Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-07-18: Escaping windows and Baby Bombs

Bob is in his office he is not in a good mood  “You went and did something behind my back even when i pay you NOT TO”
Boss to be fair i don’t think Stefan knew  we went straight and are now working with you”

So why did you do it then?  Curiosity?
As a way to keep tabs on him and so forth ”
Sigh what’s done is done Marco is here here?

Bring him in Please “Marco Brings in Ted

Will someone please tell me what I’m doing here?

Welcome to my Legal Team Ted


This Week In Salem

Roman told Kayla that Steve was arrested for Espionage Kayla told Roman everything about Stefan Kate Steve and the bionic eye, Roman told Kayla not to talk to anyone else while he contacted Shane

What can Shane do that Roman Can’t? Isn’t Shane laid up in his house in California?

Will they do anything with this story or just drop it as Steve is gone? Will Kayla get a new man?

No and possibly

After telling Sami she couldn’t have EJ if Kristen couldn’t have Brady Paul rushed in went for Kristen’s gun him and Kristen went crashing out the window

Kate gave Stefan info on Chads business dealings Stefan commented about him Abigail and family  Kate  deliberately let it slip without Stefan picking up on it that Chad is the father of the baby not him

Can’t believe they dumped Andre for this NEXT

Will Told Sonny he got his memory back  Sonny naturally got all kid in the candy store insane moving in on him immediately Will said Not until they told Paul.

Sonny was not happy

aww too bad sonny has to wait a few days SMH

May be more than a few days as Paul is laid up in the hospital

Remind me to thank Paul for breaking Kristen’s fall he saved her life

Will they tell Paul and that’s why he leaves or will they NOT tell him he finds out and that’s why he leaves?

lani and Eli discussed starting again

lani and Eli do you care anymore ?

Brady told john about Paul

Will got Brady up to speed about him sonny and his memory  Brady lashed into Will about what this would do to Paul

Look at that Brady has some sense of decency

Was Brady right?

Abigail told JJ she didn’t trust Gabi thinking she was up to something

choose your words carefully Abigail JJ may still be in love with Gabi

Would JJ give up Gabi because of what she is doing?

He should but if he doesn’t blame Gabi for killing his father why should this bother him?

Gabi doesn’t think her plan is working

Because it isn’t  Anyway later on Abigail caught Gabi going upstairs they called each other out on their “issues”


No, not even close after some back and forth about taking responsibility for her alters Abigail went for the phone and Gabi brought a Gabigail wig upstairs

Sigh what is Gabi up to

Kristen showed up at Stefan’s doorstep demanding help

Stefan threatened to call the police Kristen negotiated a room in the tunnels right before the police Lani/Eli RANG THE DOORBELL

They did what

They rang the doorbell

WOW that hasn’t happened since. I don’t know when

Were you shocked by the sound of a doorbell?

Valerie told John that Marlena has an infection and they need to bring in a specialist

Poor john is lost because he can’t go to Stefano for these situations anymore

..i know it’s very sad ………..

Could this specialist be a returning cast member ?

Neil Curtis wait he isn’t technically a specialist


LOL he was before your time

Everyone rallied at the hospital John and Eric remembered they were once priests and took time to Pray

Marlena will be fine if she dies i will get her to Melsewan island and fix her right up like the last time she Died

Maggie went to see Bonnie who after blaming everything on Angelica asked Maggie to be her  go between for her amending with Lucas

Lucas went to see Bonnie saying forgiveness was part of his recovery program and he does indeed forgive her

Well Done Lucas Bonnie just needs someone to love her

Sure she does anyway that’s when Bonnie dropped the BABY BOMB on Lucas

We were all stunned by that as the credits rolled

I’m sure this will tie into Lucas’s exit story somehow

That’s about it

Good now don’t you worry about anything Ted i think you’ll fight right in here

Can’t wait to start

Will Ted ever return to mess things up for Kate?

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann