Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 02-24-19: You’re Innocent like I’m mother Theresa

John and Marlena were walking towards Bob’s office when they  heard loud music and  a huge crowd Blanca was there to greet them “Hello John,,Marlena” said happily looking back over at Bob 

“Why don’t we ..go over here so nobody sees us”

“what’s going on ? John wondered 

“Neighborhood block party” from a safe distance they saw Bob jump on a car and started moving about”

“He calls that the funk chicken  … i think “

“Oh man that’s embarrassing” went  Marlena  chuckling 

“Its like a bad accident i can’t look away from “went John also chuckling

This week in Salem 

Kate told Rex that leaving Sarah alone with Eric ON VALENTINES DAY was a bad idea 

Do you agree with Kate’s assessment? 

If he wants her back yes 

Jordan went to Ciara’s hospital room and once again tried to explain to Ciara that Ben was no good  Ben Was there they struggled Rafe came in and took Jordan away 

Do you feel sorry for Jordan? 

How can one not 

Charlotte was reunited with Chad Abigail and Grandma Jennifer?

Were you thrilled for them?


DIana told John not to tell Marlena about Leo being his dad 

Bob is having his doubts about that Marlena 

As am i 

Who will drop the bomb if it is even true? 

Leo woke up tied to a bed shocked to see Gabi with a pair of scissors not sure how far Gabi would go Leo started going on about the evidence he had against sonny and will Gabi’s stunt gave 

 Gave Sonny and Will some alone time which they took full advantage of 

Will this start Gabi on her road back to the good guys ?

Maybe but when she freed Leo he went right to the police with the evidence 

What will they do with it 

Probably lose it quickest way to end the story right ?

Chad forgave Kate for her role in the Gabi thing and invited her to his wedding she happily accepted 

Jacks amnesia continues to get in the way of family bonding and his warning JJ off Haley didn’t help matters either 

Haley and JJ remind me of Rob..Bob and myself?”

Are you ..”John didn’t finish 

No but Bob said that if i was he would bribe every politician in the country if it meant me staying 

Awe that’s kind of sweet 

Where is this story going ?

The evidence forced Eli to book Sonny and Will for attempted murder 

whose going to bail them out and will this force Victor to …be younger victor ?

Haley told Eve to leave JJ and his family alone 

Won’t happen nice thought though 

Jack doesn’t want to do say anything to anyone about Haley because of what it will do to JJ 

Good man  Jack won’t stop Eve though 

How will they get Eve to back off 

Eve and Chloe discussed Stefan and Jack 

Da Trask Stopped Haley from telling Tripp anything 

Chad and Abigail re married 

I’m happy for them Went Marlena we all are added john 

Stefan gleefully told Gabi that Gabi chic was ending once and for all a piece at a time Gabi was livid as there was nothing she could do 

Were you cheering Stefan on ?

Stefan Chad and Abigail all made peace Stefan again apologized to Abigail for “taking advantage of her Gabi persona state” it all went down very nicely 

Chad and Abigail left Salem for a Spot in the Hong Kong Office   Chad is still with Dimera Inc but is no longer in any kind of Ceo position 

How does Their leaving it measure up to some of the other super couple departures?

Ben is worried that he wanted to kill Jordan 

Does Salem have cause to fear Ben? 

it’s a tough one but i have a feeling Ciara will be the beauty to his beast and we won’t see Serial killer Ben anymore 

Melinda resigned from her DA position to go full focus on her mayoral campaign so in the meantime Abe hired Ted which naturally pissed off Rafe 

Does Rafe have anything to worry about 

What I’d be worried about is Ted becoming DA not to long since he magically returned from Stefan’s exile 

Could they turn Stefan and DA Ted into an upcoming story ?

Jordan told Rafe about her car accident and why she had to attack Kate after warning Ciara that Ben will never change she went off to bay view 

Will we See Jordan again? And if we do will she be cured or be even worse off the next time? They all heard a thump apparently bob jumped up on top of a car and started some new dance moves 

What is he doing now went Blanca 

i believe they call that the John Travolta ?  Blanca gave john a weird look “it’s from the movie Saturday night fever, Come on Doc help me get him down so we can go eat 

Blanca was relieved that She didn’t have to be the one to tell them that Claire was the one who set fire to the cabin

Was your mind blown by this “Revelation?”

Time To Turn The Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 02-15-19: it must be the water

“Seriously?? Marlena he gave you a Cup?”

“It has our picture on it its very nice!!”

“ITS A CUP with the photo attached it cost 5 dollars,  MAYBE !”

“Valentine’s day isn’t about  how much you spend Bob “

Bob burst out laughing 

This Week in Salem 

Jack wants to help both of his kids without interfering in their lives 

With Jennifer around. Good luck with that 

Do you think this amnesia thing will end soon? 

Kate trying to comfort Abigail shared her Austin and Billy Curtis story 

Kate should forget empathy it doesn’t suit her 

Ben ran into Jordan who tried to convince him to go back to Bayview Ben left her to search for Ciara 

Serial killer locked away can’t have that 

Chad made a public plea for charlottes return 

I saw that…it was sad 

They are going through a tough time 

Not that Chad didn’t even give a dollar amount for a reward  Guy pays 20 million for an amulet but won’t offer up a dime for Charlotte ? 

Jordan told Eli who with her help alongside Hope are closing in on Ben 

Kate ran into Jordan and while Ben searched Ciara’s room naturally Hope showed up 

Here we go again. Are you tired of these constant Ben Hope run ins 

Why is that foul lousy excuse for anything allowed to carry a badge Marlena …never mind  sigh 

Brady tried to get Chloe to not move into Dimera mansion 

Will she listen to Brady 

No…don’t worry Marlena i told Chloe to avoid the living room and front door she will be fine ..I gave her the tour of how to get here from there just in case 

That was nice and helpful of you 


Will Chloe be safe there?

Gabi tried to get her company back from Stefan 

UGH Marlena have you seen her work at all 

“No i haven’t”  Bob pulled out his phone 

She takes an outfit worn by whoever, sometimes her, and tells people her opinion on how it looks..And that’s it i think it must internet based be paid advertising where she makes any money 

Because other than sporting bra less shirts in the middle of Winter ….her company doesn’t have any value whatsoever 

Let’s get back to more important things

Jordan finally having enough of what really amounts to months and months of crap from Kate finally took action and knocked her out with a syringe 



Kate had it coming Marlena FOR YEARS about time that Witch paid for something 

Were you happy to see Kate in distress? 


Ciara dreamed/hallucinated Ben hard to tell 

I’d hate to be the people who find Ciara 


the stench she will be sporting least Stefano saw to your hygiene when you were his “guest”  

That i can’t argue with 

Diana told john Leo was his 

Oh dear 

She’s lying Marlena 

You know this for sure 

Yes i haven’t turned up anything otherwise if i do naturally I’ll tell you John by the way is struggling on how to tell you this revelation 

Thank you but he will 

Are you sure about that? I think that the cup is part of a cover up LOL

I know he will 
Do you think Leo is really johns? How is the recasting working for you?

Leo tried again with Sonny. Nothing there 

Gabi helped Sonny and will get some alone time she “distracted” Leo 

Ben in turned dreamed about Ciara i think she was Jeanie from i dream of Jeanie 

Master slave thing going on..  Kudos Ben  loL 

Which dream did you prefer ?

Jordan told Ciara that to save her from Ben she had to die 

Poor Jordan is sick none of this is her fault 

What do you think happened to Jordan to make her this way?
Marlena word on the street has a new theory on that 

Such as 

Jordan said she was in a car accident awhile back Ciara was in a motorcycle accident awhile back could they have been in the same accident?

That would be sad ..Guess we’ll see 

What are your thoughts on this theory?

Rafe explained to Hope that Jordan was behind everything 

Hope didn’t believe him Especially after Ben got Eli’s gun and escaped 

You know what would have been classic Marlena ?


If Ben said this is for Stefano and Shot Hope 

Why did i know you would say that? 

Because you know me so well. Moving on 

Abgail ran into a Jordan carrying charlotte and asked for her back 

Jordan said no that only she could protect her 

She’s probably right 

Ben showed Chad he could be trusted by giving him Eli’s gun they teamed up to seek out Jordan 

Chad eventually showed up and told Jordan he killed Ben and that everything was safe 

Jordan was very upset she didn’t want her brother dead she wanted him locked up 

See. Anyway she gave Chad Charlotte 

Do you think chad and Abigail will finally get back together? 


Ben burst into the cabin and Saved Ciara 

That makes me happy 

don’t be happy yet Because Just as Ben was going to get Ciara to a bathroom…Hope burst in AGAIN 

SMDH its like we’re watching Repeats..Anyway Chad called Hope and confirmed whatever it was Ben and Ciara told her

Ben and Ciara shared a kiss 


Will chads verification get Hope to move on with her life? 

Probably not 

Jordan was walking around all distraught she ran into Rex 

Oh great that’s all we need 

an overheard phone call told Jordan that Rex was Kate’s son 


Abigail forgave Chad for Everything 

sad that Abigail cant exist without a man Marlena it really is 

Deep down they love each other Bob 

Seems that way..for now 

That’s about it ..shall we meet our spouses 

Yes it sounds like they just got here 

Time To Turn The Hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 02-09-19: I stand by the quality of my police force

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Dimera mansion Stefan and Chloe are in the living room when Bob walks in “are you both okay” “we are for now” went Chloe Stefan have Harold look at your arm I’ll give Chloe the grand tour” Stefan nodded and left 

Okay Chloe rule number one of staying in the dimera mansion stay away from the front its never locked and anyone can and will walk in at anytime “that didn’t help Chloe’s nerves but bob continued 

Now if you follow me I’ll show you where you can stay where you can  hide what tunnels lead to which persons houses and where the emergency exits and entrances are.

This Week in Salem 

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In trying to save Chloe from being stabbed by cartel goons Stefan ended up taking a shot in the arm 


Is it possible that Stefan brought them in and this is all a set up? 

Doubt it there’s too much back story to re involve and re write at this point 

Claire and Tripp hit a restart button is there hope for this couple and does it matter 

Clipp  ?? nah i think they will leave together so maybe it will 

Lani and Eli also hit the restart button these two seem to be on a better path than Tripp and Ciara 

How do you feel about Elani? 

yes and no 

Hope illegally entered and searched Ben’s room Ben caught her Hope accused him of taking Ciara 


Ciara saw that her kidnapper was Jordan Ridgeway 

Do you remember Jordan?

i do its sad what happened to her poor girl is sick she is not responsible for her actions 

Chad and Abigail are almost at the point where there back together 

Does that please you? 

Me know but thousands of others I’m sure are ecstatic,

Jordan tried to get Ciara to see that Ben was still nuts Ciara defended him saying he no longer so 

He is he’s been fixed with medication there’s a huge difference 

Jordan showed up at Abigail’s

After a romp with Rex that may or may not have her back together with Her Sarah still wants to be friends with Eric 

What should Eric do 

Eric should run far, far away trying to be “friends” with the girl that will sleep with everyone BUT you..Eric graduated High school he doesn’t need the nonsense 

Brady finding out about Chloe stepped up and tried to get her into the kirakis mansion Victor put his foot down 

That’s victor for you i wouldn’t stay there anyway 

Charlotte was the next to go missing Chad naturally Blamed Stefan who of course denied it 


Was Chad justified in his accusations 

NO Since when do Dimeras kidnap….Moving on 

Chad and Abigail found out about Ciara and wondered if Ben took them both 

Poor Ben serial killers never catch any breaks LOL

Chad burst in on Ben accusing him of the kidnappings, Eli stepped in to verify it wasn’t him 

Chad got lucky Eli saved him from ben beating him up again 

The kidnappings are heating up the mayoral race and Melinda Trask is sure to use this to her advantage 

Hey Chloe want to hear a joke 

Sure i guess 

Abe and Melinda are walking down the street and Abe says  “i stand by the quality of my police force” Chloe stopped and stared at Bob who burst out into uncontrollable laughter and it lasted until a maid went by them in the hallway 

Where was i ..oh yeah this room here is mine Chad and Stefan never go in it here’s a key the closet hides a door that goes to my office and my house 


Bob that reminds me i never thanked you for that time when you convinced Quinn Hudson  to be your exclusive to save me from ..Well you know 

Was happy to do it Chloe and not just because of Nicole 

Yeah Nicole we never talked about that did we 

later..JJ promised to keep quiet about Haley’s illegal status 

LOL soon everyone will know  

Who will JJ blab to first 

JJ and Haley Kissed 

why the rush JJ 

Is jj moving to fast?

Jordan Sedated Ciara who must have “went” all over the bed by now and then went to see Ben as the credits rolled 

Are you upset about what the writers did to Jordan’s character 

Well they have to do something to redeem Ben without another trip to melsewan Island right?

That’s about it now Chloe before we go back downstairs i want to tell you something that you must never repeat until i tell you to 

What is it 

I’m serious Chloe if you tell anyone i will make you suffer like Stefano made john suffer in the room right behind you 

okay i promise what is it 

Time to turn the hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

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