Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 0-06-18: Pepe Le Pew Attorney at Law

Marlena was waiting for Bob and Blanca to arrive she heard them approach the door Blanca was cursing in Spanish while she opened the door for them.

Hello Come on in

Thanks Marlena Bob said before holding the chair Blanca

Idiota Blanca snapped back while settling into the chair

What’s going on? Marlena asked

He went to See Stefan

NO I DIDNT I Went to the mansion to retrieve something and just happened to run into him

Just happened to run into him Tell Marlena what you did afterwards

Bob what did you do?

it’s not a big deal


We played Chess

Oh Dear

This week in Salem 


Abigail and Gabi began working to get Chad and Stefan’s DNA

Shouldn’t be that hard all things considered

You think so but then Gabi got caught by Stefan wandering around she made a business excuse

How can you see this going wrong?

Kate told Stefan nothing he could say or do would make her betray Chad

Okay what is the deal with Kate’s loyalty to Chad seriously it makes no sense character or story wise Especially taking into account the things she’s said and done to her Own flesh and blood children

It’s bizarre

Will interrupted Leo’s bizarre marriage proposal with Paul’s dirt on Leo, Leo attack him then Sonny threw him arms first into the fireplace. He’s dead

But you said his arms???

It’s best not to ponder

deciding it better not to call the police they wrapped him in the rug and tried to get him out of the house naturally Maggie walked in and offered to help they talked their way out of Maggie’s graciousness

Is it possible Leo is still alive while in the Rug?

Maybe, But why not just call victor and have him take care of all this???

They are thinking about staging a car accident


While looking through wedding dresses Kayla told Marlena she understood the pressure john was under when he was forced to poison Steve

She told Marlena about having to get dirt on Kate for Stefan so Steve could have his eyes fixed

Lani blamed herself for losing the baby because she pondered an abortion   she was reminded that Eli and others were still there for her they planned a service for “David Abraham Grant”

The Tate Custody Hearing is getting Ugly Both lawyers are pulling out all the stops SADLY though Ted is a far, far better lawyer than Justin Ted actually did his homework actually preparing for the hearing

Even bringing up Damos

Imagine that

Eve referred to him as Pepe Le Pew the French animated Skunk

Bob shook his head

Why are you shaking your head Bob? Asked Marlena

Didn’t you watch Pepe le pew cartoons  Marlena

We all did I’m sure

Pepe Le Pew is/was a serious Sex offender seriously that poor Cat being sexually harassed day in and day out with no way out and nobody trying to help her

Let’s try and stay on topic


Who do you think will win Custody of Tate?

Hope and Rafe found out that Ben missed his medication pick up


Chad made some take down Stefan threats  SMH blinded by jealously he doesn’t know what he is doing

Tripp and Claire shared more Ciara guilt i think Claire made a play for him could have been one of those over emotional moments

Are you okay with Tripp and Claire, if Ben and Ciara becomes a couple?

NO Tripp needs to stay clear of Claire. For now anyway

Back at the cabin Ben pill free is becoming unglued and Ciara is beginning to fear for her life

JJ told Eric he is helping Theresa with Tate because of his own guilt Lani losing her baby

Will Theresa and JJ get together?

Hope and Rafe went to see Clyde Weston to ask about Ben they got nowhere?

How could they Ben was taken from Clyde when he was what 12? And was reunited for what a month????

SMH guess hope forgot  that if Clyde told the Cops about Ben’s necktie confession Two murders and Abigail’s  terrible ordeals could have been avoided he’s not going to tell her anything

Where you happy to See Clyde Weston again?

Speaking of Clyde, Ben started to see him at the cabin A freaked out but rational at the same time Ciara tried to get Ben to see the truth about what was happening around him.

She convinced him to try and get his meds and tried to go to sleep, when she woke up the Cabin was on fire


Ciara will be fine

Oh forgot to mention last week It appears Kristen Blake  Dimera has been recasted shortly after that Eillen davidson has left that other show

Maybe they can use that first actresses Hands and arms only until Kristen can start filming  they’ve done it before

I dont think so but who knows

thats about it

good now Bob lets talk about the how’s and whys you shouldn’t get involved with Stefan

Wait First Marlena I understand you and John have set a date which by no coincidence is the same date you married John as John the very first time.

“Yes that is correct” Marlena saw a gleem in Bob’s eye

NO absolutely not

Aw come on Marlena you know i love you and john together, I’ll tell you what. If you let me try to stop your and johns wedding like Stefano would have then i will NOT help Stefan. At least until after you’re officially married

I’ll see what john says


Time To Turn The Hourglass

By Robert Feldmann