Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 06/07/19 Beginning to Question your Mental State

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Not too far away from the Horton Cabin Bob is setting up around a campsite which included long way sound detection equipment, telescopes and cameras 

I thought you said you wanted to get away. Be one with nature 

I did 

Then what’s with all the camera equipment 

I wanted to watch the fire… i mean fireworks 


“shhh okay there’s Tripp and Haley ..and right on cue here comes Claire use that one if you want to see” Blanca looked into the telescope OMG Is she going to….. 

I know this is exciting 

I’m calling the police 

Don’t bother there’s no service out here, come on Claire let’s see how far gone you really are 

This Week in Salem 

Chloe and parker moved out of Dimera Mansion Stefan told Gabi it was all her fault and whatever they were doing was over 

“ONLY her fault yeah right”

Stefan was powerless against the Gabi succubus Blanca 

Is it really over for those two?

I hope not 

Julie yelled at Jack for having Jenifer arrested 

She assaulted the mayor SMH ..

Should Jennifer get the maximum penalty 

YES..That’s almost two whole episodes behind local lockup…not even real jail poor baby:

Xander showed some humanity when bonding with an intoxicated Maggie 

Was it real or was Xander playing along 

I hope it was real Xander showed tremendous character growth 

Rex and Sarah are hard at it trying to help Will 

Sorry with no Leo around the Evil Eye cannot be cured 

Will they find the antidote in time? 

Brady went to Nicole/Kristen and told her what Maggie saw (Maggie saw Kristen put on her Nicole mask but was too drunk to be believed)

Naturally Nicole/Kristen played it off 

Where is Nicole Bob ..don’t tell me you don’t know 


Eve and Jack are using Rory to trap JJ (Haley and Tripp)

Poor Rory comes into town with a new haircut and has to deal with this BS 

Would you put up with this if you were Rory ?

Hell no 

Anyway there was some sort of deal about getting them back to drop the charges ect ect those things never work 

Ben is certain Claire set that Fire 

Claire laid out all her issues with Marlena ..Hard not to feel sorry for her when you consider Tripp didn’t have to do any of this Which was JJ’s original argument BTW 

Will is still dying been like over a month now,,

Don’t be that way 

What way  I know he will live making this all a waste of time 

Can you really get behind these they may die stories when you know the Actor/actress isn’t going anywhere?

Pointless drivel 

Ben heard Claire’s Personal ringtone which triggered a memory he is now Convinced Claire set the fire 

OH NO Ben’s going to need a special fireproof necktie for this 

Ben won’t kill her 

Will Ben and Ciara get there in time 

Eli had enough of Lani’s baby David obsession and broke up with her 

Lani was upset but not that upset Baby David was her only focus 

Did Eli see that Lana’s reality has flipped and if he did was leaving her like that the right thing to do 

Eve told Claire that the walls were closing in 

Eve told Ben that his days of being free were numbered 

Ciara continues to act that Ben’s crimes were nothing more than a kid robbing a candy store .Case in Point Ben let out his psychotic behavior on Rory and when Rory told Ciara she was like whatever 

Do you think that the writers knew that when they did the little Norman bates thing and labeling Ben as a serial killer they were digging themselves a serious hole 

Nope these writers don’t think far ahead anymore case in point Stefano/Hope 

Speaking of far ahead i believe the funeral for Caroline will be next week so have boxes of tissues handy 

John almost talked Eve out of sharing the Will Diary John thinks it’s time to tell Sami about Will 


Shouldn’t Sami been told like weeks ago 

Relax there’s plenty of time I’m sure Will will be at deaths door for another month at least 

let’s hope not 

Eve left a message for Claire fearing that she wasn’t stable 


Sonny threatened Eve’s life for the diary 

SMH sonny i would have laughed in his face 

Was sonny believable 

Sonny needs to be locked up can’t just go around threatening people even in cases like this it’s still a crime 

Tripp comforted Haley unaware that Claire was outside watching 

Why is this still happening Trask’s I’M YOUR MOTHER should have ended this 

Why didn’t it all end with Trask’s confession? 

Because then we wouldn’t see this there she goes WHOO HOO 

Will Claire end up in shady hills or Bay view 

Hopefully shady hills they have Cable and pizza Fridays Bay view has Cable but no pizza 

Will anyone get hurt in the fire Will Ben’s saving the day mean he has to kill or hurt Claire 

Doubt neither but can’t wait to find out 

WHOO that fire is spreading fast. You would think that the Horton Cabin would be more fire resistant with all their money..i hope they have some extinguishers lying around ..Not like this is the first time.

Time to Turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann