Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 03-10-19: The Search for Haley

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Dimera Mansion Stefan and Chloe are in the study when Bob and a few men walked in  

Sorry to interrupt,Chloe could you come out here with me these men have something to discuss with Stefan 

What is going on here demanded Stefan 

“Sit down and listen” Bob said closing the door behind him, Bob escorted Chloe to the sofa 

“Have you found out something about the cartel? 

Nope Stefan is…obviously behind on his MANDATORY sexual harassment seminars so he’s taking the course and as This Mansion is Dimera in Property he doesn’t have a choice 

Chloe gave Bob a confused grin

This week in Salem 

Kayla refused to tell the cops anything about Haley   JJ (who is hiding Haley) told Kayla his father betrayed him 

Good Old Jack   sigh 

Would you forgive Jack if you were JJ 

Kate told Rafe she was the one who brought Ted to the deserted island 

That’s not how i remember it but okay..

Ted in an effort to make good with Hope told her he would recluse himself from the Will and Sonny Case 

Is Ted being genuine?

Doesn’t matter nothing will happen to Will and Sonny either way 

Ben told Claire he is worried that the darkness in him will cause him to hurt Ciara 

Darkness in him..Like Dexters Dark Passenger..Sounds like the writers are fans of Dexter 

What are you talking about? 

Forget it 

Tripp told Haley she was Safe in the Soras House 

LOL the young are so naive 

Ciara arrived home and suspected Claire was up to something she revealed Haley..Ciara welcomed Haley into the house 

Why not there’s plenty of room 

Stefan offered Ben his job back and when he was told it was to protect you he accepted 

Can i trust him bob 

Stefan or Ben?


For now i think so yes 

Who should Chloe be more worried about? The guy who can’t keep his hands to himself? The Necktie killer? Or the Mexican Cartel?

The necktie killer 

Really?? Went a worried Chloe 

LOL no 

Rex wants another chance 


I saw a man at the club with a gun 

Brady goon 

How did you. Forget it

Rex attacked him the goon said he worked for Brady and they let him go after an argument about you with Stefan, Brady later fired the goon 

Sigh do you miss the days when Goons were reliable 


Is Brady being overprotective ?


Marlena distracted Victor while John grabbed some stuff of Leo’s so they can get a DNA test done 

Did Victor know what was going on?

Not sure 

Brady and Gabi whined about Stefan Gabi is going to spy on him for Brady 

That’s spells trouble for Gabi 

How so 

Chloe besides you..How many of Brady’s Ex’s are among the living 

You told me Nicole was alive 

I did 



Stefan made moves on Chloe again Chloe may have been testing the waters kissing back when Gabi walked in and started mocking him

HA Gabi is so jealous of you Chloe 

She hates Stefan 

Sure she does 

Is Gabi falling for Stefan but doesn’t know it yet 

Tripp told Claire Haley was staying in the soras house 


Well its not like she wouldn’t find out noises showers toilet flushes Claire won’t believe the house is haunted 



Anyway Claire ratted Haley out to Eve almost immediately after 

@#$@#$# Witch 

Do you like how this story is playing out 

It’s ….silly to the point of sad but i like Haley… if only it wasn’t JJ 

Why doesn’t JJ call Abigail and have Abigail call Mr Chin to “fix” things for Haley it would take an episode TOPS?

Jennifer told jack he would lose his soul 

Well to be fair he never really had one he just borrowed half of hers 

Diana had several dreams about John coming to her after Marlena died did you find any of them amusing somewhere. Over the top”

eh sad what the writers did to her 

How is Diana working out for you 

Diana talked her way past a nurse (shelly) and found out Marlena was allergic to penicillin 

What will Diana do with this info?

No clue nurse Shelly then gave john the test results 


The credits rolled 


Where the tests altered once twice three times???? 

Is john the father 

He will be until they leave Salem most likely 

Stefan came out of his “meeting”

Did we learn anything Bob mocked 

HA HA you can leave now 

Goodnight Chloe 

Goodnight Bob

Time To turn the Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann