Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10-19-18: Goodbye my loves

After the building was cleared Robert with some men pulled Nicole’s body out of the ambulance and went to work “she’ll make it” said one of the men

“Of course she will”..

She’s coming around

Hello Nicky highly paid Nicole impersonator


Sigh the things I’ll do for love






This week in Salem

Belle wondered why Mimi didn’t tell her about Rex and the baby

Because Belle can’t keep her mouth shut

Mimi said Rex and her hooked up when he and his girlfriend were having problems

Where they on a break?

What? Why does that matter

It’s important

Rex reunited with Father Roman Lucas and HIS (Rex’s) BABY he told them he was engaged but didn’t say to who

Does the pronoun game get to you as it does me?

Kind of

Eric and Sami confronted Kristen for answers they got none

Dr rolf gave an injection to a man who could be EJ who was not pleased about getting another shot and in his anger started a fire

HE”S ALIVE!!! Went Robert in a Dr. Frankenstein impression

The fire caused an explosion which trapped Nicole after passing off Holly to Brady he took off Eric tried to get Nicole free but it didn’t work she kissed his medallion said goodbye and was gone

Were you happy with what the writers did with Ari’s brief return?

Some are some aren’t Nicole is/was an acquired taste

Will you Miss Nicole Walker

I will with no Stefano, no Andre, no Nicole, Stefan being a big poop head there is only Kristen left

Brady after securing Holly ran into Kristen her pleas fell on deaf ears

Your dodging a bullet Kristen i don’t know why you bother

Gabi thinks her plan is working Kate isn’t happy she is lying to Chad

Seriously what is the deal with Kate and Chad she cares for Chad more than any of her REAL children

Relax it’s not important

I am relaxed and this is important this Kate/Chad Faux connection makes no sense whatsoever

The firemen gave Eric the medallion Nicole was holding

Sami resumed her looking for EJ

Eli tried to get Shelia a job with Julie didn’t pan out

Shelia for some reason has no respect for Abe’s parking space

Is Abe making a big deal over nothing?

NO he earned that spot it is his people that park in my spot get their car towed away

JJ tried talking to Gabi she wasn’t having it

Is JJ playing Abigail because his super cop senses can see something is going on

Hope not

How much longer until Gabi is exposed

Not soon enough for some

Abigail had a meeting with Stefan

Mimi ran into Chloe with Her baby and almost blew it and is not taking any custody hearing talk well Chloe is beginning to figure it out Later Bonnie almost blew it when talking to Chloe and Lucas

Will Chloe figure it out before Mimi Cracks?

Rex reunited with Kate of course Kate ruined it by bringing up Mimi Cassie was mentioned

Would you be welcomes to Cassie’s return?

What do you think about Former Brady Black being Rex Brady ?

Marlena is getting better every day she talked to Kayla about Steve and Abigail

John tried to bribe Roman into romancing Hattie using an Ernie Banks Baseball card

Will Roman take the deal?

Rex ran into Mimi

Would you be okay with a red and Mimi repairing?


Sarah Horton Maggie’s Daughter returned to Salem

Were you as happy to see Sarah as Maggie was?

Later on Chad and Jennifer confronted Abigail Chad had some papers drawn up to have her committed

Abigail refused saying he couldn’t do that

When he said he could because he was her husband

Abigail Dropped the BOMB

Abigail Married Stefan


Were you shocked stunned or laughing hysterically when this happened?

Laughing definitely laughing

Can we go now

Of course will get you home Nicole and i really appreciate this

uh huh ..What’s going to happen to the baby?

She will be fine in Salem Bob will see to it

Will they un mother Nicole and who will then be Holly’s parents

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10-19-18: AV VA AD SD VR

Blanca was in a foul mood Bob had left her messages stating he had an emergency meeting in Nevada and had to leave right away Nevada SMH she knew better she was fully aware that Bob was Off to Nashville to help Nicole out of whatever stupid mess she got herself into this time..She was angry she was hurt she started to cry a little but stopped when Rafe knocked on her door he saw she was upset

Blanca ..Am i interrupting?

Sniiff oh hi Rafe what can i do for you

Abe thinks Bob could help him with something so he asked me to…what’s wrong


Oh boy





This Week in Salem

Mimi grabbed Baby Bonnie from Chloe telling her that the three of them were leaving town, Chloe told Mimi Lucas was suing for custody Mimi said that wasn’t going to happen either

Will this get to an actual trial?

After she was done pepper spraying Nicole, Eric told her everything about zander why she was there and that zander shot Marlena while aiming for him Sami concluded that Zander will lead her to EJ

Will Sami be able to roughshod over zander like she does everyone else

Doubt it

Zander knocked out Brady before he could determine who the bandaged patient was

Are you ready for a recast EJ ?

Later on Brady defied Kristen saying that she would never be able to kill him

She reminded Brady that she couldn’t. But Zander could

She’s got a point

Ciara is dreaming about Ben Claire tried to convince Ben that Ciara was into him Ben wasn’t sure she offered up  a partnership to help each other get who they wanted

Awe just like Sami and Lucas Started

Will Ciara and Ben end up together?

Abigail tried to convince JJ that Gabi was behind her recent troubles

JJ was on the fence

Who will be the first to believe Abigail?

chad will be last even i can see he’s an idiot

Hope and rafe are trying to figure out who could have set Ben up

Hope thinks Ben could be setting himself up to make it look like Hope was doing it


How soon until we find out who it is ?

Gabi continued to try and get Chad to believe Abigail was slipping and that the baby could be in danger Chad and JJ are going to give Abigail the benefit of the doubt

Has Gabi gone insane?

Maybe hard to tell right now

Stefan and Jennifer argued about Gabigail and him being in Abigail’s life

sigh ..just ..So very sad

Gabi went to plan B she drugged Abigail and set it up to look like Gabgail was back which included smacking herself in the head

That’s dedication to the cause right there

That’s insanity

Stefan walked in and Saw Abigail in the wig and thought Gabigail returned to her a little later Abigail told both Stefan and Chad what Gabi was up to they both remained Skeptical

Yup he’s Stefano’s son alright SMDH

Whose going to feel the bigger fool Chad or Stefan ?

Chad had trouble believing Gabi’s story and thought that the best idea would be to complain to Kate about it

Why does Gabi think Kate can be trusted ?

Sami and Eric went looking for Brady Kristen gave up on Brady saying she will let Zander kill him .

Will Sami and Eric get to Brady in time ?

Of course

Wouldn’t worry about that Later she told Zander to get rid of Brady without killing him Kristen was frustrated that Patient Zero wasn’t recovering as fast as Will did

Lucas and Mimi both tried to hire Belle as a their lawyer Looks like that Belle is choosing Lucas

He did ask first
Mimi told Belle everything that was going on

Who would belle represent better ?

Tough call

Bonnie begged Mimi for more time

Sigh..Is there another part to her plan

Hope not

Zander told Nicole they had to leave or he would be forced to kill Eric Nicole knocked zander out and grabbed the evidence

Bonnie pretended to be Adriane to get a free meal from Roman it didn’t work

Too bad it didn’t work months ago if  roman all this could have been avoided

Sami took the keys from Brady and locked him in a room because she couldn’t trust him

No surprises there


Kristen told Eric Brady was here and that he needed to find a way to forgive himself

No forgiveness for Brady this is his entire fault

Kristen and Zander had to move some of the patients to make sure none were discovered

Nicole looking for Eric ran into a hallway that had a bunch of doors they had markings on them





And WR

Nicole cried for Eric in frustration and the credits rolled

Tyler Christopher is officially out at Days of our lives

He was temporarily recast ed by Brandon barash . Will they have his replacement go permanent?

Who do you think these initials stand for

A few moments later Bob walked in


Blanca was confused and saddened that she got her husband all wrong

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10-14-18: Its the Journey not the Destination

Salem Hospital’s secret Location night


I’m not sure this is a good idea Bob

Everything Will Be fine Bart, Marlena’s sleeping shhh Marco, goons that don’t require names come on we need to get Marlena out of here and to a Stefano Approved doctor… Hurry Before John Returns

Bob ..Maybe you should turn around

WHAT. Oh Hi John i ..I .. That is WE just came by to ,,to Ummm Too  see how Marlena was doing

RUN yelled Bart Marco and the others zoomed out

“Sorry John “Bart said running out past him

John. Did anyone ever tell you that the white hair is really working for you?

Let’s Talk outside Bob


This Week in Salem

Mimi slammed Bonnie for letting Lucas take her child and she was also mad at herself for allowing Bonnies guilt to making her go along with it

Mimi’s the mother so who’s the father ???

Bonnie continued to use said guilt reminding her of the ten years she did for Mimi

How long should Bonnie be allowed to hold that over Mimi’s head

Lucas considered suing for sole custody Chloe reminded her that the odds of a man winning are next to nil

Sheila is back causing trouble for Eli and Lani and Abe

Do you like the character of Sheila?

Sami told Marlena Kristen may be telling the truth about EJ not being dead

Since James Scott wont who would you recast as EJ ?

Eric tried to get Nicole to return to Salem with him and her Husband Zander showed up


Yup Husband not to worry though Zander showed some class by not forcing Nicole to consummate the marriage

Small comfort

I think he is smitten though

Of course he is ..Anyway Zander blackmailed Nicole with the Killed Demos Evidence

you mean the evidence that is useless because Brady gave it to the cops and said Eve killed him the same evidence Victor warned him not to use or he could it would be useless with Nicole

Yes that evidence. But the writers forgot all that and Nicole doesn’t know that so it still works here

Good enough they mentioned the Halo though Eric and Nicole

That was nice of them

Brady and Kristen put everything aside to be with each other sharing whatever they could with one another

So romantic..

Not so fast Brady is faking it to lure Kristen into a trap

How Does a man fake it john????

Not going there

Security footage showed Zander as Marlena’s shooter not Sami

How come it took them that long to get security footage????

Finding Zander is John’s new mission

You will get him John it’s what you do

Do you know where he is bob?

Of course i do

And you’re not there trying to help Nicole because

Story for another day

Zander told Eric the bullet that hit Marlena was meant for him but he moved Nicole told Eric to leave He did. For the moment

Zander reminded Nicole of her past and told her that he could indeed be a good husband to her

He’s be a great husband to her but that’s another matter

Nicole wasn’t buying it focusing all her energy into Eric and of course Holly’s safety

Stefan is upset Eve can’t find Brady apparently dimera inc is in trouble again?

SMH the inconsistency with that company astounds everyone

Brady called John and left out the Kristen parts Kristen overheard and now thinks she can trust him

Who is playing the better game here Brady or Kristen?

Hard to tell

Rafe and Hope told Sami she was in the clear Hope apologized and they both agreed trying to stop her would be pointless

Did Rafe and Hope do the right thing ?

Sami went to Stefan and offered him a deal she gave him some of the money back for some info with the promise of the rest of it

Both of them screwed the other one but Stefan is about 75 million richer

Were you expecting anything different with those two?

Roman caught Hattie and the pub and made her go back to the hospital?

John warned her she would be going back to prison

Do you feel bad for Hattie?

i did before the latest the dancing on the bed the showing up in public …not anymore

Nicole suggested getting rid of Zander permanently

Desperation never works Nicole should know better

Zander went to meet Kristen, Kristen complained that Zander was going off Script Zander said all will be fine

What are your thoughts on this team?

i like it its different

Brady tried to break through a secured lock and was shocked for his trouble

heh heh

Kristen went to see the patient ED was on the door

Why would ED be on the door does she have several other bandaged other patients there and she can’t tell them apart ????

Eric and Nicole made love

Of course they did  sigh too bad Zander didn’t walk in on them it would have been hilarious

Anyway Nicole said she was safe from zander because she thinks that zander only wants her because she doesn’t want him

Just like Stefano and Marlena Nicole’s right she’s got nothing to worry about

Would Zander hurt Nicole?

Why not just get a gun..BTW did you see Eric and Kristen’s Tattoo’s? Which one did you like better ?

There was a knock on the door Nicole opened it only to be maced by Sami

SMH typical Sami no regard for anything or anyone else

Lucas is bonding with Baby Bonnie Kate is trying to keep Lucas grounded

That seems weird

Will Kate make bonnie pay when this is all over?

Hope so

Shelia continues to act all arrogant while making eli abe and lani miserable

where will this story go ?

Gabi’s plan is entering a new phase how will Gabi’s world come crashing down ?

Mimi warned Bonnie she would never see her baby again Mimi ran into Chloe who was singing to baby bonnie Mimi stopped her by saying it wasn’t her baby

Brady woke up from his Electric nap to Easedrop on Kristen and Zander when they left he entered the room ED and called out EJ’s name ?

MR ED !!


THE ED on the door Mr ED ?

don’t think so bob

Ed Sullivan


Do you think its EJ Dimera and are you ready for a Newly Casted EJ ?

The new Kristen is working out so far so ????

Anyway that’s about it

Great Bob now Marlena is going to be fine there is no need to be taking her anywhere Understand

No problem john just..Well you know

I know now let’s check out the cafeteria and get Marlena some food

On a Sad Note Peggy McCay the actress who played Caroline Brady since 1986 Passed away this week thoughts and prayers go out to her friends and Family

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 10-05-18: Just Give in Brady

Hello, is everything OK?

Maggie blabbed Eric is practically at her doorstep?

Relax we knew it would happen sooner or later Eric will never suspect that that’s not the real Nicole.







This Week In Salem

Rafe proved to Hope that Ben’s fingerprint was planted

no surprise framing people for crimes they didn’t commit is something hope and Rafe are both familiar with

Who can be framing Ben? Is Tripp too obvious?

Sami couldn’t break Stefan into telling her where Kristen or maybe EJ was even after a million dollar Bribe

Need a little bit more than that Sami sorry?

John and Hattie Married


How long until this is all undone? Probably by an annulment? Didn’t Hattie sign Hattie’s name instead of Marlena’s?

Hmm not sure it sounded like it but would it have gotten through if she did???

Maybe nobody really reads those things?

In typical Villain fashion Kristen wasted time making speeches and Roman was able to come in and save Marlena a shot went off forcing Kristen to flee.

Did Roman get beat up by a girl?

Not sure LOL

Hattie told John about the Kristen visit.

Wonder why she did that?

Ciara asked Ben to move out.

Will told Paul he found them an apartment

Does Paul have a sense as to what’s going on with Will?

I hope so let him go with dignity.

John missed Kristen Kayla filled him in while tending to Roman

Yup Roman got beat up by a girl LOL

Gabi was happy to see that Stefan believed the texts were from Gabi’s alter

Once this plays out will Gabi face Stefan’s vengeance?

Possibly it’s hard to call

Gabi went to chad and told him Stefan thinks Gabigail is back

Eli took Stefan’s complaint about Sami Eli noted that nobody in Salem is safe when those two were on the loose

That much is certain

Kristen told Brad they were soul mates and she would always be there for him

He agreed to go away with her

I hope she didn’t believe him

Hard to tell

Do you think they are soul mates

YES …because Nicole’s not here

Of course

Hattie’s desire for a burger and dancing gave herself away to Sami


Sami went to look for the real Marlena and was caught again by Eli

Eli is on the job

Victor in another mood told Maggie that when they got home Everyone who wasn’t a Kirakis had to move out ,i think he told Gabi that she didn’t have to move out as long as she didn’t talk to him

ROTLFMAO he’s hysterical

Maggie told him she has been talking with Nicole and Holly

Victor told Maggie the entire story  Victor ran into Gabi i think he told her she didn’t have to move out if she never talks to him

Will this change things for Maggie ?


Marlena told John Sami wasn’t the shooter John got Sami up to date on everything Eli released Sami the bullets didn’t match up
Kristen  probably thought with Marlena dead different guns and bullet calibers  it wouldn’t matter she may see this as a succeed or die trying mission

Was this a mistake or deliberate?

Roman offered Kate his services against Stefan

Will Roman find out Kate murdered Vivian ? Did Stefan set Kate up for Ted’s disappearance and is waiting to spring a trap

Hopefully yes to both By the way Stefan is leaving?

What okay technically not Stefan will be recanted for a while Tyler Christopher needs some personal time

let’s hope all is well with him and he returns asap

Kayla told Stefan she’s no longer under his thumb

True enough Steve is gone nothing else matters

Need to find her a new man

Will what happened to Hope happen to Kayla now?  Subsiding Peter Reckell for Stephen Nicoles

I fear so

After getting Nicole’s location Eric ran off

Chad talked to Abigail about gabigail being Back Abigail assured everyone she was fine

I’m enjoying this although i can see why others aren’t i can’t wait to see what happens POST ending

Lucas told Bonnie enough was enough he heard bonnie crying grabbed her and stormed out

Mimi entered the room and she asked her mom why she let Lucas run off with Her Baby?

Did you enjoy seeing Mimi ?

Not really honestly i barely recognized her eye makeup i think through me off

Will Mimi and Lucas become a couple ?

Depends on what they do with Rex..And any chemistry he has with former Brady flame Chloe

Rex and Chloe would that send Kate off or what?

Eric found Nicole

boy is he in for a surprise

Nicoles stay is a pointless short one is it possible they kill her off?

Tough call but my gut says..I’m glad she’s a clone

Still be sad though

Yes it will


Coming love

Later bob

By Robert

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann