Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 05/11/19: Burn the Bottled Mask

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Blanca went to tell Bob that John and Marlena were on their way up the elevator when she saw something. Unexpected 

Greetings Miss Blanca .I’m here to see Bob is he around?” 

“Excuse me I’ll be right back” Blanca hurried into the hallway “john, Marlena, Stefano Dimera is in Bob’s office!”

John, Marlena and Blanca hurried into the office 

“John, Marlena how good to see you, “went Stefano Chuckling 

“TAKE THAT MASK OFF” demanded Marlena 

“Awe how did you know it was me” went Bob “Blanca did you squeal”

This Week in Salem 

Maggie lied to Sonny about her drinking 

Brady warned Victor not to take Maggie for granted Victor insisted he wasn’t 

Let’s revisit an old question Brady and Maggie is the current ones but over the years Victor has had numerous Alcoholics living under his roof, should he dry out his house?

Should he lock all the booze away? Should he allow the Adults to make their own choices? Does he bare any responsibility as an enabler? 

Tough one 

When seeing Ted with Hope Will yelled at Hope for being with Ted, after what Ted did to Will and Sonny 

Will shouldn’t take things so personally ,
Ted then apologized 

See he’s changed 

Sure he has 

Doesn’t Ted deserve the same thousand second chances that everyone else gets 

Considering there was a time Will played by Gus Wilson blackmailed Paul to leave town or be outed yup 

When checking through Rolf’s notes Zander found a chapter on making face masks 

Will this be the way Kristen is outed 

These are really well done 

Kate tried to get under Maggie’s skin 

Kate’s a #@$@#$ 

Maggie went to see Nicole to try and make things right and saw Kristen Dimera answer the door Before Maggie could react Kristen slammed the door and put her Nicole face on 

After reopening the door Masked Kristen Nicole slamming the door again told Maggie to go home and sleep it off 

JJ got in touch with old pal Rory who came in with a fresh haircut but before Rory could help him he was harassed by Eli who took him in for questioning for like no reason 

There may have been a reason 

Sure sure 

Was it cool to see Rory Again? 

prefer Bev but Yes it was 

Rory was able to ditch the passports without Eli seeing 

Ben suspicious of Ciara may be closing in on her setting the cabin fire 

Tripp was informed and retrieved the passports only to be confronted by Jack 


Jennifer Assaulted Jack knocking him out so Tripp could get away 

Assaulting the mayor that’s at least a year in jail 

You know better than that 


Tripp got to the cabin and told them that it was Claire not eve behind most of their current mess 

Did you like JJ and Haley’s outfits? Will they make it to Canada? How do you like them as a couple?

EH NO and jury’s still out”

In one of Zanders many files are notes that reveal Holly’s not dead 

We all know that of course But where is she and does someone we don’t know have her hidden away 

DONT LOOK AT ME went Bob the real Nicole’s on Stefano’s island with Robert…MOVING ON”

Zander tried to get into Mayor Jacks good graces stating some of the things he’s done that benefited him Jack denounced it giving ALL credit to EVE 

Who gets more credit Zander or EVE 


 John tried to get Rolfs Diary from Eve (for Will’s sake)he tried appealing to her humanity as a former mom  it kind of worked because she went to see Zander to get the Diary Zander wouldn’t give it up without a price which Eve refused/couldn’t give to him right away jack showed up Zander left 

Will Eve be able to get the diary?

Ben’s Hypnotizing of Ben didn’t reveal anything about the fire 

They will try again 

Does that ever work Marlena 

It worked with you. When you wanted it to 

True enough

Jack has a memory when bantering about jail with Jennifer 

Do you remember that story? 

Of course 

Brady called Maggie out on her lying to him about her drinking she apologized then told Brady she was sure she saw Kristen in an old Nicole dress 

Brady asked her not to drink anymore and he went to check it out 

How far will they take Maggie’s fall off the wagon? 

For her sake i hope it’s over real soon 

Kayla told Will he could only have a few days left 

Pointlessness we all know Will won’t die But After he’s recovered he can thank Stefano/Rolf for saving him 

Kristen was reliving some of Nicole’s..not so great past when Eric knocked on the door he tried to tell Nicole about Zander Nicole/Kristen yelled at him some more, Eric desperate to get through to her reached out Kristen/Nicole fell backwards and hit the floor Brady at the door seeing it all yelled “what have you done ?”

Did the mask fall off? Will part of it be ripped? Will they put all the pieces together?

Monday could be huge

Anyway that’s about it let’s eat. So Marlena how did you know it was me” 

“Nobody knows Stefano better than me Bob not even you. I’ll start at the beginning 

Time to Turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann