Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10-19-18: AV VA AD SD VR

Blanca was in a foul mood Bob had left her messages stating he had an emergency meeting in Nevada and had to leave right away Nevada SMH she knew better she was fully aware that Bob was Off to Nashville to help Nicole out of whatever stupid mess she got herself into this time..She was angry she was hurt she started to cry a little but stopped when Rafe knocked on her door he saw she was upset

Blanca ..Am i interrupting?

Sniiff oh hi Rafe what can i do for you

Abe thinks Bob could help him with something so he asked me to…what’s wrong


Oh boy





This Week in Salem

Mimi grabbed Baby Bonnie from Chloe telling her that the three of them were leaving town, Chloe told Mimi Lucas was suing for custody Mimi said that wasn’t going to happen either

Will this get to an actual trial?

After she was done pepper spraying Nicole, Eric told her everything about zander why she was there and that zander shot Marlena while aiming for him Sami concluded that Zander will lead her to EJ

Will Sami be able to roughshod over zander like she does everyone else

Doubt it

Zander knocked out Brady before he could determine who the bandaged patient was

Are you ready for a recast EJ ?

Later on Brady defied Kristen saying that she would never be able to kill him

She reminded Brady that she couldn’t. But Zander could

She’s got a point

Ciara is dreaming about Ben Claire tried to convince Ben that Ciara was into him Ben wasn’t sure she offered up  a partnership to help each other get who they wanted

Awe just like Sami and Lucas Started

Will Ciara and Ben end up together?

Abigail tried to convince JJ that Gabi was behind her recent troubles

JJ was on the fence

Who will be the first to believe Abigail?

chad will be last even i can see he’s an idiot

Hope and rafe are trying to figure out who could have set Ben up

Hope thinks Ben could be setting himself up to make it look like Hope was doing it


How soon until we find out who it is ?

Gabi continued to try and get Chad to believe Abigail was slipping and that the baby could be in danger Chad and JJ are going to give Abigail the benefit of the doubt

Has Gabi gone insane?

Maybe hard to tell right now

Stefan and Jennifer argued about Gabigail and him being in Abigail’s life

sigh ..just ..So very sad

Gabi went to plan B she drugged Abigail and set it up to look like Gabgail was back which included smacking herself in the head

That’s dedication to the cause right there

That’s insanity

Stefan walked in and Saw Abigail in the wig and thought Gabigail returned to her a little later Abigail told both Stefan and Chad what Gabi was up to they both remained Skeptical

Yup he’s Stefano’s son alright SMDH

Whose going to feel the bigger fool Chad or Stefan ?

Chad had trouble believing Gabi’s story and thought that the best idea would be to complain to Kate about it

Why does Gabi think Kate can be trusted ?

Sami and Eric went looking for Brady Kristen gave up on Brady saying she will let Zander kill him .

Will Sami and Eric get to Brady in time ?

Of course

Wouldn’t worry about that Later she told Zander to get rid of Brady without killing him Kristen was frustrated that Patient Zero wasn’t recovering as fast as Will did

Lucas and Mimi both tried to hire Belle as a their lawyer Looks like that Belle is choosing Lucas

He did ask first
Mimi told Belle everything that was going on

Who would belle represent better ?

Tough call

Bonnie begged Mimi for more time

Sigh..Is there another part to her plan

Hope not

Zander told Nicole they had to leave or he would be forced to kill Eric Nicole knocked zander out and grabbed the evidence

Bonnie pretended to be Adriane to get a free meal from Roman it didn’t work

Too bad it didn’t work months ago if  roman all this could have been avoided

Sami took the keys from Brady and locked him in a room because she couldn’t trust him

No surprises there


Kristen told Eric Brady was here and that he needed to find a way to forgive himself

No forgiveness for Brady this is his entire fault

Kristen and Zander had to move some of the patients to make sure none were discovered

Nicole looking for Eric ran into a hallway that had a bunch of doors they had markings on them





And WR

Nicole cried for Eric in frustration and the credits rolled

Tyler Christopher is officially out at Days of our lives

He was temporarily recast ed by Brandon barash . Will they have his replacement go permanent?

Who do you think these initials stand for

A few moments later Bob walked in


Blanca was confused and saddened that she got her husband all wrong

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann