Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 06/29/19:Soul Sucking Wedding Fire Traps

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Do you really think she said @#$#@$#@ 

It sounded like it 

Sigh well she didn’t she said Soul sucking like a Special kind of Vampire 

Ohhhh yeah that makes more sense 

“sigh meeting over go home ” Bob pulled out his phone and dialed Kristen he got voicemail “Kristen just a heads up that Nicole not showing up here on Fridays is becoming suspicious” Bob hangs up the phone when Jennifer walks in “well this should be good ??”

This week in Salem 

Rex wants him and Sarah to help Eric win back Nicole. Eric is like NO THANK YOU

“Will whatever Rex comes up with help expose Kristen ?”

Kate continues to worm her way into Victors inner circle”

How far is Kate going to go ?”

“Mars if we are lucky 

Sami got into Nicole/Kristen’s face and started being herself Kristen smacked her Sami smacked her right back

CATFIGHT…opps sorry 

Lucas and Brady broke it up but Sámi noticed something was off with Nicole’s face 

Well Sami’s smacked enough faces she would know 

Is Sami going to be around long enough to figure this out? 

Not sure 

Ted figured out that Nicole and Xander were partners so Xander decided he had to go 

Kate for..smh is snooping around Kristen/Nicole’s room and found the dress that Maggie said she saw Kristen wearing 

That woman needs …… there are no words anymore 

Then Kristen knocked her out 


Is this the end for Kate?

Can’t get that lucky 

Eve and Jack discussed Justin for DA 

Horrible choice 

He refused it anyway 


Xander is into the giving gifts because i find you so special phase of courting Sarah but when he ran it by Maggie. Maggie said thanks to Rex it was a bad idea 

Xander was crushed 

Poor guy 

wasn’t there another Maggie egg out there could zander be another Daniel 

Nah that was like three writing teams ago 

He passed it off as a wedding gift i think. Then lied to Kristen telling her he killed Ted 

LOL Xander is all over the place with this good/bad thing 

Can you feel Xanders inner struggle?

I can indeed 

Kate overheard Xander tell Kristen he killed Ted and dialed 911 Eve found out about it and buried the call telling Eli to ignore it she then told Xander and told him to “forget everything”

He agreed 

THAT @#$@#$  @#$@#$ 

Jennifer we are not allowed to print those words here..but you’re not wrong 

Will Eli disobey orders and look into the call 

It’s not hard to do if you’re in Eli’s position 

Kayla refused to give Jack the serum despite it saving Will but she pointed him in the direction of the diary 

After some mocking and bantering Eill gave Jack Rolfs diary it didn’t win him any points with JJ though 

Will the serums working fix the Deveoux family ?

will Jack be able to make his own serum


You think so 

Its easy Jennifer i have gallons of the stuff for tragedies and emergencies used it on Peter once. Remember Peter 

Of course i do

opps bringing up bad memories my bad where were we as yes   Kristen knocked out Kate 


I thought you and Kate were good 

She’s making bad decisions lately 

She always makes bad decisions 

Look at us agreeing on something “Jennifer giggled anyway Kristen told Xander to “get rid of her” she instead of doing that he stashed her with Ted but he texted Kristen and told her she was dead 

OPPS  Xander this may not end up well for you 

What will happen to Xander when this blows up? 

I hope he will FINALLY be accepted into the group 

Stefan wants to fire Nicole for not showing up for work  Abe stood up for her and told stefan a little of his history with Nicole and her family it worked for now 

Do you agree with Stefan or Abe on the firing ?

Claire was woken up by the smoke alarm she ran into the living room and caught semi naked Tripp and Ciara under a blanket on the couch 



The couch ? 


When they each have their own bedroom 

Your no stranger to passion Bob 

Fair enough 

Claire lost it she is over the rainbow gone meanwhile Ben told Marlena what they were doing to her Granddaughter and they ran over to the Soras House 

They entered to see that Claire had beaten the heck out of Tripp and she may have had a knife to his throat 

ROTFLMAO Tripp got beaten up by a girl  LOL LOL LOL thats just too funny 

Are you finished 

LOL..wait ..NO ROTFLMAO LOL LOL ..There all out of my system LOL i cannot wait till Monday 

Poor Claire i hope she gets the same prescription as Ben then it will all be no harm no foul 

Will it be no harm no foul with Claire?

Don’t see why not well this has been “different” Jennifer care to join me and Blanca for diner i can catch you up on everything Frankie he mentioned you when i held him captive last week 

You what 


Time to Turn the Hourglass


By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 06/21/19: Once I let you in my heart, I never let you go ” Caroline Brady


At the Brady Pub 

Your mother was a fine woman Roman, Kayla,…i miss her already 

“Thank you Bob”

“I remember the first time i bought fish from her at the market we would talk about anything and everything, one day Roman you walked into the market after work and it looked like you had a really bad day, we started talking about you, and you Kayla, and Kimberly ,Bo(RIP) of course as well i remember how happy she was when the adoptions of Frankie and Max were finalized, she pulled you in and made you want to be a part of your family !

“That was mom” went Kayla raising her glass Roman and Bob did the same

“Bob did you share what mom told you about us with Stefano” 

“Roman. How could you think that about me……of course i did? But it all worked out in the end right 

This Week In Salem 

Will is still dying Gabi and Ari went to visit him in the hospital Will and Sonny Re married 

Were you happy about the nuptials?”


Nicole/Kristen was able to keep Ted hidden from visitors Abe and Stefan 

Abe accepted Stefan’s job offer 

Why does Abe need a job certainly he can retire if he wants to 

Take it from me Bob Retirement can be paralyzing”

“In Salem Roman i agree, how will this job work out for Abe”

“It depends on Stefan Speaking of Stefan him and Gabi are making Nice i think a new romance is underway 

Will Gabi be able to settle down and change her reputation? 


Tripp and Ciara finally realize just how gone Claire is 


How will they handle this news? 

well they should start by calling Marlena 

Sami showed up ran into Lucas and naturally started screaming for someone to do anything as Will took Yet Another Turn for the worse 


Will went into the light and saw Caroline who told him it wasn’t his time yet 

“Will saw Ma” sobbed Kayla” 

if you believe that sort of thing AND I DO” yes right after that is when you got the call from Kimberly Roman” Roman started to get emotional Kayla and bob put their hands on his shoulder 

Kayla invited Victor to the wake he refused to go .very sad he pulled out an old photo of her and started to reminisce  

Shawn and Carrie showed up for the funeral

Did you like seeing them even if was for this sad occasion 

“It was great they could show up unlike some of the others”

“About that Bob i talked to Frankie yesterday and…

“Moving on”

Hope noticed Ted wasn’t hovering around her lately 


Is this a sign that Hope and Ted have a future? 

I hope so Ted is going through allot of Crap for her 

Hope went to see Victor to help him Mourn Caroline 

Were you touched by the Hope and Victor Scenes? 

Me no but I’ll save that for another time it seemed to work for all involved 

Victor mourned the loss of the love of his life 

Will this make him make things right with Maggie? 

I can only hope so before it’s too late 

Towards the end of their wake. Shawn and Caroline’s ghosts was scene outside the pub 

That had me crying 

Speaking of crying..It was reported that some flashbacks were written in, but were cut by the editing department 

Cut by the editing department?????


Just who is in charge of what really happens on screen, Cut by the editing dept. SMDH 

I know right GMAB ..Were you disappointed by the lack of flashbacks? 

Sami jumped for joy and did the happy dance when Eric told her him and Nicole were over 

Rex and Sarah discussed the wedding 

Why wasn’t Rex there for his father and grandmother ??

I don’t think they count Rex as family anymore wonder if they told Cassie ?

Cassie  OMG we forgot to tell Cassie ?

Knew it 

Kristen Wants Xander to kill ted Ted doesn’t want to 

Xanders heart is warming he’s becoming one of the good guys 

Xander a good guy i don’t see that Bob 

Roman your Niece is dating a Serial Killer and you’re not on Team Xander Shame on you 

Point taken 

Hope went looking for Ted and ran into Kirsten/Nicole who talked her way out of it, Sami found Kristen/Nicole and was of course Sami 

More pot kettle so many people did the same thing to her did she listen or change ?


Eve is trying to frame  Ben for anything 

Tripp and Ciara trying to come up with a plan to get Claire are finally seeing how Unglued Claire really has become 

Claire is fun sad that she’s leaving 

Will Tripp and Ciara’s plan work ? 

Not in the way they hope I’m sure 

Xander arrived at wherever Ted was Ted was relieved until he saw Xanders gun 

And the credits rolled 

Will Xander shoot Ted?


What was your favorite Caroline Moment? what did you think of the shows tribute ?

BO DONT SHOOT HIM HE’S YOUR FATHER..I’ll never forget that 

Another toast” went Kayla 

Another Toast went Bob 

Time to turn the hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 06/14/19: Diary of the Not Dead

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In an unknown location 6 people are locked in a room they are all waking up at the same time 

MOM ? DAD ? Went Theresa 

Are you okay sweetie 

I’m fine what’s going on 

Hello ???


It’s us we’re okay “

what’s going on 

A voice came through a loudspeaker 

“Greetings everyone I’m sorry about this, but it’s for your own benefit”


No Theresa its Bob and Tate’s right here with me he’s Fine see Bob gives Tate to Theresa  


The six of you can’t be bothered to show up for Caroline’s funeral  SMH so for  you to save face I’ve kidnapped you. Now all of you have a legitimate excuses as to why you can’t bothered to show up 



This Week in Salem 

While asking Kate for Stefan advice Stefan came up and blamed her for Chloe moving out Gabi threw  the “It takes two “line in his face and they both agreed (again)that it was over 

Is it over and why ?

it’s not over because Stefan already apologized 

Was that a sign of weakness?


Julie stopped comforting Chloe to yell at amnesiac jack 

Chloe i know your upset but you cheated on both Lucas and Daniel so isn’t a little” now i know how it feels is appropriate?”

Xander found and tried to comfort a drunk Maggie and they bonded it was both mind bending and Sweet 

Do you like this side of Xander?

I do 

Kristen/Nicole continues to fool Brady and Eric she thinks that bashing Eric to Brady will work 

I just might Clearly Brady is an idiot 


Well he is Theresa but then again this plan of Kristen’s is…i think her goal is that he will enjoy the sex so much he won’t care he’s been duped?

This is worst then the time Stefano invaded Marlena’s dreams as the Maestro hoping that when he revealed his face outside of the dream world somehow that would work 


Will proposed to Sonny 


Gabi felt guilty for not being around them as much as she used to be 

Gabi’s too busy selling herself to Stefan 


I stand by my statement..Anyway Wills still at deaths door as he’s been for the last month 

Jennifer updated JJ about the cabin fire Eli came in and said they were rescued 

Were you happy with the way the cabin story ended?

It ended like we thought it would 

Serial Killer Superhero was threatened by Eve 

Eve got the full story from Claire and is going to try and frame ben 

Does Eve see that Claire has lost it? 

I think so but she’s on a mission 

Eve offered Ted his job back 

Which one of those could really work 

No reason both cant 

Haley told JJ it was time to give up 

Hopefully that means it’s coming to an end 

Why can’t JJ go with Haley 

Because its all about him and he’s selfish 

Yeah that sounds about right 

Jennifer using the wrong tactics tried to get Rolfs diary from Eve 

Eve told her she would if she could but doesn’t have it 

She doesn’t 

Will Eve do the right thing?

Chloe shot down Stefan’s attempt to apologized Victor mocked him Chloe and the state of Dimera inc 

Sigh Chad really did a number on that place 

Anyway To help with PR Stefan offered Abe a job at Dimera 

Hiring the son in law of Stefano to help Dimera 

Yup because of his years of service as cop and mayor 

Yeah that kind of makes sense 

Will Abe take the job?

Brady warned Maggie that Xander was playing her Maggie doesn’t think he was Kirsten mocked Zander for caring about Maggie and he defended his position and Maggie  so i hope right now he’s on the level 

Could this be the Xander redemption story?

I hope so i like him good or bad 

Kristen vowed to make Stefano proud 

I hope she can but this current plan is..Mind boggling far fetched 

The mask thing you mean 

Not the mask Lower…moving on 

Kristen as Nicole went to Stefan looking for a job at basic black 

Isn’t that the company Sonny mocked not too long ago 

I believe it was 

The same one John Black created 


Okay then 

Stefan agreed and Kristen/Nicole vowed to restore the company back to greatness 

Sigh that will never happen but go for it 

Apparently Will only has Days to live. No worries though that’s like a month in soap time he’ll be fine 

do these he’s going to die stories when you know the actors not leaving bug you 


Xander went to talked to Maggie Sarah intercepted him with insults and mistrusts Zander played on her emotions bringing up their time together so she smacked him 

LOL Xanders a hoot 

Was there something else behind that smack do Sarah and Xander have a chance as a couple 

Possibly, possibly 

Xander gave up Rolfs Diary and Sarah after looking it over thinks it could work 


Ted keeps calling Kristen Nicole asking all sorts of things Kristen/Nicole complained to Xander who told her not to worry about it 

Is Ted going to flip ?

Ted assured Xander that he fixed hollies autopsy report and that nobody will find out 

Which means someone will find out real soon 

Probably because Ted tried to contact Hope leaving some messages  

Gabi caught Kristen/Nicole talking to herself almost giving her plan away but for now she is safe

Will Gabi be the one to figure it out first?

Ted finally caught up with Kristen/Nicole and told her Holly was alive Kristen/Nicole rewarded him with a smack on the back of the head 

Is it Dimera dungeon time for Ted 

Speaking of that… How did Ted get back from that Island that Stefan exiled him to?

I’m not sure they ever explained ?


Looks like Will will be saved Eve thinks this will lead to her losing Jack so she blamed him 

Are you giddy for the time when Jack dumps Eve 

I think we all are 

This is your entire fault Shane 

What is 


Bob that’s not fair 


Melinda went to Haley and told her she did some processing stuff and that it will all be okay eventually 

How long is Eventually Melinda these kids have no patience  Heaven forbid JJ make some calls and hook him and Haley up with jobs with Belle and Shawn in Hong Kong 

It’s all very ..just pray its over soon 

Haley told JJ to move on 


what’s next for Jaley ?

Jaley ? 

Why not 

Haley was escorted away and the credits rolled 

How long are we going to stay here Bob 

Just until after the funeral don’t worry though this building were in is the basement of the best hotel in California you can call on the phone but no Salem for any of you 

Considering the 8 months ahead schedule are you upset by the upcoming absentee’s 

Some are excusable some are not 

Time to Turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 06/07/19 Beginning to Question your Mental State

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Not too far away from the Horton Cabin Bob is setting up around a campsite which included long way sound detection equipment, telescopes and cameras 

I thought you said you wanted to get away. Be one with nature 

I did 

Then what’s with all the camera equipment 

I wanted to watch the fire… i mean fireworks 


“shhh okay there’s Tripp and Haley ..and right on cue here comes Claire use that one if you want to see” Blanca looked into the telescope OMG Is she going to….. 

I know this is exciting 

I’m calling the police 

Don’t bother there’s no service out here, come on Claire let’s see how far gone you really are 

This Week in Salem 

Chloe and parker moved out of Dimera Mansion Stefan told Gabi it was all her fault and whatever they were doing was over 

“ONLY her fault yeah right”

Stefan was powerless against the Gabi succubus Blanca 

Is it really over for those two?

I hope not 

Julie yelled at Jack for having Jenifer arrested 

She assaulted the mayor SMH ..

Should Jennifer get the maximum penalty 

YES..That’s almost two whole episodes behind local lockup…not even real jail poor baby:

Xander showed some humanity when bonding with an intoxicated Maggie 

Was it real or was Xander playing along 

I hope it was real Xander showed tremendous character growth 

Rex and Sarah are hard at it trying to help Will 

Sorry with no Leo around the Evil Eye cannot be cured 

Will they find the antidote in time? 

Brady went to Nicole/Kristen and told her what Maggie saw (Maggie saw Kristen put on her Nicole mask but was too drunk to be believed)

Naturally Nicole/Kristen played it off 

Where is Nicole Bob ..don’t tell me you don’t know 


Eve and Jack are using Rory to trap JJ (Haley and Tripp)

Poor Rory comes into town with a new haircut and has to deal with this BS 

Would you put up with this if you were Rory ?

Hell no 

Anyway there was some sort of deal about getting them back to drop the charges ect ect those things never work 

Ben is certain Claire set that Fire 

Claire laid out all her issues with Marlena ..Hard not to feel sorry for her when you consider Tripp didn’t have to do any of this Which was JJ’s original argument BTW 

Will is still dying been like over a month now,,

Don’t be that way 

What way  I know he will live making this all a waste of time 

Can you really get behind these they may die stories when you know the Actor/actress isn’t going anywhere?

Pointless drivel 

Ben heard Claire’s Personal ringtone which triggered a memory he is now Convinced Claire set the fire 

OH NO Ben’s going to need a special fireproof necktie for this 

Ben won’t kill her 

Will Ben and Ciara get there in time 

Eli had enough of Lani’s baby David obsession and broke up with her 

Lani was upset but not that upset Baby David was her only focus 

Did Eli see that Lana’s reality has flipped and if he did was leaving her like that the right thing to do 

Eve told Claire that the walls were closing in 

Eve told Ben that his days of being free were numbered 

Ciara continues to act that Ben’s crimes were nothing more than a kid robbing a candy store .Case in Point Ben let out his psychotic behavior on Rory and when Rory told Ciara she was like whatever 

Do you think that the writers knew that when they did the little Norman bates thing and labeling Ben as a serial killer they were digging themselves a serious hole 

Nope these writers don’t think far ahead anymore case in point Stefano/Hope 

Speaking of far ahead i believe the funeral for Caroline will be next week so have boxes of tissues handy 

John almost talked Eve out of sharing the Will Diary John thinks it’s time to tell Sami about Will 


Shouldn’t Sami been told like weeks ago 

Relax there’s plenty of time I’m sure Will will be at deaths door for another month at least 

let’s hope not 

Eve left a message for Claire fearing that she wasn’t stable 


Sonny threatened Eve’s life for the diary 

SMH sonny i would have laughed in his face 

Was sonny believable 

Sonny needs to be locked up can’t just go around threatening people even in cases like this it’s still a crime 

Tripp comforted Haley unaware that Claire was outside watching 

Why is this still happening Trask’s I’M YOUR MOTHER should have ended this 

Why didn’t it all end with Trask’s confession? 

Because then we wouldn’t see this there she goes WHOO HOO 

Will Claire end up in shady hills or Bay view 

Hopefully shady hills they have Cable and pizza Fridays Bay view has Cable but no pizza 

Will anyone get hurt in the fire Will Ben’s saving the day mean he has to kill or hurt Claire 

Doubt neither but can’t wait to find out 

WHOO that fire is spreading fast. You would think that the Horton Cabin would be more fire resistant with all their money..i hope they have some extinguishers lying around ..Not like this is the first time.

Time to Turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 05/11/19: Burn the Bottled Mask

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Blanca went to tell Bob that John and Marlena were on their way up the elevator when she saw something. Unexpected 

Greetings Miss Blanca .I’m here to see Bob is he around?” 

“Excuse me I’ll be right back” Blanca hurried into the hallway “john, Marlena, Stefano Dimera is in Bob’s office!”

John, Marlena and Blanca hurried into the office 

“John, Marlena how good to see you, “went Stefano Chuckling 

“TAKE THAT MASK OFF” demanded Marlena 

“Awe how did you know it was me” went Bob “Blanca did you squeal”

This Week in Salem 

Maggie lied to Sonny about her drinking 

Brady warned Victor not to take Maggie for granted Victor insisted he wasn’t 

Let’s revisit an old question Brady and Maggie is the current ones but over the years Victor has had numerous Alcoholics living under his roof, should he dry out his house?

Should he lock all the booze away? Should he allow the Adults to make their own choices? Does he bare any responsibility as an enabler? 

Tough one 

When seeing Ted with Hope Will yelled at Hope for being with Ted, after what Ted did to Will and Sonny 

Will shouldn’t take things so personally ,
Ted then apologized 

See he’s changed 

Sure he has 

Doesn’t Ted deserve the same thousand second chances that everyone else gets 

Considering there was a time Will played by Gus Wilson blackmailed Paul to leave town or be outed yup 

When checking through Rolf’s notes Zander found a chapter on making face masks 

Will this be the way Kristen is outed 

These are really well done 

Kate tried to get under Maggie’s skin 

Kate’s a #@$@#$ 

Maggie went to see Nicole to try and make things right and saw Kristen Dimera answer the door Before Maggie could react Kristen slammed the door and put her Nicole face on 

After reopening the door Masked Kristen Nicole slamming the door again told Maggie to go home and sleep it off 

JJ got in touch with old pal Rory who came in with a fresh haircut but before Rory could help him he was harassed by Eli who took him in for questioning for like no reason 

There may have been a reason 

Sure sure 

Was it cool to see Rory Again? 

prefer Bev but Yes it was 

Rory was able to ditch the passports without Eli seeing 

Ben suspicious of Ciara may be closing in on her setting the cabin fire 

Tripp was informed and retrieved the passports only to be confronted by Jack 


Jennifer Assaulted Jack knocking him out so Tripp could get away 

Assaulting the mayor that’s at least a year in jail 

You know better than that 


Tripp got to the cabin and told them that it was Claire not eve behind most of their current mess 

Did you like JJ and Haley’s outfits? Will they make it to Canada? How do you like them as a couple?

EH NO and jury’s still out”

In one of Zanders many files are notes that reveal Holly’s not dead 

We all know that of course But where is she and does someone we don’t know have her hidden away 

DONT LOOK AT ME went Bob the real Nicole’s on Stefano’s island with Robert…MOVING ON”

Zander tried to get into Mayor Jacks good graces stating some of the things he’s done that benefited him Jack denounced it giving ALL credit to EVE 

Who gets more credit Zander or EVE 


 John tried to get Rolfs Diary from Eve (for Will’s sake)he tried appealing to her humanity as a former mom  it kind of worked because she went to see Zander to get the Diary Zander wouldn’t give it up without a price which Eve refused/couldn’t give to him right away jack showed up Zander left 

Will Eve be able to get the diary?

Ben’s Hypnotizing of Ben didn’t reveal anything about the fire 

They will try again 

Does that ever work Marlena 

It worked with you. When you wanted it to 

True enough

Jack has a memory when bantering about jail with Jennifer 

Do you remember that story? 

Of course 

Brady called Maggie out on her lying to him about her drinking she apologized then told Brady she was sure she saw Kristen in an old Nicole dress 

Brady asked her not to drink anymore and he went to check it out 

How far will they take Maggie’s fall off the wagon? 

For her sake i hope it’s over real soon 

Kayla told Will he could only have a few days left 

Pointlessness we all know Will won’t die But After he’s recovered he can thank Stefano/Rolf for saving him 

Kristen was reliving some of Nicole’s..not so great past when Eric knocked on the door he tried to tell Nicole about Zander Nicole/Kristen yelled at him some more, Eric desperate to get through to her reached out Kristen/Nicole fell backwards and hit the floor Brady at the door seeing it all yelled “what have you done ?”

Did the mask fall off? Will part of it be ripped? Will they put all the pieces together?

Monday could be huge

Anyway that’s about it let’s eat. So Marlena how did you know it was me” 

“Nobody knows Stefano better than me Bob not even you. I’ll start at the beginning 

Time to Turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann