Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 05/03/19: Its coming from Inside the House

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Frustrated beyond belief Nichole went to See Robert she planned on a big surprise I’m alive reunion anyway and  if there was anyone that could help her find Holly it was Robert 

Nicole entered the building and dealt with all the “she’s alive’s”as best she could Bob was told of her arrival when she was seen in the parking lot  he made one call to delay the elevators and then another on his computer 

“She is here ?” 

“We prepared for this, you know what you have to do?” after a few minutes Nicole arrived in the doorway 

“Nicole ???’

“Yes Robert its me..I’m alive it’s so good to see you” Bob got up for a hug please sit we have much to talk about”

This week in Salem 

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A shocked Eric Reunited with Nicole A shocked Sarah left with Rex 

Were you happy for the long awaited Eric and Nicole Reunion? 

Yes. But I’m sure it will be screwed up 

Stefan reassured Chloe that the security cameras indicate Holly is still in the house”


“it’s possible you know the ins and outs above’s and below’s of that place its huge”

“Sure lets go with that”

“doesn’t Stefan have enough money and man power to have goons Rumage through every square inch of the place ?”

“Wonder why they didn’t think of that” 

“Stefan called the police and of course the Commissioner made a house call they searched the grounds and found nothing”

“SMH ..Nope not enough time…moving on 

“Abe and Shelia talked about their kiss?”

“Are you rooting for this couple?”

“Ted met with Holly’s captor good old Zander”

“Zander has Holly?”

“pops you didn’t hear that from me” 

“Sarah told Maggie ‘Nicole was alive just as Chloe walked in and told Maggie holly was missing 

“Talk about the good new bad news”

“What kind of reunion will Nicole and Maggie have ?

“Hopefully Holly will be with them”

“At Dimera Mansion Stefan got Nicole up to date on Chloe and the cartel and why they think they are behind this. Which made Nicole..Even more tense”

“You lashed out at Chloe didn’t you”

“Dam right i did” 

“Are you upset that one week back and the writers have already reverted Nicole back to the way she was”

“Yes but after this is all over it will all before forgotten I’m sure. It usually is”

“Ted met with Zander and told him kidnapping kids was not what he signed up for he was given half payment and they went over the next part of the plan”

“I’ll kill zander if this is true”

“That’s my girl”

“Hope was  …thrown for a loop when discovering Ben and Ciara made love” Bob started laughing”  I need to call Doug this is hilarious to witness”

“Do you remember Doug and his mindset when Hope and Bo were in their early stages?”

“Ted gave Hope a jewelry gift for some reason and told her he would make Hector Talk ?”

“Will Hector go along with any of this?”


Jack has an idea he thinks will help him in the polls Abe doesn’t want to discuss the Shelia kissing”

JJ thinks that Claire’s lighter is the same one that set the cabin fire, Claire reminded JJ he wasn’t a cop anymore”

“Will Claire see JJ as an obstacle”

“I hope so..Claire is about to lose it, even Eve doesn’t think she can control Claire anymore”

“it’s going to get Hot very soon especially since Tripp insisted that She move out later she updated Kayla on everything that was happening 

“LOL Claire is going to burn down the soras house is Kayla paying for Tripp how can any of them afford that place now ?”

Lani who is also losing it turned down a Miami vacation with Eli to stay home with not my Baby David”

“Who and when is going to reel in Lani before she is too far gone?”

Tripp and Claire went from hot to cold or vice versa when briefly mentioning goodbye sex ?

Are you happy Tripp and Claire are done?

Claire may have considered rooming at dimera mansion i think thats what it sounded like she then burned the tripp and haley wedding photo 

she also considered living in Dimera mansion for some reason ??? She better not burn down Stefano’s portrait or i will kill her myself. Sorry

How soon until we see her finally snap 

Not soon enough 

At the debate Jack revealed the Shelia and Abe kiss?

For real ?


Abe’s not married who in the hell cares Stupid nonsense 

JJ wanting to make his dad suffer because he’s EXACTLY like was before he was born just not evil wants to punish him for what i don’t know he went to Kayla to ask if he could use the rape in his ousting plot 

Why hasn’t the media dug this up Jack was prosecuted it’s all a matter of public record 

Because the writing of all this is beyond comprehension 

Gabi is still thinking about her revenge on Stefan 

Will Stefan fall for Gabi and would he get hurt or devastated by it 

That’s a tricky one i was once devastated when i could no longer see my favorite hooker.. ah Kate the good old days 

Did you just call Gabi a hooker?

“If the shoe fits  btw have you seen how she’s dressed lately  note she looking awesome 

Sarah told Marlena she would go back to Rex 

Poor Rex 

Will Sarah move on?

i think she will join Claire on the crazy train BTW Nicole, Sarah slept with Zander while you were gone shhhh

Ted told Rafe and Hope that Hector for a deal would help return Holly 

Will they take the deal ?”

Gabi returned to Dimera mansion in another smoking hot outfit and they both resumed the you liked it more but you’re not getting any more banter 

Then they had sex again 

it’s like Sami and EJ without the sadistic Violence 

How extreme will Stabi get?

Ted told Zander their plan was working after a brief reunion with Brady and Maggie hope came in and told them the hector news Ted then went to the station and told them were Holly Was 

Will Zander turn out to be Nicole’s hero ?

“that’s about’s so good to see you again Robert I’ve missed you

Nicole i…so much has happened there’s ALLOT of explaining to do” 

“That will have to wait Robert”

“BOB are you ready to go” NICOLE???” Blanca looked at Bob  

Nicole with a small sense of what was happening “I’ll call you later Robert i have to go”  went back to the others and left

“See i was telling the truth” Bob said to Blanca 

Time to Turn the Hourglass 

Time to Turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann