Do you Mind if i Have my Wife to Myself

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John and Marlena were sitting in the Horton Square waiting for Bob and Blanca 

“This is..different I’m not feeling very comfortable 

“We had a deal too late to back out

This week in Salem 

A hopeful Xander tried to cash in on the Sarah, Rex fallout. He was not successful 

Will Sarah eventually grow feelings for Xander?

I hope so besides..Who else is there ?

Rex giving up gave Eric to Sarah and found himself drinking in a bar with Xander 


Do you feel sorry for Rex 


Gabi told Stefan the how’s and why of her revenge plan and instead of saying something “Dimera like” he just said that he knows she loves him 

Is it  Stefan’s fault that Abigail’s alter had him by the …..Scratch that  SMH  Stefan 

Kate refused to talk to Hope about who really had her locked in the Dimera dungeons 

What good would talking to Hope do. She’s not a cop anymore. The writers forgot that important detail but the viewer’s didn’t SMH 

Abe walked Past John and Marlena “Hey Guy’s”

John got up to shake his hand “Abe care to join us ?” 

Maybe later im off to a meeting bye 
bye Abe ” Abe left 

How about that 

Don’t kid yourself where, were we

Ted went to talk to Nicole and saw Kristen there was a struggle for a gun and Tony killed him 

Why would Tony is the good one? 

Have no idea..Will you miss Ted Laurent? 

For a while maybe  good actor wish him the best 

Eli is the new commissioner of Salem 

Finally a good cop that isn’t corrupt is just what Salem needs right now 

Will Eli do a good job 

Well he’s not a murderer so yes  Marlena shook her head 

Gabi shared her triumphant Dimera take over news with Brady  

Stefan refused to talk to Hope 

Good for you Stefan so many things wrong there 

Jack remained skeptical when hearing about Stefan’s story from Eli’s phone 

Nothing wrong with that in Salem i suppose 

Is it fair that they treat Stefan differently because of his last name? 

No but then again maybe this will wake him up and he gives them a reason to 

Tony and Kristen stashed Ted’s body in Stefan’s room naturally Stefan found it right when Eli walked in 

LOL that must have been funny 

Funny imagine if that happened to Stefano 

Point taken 

Hope ran into Nicole when she was trying to dispose of Ted’s necklace 

Instead of having a goon does these things or bringing it to a pawn shop 

Why the lack of Dimera goons there has to be some  Ted didn’t go to Dimera island by himself and now we’ll never know the real way he  returned from it 

Anyway a phone call spared Kristen as Nicole from listening to Hope’s inane questions 

Hope and Eli discussed Stefan i think they are both on the same page about his innocence 

Since when would being innocent matter to Hope..Marlena gave John a look 

Right, right 

Tony encounters Kate who was “surprised at another Dimera rebirth 

Tony could make things. Interesting again..that’s a fact 

Maggie and Xander shared their sorrows over Ice Cream 

I hope Xander is the result of another Maggie egg 

I seriously doubt that 

Are you enjoying Xander and Maggie? is he using her 

I don’t think he is  and i hope it stays that way 

Kate is afraid of Kristen so she said nothing to Hope 

HA Kate is finding out what happens when Dimera’s have no interest in sleeping with her 

Kate now thinks tony is working for Kristen is it nice to see Kate worried 

She should be worried no Dimera male soft spots 

Rafe said Gabi still has a heart for not wanting to see Stefan in jail   Gabi says it’s because she knows he didn’t do it 

Is it one the other or both 

They are intertwined 

Rex quit his job at the hospital and prepared to leave Salem 

He’s unbelievable..Hey maybe he’ll visit Cassie ?

isn’t she still sleeping in carlines house 

Not sure 

Kristen as Nicole FINALLY Got Brady into bed and the only thing he noticed was a scar on her back Nicole said she had a tattoo removed 

Wouldn’t Brady remember Nicole having a tattoo ?

There’s allot of things Brady should remember but the kids kind of an idiot 


Is this worse than the fake Rafe, Sami sex story 

Tough on but i say Yes because it lasting much longer 

Roman told Eric and Sarah to stay away from Rex and he’s concerned Eric isn’t over Nicole 

No man is ever over Nicole poor Roman he went through the same thing when i wouldn’t stay away from you 

Tony showed up after Brady and “Nicole” were finished and asked if he could have his wife to himself 

ROTLFMAO now that’s the Tony i remember 

Kristen was going to out herself to Brady Tony advised against it so she didn’t 

Is Brady this stupid 

We all know the answer to that 

Stefan returned to the mansion and with a glimmer of hope gave Gabi a sever warning 

Sigh if only he had goons take her to where he stashed Ted ..Gabi tried to look brave but was clearly unraveled 

unraveled..The son of Stefano and Vivian should have her needing to change her underwear..Sigh 

Will this bring out the Dimera in Stefan? 

Doubt it with Tony and Kristen around he’s Chad 2.0 

Speaking of Chad. His and Abigail’s web series is up ..If you wish to see it go to the NBC app 

Have you checked out the episodes yet 

Rafe and Hope think Stefan is innocent 

When does Innocent mean anything to them?

Stefan accused Hope of killing ted 

Works for me 

JOHN ??? Right right I’m sure Stefan knows better and was just angry anyway Hope told Stefan she thinks she knows who really did it 

And Gabi got scared when Rafe told her that he thinks that Stefan is innocent 

She is going to get it …literally LOL

that’s about it 

“there you are PLEASE take those off” 

“Awww” Bob and Blanca took off their John and Marlena masks 

“Blanca im surprised at you “

“Don’t blame her i made her many promises  …that i intent on keeping 

Did you think you could get away with pretending to be me all over town john asked bob? 

It worked on almost everyone. Nobody even noticed that  i’m almost a foot shorter than you john

the people in this town are unbelievable. By the way tonight your buying” john shook his head
“Not a problem” they all ordered diner 

Time to Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann