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This is an open letter to the networks: I hope you are reading this because many soap fans feel the way I do!

I get that all the major networks still operate by the almighty advertising dollar and that their profits are based on viewing figures for every program. It makes no sense to me to keep this model. TV is recorded and ads are fast forwarded at least 70% of the time.

WHY? because everyone — and I mean everyone — hates having their favorite tv program interrupted by an ad. It really doesn’t matter if it a great super bowl ad or not it, is still forced on the viewer. Why not have fans take up this matter?

Soap fans even if they are 1.2 million to 3.2 million (rating numbers) are willing to do ANYTHING to keep their soaps alive. I know for myself I would have paid a heavy premium to keep AMC and OLTL on the air on TV as they were. I would have been extremely loyal to any company advertising on the show. In fact I have changed my purchase habits in support of advertisers of my soaps and have been on a mission to destroy Disney!!!!

Talk to psychologists , behaviorists etc…they will tell you soap fan are addicts and you have taken away something extemely dear and important. There is a huge revenue model there if some idiot running network television is open to see it. TV is now and will remain a niche market.

You are ignoring the obvious here and still running the networks like you did 30 years ago. Adapt and grow…I myself avoid all major networks except for my soap……cable makes much more sense to me. I pay and get the shows I want without commercial interruption. Get a clue already. I think if some idiot ever takes Y&R off the air I will make it my mission to damage CBS (get a clue CBS, bring back Maria Arena Bell as head writer).

ABC you have already let me down….I NEVER watch or buy anything connected with ABC!!!!

Two year later the soap fans still at war to restored all their soaps to TV as they were, same writer, same cast, same crew.  The cable company who will restore their soap network will strike gold, thank you TNT to mend their breaking heart by restoring Dallas. Which network will be next?

–An Open Letter to the Networks by An Anonymous Google User – March 29, 2012

[Dear “Google User”, please contact us if you wrote this moving and heartfelt letter. We would like to credit you and  add your photo to this piece.]


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    lilat Any show like the view, have one time slot when the fans watch it.  But, the soaps thanks to Soap Net the ratting are spread out.  They count only the ABC ratting of the afternoon.  But, most of us soap fans work.  most of us would watch our soaps on soap net from 7pm, if we miss it them we will stay up late and watch it at 1am or on the weekend.  But, before the drama it never dump on us that we have to leave our TV on while we are at work for we can be counted.  Now, WHEN they come back we know better live our TV on while we are work to be counted when we watch it at night on Soap Net.

  2. says

    zrmoore This is so well say, produce a soaps coast 1 million per episode producing crap coast $750,000 per episode.  Soap fans will keep their network to be number 1 as ABC soap fans did to ABC and Disney.  Crap will make their network sank witch will mean billions of revenue lost for the networks and their advertiser.  At the end of the day keep your viewers happy and their pocket will rejoice.

  3. lilat says

    I can understand your point of view dianaj, but you have to admit that these soaps have been around and part of peoples lives for a very long time. Some of these shows deserve a little bit more respect than what they have gotten and so do the fans of these shows. There aren’t too many shows out there that can say they have this type of fan loyalty. When it comes to shows fan loyalty is all. there have been many shows that have been resurrected because they fans wanted them back. Soap operas aren’t any different and should be given the same consideration since they have been around for soooooooooooo long

  4. dianaj says

    Ok! What I have to say may inflame some of you soap opera lovers, but I say it with love. I really think that it’s great the way soap opera fans are doing everything that they can to save their favorite shows. However, where were these fans when the shows really needed them. If ALL of the fans were as loyal wouldn’t these soap operas still be on the air? I guarantee that if you bring the shows back they still won’t get the numbers that are needed in order for them to stay on the air. Soap operas used to dominate daytime television. Now all of them are gone. Maybe it’s just time for them to go. We don’t see westerns on television, variety shows, or a lot of other programming that used to entertain us. They had their time and now their gone. The younger generation isn’t interested in soaps and so are a lot of soap opera fans. That’s just the way it is no matter how sad it may be.

  5. tina55 says

    This is definitely proof positive that networks only care about money. The fans and the actors on these soaps are dedicated to putting out the best soap opera they can. What other shows do you know of can boast of having a loyal following that’s as old as the show itself. Not many if any. These execs better think long and hard about these decisions that they’re making because it could mean the downfall of the whole network. These loyal fans don’t only just watch soap operas they watch other shows on those stations as well.

  6. zrmoore says

    Yes, networks only care about profit. That’s it. What these soaps mean to the fans isn’t a factor in the decisions that executives make. They just don’t want to realize how special these shows are to people.There are millions of people who have been watching these shows every since they were born, and every since they came on television. Isn’t that what the producers and executives want. This type of life long loyalty. Since when has this type of loyalty not been profitable?

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    MaggieDalton1 You know what you got a very good point there, so will I.  We got some how make a big bang we are willing to paid extra for our soap station.  I know they had the coupons campaign, but we need to a follow up.  I’ll check with marketing about their thought.

  8. MaggieDalton1 says

    Love my SOAPS 3rd generation watcher & follower. Willing to fight & pay for what I want! Gladly pay premium for SOAP station. Worth it like paid HBO ect.

  9. Y2Jin99 says

    I love AMC/OLTL/GH but I will only not watch ABC in the Daytime.   I am not punishing myself by missing out on Modern Family or big events like the Super Bowl if they are on the ABC cuz a network canceled the show.   LOL  Some people just are over the top.

  10. nmelman says

    I would never watch ABC again in the entire life. They are dead to me except GH. I am a soap addict and proud of it. I would never even take my grandkids to Disneyland. Let someone else not me. ABC is doomed and now from all I have read it is almost the end for Katie. I wonder what new garbage ABC will put in its place. Anyone besides me think more GMAA? Cheap crap is all they want.

    • says

      nmelman The rat running scare, that’s why they run the PP scam, they know we don’t want more cheap garbage, we want 5 stars that is All My Children and One Life to Live.  That’s why Disney aren’t selling our soaps.

  11. EdnaJacksonBarefoot says

    The video was fantastic. ABC execs are idiots. I boycott ABC except for GH. I avoid all Disney products. I am & always be angry with ABC/D. At this time PP has our soaps but ABC still have their hands in them. They will do anything to make PP fail. We as the fans will not let that happen. I will be glad when a cable company finally realizes what a gold mine AMC & OLTL are. This fan is committed to keeping our soaps on the air.

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      EdnaJacksonBarefoot : I’m with you, ABC and Soap Net were the only channel I had on TV.  Everybody told me Disney were the mafia how evil they were, I didn’t care they had my soaps, the soap stars weekend, the cruise Disney were my happily ever after.  Since, April 14th 2011, the day they broke our heart.  You could not pay me enough to feed the rat. Disney own ABC, PP, hulu and they crucifying soap net.  We got to keep up the boycott, they have no choose our soaps are coming back to ABC.  Hatie and the spew are below cancelation ratting.  ABC went from 1st network to last.  WE ARE STARVING THE MOUSE, AND ARE SOAPS ARE COMING HOME.

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