Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 01-25-19: Salem PD is a Joke

Bob and Blanca are walking through the square towards marlena’s office when they ran into Melinda Trask 
Hello Miss Trask i wish you good luck on your candidacy
How did you know about that 
its a very small town,Anyway i wish to donate to your campaign please come to my office on Monday i will also give you a list of Everything Stefano ever bought for lexi theo and Abe that Abe still has in his possession that you may be able to claim as  Dimera Bribes 
Melinda not knowing what to think walked away
why dont you run for mayor Blanca jokingly asked Bob 
I wouldnt  take the pay cut 
Later they entered malrena’s office 

This week in Salem 
Abigail pondered forgiving chad but speculated that to see charlotte and thomas it had to be outside the mansion 
Will this finally get Chad out of there ?Chloe mocked rex for sleeping with Noel 
will we see noel in salem soon ?
Kate told chad that she originally turned down the ceo job so chad could get it 
Do you believe that Mr Chin Co CEO’s SMH JOKE 
Victor out of options begged brady to take the CEO job this time Brady went for it 
where will this direction lead brady 
back to chloe probably 
Eve wants Jack to be mayor Jack is warm to the idea 
will this help jack with his memory 
Eric caught Zander and Sarah in Bed 
ROTFLMAO sorry sorry  
sarah blamed erics rejection or something amd said she was using eric 
I think Eric is mad at the zander part its actually very normal 
is eric mad because of who more than why
i believe so 
Zander played with leo who couldnt remember their “time together”after some fun with him Zander admitted to drugging leo to avoid the whole thing
poor leo 
will leo further pursue this ?
doubt it 
Zander is upset he was passed over again at titan 
would Zander make a better CEO than brady 
ted tried again with Kate she threw a drink in his face 
Jeez Kate let it go 
After finding out about Zander and the missing evideince DA trask demanded Hope be fired 
naturally her corrupt buddies came to her defense  DA trask Quit her job calling the Salem PD a joke 
She’s right about that ,Womans got principals, proud of her 
can you see her being Mayor 
I Can 
JJ told Jack about his past political ambitions he also brought up when he and Eve slept together 
Jack then made a comment that he and his son had the same taste in women 
LOL cute ..wait does that mean JJ has an Oedipus complex 
nah but im sure Jennifer jumping into bed with him and eve that last time gave him nightmares for awhile lol
Kayla passed the Dr Rolf Phoenix power drug to her bosses who then lost them 
SMDH .should kalya have known better OR did Kayla’s bosses give the info back to where it belongs ???
maybe we will find out 
Eve didnt hide or deny the JJ affair to jack and pressed him to focus on his  mayorship 
Chad and Stefan are co ceo’s again 
SMH mr chin’s a gutless wonder 
abigail wont bring charlotte to the mansion i think she’s trying to get chad out of there 
but he wont leave 
they could be so happy together living with Jennifer 
JJ tried to make diner for Haley he burnt it,they sang songs instead 
He’s got a good voice i hear 
Hope agreed to diner with ted 
Poor Ted 
will they go anywhere ?
Gabi snapped at eli when julie and the fall down the stairs came up 
he insinuated she was pushed and she wasnt Julie is sure to continue her lies though
how much longer will that story go on ?
Abigail assured Jennifer they can get jack back without any serum 
she’s right 
will jack get his memory back before the mayor campaign gets into full swing ?
gabi tried to get her company back her and stefan started arguing again 
they need to get a room 
abe went after Melinda for the whole running for mayor thing 
Does abe think he should go unopposed 
jack told jennifer he knows that Eve is trying to manipulate him ..but he’d like to be mayor anyway 
Were you surprised by this revelation 
Haley told JJ (her secret)that she is an illegal immigrant 
GASP IM SHOCKED IM HORRIFIED IM …BORED dd the writers forget that they moved Salem to a sanctuary state which means that not only isnt haley going anywhere but that the law cant be bothered to do anything about it making the entire story POINTLESS 
Will she marry JJ to stay in the country ? he likes her it so again doesnt matter 
Eve came home to see Zander waiting for her 
Eve and Zander ??? what are they up to ?
Thats about it ..Marlena i have some news you may be interested in 
such as 
people are whispering that Diana Corville may be returning to Salem 
Diana was in love with Roman she has nothing to do with me and john 
thats the spirit marlena 

Most cast bleedings are occuring   Chloe, Trip, Maybe Claire, probably Stefan, heard whispered of stacey kristen returning 
well at least thats something hopefully she’s permanent (until they can get Eileen back then one can be kristen and the other can be susan)

Time to turn the hourglass 

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 01-19-19: Zander goes..Bananas ?????

Dimera Board Meeting Bob is talking to his fellow members  That’s Chad,snicker” And these are the profits with Stefan, See the difference ,you can’t possibly want Chad back on the board now let’s vote, All in favor of Chad, ..Okay now all in favor of Stefan  ?” 

That makes it a Tie. All those who raised their hands for Chad i will SPEAK with you after the meeting MR Chin you have the deciding vote what’s it going to be 

This Week in Salem 

Rex returned to and pleaded for another chance with a very bitter Sara it went nowhere 

Will Sarah Cave? 

Its Salem so probably maybe later than sooner though 

JJ again interfered where he didn’t belong with DA Trask and Haley 

Would you put up with anything like this?

Sigh, Kayla told Eve to quit before it was too late with   Eve who naturally shrugged it off 

What extremes will Eve go to?  

I don’t know why she just didn’t keep jack to herself somewhere else 

Despite kissing him Abigail told Chad she wasn’t quite there yet with the forgiving part 

Come on Abigail stay strong 

Leo using a banana as a prop made a play for Zander who was then barraged by Sarah for everything Eric Zander laughed it off  

How are you liking Sarah these days? 

Melinda warned Abe that Hope’s continued harassment of Ben will eventually cost the city millions in a lawsuit 

She’s right Ben should sue his winning would be hilarious

What will happen to Hope should this occur 

Probably nothing 

Marlena met with Haley 

Good for Haley although maybe she should have chosen Eric he’s free Marlena isn’t 

Aren’t you seeing Marlena Bob 

Naturally as I can afford her services

Eric attacked Zander and threatened him with a knife 


Naturally Sarah was there to stop him from playing right into Zanders hands 

Stefan and Ted talked defense strategy for Ben’s kidnapping of Gabi 

Kidnapping SMH Gabi’s become a whiny little @#$@# 

How long was Melanie in those tunnels Gabi SMDH 

Hope happily told Ben that Ciara was gone 

She went to see Theo in South Africa 

SMH okay when did Ciara get a passport how did she get the money for this no way did the city return her Ben bond so quickly 

i don’t think we’re supposed to ask those questions 

Okay how about this one Ciara goes halfway around the world to see an old boyfriend..Will she come back pregnant will she come back and say they didn’t do it ?  I refuse to believe the last part 

We’ll find out soon enough 

Kate in trying to make things right petitioned Chad as CEO again 

Trying to make things right   Kate has to be an imposter none of her and Chad makes sense 

Is it time for Kate to be forgiven ?


Chad was going to give Gabi her company back so he wouldn’t have to look at her anymore 

Stefan stepped in and tried to put a halt on everything telling Gabi that if he gets control of Gabi chick he is going to destroy it piece by piece 

Naturally Gabi became violent again 

Is Gabi going to go down the road of Ben Weston ?

HA……Mr Chin, Gabi Chick is a 25 year old woman giving advice on clothes something ANYONE can do at home in front of their computers Dimera Inc Does not need this 

its millennial marketing bob get them while their young 

Your comparing Gabi chick to cigarettes …Gabi inc to Dimera enterprises is like Basic Black to Kirakis  NOT NECESSARY  

With some fault to Shelia, Zander was able to get rid of the footage of him shooting Marlena 


I thought you were mad at him for that 

I was until i found out he was aiming for Eric.. .ITS DIFFERENT 

Sami called Rafe apparently she needs help with EJ and the kids 

She called Rafe and not Roman or Carrie or Belle???

Apparently and he agreed to go 

SMDH Rafe’s like a dog that hears a whistle i hope Hope is furious 

She most definitely is 

HA LOVE IT thank you Sami 

Rex in yet another attempt to win back Sarah confessed that the other, other woman was her sister Noel 

Noel as in Neil Curtis and Maggie Horton’s daughter Noel for those that don’t remember Neil Curtis 

Do you remember Neil Curtis? 

Will this bring Neil back to Salem ?

That could be fun 

Sarah naturally Freaked not only did he cheat on her with her sister but apparently it was in her house 


Chloe told him he lost all support 


If you were in Sarah’s shoes what would you do?



And to the horror of almost everyone. Zander took Leo up on his offer 


Yeah Monday could be heck of fun 

Well i best give the board my vote 

Wait Mr. Chin Before you cast your vote if you vote for Stefan I’ll give you a million dollars ” Mr. chin ignored bob 

“10 Million ..Still nothing  25 Million Dollars 

Who will Mr. Chin vote for? 

Time to turn the hourglass 

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 01-11-19: Gay for Pay

Bob is on his way to meet Blanca at marlena’s office when he sees the Deveraux family in the window and goes in to say hi 

HEY GUYS HOW’s it going 

I’m sorry Bob but this is a private diner 

Relax JJ I’m leaving, Jack you look well 

Thanks Robert 


Bob Right 

YOU KNOW HIM wondered Jennifer with a raised voice 

 LOL Bob chuckled 

This Week in Salem 

Ben refused to talk to Hope and Assured Ciara that Gabi was never in any Danger Ciara didnt believe him 

Was Gabi in real danger? 

Not sure if that’s a fair question most people wanted to see Gabi suffer lol

Hope offered Stefan help on his espionage charge if he gave up Ben 

Stefan Refused 

Good for Stefan for being loyal 

Word on jack being alive again is starting to spread 

 Jennifer tell Jack about how on melsawen Island you were hanging off a cliff for almost two TV weeks while he looked for ways to try and pull you up ” jack looked a Jenn who nodded and smiled 

Zander returned to Victors house and offered him some super-secret Dimera secrets 

Victor is interested in hearing more 

What kind of secrets did zander uncover? 

Zander flirted with Maggie who …well Victor yelled at him 


Hope wants Ted to represent Stefan 

No conflict of interest there SMH 

Will ted take the job? 

Maybe i think Ted is working with Stefan but we’ll see 

Could Ted and Stefan be in cahoots ?

Abigail tried to warn Ciara about Ben 

Ciara wasn’t buying it 

Gabi yelled at Ben for bringing her to Stefan 

SMH Always the victim poor Gabi ”  everyone at the table looked at Bob 

Wow tough room LOL

JJ gave Gabi the Abigail business 

I’m sure that’s going to be going on for some time 

Just as Leo was trying to warn Sonny off WIll shirtless Zander caught his attention 


Leo made Zander all sorts of offers including one he called Gay for PAY 


Zander still refused 

JJ won’t stay out of Poor Haley’s life 


Chad enlisted JJ in his win Abigail back scheme which is what lead to this 

Brady wanted to know why Eve did what she did with Jack/Jennifer 

Her response was “kindness gets her nowhere 

That much is definitely true 

What’s next for Eve once this memory thing is over? 

Don’t know 

Chloe found out that Sarah took holly without her or anyone permission and flipped on Sarah who tried to defend her actions 

Sarah’s a nutjob 

Eric wants to sue for custody of Holly 

ROTLFMAO LOL good luck with that Eric’s such a 

Eric would be a good father Went Jennifer 

First let’s ignore the fact that the courts ALMOST NEVER side with the men in custody cases who in their right mind would give custody to the murderer of his Father 

Drunk Driving is NOT an accident Jennifer so DONT …sorry I’m digressing 

Ciara was not happy with ben’s lies in the Gabi business and they are done as she is on her way to Africa to see Theo 

Wow that’s a Long distance Booty Call 


Would you believe it if when Ciara returns she says her and Theo Didn’t hook up 

ABSOLUTELY NOT  “JJ’s phone rang   “Excuse me” 

Haley is the little sister of DA Trask who wants to be mayor and because of that keep everything those as sisters a secret but she let JJ’s suicide attempt last year slip out 

SMH how long has she lived in Salem

What will happen to JJ if this gets out? 

Nothing should because everyone knows already 

Is Abe in Danger of losing his job 

“Excuse me i have to go” Abigail got up and left 

“Tell chad i said hi good luck Abigail”

Abigail went to see chad 

And that’s about it well i have to run great seeing you Jack 


Jennifer,JJ  ..Oh before i go Jennifer don’t forget to  Tell Jack about the time He slept with your MOTHER  that’s sure to help with his memory ..

I DID WHAT” jack looked at Jennifer who spit out her drink in amazement and anger 

LOL gotta run 

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday: 1-07-18: Yackety Yack Jack is Back

Bob was pushing Baby Stefano’s stroller through Salem Park when he came across something …Rare

Gabi is that you?

You know it is are you here to gloat on how i should have listened to you and not gas lighted Abigail

NO…im too much in shock for that

Why are you in shock?

Because you’re actually spending Time with your baby

This Week in Salem

Eve stunned everyone when she brought in Jack Devearooux who naturally had amnesia

Amnesia again sigh it’s got to be the water supply

Where you happy to see Jack?

After failing to reach Jack Jennifer naturally blamed Eve for his attitude towards her

The truth is more dangerous than any lie

Jack and Eve then left

Chad and Will got each other up to speed on their lives not much new in the will sonny and Leo department this week

They will go round and round for awhile

Gabi turned herself in


I had to. Make things right

sigh anyway after everyone was all up to speed Abigail decided not to press charges

AHA you did that on purpose didn’t you

Did what

Give yourself in, show all sorts of phony remorse, and trick Abigail into letting you off !!!BRILLIANT

No that’s not why i did it

Sure it isn’t

Gabi’s actions as of late is causing yet another rift between Hope and Rafe

See Gabi there is some good out of all this Keeping Hope and Rafe apart

“aheee ” went baby Stefano
“See even baby Stefano likes that !”

Kayla sort of reprimanded JJ on his handling of Haley

Was Kaya right in this area


What are your thoughts on Haley?

I’m hoping she’s one of the children Orpheus wanted to look for but rumors are saying she’s DA Trasks daughter

Hopefully Stefano is the father

Doubt that

What are your continued thoughts on Haley?

Eve had a flashback that revealed a mystery Partner …Zander Cook Kirakis

Where you surprised to see Zander?

no he’s very much needed right now

Kayla placed a call to a Seth Barnes her boss i think she wants to use dr rolfs serum on jack

Tell Kayla to come see me i have lots of it

Jack demanded answers from eve about everything Jennifer said naturally Eve said it was all lies

How much longer until Eve’s lies are exposed

Chad told Abigail he wanted Gabi to pay Abigail Slammed him down for not believing her when she told him what Gabi was doing

He tried to explain, that just made Abigail angrier


Would you forgive Chad?


Ben gave Ciara Roses Ciara didn’t care for roses but that wasn’t the worst part the worst part was Hope showing up to confront Ben for kidnapping Gabi.

Kidnapping? smh how can you kidnap someone for twenty minutes  you better make sure he gets free Gabi

Why would i help him?

Just a gut feeling that you and Stefan could help each other you both tend to be on the delusional side of reality and besides you owe him

Forget it

okay just remember what i said

Rafe busted in on Stefan and arrested him

Time to make the magic happen Stefan let’s see what you got

Were you happy to see Stefan arrested will the charges stick

No and not sure he’s such a disappointment and the credits rolled

Not bad for a short week  “I’m Ready to go ” said an approaching Blanca “Hello Gabi”

Gotta run oh Gabi  a heads up  Abigail’s not pressing charges  won’t stop Julie from coming after you”

Bob baby Stefano and Blanca left Gabi had a nervous look on her face

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann