Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 03-17-19: Congratulations John Its a Boy

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Bob entered Marlena’s hospital room Kayla please leave John I’ve got this “Bob began to unpack some vials  

“Hold on Bob what are you doing”

“Remember when Stefano induced Marlena to have dreams ..this may help wake her up 

John paused then let Bob get to work 

Inside Marlena’s mind 

Marlena…Marlena ..wake up my queen come back to me 


Well it’s a start   muttered Bob 

This Week in Salem 

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Calm down Marlena I’m reversing engineering a Stefano concoction to try and get you out of your coma 

Nurse shelly and Diana put some penciling in some cookies which caused  your condition 

Why would nurse shelly do this to me? 

Because she’s stupid, and she’s blaming Haley 

The search for Salem’s most dangerous fugitive came to a close when Eli, Lani Jack and Eve entered the Soras House and arrested her 

What is next for poor Haley?

Julie and Ciara talked about Doug and Ben 

Can you compare Dougs hatred for Bo with Hope’s for Ben 

NO not even close 

Brady continues to try and get Chloe out of Dimera mansion 

Chloe refuses to budge 

Brady then warned Rex about Eric’s tendency to go after His brothers ex’s 

Does Brady have a point on this?


Stefan helped Chloe get Holly to sleep it made him think about what could have been if Charlotte really was his Stefan and Chloe found out they had orphanages in common as they were both raised in one 

This is Tyler Christopher’s last week as Stefan Dimera will you miss him and are you looking forward to Brandon Rash who is taking over the role next week?

I just hope Brandon works out and they change their minds about dumping the character 

Brady Eric and John rallied around Marlena 

John found out he is the father of a twenty something baby boy 

How does son Leo make you feel? 

Pretty good actually finding out Leo had a father he could admire and respect made him (say he would)stop everything he was doing to will and Sonny he went to Brady for a job and when that didn’t work he  went to Stefan and offered him Dirt on titan 

I knew there was a reason to like Leo 

How will this change everything currently going on? 

Need to find Leo a boyfriend 

Claire blamed the discovery of Haley on a nosey neighbor 

Did Tripp and Ciara believe Claire?

As of right now yes 

Like what Rex thinks matters but he doesn’t think Eric is into Sarah 
  it’s no wonder Sarah is the way she is Rex is a clueless moron 

Eric or Rex for Sarah?

John confirmed Leo’s baby status with Brady 

Gabi tried to push her new Gabi chic product through Stefan a pillow 

a pillow ?


Sure why not people do buy pillows..They probably match Her chic outfits. Which continue to be outstanding? 

Where do you get your pillows Marlena 


Stefano always had great bed wears sheets pillows ect ect i hate to admit it but they were comfortable i just ordered what he provided for me upon returning home 

LOL that’s kind of sweet 

Yeah well don’t tell him 


Diana told Nurse Shelly to divert the blame to Kristen 

Leo suggested to John that Diana did this to you 

Rex put more thought into Eric being into Sarah 

Seriously Rex you cheated on her TWICE obviously you don’t love her leave her alone 

Is Rex becoming tiresome ?

And you fell into a coma as the show ended 

Well I’ve done all i can do Marlena Please wake up we all love and need you 

Bob…Stefano’s not really here is he?

What if he was especially if it helps you wake up? 

Thanks Bob 

What flashbacks would you like to see on Monday’s episode?

Back in the real world 

I’ve done all i can john ..

“Thanks Bob”  Bob and John hugged

Did you…

John seeing Stefano may wake her up faster 

Can’t argue with that 

Time to Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann