Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 04-20-19: Winning One with Chicken Fingers

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the Salem Docks
“KEEP FIRING” Bob yelled to his men “I Will not let the cartel turn Stefano’s house into a war zone” when the dust was settled
“two, maybe three got through boss but we stopped the rest of them”
“good job Bart, let’s get out of here “Bob’s phone rang he saw who was calling
“Rob. Is something wrong?” SERIOUSLY but what about my marriage? “Can you be sure about that? Bob hangs up
“what’s up Bob?”Asked Marco
“Ted’s working with the cartel. Oh and Nicole’s returning to Salem?”
“Say good bye to your marriage i guess” went Marco Bart laughed
“THAT’S NOT FUNNY …i need to see Marlena

This week in Salem

Marlena’s office

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Ben showed Ciara his guardhouse/home he offered her the bed and opted for the floor
Very noble of him
she said they could share Ben gave the i don’t want to mess things up line and Stefan called killing the moment
was that a proper place for a couples first time ?
Could be it depends
Claire decided not to stop the wedding so Tripp and Haley married ICE however will be watching them
you know what’s funny about all this you know besides nothing?
if you go by the Salem timeline Damos had to have been undocumented think of how that story Should have played out then instead of this one now”
Adriane did her best to stop JJ and Eve’s wedding but after all the not going to go there stuff they also married
wow am shocked
was this expected ?
no i thought one of the weddings would be stopped BUT look on the bright side Jack and Jennifer fans it will be even more devastating when it all ends for Eve
that’s true
Maggie interrupted Kate’s trying to enter Titan with news of Wills Brain tumor
Well at least we got rid of the Evil Eye last week that was fun 
does Will really have a brain tumor?
Will will be fine Marlena i promise you
Gabi Agreed to seduce Stefan
LOL this should be fun to watch

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She interrupted Stefan and Chloe’s picnic plans by using how long it’s been since she’s been with a man
how long has it been ????
months maybe
LOL Grabi 
THATS NOT NICE LOL besides if she actually becomes Mrs Dimera. someday .what then
which brings us to you Marlena
what about me ?
Are you possessed again ?
then why are you trying to get Eric to break his promise to God, No you know what don’t ask I’m not going to argue that here MOVING ON
Sarah insisted she was just friends with Eric
Here we go ..Marlena if Sara is working with Zander ..remember I told you so
Eric is going to be Rex and Sara’s wedding photographer
I hope he charges them for it and i hope they pay him
He’s very good
I know he is tell him not to worry though i have my people on the video taping of it as he can’t do both
Will Eric’s working at the wedding make things worse or better
Eli met up with Chloe just in time for one of the Cartel guys to show up ,another LONE Cartel guy was able to distract his way into the mansion claiming Vengeance for his dead brother
Lani continues to be “attached” to Baby David
Marlena you’re going to need to add Jordan AND lani to your patients lists now
is lani going to crack
Rafe wants to raise David for Jordan Hope said NO WAY
that’s too bad
why do you say that
hope lets Chelsea into her home Chelsea kills Zack
Hope lets Chase into her home he rapes Ciara
so Hope MUST let David live with them just to see how her life gets blown up”
we can only hope for the best
LOL i see what you did there ..anyway
Eli got the one cartel goon and Rafe entered Dimera mansion to be shot be the other Bob started laughing
Bob calm down
lol relax Marlena he was hit in the shoulder he’ll be fine
Chloe told off Brady again about Stefan
Is Brady falling for Chloe again?
Gabi kissed Stefan again
poor Chloe she got caught in the middle of the Stefan and Gabi hate/fest
is this why Chloe leaves Salem
no i think it’s for another reason
Hope told Kayla, Rafe moved out Bob started laughing again
Ted was talking to the cartel on the phone Eli nearly caught him
why and for how long has Ted been under the cartels thumb
I tried to help him Marlena but he wanted to be more than just a lawyer/DA
i remember

back at the mansion the cartel good Grabbed Ciara and took off
please Marlena it happens all the time Ciara may catch up to your being kidnapped record
I hope not I’m proud of that one ..Marlena said with a smirk and giggle that made Bob laugh 
Anyway Serial killers are sadly very adept at stalking and preying on people Ben is sure to rescue Ciara in no time flat
Ben found an earring Ciara dropped
a little Later Cartel goon Hector decided that Ciara as a hostage was too much of a risk so he decided to flat out murder her
he pointed his gun as the credits rolled
Hey Marlena do you think Ben and Ciara will develop a psychic link like Bo and Hope did
I hope not i want Bo and Hope’s ” connection” to be “special”
me too ..Marlena
I heard from Rob.. Nicole’s sort of returning i need to fill you in on the details
I’ll tell john we’ll be late for diner

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann