’t go to Marlena.”
“YOU SEE MARLENA,” mocked Nicole.
“Will Steve go to counseling?”
“If it will get Kayla to stop nagging, it’s a good idea.”
“Andre tried to make amends with Chad.”
“When will Chad respect his father’s wishes and at least try?”
“Marlena went to see Clyde who was seeking a recommendation of some sort, that’s when he met Orpheus; the two of them formed an immediate bond talking about what else ESCAPING”
“Will they make it to Salem or will the FBI stop them.”
“If only Stefano was around, he’d protect them; he kept the baddies out.”
“”He wouldn’t protect anything.”
“He protected you from EJ finding out the baby switch and fake pregnancy.”
“WHAT?” went Damos.
“Chad asked Kate to help him legitimize Dimera Enterprise again”
“Laura still jealous over Kate and Bill apparently yelled at Kate about her escort past.”
“Hypocrite Hortons”
“Chad asked Laura not to pick fights while in his house.”
“Do you approve of all the people moving into the mansions?”
“Lucas and Adrianne, better stay out of my room.”
“Sonny offered his babysitting Services to Ari; Ari accepted?”
“Julie naturally told JJ she does not approve of Gabby suggesting JJ to Drop him?”
“HORTONS” Rob shook his head.
“Do you want to just smack Julie?”
“Maggie feared that Victor and Damos under the same roof will start a war.”
“It will be fine,” added Damos.
“I had an emotional episode while talking to Brady about his and Theresa’s wedding; I was pondering not going to the wedding, they talked me into going anyway?”
“I’m going you have to go to,” went Rob.
“Orpheus and Clyde continued to Bond, Clyde introduced Orpheus to your Nephew Xander. He fit in right away.”
“The trio is set. Are you excited for their arrival?”
“Mami Hernandez left the town to help her sister; it upset Gabbi. Rafe told her that her brothers were still here for her.”
“Will you miss Mami Hernandez, was she wasted; would you want her to return?”
“Chad offered Belle a job in Hong Kong.”
“He also told her to keep/give away the dirty Dimera money.” Rob banged his head against the wall.
“Gabby took Chad for clothes shopping; would you like to see the original Chabby, give it another go.”
“Claire rejected Hong Kong but agreed to go to college.”
“Since when is Claire old enough for college and if she’s only 18, how is Claira 18 when… bloody Soras?”
“Damos and Victor confronted Kate about the Tate kidnapping. Kate apparently turned the tables on them with knowledge of their illegal art dealings in/from Greece.
“Has 30 years in prison learned Damos Nothing?”
“LT Rains Joined the Salem pd; his first order of business reprimand Shawn for doing a dismal job.”
“Shawn went on about BO, always breaking the rules. Hope reminded Shawn that BO didn’t ALWAYS break the rules.”
“Hope and her lies.”
“What is your first impression of LT Raines?”
“Aiden ran into Hope. He informed her that he was onto her and her role in Stefano’s death.”
“He’s not dead… I mean GO AIDEN!!!”
“That’s about it.”
“What? Oh right short week,” Blanca returned.
“Ready to eat.”

Time To Turn the Hourglass

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Edited by: Pallav Mittal

The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday, 09/09/16:By Golly Two Weeks In A Row


Hello #BoldandBeautiful fans, yes this is another Cliffhanger Friday and we have a lot to spin. So, “Let’s Talk About Soaps.”

First, let me say I used to love Steffy, was sad when she left, and happy when she returned; but I don’t know who this chick is in Steffy’s body now. Here, we go AGAIN with delusional, hypocritical, and outright pitiful Steffy trying to demand and command someone else’s life. Since I am utter tired of this, I am going to spend minimal time addressing this subject; as I know by the comments on the boards that the audience is equally as tired as I am. My ONE sentence on this matter is, Steffy is in Quinn’s face demanding she stop seeing Eric, leave the company, or else.”

Now, there’s Ridge over at Brooke’s house. My question is “When is Ridge going to get a place of his own and stop couch surfing over at Brooke’s or wherever?” Ridge thanks Brooke for her “sacrifice” of marrying $Bill and because of that Eric will not be running the company anymore and Quinn will be out. Brooke quickly drop some knowledge on Ridge that it’s not a “sacrifice,” she really loves $Bill and wants to marry him. Then he pulls this same ole’ tired line, “Even if you marry $Bill, you will always be ‘My Logan’.” Brooke looks at him like he’s crazy; which he is for saying that.

Then Ridge goes in planting the dementia seed to Brooke that Rick planted last week. #GetALife Ridge, just because your FATHER wants to have a relationship with someone you and your hate gang don’t approve of doesn’t mean he has dementia.

Ridge of ALL people has the audacity to talk about someone’s love life. He has been a train wreck from day one. He needs to #ShutUp When Brooke places her hand on his shoulder; he looks at it and shakes his head. Look, I don’t want BRIDGE; Brooke and NuRidge have absolutely NO chemistry. Ridge needs to be with Caroline, that’s what I want. I really don’t care who Brooke it with, $Bill will do for now so she can stay away from CaRidge.

Today Eric had the most beautiful flashbacks and as much as I hate #BoldandBeautiful’s thousand flashbacks, even from the day before. I must admit this one was precious as he remembered Stephanie and the good times of their marriage.

Stephanie was the TRUE QUEEN of #BoldandBeautiful and there will NEVER be one like her. Eric makes their traditional two martinis and sits and talks to her portrait. He says that he knows she wouldn’t have left if it was up to her; many good times happened in this house, and suddenly, it was just him.

He continues that it’s not just him anymore, there’s a woman in his life and he’s sure she knows all about it. He’s sure that she doesn’t approve and as a matter of fact, nobody in the family does. They look at him like he’s a fool and they are embarrassed; he asks, “What does she think about Quinn?”

He goes to the piano, plays a lovely song and remembers Stephanie. I loved, loved, loved her; however, it’s time for Eric to move on and there be another Forrester matriarch.

Quinn comes home and shares with Eric her discussion with Steffy and that she called them an “abomination.” REALLY, REALLY, an “abomination” Steffy. Let me fact check Steffy right here; she’s an abomination for jumping in bed with her future brother-in-law because her ex-faineance COULD not answer the phone because he was on a plane and when he tried to call her back she refused to answer (although she and Wyatt didn’t have intercourse, it’s still an abomination). Steffy your next act of abomination was when you started dating Wyatt 2 seconds after you hadn’t heard from him. Yes Steffy, an abomination is you marrying Wyatt 3 seconds later. Then when Liam returned, your MARRIED arse runs to him, jumps on him like you are ready for the hotel, yes another abomination.

Steffy, your abominal acts of continuously kissing, hugging, snuggling, talking about your HUSBAND behind his back; AND leading Liam on while you are MARRIED to Wyatt. Your abomination was putting Liam’s feelings before your husband. Your heffer abomination acts continued as you then blamed Quinn for your troubles knowing that you wanted to be with Liam, taking sea shells and chit; not telling your HUSBAND. You latest raunch arse heffer abomination move of leaving your husband and telling him you are leaving because you didn’t “sign up for this” and he can’t “protect” you from a grown arse woman that has done NOTHING to you; oh by the way, who is also is his mother. You said you “love” him; BUT Quinn is the demon here, in your eyes. You then are determine to break up Eric and Quinn’s happiness and you “DON’T KNOW” even then if you will return to Wyatt. #BITCHPLEASE you evoked the word “abomination.” #ByeGirl

Even Thomas called Mrs. Steffy “Abomination” Spencer out and asked her if she got what she wanted, would she go back to Wyatt? Then dropped that she’s in love with two men. She FINALLY said she was in still in love with Liam, BUT she could easily spend the rest of her life with either one of them. She doesn’t know if she’s going to end up with Liam or Wyatt. BUT more Steffy’s BS “All I can focus on is getting Quinn out of our lives. Once that happens she can ‘figure it all out.'” #ByeJustBye

Anyone who know, where was I????? So Quinn feels guilty, even though she is absolutely not the reason for STATT’s breakup, she is willing to let Eric go and tries to tell him that. Although Quinn thinks he’s breaking up with her, she tells him that he doesn’t have to be guarded around her and he can say anything around her. He knows that. THIS is the reason why I believe Quinn’s feelings are genuine; regardless of what the naysayers say.

Eric says besides Stephanie, Quinn is the only person that has supported him that way. Quinn says she’s been so wrapped up with STATT she hasn’t given him the attention he deserves. She apologies for that and says Stephanie would have done a much better job about the sacrifices he made to be with her. Quinn is hurt that Eric has suffered and he says she has too. Quinn shares that she’s put up with it all of her life, but Eric is being hurt by his family.

Quinn says that their relationship was just supposed to be a flirtation, but he changed her. She never wanted to complicate his life and that things have a way of spiraling out of control around her; she never wanted that for him. She continues to try to break up with him and he demands she stop what she’s saying. Eric isn’t having any of that.

Eric tells her since Stephanie died, he’s been feeling very alone; but he’s not anymore, I have you. Eric says the troubles they are having is because of the “uncertainty,” what if we get rid of the “uncertainty?” Maybe then there will be some acceptance. Quinn is confused by what he means. Eric says, they can make it permanent and official. Quinn says she thought he was ending things with her. He says no, not at all, is that what you want? Quinn quickly says no, she doesn’t want that at all.

Eric says, “I love you Quinn, you inspired me, you are the best thing that has happened to me in my life. I want my family to understand that I want them to stop being afraid of this. I think, I know how.”

Now, here comes the “Master Play, ole’ G” drop right here. Eric gets down on one knee. Quinn is shocked. He tells her he’s impulse and that’s why he’s good at what he does. His instincts are always right and they have been screaming at him since they’ve been together. He doesn’t want to let her go and he never will. He doesn’t want her to leave the house; he doesn’t want her to leave his side.

Young bucks take notes…..

“Or my bed.” BOOM, Eric opens the box with a MEGA CARAT DIAMOND ENGAGEMENT RING. “Marry me.” She says yes, he put a “ring on it” and they kiss. Stephanie’s portrait comes crashing off the wall; but they are too involved with each other to notice.

So, #BoldandBeautiful fans, Will Steffy FINALLY come clean with Wyatt? Will BRILL tie the knot and Brooke get Forrester Creations shares and sell them to Ridge or will Ridge stop the wedding. Will Eric and Quinn get married and live happily ever after or will Ridge and his hate gang stoop to new lows to break them up? You tell me…..

SofiaBryanBy Sofia A. Bryan

Edited by: Pallav Mittal

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09/02/16: Chad and Jennifer compromise ??

Days cf 09 02 16 3Nicole and Damos entered Rob’s office and nicole was thrown for a loop

Nicole and Damos entered Rob’s office and Nicole was thrown for a loop when she saw an ‘old friend.’
“Oh! You’re back.”
Yup, Tuesday I started.
Great! Well my life just went down the tubes AGAIN. Come on Damos, it’s suddenly very crowded.”
“Nice to see you, Nicole.”
Come on Damos, Rob’s over there.” They walked away.
“Who was she?”
“That’s Dena; her and I don’t get along.”
“Yeah I can see that.”
“HEY GUYS!!!” Robert walks over to them and sees Nicole glaring towards Dena, “I’m sorry Nicole, it wasn’t my idea. She had a contract; I had to take her back. She promises to be nicer to you this time around.”
“Right and I’m the Queen of England.”
“I have some good news of my own, Nicole.”
“What did you do now?” went Nicole looking back towards Dena.
“I JUST BOUGHT Stefano’s private Island!”

days cf 09 02 16 2This week in Salem
Paul is having doubts on being an investigator because he sees people in ways that make him uncomfortable and guilty; John tried to get him to hang in there. He was doing a good job.
“is it the downside of being a PI or Sonny’s telling him he has changed, taken away his focus.”
“Dario is pleased that his plan worked and Edgardo is leaving Salem, he is the only one that is happy about it however.”
“Will Edgardo return or is this his last good bye?”
“Dario paid off Gabby’s actor attacker who liked most low of the lows in Salem and demands to stick around for more money?”
“I’ll say Nicole, it happened to you what four times? Dr. Baker, Mia, Crystal, Trentrobbins.”
“Who are all these people?” asked curious Damos.
“Later…” went Nicole.
Chad in his continued grief trashed the den and vowed to get Dimera enterprises back on its feet again.
“Not going there!”
Kayla still blames Steve for all their problems and demands therapy or else.
“How much more groveling is she going to make Steve do?”
“Kate purchased Doug and Julies B@b and immediately kicked out all the guests.”
“No surprises there. Do you see how lucky you are Damos?” went Rob.
“Indeed I do,” he responded.
“I can’t! I can’t!” Nicole turned around and went over towards Dena.
“Damos, I heard that Kate told you about Chloe’s pregnancy.”
“Yes, she did. Chloe claims it’s Philips.”
“It most likely is Philip and Chloe have a long history, really long.”
“Brady apologized to Theresa for everything Victor, who maintains his innocence.”
“Victor no longer believes, I framed him,” went Damos.
“Don’t worry about Victor, he deserves this and he knows it, he will be fine.”
“Is there any part of this, where Victor is still guilty?”
“Hope resigned from the police force to avoid working with Aiden.”
“Finally, time to get some REAL COPS.”
“How long will this last?”
“Not long enough, I’m afraid.”
“More back and forth with Chad and Jennifer and Thomas; Chad hired Belle as his attorney.”
Rob held in his laughter.” Jennifer asked Lucas and Adrianne not to stop the wedding because of the Abigail situation.”
“Are you happy for this couple?”
“I am.”
“Damos did you ever meet your nephew Zander?”
“KNEW IT,” Rob laughed.
“Heard you hired Dario to watch Chloe?”
“I think, she’s up to something.”
“Everyone always is, can you see Dario and Chloe as a couple?”
Nicole came back over her face, was red with anger.
“Would you like a drink to calm down Nicole?” Rob offered.
“Maybe later. “
“Damos apologized to Justin for forcing him to free those people.”
“Justin went on about not trusting him because criminals don’t change.
“And yet he trusts Victor? SMH Damos asked Justin to have Sonny stop harassing him.”
“CSI specialist Shawn uncovered connection with a pill he found, matching one of Theresa’s and I believe Brady apologized to Victor.”
“Was this the ending of the Tate takers story or will his real captors come after everyone another way?”
“Excuse me,” Damos walked off to the water fountain.
“Robert, I agreed to keep quiet about the Damos and Chloe baby.”
“Do you know what will happen now?”
“I know but I have this need to do good by her.”
“You want to do good by someone Nicole Take off Daniel’s ring while sleeping with Damos” Nicole held the ring and Damos returned.
Philip in a moment of stupidity was going to ask Kate for money but when she brought up Chloe, he decided to just leave.
“Good for him.”
Jennifer and Chad agreed to let Lucas and Adriane take care of Thomas for a bit until things calm down.
Bad Move, Chad! Bad move. Lucas can’t be trusted.
“Why not?”
“He’s a Horton?”
“What do you think about Lucas and Adriane taking care of Thomas?
“Belle got jealous when seeing Philip and Chloe together”
“Same as it ever was.”
“Claire doesn’t really get the whole intern concept yet but she’s hanging in there; will Claire’s career solidify them further?”
“Rory returned and asked Ciara to go to a party with him, she declined but kept the door open.”
“Can you see Rory and Ciara as a couple?”
“Is Rory still a pothead?”
“No, apparently he cleaned himself up.”
“Then, sure. Why not?”
“then sure why not”
Days cf 04 18 16 1

“Laura Horton returned for her daughter.”
“Excellent news! I cannot wait for her to meet Chad, so Chad can learn about his brother Peter.”
“That would be entertaining,” Nicole admitted.
“It’s all set up, Robert.”
“Great, well let’s all go & eat.”
“What’s all set up?” wondered Nicole.
“Later, let’s all eat.”

Time To Turn The Hourglass

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldman

Edited by: Pallav Mittal


The Bold And The Beautiful Cliffhanger Friday, 09/03/16: Backstabbing

bb 3 3 16 cf Sword Ring

Well, #BoldandBeautiful fans I am finally back. I took a hiatus from all of the painstaking story lines. I have quite a bit to say about this Cliff hanger Friday, so #LetsTalkAboutSoaps.

Well, $Bill wastes no time pouncing on Brooke. Three seconds after he signed the divorce papers, he was on the phone, calling Brooke. She did not hesitate to rush right on over either. After Brooke just about sucked the life out of $Bill with their kiss, she reverted back to her old game of “Wouldn’t it devastate Katie to see us together,” #HookerBye you don’t give a flying pig about Katie’s feelings.

$Bill whips out this box and gets on bended knee. Brooke acts like she’s surprised and innocent, “What are you doing.” $Bill says you know what I’m doing. She protests, “It’s too soon.” #GirlPlease.

$Bill tells her it’s more than a ring; it’s an entry to my family. He goes on this spill about the sword and what it represents; “My sons wear it, it’s a symbol of strength and power; it’s a reminder of what it means to be a Spencer. Since you are the strongest woman I know, it only seems right.” Brooke gushes with tears in her eyes, “Did you get me a sword?”

He opens the box to a sword engagement ring. Now, although the ring is unique; what I read into this was. “H*LL NO, the ONLY woman I gave a Spencer Sword to, is Steffy and I’m not giving you one. Take this ring, it will do,” ROTFL. I have always been #TeamSTILL, the other Spencer men are too weak and don’t have the chemistry STILL has.

Now, here comes Katie being all NON-transparent, trying to get Ridge to make a play on Brooke. #GirlBye you are a bitter reject who is trying to mask your feelings by throwing Ridge in the mix. She told him to say those “three little words” and that he is the “love of Brooke’s life.” Man, I fell out laughing when she said that. Let’s see here, EVERY man is the “love of Brooke’s life.”Eric, Nick, Ridge, $Bill; to name a few. After wiping the tears away, I had a Bell flashback moment and remembered Brooke telling $Bill that he was the “love of her life,” after their courtship.

I can only hope that he doesn’t fall for it; but we know Bell. When those BRIDGE flashbacks happened, after I got up off the floor of how #BoldandBeautiful edited out ole’ Ridge Ronn Moss; I was like NOOOOOO!!! not a Brooke/Ridge/Bill triangle. NUBRIDGE has no chemistry, I hope it doesn’t happen, I need my Carige back. I want BRILL to get married and run off to Never…, Neverland.

I just don’t have enough room or time to share my disgust with the STEAM/STATT scenario. Steffy has been crying for months that she needs to be “protected” from Quinn because she’s ‘afraid.’  I’ve said it before and I will say it a thousand times, Quinn has done NOTHING to Steffy. I personally think that Steffy is pissed that Liam and Quinn “knocked boots,” “did the nasty,” “did the grind.” She can’t get over that, so she plays victim just like she did with Hope and Ivy. ANY woman that has been physically involved with, Rob Steffy goes into motion and must seek and destroy.

Liam is equally disturbing and disgusting with all of his begging and pleading, I want to upchuck. I know he had amnesia, but instead of him taking time to seek out treatment and get his memory back. He’s made it his life’s mission to get Steffy back. The woman he dumped prior to collapsing. I’m so sick of him, I just don’t know what to do.

Now for Wyatt, dude please; I’ve always given you the credit for being the smart one. His behaviour now makes me retract my credit. It is painfully obvious that Steffy don’t want you and she’s only doing this to get back with Liam. All of this begging Steffy and turning his back on his mother is disheartening. I want to slap him 50 Shades of Dumb; boy wise up and set yourself free from the madness. It’ like he loves to be abused, I can’t even blame Steffy because he’s too smart to fall for this craziness and right now he gets what he deserves. Steffy is going to walk on him like he’s the bottom of her stiletto heels.

The ONE and ONLY thing that Liam said that made sense was when he told Wyatt that his marriage is OVER and he would know it too if her looked into Steffy’s eyes. Then Wyatt asks Steffy, if he’s right. She tells him, “There is no way I can answer that right now.” #BoyBye her non-answer IS your answer. Dude it’s OVER, EXPIRED, FINISHED, DONE.

Still being an idiot, Wyatt listens to Steffy spin her tale, “It’s all Quinn’s fault.” Wyatt, GET SOME PRIDE, tell her bye and MOVE ON!!!!!

Now, I’m standing up cheering here, my girl Ivy is back. Mmmmm, a little secret here, that’s the ONLY reason I’m back. I make no bones about it; I’m #TeamIvy all the way. I’m down with my girl from down under.

Quinn is trying to be sly with her game. She starts off with how much she can “use” Ivy. Yes, “use” being the operative word. However, I think my girl has a trick for her and a whole lot of other people. Ivy is being a little too cooperative with Quinn; not questioning her relationship with Eric, weighing in on STEAM/STATT situation, and the gut buster of Ivy hugging Quinn. Yeah, Ivy has some game with her.

What’s suspect to me is why is Ivy going to Quinn if she doesn’t have another agenda? Yes, Quinn is in charge of the department; but Ivy is a Forrester, Eric is her uncle, what gives here? Even Quinn said she would have to run it by Eric.

When Quinn went in on Ivy’s accent, I definitely was not down with that under NO circumstances is it cool to bash anyone’s culture. My girl checked her back and said Quinn has an accent too. Quinn went in on EVERYTHING that makes Ivy who she is, not feeling it. Then asked if she wanted to work with her or not?, putting Ivy in a peculiar position. Quinn then takes her downstairs for a “makeover.”

Ivy questions Quinn “What does my look have to do with my design ability?” Yes Ivy, what? Quinn doubled down and said it’s not JUST her accent, it’s ALL of her “strange Aussie phrases as well, you’re Eric Forrester’s niece, not his crocodile hunter.” WOW how demeaning, insulting, and disrespectful.

Now here comes the triple-down by Quinn; when Ivy says she doesn’t understand about this “upgrade;” she says that Ivy isn’t even trying to lose the accent, EVERYTHING has to change, you have a new look and an AMERICAN accent.

Ivy says, “She looks so different, I almost look like Steffy.” Quinn says, “Yes, you kinda do.” That’s when it hits her; Quinn is trying to change her into Steffy. Ivy asks, “You have something in mind for me, what is it? What are you up to?”

So, what will happen next? Will Wyatt EVER get a clue and realize that his faux marriage to Steffy is OVER? Will Ridge stay focused on his quest to get Quinn out or will he waiver and fall back into the #BermudaBrookeTriangle? Will $Bill and his second-hand sword be enough for Brooke, or will $Bill remember the one and only woman he gave a sword to and pursue Steffy? What about Ivy, will she play Quinn’s game or does Ivy have a game of her own? You tell me…..

SofiaBryanBy Sofia Bryan,

Edited by: Pallav Mittal

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/26/16: Taters For Toters

days cf 08 26 16

Wanting to show gratitude for the free two week Rio vacation,Damos wanted to surprise Robert with a free thank you dinner.So, he went to the office with Nicole but not noticing Marco missing, they were grabbed by armed men and secured next to Bart, Marco and Blanca.
“Whats going on this time?” Nicole asked Bart.
“Well, apparently these men work for Zander Kirakis and they came here looking for you?
“Zander Kirakis…My Nephew?”
“The same.”
“So, where’s Robert?”
“They have him somewhere and were waiting for you to “start the show” as they called it.”
“Is this for real?” Nicole asked suspiciously.
“QUIET!!!,” a gunman came over and smacked Bart.

“…and you don’t need to hear this,” the gunman said putting something over Damos’ ears.


days 08 26 16

Philip agreed to keep the Damos paternity a secret with Chloe. They will try and pass the baby off as his.
Do you see this ruse working and for how long?
“After agreeing to return to Basic, Black Nicole told Damos about why until now, she has been unable to bear children.”
Robert told me about that he’s so very sorry Nicole.
“Thank you, can you see Nicole and Damos adopting a baby?”
“Chad decided not to fight for Thomas.”
“The Boss is rolling over in his bed.”
“Don’t you mean grave?”
“Grave? Oh! Yeah right, sure.”
Jennifer found herself in a seedy motel with pills booze and ghost jack.
Belle found Jennifer in a compromising position but betrayed her client by agreeing not to tell Chad.
“Is it wrong not to tell Chad?”
Claire tried to take things to the next level with Theo but he couldn’t stop talking about Ciara.
“Is there any sort of hope for this young couple?”
“After a fiery weak moment, Ciara told Chad that she loved him after some yelling and screaming and crying. I think Ciara still has her babysitting job.
“Is it right to keep Ciara around, could Ciara use her rejection as motive to help Jennifer.”
“Bell yelled at Chad to stop feeling sorry for himself; to MAN UP and Fight,” but she did tell him about the Jennifer relapse.”
“What will Chad do with this information?”
“I know what the boss would do,” went Bart.
“Tate was Found!”
“Great news.”
“Victor was arrested for kidnapping,” Bart couldn’t hold on laughing.
“The question of Victor responsible or not has made the family rounds with Sonny, the only one saying Victor didn’t do it.”
He called Maggie from Jail and told her not to worry, side note Victor found Maggie’s old red shoes. ”Was this romantic or did it burn you for rehashing one of her and Mickey’s Greatest moments?”
“Kate was seen in the square with a look that said she was going to unleash a bomb on everyone and anyone around her.”
A gunman came around and undid Damos’ earplugs.

“What did I miss?”
“Nothing.” The gunman went over to Blanca.
“Leave her alone,” he yelled trying to be chivalrous.

“Okay, you; your turn, come on.”
“ROBERT?”,  screamed Blanca.
“UNHAND THAT WOMAN,” came from the ceiling as they saw Robert come down wearing a cape and cowl.
“IT’S DIMERA MAN, RUN!!!”, all the goons took off.
“MY HERO,” yelled Blanca as Robert grabbed and kissed her.
“I KNEW IT,” yelled Nicole.

“You’re something special Robert,” went Damos laughing while Marco untied him.
“He’s a special idiot, let’s go and Damos after this, Roberts buying.
“Of course.”
“That was fun,” went Robert smiling with Blanca.
They all went out for dinner.


Time to Turn The Hourglass


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Edited by: Pallav Mittal


Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/16/16: Back to Salem


The closing ceremonies were over and it was time to return to Salem. Roman was gathering everyone together; asking them to make sure that nobody forgot anything and that they were all here ready to leave.

“I don’t see Rob?” went Gabby.

“Or Blanca…,” added Miss Hernandez.

“I saw them.” went Belle. “They were with Andre in the restaurant.”

“NO! NO! NO!” went Nicole. “I’ll go get him. Be right back.”

“Maybe,  I should come with you,” went John.

“Yes john, you could scare him off, be right back.” she said to Damos leaving for the restaurant.
After leaving, Damos turns to Marlena and asks, “Dr Evans, could you please fill me in on some of what’s going on with them.”

“I’d be glad to.”
At the Restaurant


“Well, that went better than expected.”

“It was awesome.” Robert turned to Blanca, “thank you for all your help Blanca, having you around was a blessing. There is obviously something seriously wrong with Rafe.”

“Thank you and please consider my job office at my news media station.”

“Nicole’s coming… Chow” Andre takes off. Nicole see’s him leaving “I KNEW IT. Come on Rob, it’s time to take your hostages home.”

“We were just on our way to the plane Nicole.”

“And what were you doing with Andre?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Tell me on the way; Come on.” They left for the plane. Rob was pushing their luggage cart.

“Are you sure? You want to tell her Senor Roberto?”

“Senor Roberto?” went Nicole shaking her head.

“Blanca and I have become friends Nicole.”

“Good to hear now. What did Andre make you do?”

“We Fixed the Olympics and made a Ton of Money.”

“I knew, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“Is there anyone still mad about the hijacking, Nicole?”
“Nah, I think your good. What’s that?” Nicole asked pointing to a box she didn’t recognize.

“Oh that… that’s something I… bought.”

“Blanca, is he telling the truth.”

“Yes he is. Nicole, Senior Robert did not do anything wrong I kept an eye on him like I promised youI would.”

“Fixing the Olympics… nothing wrong. Sure sure.”

“It’s just some crystals I bought Nicole, going to look great in the office.”

“Can’t wait to see it.”

“It’s been a long two weeks but when we return on Monday,  I have this feeling that Salem is going to look, see and feel a whole lot different.”

“I have that feeling too.” Nicole looked at the box again. Rob stopped and opened the box. Nicole looked inside.


“They are very pretty.”

“Shhh…  Don’t tell Roman.”

“Tell roman what?”

“Nothing… just teasing… Oh Nicole, starting Monday if you, you know, should do anything that turns you back to the dark side. You know I’ll still be with you no matter what you do/what happens.”

“I know Rob, but this time around I think I’ll be kept on the Straight and Narrow ” Rob shook his head, they arrived at the plane and eventually took off back for Salem.
The Waiting is OVER

Be sure to tune in Monday when material from Returned Dena Higley and her new partner Ryan Quan start airing


stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Edited by: Pallav Mittal

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/16/16: Going for the Gold


Nicole and Damos were sitting on a boardwalk taking in the weather and talking, when she looked at her watch and gave a quick concerned look.
“What’s wrong?” went Damos.
“Haven’t heard from Rob in a bit… It concerns me.”
“Why? Sure, I liked that others were a little concerned that we were all hijacked to Brazil but an all expenses paid two week vacation. Wow! ”
“Not that… Andre’s here also.”
“So! ”
“Andre and Rob were together running around unchecked so I have to make sure he doesn’t do anything Stupid, come on.” Nicole and Damos took off looking for Robert, after some time they catch a break by running into John and Marlena who point them in Rob’s direction. “There he is, don’t see Andre. That’s good.” they go over to him. Rob see’s them approaching and stands up to greet them. Damos looks away, then turns around and smiles and chuckles.
“WHY ARE YOU NAKED ROBERT,” yells Nicole not so loudly.
“Hello, it’s a Nude Beach… Nicole, Damos, this is Blanca.  I asked/hired her to be my language translator.”
“It was pleasure to meet you. Robert told me so much about you both.”
“Hello!” went Damos politely without trying to stare to offend Nicole or be rude to (naked) Blanca.
“Great timing guys! I just finished barbecuing some “choroscario,” he said looking at Blanca. “CHURRASCARIA”, she said chuckling.
“Whatever she said, please join us.”
“Sure, why not?” went Nicole.
“Looks Delicious…” went Damos looking at Blanca not the food. Nicole shook her head.
“Wait a minute. Guys, this is a NUDE BEACH!”
“When in Rio?” Damos said taking off all his clothes.
“Don’t put anything online. Nicole shot back at Rob while taking off her clothes.

Wish I could turn the Hourglass

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Edited by: Pallav Mittal

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08/06/16: Next Stop Rio

CF days 0806

Rob was walking through the airport listening to his IPod.

“HER NAME IS RIO AND SHE DANCES ON THE SAND.” His phone rings; he sees its Bart’s number and smiles.
“It’s done Boss.”
“Thank you Bart, I’ll see you there.” Rob picked up the pace on the airplane. He was about to board when the citizens of Salem started to waking up.
“What’s going on?”

“Dam that Dimera?”

“Is my mother here?” The sorts were being passed around when Robert enters the plane.
“Hello everyone! Sorry I’m late.”
Before Roman and Abe could get to Robert, Nicole got up and motioned them to back off for what they did “Rob, what’s going on?”
“I sensed you were skeptical about going to Rio(the Olympics) with me Nicole, so I decided to bring EVERYBODY.
“Everyone Sit Back and relax; we are all going to RIO for two weeks, except for Hope and Rafe. They’re not invited.”

This week in Salem

CF days 080616

Hope was not happy that Jennifer even thought about Hiring Aiden in her custody battle against Chad.
Could you see this latest development tearing apart cousins/ best friends?
Belle is upset; Claire is passing on college for music & Philip is trying to stay out of their bickering.
Should Claire go to college? Can’t she do both?
Sonny and Paul reunited soon until they are a solid couple again?
Maggie and Theresa went to see if they could trigger a Caroline vision; she saw one of Victor but didn’t tell them. She told victor instead. Is it victor or is it too obvious?
Aiden agreed to help Andre if he wouldn’t hurt Hope. Andre assured him no harm would come to her.
Is Andre on this plane?

“I’ll kill him” shouted Roman.
“Relax Roman, Andre’s not here. Hope and Rafe aren’t here and Tate and Theresa aren’t here for obvious reasons.”
“Why aren’t mom and Rafe here?” asked Ciara.
“Roman, why don’t you handle that?”
Philip refused Damos’ peace offering, Chloe can’t stop thinking about him.
“WHAT!” shouted Nicole.
“That’s not true Nicole.” Chloe assured her.
Miss Hernandez went to Roman and asked him not to involve Rafe in anything dangerous (the entire plane burst into laughter. The laughing was so loud that nobody heard Robert and Nicole discuss that Gabby was attacked by someone after Edgardo and that Dario was behind the whole thing)
if you didn’t see, it would you have believed that Dario would go this low. Damos proposed to Nicole, Nicole got upset when he mentioned children.
“Is this a deal breaker, will Nicole be able to have that miracle baby?”
Chad told Jennifer and JJ that his sources said Abigail died in a plane crash; blame was spread all around and fisticuffs almost broke out.
Andre was happy that his Abigail plane plan was working. Does this prove that Andre has Abigail?
Ghost Jack appeared to Jennifer and tried to get her to dump the pills once and for all.
Will Jennifer listen to Ghost Jack?
Chad told a picture of Stefano that he would try things HIS way to keep his Son

Has Chad finally woken up?
Justin losing the Damos evidence cost him his Job? Aiden is now the DA.
Hope and Rafe didn’t seem to be concerned as they took the news and went straight to bed. “At least it was a bed and not a couch, ” Rob joked with Nicole.
“Do you tell him EVERYTHING” asked Damos. Nicole just smiled and shrugged her shoulders.
“On MY couch where Maggie and I sit,” mocked A disgusted Victor. This made Nicole smile again.
That’s about it.
“Now, I’m sorry about this everyone. It’s not what I wanted either but if you don’t want to go to Rio, we can turn around and go to Melsewan Island AGAIN?” 
Everyone on the plane decided Rio for the Olympics was a better option.


Time to Turn the Hourglass

stefano and robert 9 14 07By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06/03/16: Best Wishes to Drake Hogestyn


Marlena’s Office:

“Good to see you, Robert, how have you been?

“Not good.”

“Why not?”

“Why else—Nicole?

“Are you having romantic feelings again?”

“What? NO! Maybe towards her clone. Anyway it doesn’t matter. I’ve resigned myself to being her safe space, the pick up and mend the pieces, so she can break again guy, and it hurts.”

“She values you very much. She’s told me several times.”

Last week in Salem…

In the real world Drake Hogestyn (John Black) suffered some sort of accident in or around his home and suffered internal bleeding. Sending best wishes, thoughts, and prayers to him and his loved ones.

Deimos told Chloe that he was tired of the revenge way of life and asked her to run away with him. Could you see Deimos and Chloe as a couple?

Nicole told Chloe what Kate was doing to her. Chloe then laid into Deimos.

Andre started wooing Kate. Kate called him unlovable. He insisted he has changed and is seeking inner peace. Could you see Andre and Kate as a couple?

“hey deserve each other he’s full of it and kate well…

come on marlena for the longest time you and andre you were parents together,

does anyone miss Rex and Cassie ,are you looking forward to ANKAT ,Ankat how is that even going to work ? Hey Marlena do you remember that time when wanting to talk to stefano about convincing Andre to let you off Melsewan island and when the chair was turned around it was a made up skeleton

lol the look on everyone’s face so funny

I remember,wait you were there during that

what ? no …. Moving on”

Victor yelled at summer again. Maggie yelled at victor again. victor went to Caroline looking for sympathy. Caroline yelled at him some more. Theresa complained about summer again.

Brady accused Dario of helping summer. summer tried to explain to Brady Brady wouldn’t listen and asked her to leave town which made Maggie upset. When will all the complaining lead to something?

Janet sister of Clark the blackmailer summer hired john to find her. will this story end Before Drakes injury takes him off screen? how will they write drakes absence?

Blanca teased Rafe and couldnt get him to dance with her.


Who should Blanca be with if not rafe




Abigail escaped shady hills chad yelled at the staff.

“poor dear i hope she is found before she gets hurt. or before thinking she is ben and kills someone

sadly its possible thats why she needs to be found”


Hope and aiden went to green mountain lodge to see what would happen

victor and theresa exchanged threats in the park

brady told maggie he may have been right about summer. how will this effect maggie long term?


“Maggies going to lose the most imho”

summer found a bag of money in her hotel room. is that get out of town money and who put it there?

Nicole went to the cabin to get straight with chloe, saw deimos, and after freaking out a bit pleaded with him to return to Salem.

“Do you see why he’s no good for her marlena. while he’s engaged to kate he asks nicole to run away with him then sleeps with Chloe the next day he’s a player a liar and he is old enough to be nicole and chloes Father.

We moved passed that remember?

I may have to kidnap nicole and send clone helena in her place.

I advise you not to do that Robert. she wont forgive you.

Nicole told damos she couldnt be that down the road of revenge person anymore, but pleaded with him to clear her name.

Andre offered to help chad with abigail in exchange for a place to live.

Chad agreed if only to keep an eye on him. andre rather morbidly told Chad that if abigail was indeed dead they would have found a body. Andre wanted chad to make the property legally his, and he gave chad an abigail goodbye note that he found saying she ran away. could andre know where Abigail is ?

“Dont look at me i didnt tell him i dont work for or with andre…anymore besides i would turn against andre for nicole in a heartbeat


Used abused and drunk philip went to see belle she and shawn sent him away.

“Even if you love shawn and belle as a couple you have to admit that how she played philip was wrong ..your daughter has serious sex issues marlena

im aware of it but cant talk about it

your right im sorry. whats philp have to do now that belle is gone again?”


Kate offered lucas a job at titan. Lucas told kate to give titan back to victor; she would be better off as would everyone else. would she give titan to Andre, qhich could start a War?

Blanca told Dario she got a nursing job. Dario told blanca to forget about rafe she would be better off. is dario right or just a little jealous?

“he’s right rafe only has eyes for hope now she’s wasting her time”

Dario told nicole not to trust damos he would hurt her

“See dario and i agree on something..he’s not good enough for her either BTW

Would dario be a better match than damos?

Deimnic or Deirnico ?? sigh”

Andre told Kate Damos was back in town he saw him in the park and he would remove him for 50,000.

“See Kate is Helen of Troy AGAIN”

Deimos told nicole she was right. he would give up revenge just as nicole was about to tell him they should get her. which way should they go about this?

“third option i replace nicole with clone helena and leave town

I would have to report you if you did this



back the mountain lodge things are moving very slowly. aiden told hope he would leave to stop causing her pain. she said stay. Rafe found video of aiden visting andre in prison and that somehow his timeline of events was off he’s lying about something.

“Or being cooped up for 6 months played with his. brain hello canary Wilson”

“Not much of this matters because it was reported that both Aiden and Chase were contractually released.

Wow the bus ran over aiden, Backed up, and hit him again poor guy.”

“Thats about it now lets go over the reasons why Helena/cloned nicole is not the best option for you.



Time to turn the hourglass