Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-28-18:

In the devils Triangle

“Hello Maggie how are you ?

“I understand thanks for calling, I’ll take care of it thank you  ill give you Nicole, Nicole Maggie’s on the phone

Ill takes it in here

Robert hangs up and calls Bob from his cell

Bob its going down is everything ready with her

Of course it is Robert





This Week In Salem

Ciara is upset because her faith in Ben has been Shattered Rafe and Shawn both Feat that Hope is the one setting up Ben

If it’s not Hope setting up Ben  then who is it ?

Hattie demands that John marry her or she will tell everyone what’s going on


Jennifer came clean to Eric about everything why Nicole left and that she has been keeping it from him

Naturally he stormed out

Are Jennifer and Eric over for good?”

Jennifer gave Eric back his ring so Yup looks that way

Paul is paralyzed so Will refuses to break up with him

Has the announcing of Paul’s departure killed the emotional impact of the story

Not for me i wish Paul could stick around and find someone else

Eric Attacked Brady who admitted to all of it swearing that because of Eve he’s not a bitter vindictive person anymore

Eric told Brady they are no longer brothers

That won’t last even though its technically true

How soon until Eric and Brady mend fences

As Eric left Jennifer entered before Jennifer could spill the beans Eve came clean on what she did that cost him Tate?

i don’t know it’s probable that Theresa would have won custody anyway

Would Brady have won custody if not for Eve’s interference?

Sami tried to escape jail but was caught Justin tried to reel her in Sami had to remind Justin about the Dimera ways and how they have come back from the dead using Will first and foremost

Obviously when the conversation got to EJ …and here’s the kicker..Justin told Sami that EJ was shot in the back…shot in the back

Every viewer who was watching then Clearly saw EJ take a bullet in the chest while Facing Clyde (search you tube you will find it if you don’t remember) Does this obvious blunder or deliberate carelessness  bother you because  it really bugs me  ..More than it should but here we are?

Stefan is not happy with Kristen as a house guest is restricting her to the tunnels

SMH idiot he could learn so much from his big sister

Eli went to Susan to verify she wasn’t Kristen Susan volunteered a urine sample using one of Maggie’s favorite cups


Are you happy with Stacey’s portrayal of Susan?

Once out on bail Sami went straight for the Dimera tunnels to look for Kristen

it was good seeing the tunnels have some great memories down there

Is our room still there ?



Maggie called Nicole to warn her was coming

They are talking now did you tell her we appreciate the heads up

of course

Thank you’s Blanca by the way

Great i love your life…my life


Gabi continued her plans with Abigail drugging her and sending texts from her phone after she falls asleep

Are you worried about the baby’s safety?

No i don’t think the show is going to hurt the baby

Later on Kate called Gabi out on that very subject and will be watching Gabi closely

Good Gabi could use a good coach

don’t think that’s what she meant

Yeah probably not

Stefan caught Sami before she could enter the tunnels and through her out saw Gabi’s texts and ran off naturally Sami waited it out and went right back in

naturally Harold caught her and let her go

harold disappoints me

will sami find what she is looking for or ..something else

I think it would be a great twist if Stefan is the one that has EJ but he doesnt know kristen knows and thats why things are playing out the way they are

will sami find EJ  down there ?

stefan went to abigail who was naturally throw for a loop she lied her way out of it by saying they were meant for JJ

Why would Stefan even be in Abigail’s phone now that she is no longer working for Dimera  ?

good question

abigail told JJ she fears Gabigail is back it looks like Gabi’s plan is working

it wont for long

Ciara and Tripp made love

does Bo’s daughter and Steve’s son have any chance now ?

fear not

Sami caught Stefan bringing breakfast into the tunnels something convinced Sami Kristen wasn’t there and she ran out

Did she spend the night there how long are those tunnels?

They go all under Salem you can take them anywhere and get lost if you’re not careful

At the hospital Roman john and Kayla continue to hide and care for Marlena

After Marlena wakes up will anything happen to Doctor Kayla who should lose everything for this

Nah she’ll be fine

Kristen got into the room Hattie did what she could to convince her she was Hattie Adams not Marlena

It may have worked

They really owe Hattie for all this

Sami returned to the hospital just in time to see Abe marry Hattie and John


After the touching ceremony Sami once again went back to Stefan demanding answers about EJ

Does Stefan know anything about EJ

I hope so it would steer his character away from the Abigail thing it will benefit everyone

Kristen obviously believed Hattie because she resumed her search and found the real Marlena who opened her eyes when feeling Kristen’s presence maybe ?

That’s exciting who are we rooting for

BOB who are you talking to?

Just talking to myself love. Got to go don’t let me down Robert

Relax bob

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-21-18: I Just Couldn’t Let You Go

After trying to do Damage control with Hattie/Marlena and Belle John returned to Marlena and Kayla he entered the room and heard Stefano’s voice an alarm went off until he saw what was happening

Bob was sitting next to the bed playing a tape recorder he patted Bob’s shoulder Bob turned it off “it’s worth a shot right ?” believe it or not Bob Id even take Stefano’s help at this point”


This Week in Salem

Ciara doesn’t know what to believe Ben insists he is being set up!

If he is being set up is Hope too obvious?? Tripp Maybe?

Sami and Be


lle continue to play the blame game Until Marlena woke up and she was not happy to see Either of them Sami wouldn’t leave when she was asked to Eric had to drag her away

Who then confided in Rafe

Will Rafe and Sami go there again?

Doubt it not now

Marlena let Belle have it She was Hilarious when Sami and Belle cleared the room John started talking to “Hattie Adams”

Were you surprised to this revelation?

It was very clever whoever came up with the idea should be rewarded

After this is all over

How much longer will Marlena be in a coma?

Could be awhile

Roman is also in on all this which is causing a problem Hatties attraction to Roman is making her make all sorts of crazy demands

What will happen if this blows up in everyone’s faces?

Ben and Hope had another confrontation Ben placed some Hope doubt in Shawn’s mind that he was actually being set up

Rafe tried to rationalize helping Sami Hope wasn’t buying it

Ciara is beginning to Doubt Ben and Tripp isn’t helping Matters

Chloe put Bonnie on notice with Lucas by telling her what she did to Mateo

Will Bonnie get the message?

Probably not

Speaking of Mateo isn’t it  kind of weird that his loyalists just let all of that go ?

Abigail told JJ that due to recent events she would be watching Gabi Unfortunately that didn’t pan out because she missed Gabi slip sleeping pills into her drink

Gabi is crossing new thresholds now she is becoming” Fascinating”

I think the word you’re looking for is Evil

Shelia danced around Abe when he found her with his credit card he let Eli deal with her

What are your thoughts on the character of Shelia?

Bonnie with less and less options made a desperate phone call

who did Bonnie Call ?

Kayla told Chloe that Bonnie’s story seems to be holding up

chloe is even more worried that Bonnie will use lucas and the baby to keep her out of jail and that she may  become Dangerous

Can you see Bonnie as a really dangerous desperate type

now yes when she was almost with mickey not so much

Chloe then got Brady up to speed on everything Bonnie Lucas he agreed to help them

Is bringing in Brady a good or bad idea?

Paul is still in the hospital   will and sonny are waiting around nothing new there

Eve continues to try and get Jennifer not to tell Eric the truth about Nicole’s leaving its still working but won’t be for much longer as its clear this Second choice thing isn’t going to work with her

But it was okay when Jack was Jennifer’s second choice when Peter Blake and the sainted Dr Daniel was around…that’s Jennifer for you

Belle went to see Marlena again Hattie didn’t let up, its making John worried


Hattie/Marlena asked john  for a kiss


After some hesitation on his part Hattie/Marlena declared that since they should be away on their honeymoon there was no reason why they couldn’t get married right here right now

ROTLFMAO   OMG that’s hilarious

It’s not funny  Bob went John

Bob turned on the tape recorder Stefano’s laughter beckoned through the room

SHHH keep it down went Kayla

Sorry Kayla

Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-14-18: Baby Bon Bon

“This is going to be Hilarious”

“Don’t look jump the gun Bob,  Marlena’s not out of the woods yet ”

Marlena will be fine Roman aren’t that Right Dr Rolf

Yes, Yes Doctor Evans will recover now i must get to work

“I better get what i was promised”

You will Hattie We Promise, Doctor..Rolf gives Hattie a shot then when she falls asleep men take her away

Don’t worry Roman these guys have been getting people in and out of places since before your fall onto the beach

I knew i recognized that guy !!

What did you promise Hattie Roman ?”   Roman just blushed


This week in Salem


Chloe is worried about Lucas claiming that Bonnie is desperate and desperate means dangerous and she told Lucas to have the tests done

She’s right about that

Do you believe that Lucas is a Dad again?

a conversation between Bonnie and Shelia stated that its Bonnies baby whether its Lucas’s though is something else

Will Mim’s return to Salem have anything to do with this?

Kayla told Paul that he may be paralyzed which changes things for him and Will and Sonny as Will told Sonny there is no US while Paul is like this.

Sigh Can you remember other times when they did this story?

Kayla and Jennifer talked about how bad they were being to their men by withholding information on them

won’t matter soon will Kayla get herself a new guy.

Possibly. Remember when they tried her and Abe…should they revisit that?

Belle insists that the Murder of Marlena go on immediately. Don’t look at me like that Roman Belles all ready to pull the plug it’s been like 3 hours

It was Marlena’s wish

Marlena’s Wish SMH  Listen Roman Right Now Marlena is wishing that Stefano was around because he would be the only one that could save her ,I’m not saying this is easy on anyone Roman but  at least let the hospital explore some options first  SMH …How’s it going Doctor…?

Don’t interrupt me while i work please


Shane was noted to be looking into what happened to Steve

And how is he going to do that from his Bed in Los Angeles? sigh i suppose it being 2018 he can do most of it  from home. Wonder how Tate and Theresa are?

Forget Steve Roman he’s gone but on a related topic Nick Stockton has gone back to work for the Black Glove over in Europe

What in the hell are you talking about


The blame game started John laid into Roman blaming it all on Sami who blamed it all on Kristen, Belle is being blamed by pulling this Document out of thin air.

Does this make sense? All the phony deaths doppelgangers and kidnappings running amok that Marlena would sign such a thing and not mention it all to a man she has been with since 1986?

Belle needs to be disowned she’s made this all about her.

Hope remains determined to put Ben away by any means necessary

SMH that Woman needs to be stopped

Ben Fixed Ciara’s motorcycle

Uh Oh SMH forget the motorcycle Where is the Mustang??? SMH ,What lengths will Hope go to ?
Hope is your fault Roman you’re the one who constantly let her run amok and now all that power has gone to her head

Clair tried to get Tripp interested

Why the heck not?

Can Claire and Tripp work?

Hope caught Sami and Rafe in a Hug


Sami called Hope out for not finding Kristen

Hope’s too busy trying to frame a serial Killer

Apparently the Hospital Board of which Victor and Brady are members off agreed to go along with Belle’s declaration.

That makes no sense at all Brady especially?

Did the writers forget that Victor and Brady are both on the board?

Yup they also forgot that Sami representing DImera has a seat on the board or did they forget how much they panicked when she withdrew 20 million in donations because of Nurse Abigail Banging EJ

Yup they forgot all about that

Tripp told Ciara Ben was into her Ciara ignored it because things were good between them

Is the dream of Steve’s on and Bo’s daughter and all their future Half Legacy Grandchildren over?

maybe you know what’s weird  about all this Roman ?


People were Screaming that Chad was too old for Ciara (he’s not) mainly because of Abigail. Ben was with Abigail…If Ben is old enough to be with Abigail then he also too old for Ciara Because if Ben is young enough to be with Ciara then Abigail must have been Rocking the Ben  Cradle

You have to stop using math in Salem Bob


Hope arrested Ben claiming that she had new evidence he set the fire

And here we go Hope better lose her job over this.. Salem’s greatest monster

The patient is ready Herr Bob

Great they are all in the Hospital Church. Get to it guys ” Bobs men took Hattie out of the room to switch her with Marlena

Ahh what fun Roman do you know why i want you and Hattie to be a couple

No why
Because If not for the Arrival of the Pawn back in 86 Chris Kosecheck and Marlena would have been a nice couple they already began dating marlena invited Chris to her house for dinner. And if john didn’t stop by with his who am i ‘s ???? They could have been something special !

Yes well i like being Roman

I know you do LOL

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 09-07-18: Escaping windows and Baby Bombs

Bob is in his office he is not in a good mood  “You went and did something behind my back even when i pay you NOT TO”
Boss to be fair i don’t think Stefan knew  we went straight and are now working with you”

So why did you do it then?  Curiosity?
As a way to keep tabs on him and so forth ”
Sigh what’s done is done Marco is here here?

Bring him in Please “Marco Brings in Ted

Will someone please tell me what I’m doing here?

Welcome to my Legal Team Ted


This Week In Salem

Roman told Kayla that Steve was arrested for Espionage Kayla told Roman everything about Stefan Kate Steve and the bionic eye, Roman told Kayla not to talk to anyone else while he contacted Shane

What can Shane do that Roman Can’t? Isn’t Shane laid up in his house in California?

Will they do anything with this story or just drop it as Steve is gone? Will Kayla get a new man?

No and possibly

After telling Sami she couldn’t have EJ if Kristen couldn’t have Brady Paul rushed in went for Kristen’s gun him and Kristen went crashing out the window

Kate gave Stefan info on Chads business dealings Stefan commented about him Abigail and family  Kate  deliberately let it slip without Stefan picking up on it that Chad is the father of the baby not him

Can’t believe they dumped Andre for this NEXT

Will Told Sonny he got his memory back  Sonny naturally got all kid in the candy store insane moving in on him immediately Will said Not until they told Paul.

Sonny was not happy

aww too bad sonny has to wait a few days SMH

May be more than a few days as Paul is laid up in the hospital

Remind me to thank Paul for breaking Kristen’s fall he saved her life

Will they tell Paul and that’s why he leaves or will they NOT tell him he finds out and that’s why he leaves?

lani and Eli discussed starting again

lani and Eli do you care anymore ?

Brady told john about Paul

Will got Brady up to speed about him sonny and his memory  Brady lashed into Will about what this would do to Paul

Look at that Brady has some sense of decency

Was Brady right?

Abigail told JJ she didn’t trust Gabi thinking she was up to something

choose your words carefully Abigail JJ may still be in love with Gabi

Would JJ give up Gabi because of what she is doing?

He should but if he doesn’t blame Gabi for killing his father why should this bother him?

Gabi doesn’t think her plan is working

Because it isn’t  Anyway later on Abigail caught Gabi going upstairs they called each other out on their “issues”


No, not even close after some back and forth about taking responsibility for her alters Abigail went for the phone and Gabi brought a Gabigail wig upstairs

Sigh what is Gabi up to

Kristen showed up at Stefan’s doorstep demanding help

Stefan threatened to call the police Kristen negotiated a room in the tunnels right before the police Lani/Eli RANG THE DOORBELL

They did what

They rang the doorbell

WOW that hasn’t happened since. I don’t know when

Were you shocked by the sound of a doorbell?

Valerie told John that Marlena has an infection and they need to bring in a specialist

Poor john is lost because he can’t go to Stefano for these situations anymore

..i know it’s very sad ………..

Could this specialist be a returning cast member ?

Neil Curtis wait he isn’t technically a specialist


LOL he was before your time

Everyone rallied at the hospital John and Eric remembered they were once priests and took time to Pray

Marlena will be fine if she dies i will get her to Melsewan island and fix her right up like the last time she Died

Maggie went to see Bonnie who after blaming everything on Angelica asked Maggie to be her  go between for her amending with Lucas

Lucas went to see Bonnie saying forgiveness was part of his recovery program and he does indeed forgive her

Well Done Lucas Bonnie just needs someone to love her

Sure she does anyway that’s when Bonnie dropped the BABY BOMB on Lucas

We were all stunned by that as the credits rolled

I’m sure this will tie into Lucas’s exit story somehow

That’s about it

Good now don’t you worry about anything Ted i think you’ll fight right in here

Can’t wait to start

Will Ted ever return to mess things up for Kate?

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann

Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 08-31-18: The Window Patch

I don’t get it Especially from coming from  you?

What are you talking about?

You and Brady you were sleeping with his father while getting him ready for kindergarten, you gave him baths, you feed him, you taught him how to read.

You don’t have to concern yourself with that you will help me and you know why.

Sigh it’s not going to work

Yes it will i know Brady loves me

Fine, how’s EJ

Better everyday

BTW if Marlena dies I’m going to be very mad at you.

You sound just like father when you say that.

This Week in Salem

Kristen gave the gun to Sami who claimed to be drugged after some hesitation Eric intervened

Sami’s bullet hit Marlena instead of john


Not arguing with you

Kristen grabbed Claire and then took off

I let her go the sounds of her whining were too much for my ears.


What are your thoughts on the events of the shooting?

Sonny is in stalker heaven as Will remembers them being together  Susan was freed from the freezer in Doug’s place and let will and sonny in on what was going on Will took off Sonny stayed to look after Susan

At the hospital the inevitable everyone blaming each other started Rafe took Sami to the police station

Sami’s at the station…i better go

Good Luck Kristen leaves Bob ran into Steve who just got done hugging John before he left to check on Marlena.

Steve how’s Marlena?

Doesn’t look good

It never does she’ll be fine though trust me.

At the station Sami blamed Eric

Of course she did

Do you put any of the blame on Eric?

Belle got in Sami’s face smacked her and gave her all sorts of threats.

FINALLY standing up to Sami Good for you Belle Hope and Rafe naturally gave Sami the riot act with their threats and lack of Miranda’s and lawyers and all the fun things that are edited out for time constraints

Sami put Hope in her place

Whose side are you on Sami or Hope?

Kristen nabbed Eve and called Brady telling him to make love to her or Eve’s gone for good

Because that always works. What are your thoughts on the new Kristen and the new Susan which one does you think Stacey is playing better?

Kristen she’s harder to do imo

An overheard conversation about Sami/EJ made Jennifer feel guilty about not telling Eric why Nicole left town

Nothing new there except Sami seems to have forgotten that some of those kids of hers belong to Lucas..Speaking of the kids WHERE ARE THEY???

Who do you think is watching Sami EJ and Lucas’s kids?

Anyway Sami naturally got away from Rafe whose hair magically got grey

What are your thoughts on Rafe’s new look

Susan had another dream Will told her his memory returned she was happy for him

Sonny begged Will to be with him again

SMH Sonny is going to be one of those people in a relationship that follows you into the kitchen when you want to get a drink despite you telling him you are coming back in 90 seconds

Are you hoping that the writers fix Sonny before this all moves forward?

Paul found Sami in Eve’s room and they went searching for Kristen together

Back in the bedroom Kristen demanded that Brady stopped wasting time Eve walked in

Of course she did

Kristen grabbed the gun Sami burst into the room and demanded more answers about EJ. Kristen said No Brady for her then no EJ for Sami


Kristen cocked back her gun she was going to shoot Sami i think then Paul came Dived at her and they both flew out the window

That’s intense can’t wait until Tuesday

How are you holding up Steve?

As good as one can

Steve do you remember the time when


What, what is this

Homeland security your under arrested Take him away  Men in suits drag Steve off Bob is just stunned into silence been in Salem on and off since 1985 and This is how it ends for him

Really This is the best you can come up with???

Sigh I wonder if Stefan knows about this

Are you horrified? Mortified? Angry? or saddened by Steve’s way of  departure ..not just him leaving he chose to leave after it was clear they didn’t want him  But  why not just have him die by taking Marlena’s bullet  doesn’t mean they can’t ever bring him back   Off Screen Espionage ???? REALLY?????

Sigh what you think about Steve’s exit from Salem?


Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann