Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 07/26/19: Mr and Mrs Doctor Moocher

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What are you doing here and why now? 

I think you already know Bob 

So this time around are you Tony? Or Andre pretending to be tony? Because last time you were here i swore it was tony thinking he was Andre which would you prefer because i haven’t decided yet 

Just don’t make me regret bringing you back, i just have two questions one Where is “Nicole”  and two Are you going to make Hope pay for what she did to father !!!???”

I can answer one of those 



This Week In Salem

Sarah saw Eric moving boxes and thought he was leaving his own apartment 

I would if i was him 

Eric told them they can both stay as long as the like 

The big question on everyone’s mind is…Why can’t two Doctors Afford their own apartment ?

Its beyond ridiculous but the sad truth is NBC doesn’t want to pay to build another set 

SMDH moving on Ted and Kate lied for Kristen and blamed their kidnapping on Stefan later Kate doubled down on her lie saying she heard Stefan outside the door 

But wasn’t that room soundproofed i was sure it was last time she was locked in it 

Is that the same room?

I don’t know anymore i think so 

Stefan thanked Gabi for all her help 

Uh oh someone’s in love 

Love is a wonderful thing Bob 

For you it was it’s what brought you to the dark side for both versions of your it still work 

You know if the show really wanted to they could recast Andre 

Why would they do that 

Andre had surgery to look like tony. It can be undone 

They would never recast me would they? 

Don’t know Kristen , Susan banks ,Vivian soon anything is Nah 

Xander had some fun at Susan’s expense 

Xander such high hopes for him but he’s becoming unreliable

Can’t trust those kirakis’s 

Speaking of Kirakis Kristen pretending to be Susan Banks threw herself at Brady claiming that her and Roger had one of those open relationships 

That makes sense 

How so 

Elvis impersonators have been known to fair well with the ladies .anyway it failed 

What were your thoughts on the Susan and Brady Clash?

The real Susan showed up 

Out of the blue just like that 

apparently anyway Susan and fake Susan had some entertaining moments Kristen Susan was able to convince real Susan that she was sister Mary moria no longer a nun ..For now anyway 

What were your feelings on that encounter?

Stefan tried reasoning and bribing Kate to get her to come clean as Nicole as the culprit  didn’t work Rex jumped in to protect mommy 

Was Rex out of line ?

No that’s his mother 

Test tube mother not the same thing 

BTW where is cassie has anyone even mentioned her 

Cassie such a lovely girl 

Remember after you “killed” her she spent all of Melsewan Island in your mock mansion 

How do you know that was me? 

Kate told Ted that it was safer to back Kristen because she doesn’t think Stefan can beat Kristen 

Do you agree with Kate? 

probably they refuse to let Stefan out of the box he’s chad 2.0 its probably why your back  rumors still exist that Stefan isn’t on contract

Vivians returning i hope he gets better 

What will Vivian’s return do to the Stefan character ?

Brady gave Xander his briefcase back Xander showed  how they didnt find the mask .secret compartment 

Was the mask your idea ?

Why don’t you like it ?

A mask that enhances women’s breasts size.. Well if Nicole and Brady ever….it can only fool idiots like him 

Does the mask story remind you of the fake Rafe story and how Sami was fooled by all that? 

Yes it does..Doesn’t mean it’s a good thing though 

Maggie is doubting Xanders hero turn 

Rome wasn’t built in a day Maggie these things take time 

Is there hope for Xander in Maggie’s eyes? 

I hope so.. I hope Xander is another one of Maggies eggs that got loose 

Sarah told Rex they should move out 

Oh know where they will live now 

Haley is having nightmare/visions about Claire  Tripp is making up stories to get her some medicine 

Will this backfire on him

Only if he develope’s real feelings..UH OH 

Jennifer and Dr Sha gave it ago   Sha though apparently had enough of being rejection guy or rebound guy or replacement guy and broke things off 

ROTLFMAO good for him 

Jack been taking the serum for his memory BUT Xander mentioned a fake serum so is Xander playing eve is Jack playing eve are they playing eve together 

If jack and Xander are a team on this that would be so hilarious 

Mr Chin suspended Stefan over these kidnapping allegations 

Again with the Flip floppy dimera board Will these writers ever get things straight?


Kristen Nicole told Brady she has a plan to get Dimera enterprises for both of them 

Andre tony whoever you are going to be you need to make Dimera Great again have you seen what’s been happening since you Died ?

I will do what i can 

As long as it’s better than the last time and i never believed Abigail killed you 

That wasn’t me 

Uh huh 

Jack met up with JJ, JJ thinks his fathers on the level and actually showed some support 

Is this a breakthrough for them both?                  

Xander told eve he was pretty much done with her and jack caught Eve burning dr rolfs notes 

I have copies 

i do too ..Anyway  I think that was the straw that broke the Devreoux back Eve’s days with jack are numbered 

How happy does this make you?

It doesn’t unless you bring Daniel back. For the real Nicole 

Stefan brought in Abe to help with his suspension 

Tony/Andre did the board ever think about suspending you 

Heavens no id roast them all alive 


But to be fair the board is really something EJ made up but still father and i were always in control 

Sigh the good old days 

Kristen doubled down to Brady saying it will work 

Can you see Nicole/Kristen seducing Stefan 

Yes i think it would be hilarious 

To prevent further damage Gabi asked Abe to marry her and Abe 

Can you do that if you’re no longer mayor?

Anyone can marry anyone in Salem 

Right i forgot 

And then Kristen as Nicole came here to see you.   you have AD on your robe but everything I’ve heard says your Tony 

But i don’t have to guess because unfortunately for you  i brought this cat 

Mr. Snuffles is this Andre or Tony 

Time to Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 07/19/19: Nicole walker Lucha Libre Luchadora

Marlena’s office 

So I’m having trouble explaining it to Blanca can you help me Marlena, 

LOCO went Bianca as well as a few unprintable words 

Run it all by me again just in case i missed something 

My scientists have come up with a face mask for women, that Enhances woman’s Breast size. Do you know how many men would want this for their significant others it’s a multimillion dollar idea..

Marlena looks at Bob then Blanca she reaches down behind her desk and hands Blanca a Umbrella”Hit Him with This” 


 Blanca laughed  Marlena shook her head while smiling 

This week in Salem 

Abe was naturally thrilled upon hearing about Eli and Lani’s engagement 

Are you happy for this couple? 

“Yes” went bob rubbing his head  

Hope accused Stefan of kidnapping Ted and Kate 

Typical Hope you have no real evidence.. But why should that stop vicious evil murderers 

Stefan said he was being framed and tried to kick them all out of the Mansion he was later arrested 

Will this change Stefan’s character? 

I hope so he’s been dormant for too long 

Xander warned Kristen not to throw him under the bus he was later arrested 

Would Xander offers his services to Stefan?

Gabi told Brady her plan was working Brady was concerned Gabi was falling for Stefan Gabi said it was all under control 

Is Gabi faking it ?

Kristen kissed Xander in an attempt to reclaim her Nicole mask it didn’t work 


Kristen as Nicole made a move on Brady because of Eric he turned her down 

Points for Brady ???

Xander reminded eve that she had to help him 

Gabi told Stefan she thinks Nicole stashed away Ted and Kate and that Kate would be his ticket out of this mess 

Will alliances shift as the walls close in on Kristen ?

Kate told ted they had to find a way to free themselves from kristen 

See above i think Ted and Kate are going to change their story on Stefan 

Jack and Jennifer argued about his memory again won’t be much longer now he told Eve if he got his memory back he wouldn’t leave her 

Sure just like Bo/ princess Gina/Billy and nick Stockton Billy/Kayla 

BTW Steve is on his way back to Salem late this year early next year 

Are you getting ready for his return? 

I think we all are 

what’s the first thing Jack will do after he gets his memory back 

Go running to Eve ..To fire her 

Eve offered Ted the DA job again Ted’s conflicted 

Could Ted be a good da if he tried to be 


Gabi tried to brownie the truth out of Kate didn’t work 

Have to try harder than that Gabi 

To teach Kristen the value of a boss treating his/her employees well he stole Kristen’s Nicole mask 

Why does she only have one anyway??? that not good planning 

Brady tried to fire Xander over his being arrested thing but Xander reminded him his contract says he can’t be fired unless he’s convicted 

shouldn’t Brady have known that ?

Yes he should have 

Gabi went to see Nicole and wouldn’t leave Kristen in a desperate attempt to get rid of Gabi appeared in a Mexican wrestling mask  not too different than the one Rey mysterious wore 

a freaked out Gabi got out of there as fast as she could 


Gabi told Brady about the mask and why she had to get Stefan out of prison 

Does Brady think Gabi is into Stefan 

Jennifer in a combination of frustration and desperation called up Dr Shaw and ask him out 

Will we be seeing dr Shaw next week 

This is so typical of Jennifer Marlena 

How so 

Remember not so long back when Jack was dying and he put Frankie and Jennifer together and when he wasn’t dying they crushed his feelings 

I remember 

Well she’s doing it again to this Shaw character …moving on 

Susan Banks arrived at Will’s doorstep…everyone was surprised 

Will and Sonny were even more surprised when finding out she had a gun 

Don’t see the big deal 

You don’t 

No marlena i don’t you have a gun john has a gun Everybody has gun its Salem it can be a very dangerous place ..Thanks to Hope 


Stefano kept the streets safer Marlena that’s what being in control was all about 

let’s not digress 

Eventually they got the gun away from her 

They will feel really guilty if something should happen to Susan later on 

Rafe told Ben NO to seeing David  because jordan/Mommy said NO 

Why does Ben want to see David so much? 

He wants to connect with his nephew 

So he can what recreate him and Clyde??? ..Moving on 

Ciara caught Hope and ted kissing and gave her blessing 

Was that nice or none of her business 

Both so it doesn’t matter 

Gabi grew suspicious of Xanders briefcase and sought about taking it for herself. She grabbed it and in the struggled kneed him in the going 


were you rooting for Gabi or Xander during that 

Xander what Gabi did is called stealing which Rafe told her when catching Gabi trying to open it rafe demanded she give it back

Susan tried to seduce Brady claiming her and Roger were in an open relationship 


Brady obviously halted everything 

Kristen confronted Xander about the mask

Gabi gave Brady the briefcase to give to Xander  will Brady be able to open if after Gabi failed to 

I bet it opens up by itself 

Susan banks the REAL Susan banks arrived at the mansion 

Is the timing of two Susan’s just too convenient did one know what the other one was doing ?

Not sure i doubt Kristen knew Susan was arriving 

Will we get an EJ and same update from Susan?

And thats about it pretty intense week especially Friday 

can’t wait until Monday 

Good now about  .. John entered the room 

Hey everyone ready to go 

Yes and lets hurry bob hurried to the elevator Blanca shook her head while walking past him 

Marlena whispered to him john chuckled 

Time to Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 07/11/19: Claire We Hardly Knew Ya

Bay view 

John and Marlena were processing Claire when Bob shows up 

“Bob this is not a good time”

“I know john but I’m here to help “

“How can you help ?”Asked Marlena 

“I’ve gone around to the “other guest” and ensured Claire’s safety for as long as she is here” 

This Week in Salem 

“Rex is suspicious of Kate’s Texts

“Hope told Xander she things Ted went missing because Ted knows Holly’s alive then she accused Xander of sending those texts 

Why would hope tell Xander that if she suspects him?

No clue 

Brady told Chloe he is glad she is away from Stefan 

Are we up for another round of Brady and Chloe?

Kristen as Nicole saw Ted and Kate alive and almost let them out they pleaded with her they think Xander is using Holly to make her do these things 

Well that technically may be true anyway Kristen let Xander have it and i think Xanders reached his Henchmen point 

Would Xander betray Kristen 

Fear so 

Gabi and Stefan have had it with Nicole and discussed firing her 

The walls are closing in on Eve as everyone is now looking towards her for everything Claire and Ciara, Ciara let Eve have it with both barrels 

They all gathered to say goodbye to Claire 

Feel bad for Claire thrown under the bus like that just like so many before her 

How much longer until Eve gets it 

I’m thinking before the end of the month if not sooner 

After thirty something years of drug and alcohol users going in and out of his house Victor finally dried out his house minus one bottle hiding under the sofa 

what’s your stance on this about time or he shouldn’t have to ?

Jack forced Eve to drop all charges against Ben she did but she let Ben know it wasn’t over 

Chloe in her little act of revenge against Stefan and Gabi told them they couldn’t rent out her place unless they paid Triple the normal rate they had no choice to agree 

LOL should have made it quadruple 

Xander talked his way out of not killing Kate or Ted to Kristen 

Stefan fired Kristen/Nicole 

Is Kristen going to flip 

Xander was saddened to see the necklace he gave Sarah on Chloe 

Poor guy not only should he not have given it to her Sarah should have not taken it 

should Xander have demanded it back from Chloe 

Nah that would be in poor form 

Get this Hope lectured Jack on levels she wouldn’t stoop to 

Eli brought Xander in for questioning 


Harassment nothing else 

Get ready for this. Okay are you ready. Here we go 

Hope Lectured Eve that Using her position to cover up crimes and frame innocent people is wrong

Run that by me again 

Hope actually told Eve that using her position to cover up crimes and frame innocent people is wrong 

But she Murder Stefano and frame Andre 


So how can she say those things? 


Hope is Evil. Moving on 

Eli didn’t believe Xander about Kate’s possible whereabouts 

Eve tried to intimidate Xander 

and that’s how she is going down 

Would Xander make a good commissioner? 

Best one ever i imagine 

Maggie found Victors Bottle Sarah stopped her from finishing it off Maggie promised to be nice to Rex 

Congrats Maggie you just gave Rex and Melissa the green light 

Will this be the end of bender Maggie 

Hope so 

Xander decided that Starvation isn’t the way to go out 

Will he just shoot them? 

Stefan fired Kristen, Kristen forgot she was Nicole and attacked him 

How do you know she forgot? 

Because it ruined all her plans and she knows better 

Not sure about that the Dimeras aren’t as smart as they use to be 

I know right it’s very, very sad 

How will Kristen alter her plans? 

Easy make a pitch to the board remind them who her father was and make them an offer they can’t refuse 

Kristen decided no more Mrs nice girl and went to finish Ted and Kate off herself just missing Abe who tried to stop Stefan from firing her 

Will Stefan change his mind ?

Will was released from the hospital 

JJ was evicted from his apartment 

You can’t just evict someone like that not in SMH 

Anyway he and Haley are going to move into the Soras house 

Which probably needs a new name now because Ciara is the only Soras member still living there 

What new name should we give the house 

How about Whose going to pay for all this 

Stefan and Gabi found caught in the passion of young love decided to do it on Julies Desk 

So romantic 

Not sure about that Bob 

Um excuse me john you and Marlena on a desk Created Belle 

That’s true it was the desk 


Do you remember that scene? 

Sami does..Moving on 

Julie threw water on them and they stopped and left 

Why didn’t she use a fire extinguisher

Budgets i bet 

Will she burn the desk? Would you burn the desk? 

Kate threatened Ted again Ted talked her out of it Nicole/Kristen entered with gun in hand 

Did she shoot right away? 


Sigh they never ever learn Just Shoot nobody will miss Ted and Kate deserves it more than anyone 

Xander decided that was no way for Kate and Ted to die and went to save them Hope followed him in the tunnels

Did the writers forget Hope was a cope and how come after 30 plus years of search warrants hope only discovered that secret entrance in 2019

Not sure its mind boggling 

Kate pretty much figured out Kristen’s plan minus the mask part 

Kristen left she ran into Xander and pointed her gun at him 

Will she shoot Xander 

No she just ordered him to leave and when she did Hope found Ted and Kate 

Stefan entered the room and Kate and Ted told hope Stefan locked them down there 

And the credits rolled 

Did kristen tell them to blame Stefan in exchange for their lives 

I think so anyway that was an intense moment can’t wait until Monday  John, Marlena again I’m sorry for Claire as usual the show wasted her until it was too late 

And Marlena next week we need to figure out why i feel bad for what happened to Claire makes me want to laugh out loud at her parents 

Next week Bob for sure 

Time to Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 07/05/19: A Trip to the “Cafe”

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In the Tunnels Underneath Salem 

What are you doing here in the tunnels Robert…Bob 

Oh you know me Kristen just looking for something to do 

I meant in the tunnels certainly if we are seen questions will be raised 

Nah these tunnels are like an underground subway  Dimera mansion is that way my office is that way Brady pub is over there it’s awesome and Nicole and i are together on Fridays often 

i mean  why are you here now 
I need to see the look on your face???

This Week In Salem 

Rex explained to Kayla why Roman wasn’t invited to the wedding and he mentioned the gift from Xander 

if you were Roman would you be pissed that your” Son” didn’t send you an invite


Hope saw the Xander necklace on Sarah and thinks it’s the one that Ted tried to give to her 

Two things ..ONE how come people forgot one of the first things Xander was doing was diamond smuggling did it occur to anyone that it may have been stolen 

Nah it probably wasn’t 

TWO Hope is just jealous that instead of Ted crying over it he pawned if off on someone else 

I know Hope I’m sure that’s not it 

Kristen if you know Hope then why haven’t you …She Murdered your Father..

Brady is more important Stefano would understand 

Sigh probably 

Speaking of hope and the necklace on sarah it had the exact effect Ted wanted who told kate that hope seeing it would lead her here 

Kate remained skeptical

Was Ted right in his assessment 

NO because Xander killed Kate and Ted so it doesn’t matter 

Did he now ?

Rex is suspicious of Kate text’s to him 

SMH Kristen… NICOLE you really need to think these things out why didn’t you make some phone calls and have Ted and Kates phones turned off.. MOVING ON 

Ben found a groggy Tripp Ciara pleaded for Claire to stop all this Claire wasn’t listening 

Snicker Tripp SMH he supposedly fell LOL.. Moving on

Carrie Ran into Rafe at the pub one thing led to another and they spend the night together 

DO you think that they went upstairs to listen to records like Ciara and Theo did that one time LOL

no they made love this was proven 

Rafe and Carrie   CAFE… i like it 

If Carrie was sticking around would they make a good couple? 

The real question is will Carrie return to Rafe in about 9 months 

I hope so 

Haley and JJ reunited i think it was implied that her sister mom former DA Trask finally stepped up and said I’m her mommy stop the madness which made all the months prior a 

Complete Waste Of Time..But we’ll see 

Will we ever find out if whatever Melinda sad about Haley’s father is real 

Hope its Stefano OR Andre 

Just what i need more siblings mocked Kristen 

We do need more siblings…Stefan is a joke, Andre/Tony won’t ever get enough screen time, and you’re after a man young enough to be your son 

I will have a future with Brady 

Did you know Nicole has birthmarks 

Birthmarks  ? Where 


Jack is almost ready to take the serum because he wants to remember life with his kids Jennifer is thrilled which means Eve’s time is almost at an end 

Will this make you happy 

Shawn blamed Tripp for Claire 

Brady opps Kirakisis’s always blaming someone else ..anyway Claire’s indecisiveness and Claire’s constant whining stalled Claire enough for Ben and Marlena  to Save the day 

HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY that means the serial killers on his way 

Can’t figure Ciara out 

Why Kristen is it because you were with a serial killer For YEARS and didn’t even know it 

That’s exactly why yes 

Anyway Marlena talked Claire down Claire considered ending it all but Marlena was there for her and stopped her 

Will Salem ever see Claire again ??

Hard to tell  but for now will it be Shady hills Bay view or somewhere in Hong Kong 

Ciara made sure everyone knew BEN was the hero 

Ben wasn’t Marlena was 

Who gets more credit Ben or Marlena ?

Jennifer and hope played catch up 

Abe stood up for Nicole and prevented Stefan from firing her he also told Lani why he went to work for the Dimeras 

Would you have if you were Abe considering the lexi thing 

Nope..Anyway I’m hoping that Stefan is keen on some of this but …i blame you Kristen 

Me why 

Your supposed to help Mentor him into something that resembles Father 

Would you like to see that?

Xander caught Kate eavesdropping Kristen knocked her out and put her with Ted 

And then he killed them both 

Right right good old Xander always reliable 

JJ saw that Haley and JJ were back together she was thrilled but at the same time somehow updating them on Abigail was more important than their alone time eventually she left 

John and Marlena let eve have it for not telling them about Claire 

So its Eve’s fault that The grandparents and parents didn’t first  see that Claire was a wackadoodle ?

Were they just looking for someone to blame or are they are fault too 

I blame Shawn and Belle 

Of course you do 

Will you miss Claire kirakis brady 

Roman figured out Carrie and Rafe and was surprised Carrie asked if she was grounded 


Eve still wants to get rid of Haley 


Jennifer is happy Jack wants to remember. Something you can see the desperate look of hope in her eyes it’s sad 

You know what i want Jack to remember first How she threw him away for Daniel and that technically all of this is Her fault 

She will never do that 

I know because Hortons never do wrong 

Doug and Julie naturally judged Rafe to harshly as he updated them on Claire/Ciara 
 some gathered around to watch the 4th of July fireworks as Carrie left town 

It would be so great if She and Sami were up to something..Hopefully we will find out in 9 months 

Jennifer kissed Jack won’t be long now i think 

Hope questioned Xander about Nicole

Sigh Hope forgot she’s a cop impersonating one is a crime she should be arrested 

Gabi wanted Stefan to fire Nicole,  Nicole finally showed up for work and they argued about how their companies were better for Dimera 

Kristen not once in the 30 plus years i knew Stefano did he ever talk about women’s dresses and that includes the times he dressed up as a woman

Okay okay anyway they sent me down here for a certain bottle of Champaign can you help me with that 

sure look in their  Kristen Nicole walks into the room and see’s Kate and Ted “WHAT THE HELL” could be heard from outside Bob runs off stops lets out bursts of laughter and goes to meet Blanca John and Marlena 

Time to Turn the Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann