Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 01-11-19: Gay for Pay

Bob is on his way to meet Blanca at marlena’s office when he sees the Deveraux family in the window and goes in to say hi 

HEY GUYS HOW’s it going 

I’m sorry Bob but this is a private diner 

Relax JJ I’m leaving, Jack you look well 

Thanks Robert 


Bob Right 

YOU KNOW HIM wondered Jennifer with a raised voice 

 LOL Bob chuckled 

This Week in Salem 

Ben refused to talk to Hope and Assured Ciara that Gabi was never in any Danger Ciara didnt believe him 

Was Gabi in real danger? 

Not sure if that’s a fair question most people wanted to see Gabi suffer lol

Hope offered Stefan help on his espionage charge if he gave up Ben 

Stefan Refused 

Good for Stefan for being loyal 

Word on jack being alive again is starting to spread 

 Jennifer tell Jack about how on melsawen Island you were hanging off a cliff for almost two TV weeks while he looked for ways to try and pull you up ” jack looked a Jenn who nodded and smiled 

Zander returned to Victors house and offered him some super-secret Dimera secrets 

Victor is interested in hearing more 

What kind of secrets did zander uncover? 

Zander flirted with Maggie who …well Victor yelled at him 


Hope wants Ted to represent Stefan 

No conflict of interest there SMH 

Will ted take the job? 

Maybe i think Ted is working with Stefan but we’ll see 

Could Ted and Stefan be in cahoots ?

Abigail tried to warn Ciara about Ben 

Ciara wasn’t buying it 

Gabi yelled at Ben for bringing her to Stefan 

SMH Always the victim poor Gabi ”  everyone at the table looked at Bob 

Wow tough room LOL

JJ gave Gabi the Abigail business 

I’m sure that’s going to be going on for some time 

Just as Leo was trying to warn Sonny off WIll shirtless Zander caught his attention 


Leo made Zander all sorts of offers including one he called Gay for PAY 


Zander still refused 

JJ won’t stay out of Poor Haley’s life 


Chad enlisted JJ in his win Abigail back scheme which is what lead to this 

Brady wanted to know why Eve did what she did with Jack/Jennifer 

Her response was “kindness gets her nowhere 

That much is definitely true 

What’s next for Eve once this memory thing is over? 

Don’t know 

Chloe found out that Sarah took holly without her or anyone permission and flipped on Sarah who tried to defend her actions 

Sarah’s a nutjob 

Eric wants to sue for custody of Holly 

ROTLFMAO LOL good luck with that Eric’s such a 

Eric would be a good father Went Jennifer 

First let’s ignore the fact that the courts ALMOST NEVER side with the men in custody cases who in their right mind would give custody to the murderer of his Father 

Drunk Driving is NOT an accident Jennifer so DONT …sorry I’m digressing 

Ciara was not happy with ben’s lies in the Gabi business and they are done as she is on her way to Africa to see Theo 

Wow that’s a Long distance Booty Call 


Would you believe it if when Ciara returns she says her and Theo Didn’t hook up 

ABSOLUTELY NOT  “JJ’s phone rang   “Excuse me” 

Haley is the little sister of DA Trask who wants to be mayor and because of that keep everything those as sisters a secret but she let JJ’s suicide attempt last year slip out 

SMH how long has she lived in Salem

What will happen to JJ if this gets out? 

Nothing should because everyone knows already 

Is Abe in Danger of losing his job 

“Excuse me i have to go” Abigail got up and left 

“Tell chad i said hi good luck Abigail”

Abigail went to see chad 

And that’s about it well i have to run great seeing you Jack 


Jennifer,JJ  ..Oh before i go Jennifer don’t forget to  Tell Jack about the time He slept with your MOTHER  that’s sure to help with his memory ..

I DID WHAT” jack looked at Jennifer who spit out her drink in amazement and anger 

LOL gotta run 

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann