Days of Our Lives Cliffhanger Friday 06-29-18: May the Best Brother win

Friday Night Dimera Mansion

Stefan is in the living room when he hears someone enter the house and start for the stairs

Excuse me Who are you and where do you think you’re going ?

My names Bob and I’m going to my room i need to collect a few things

Hold on are you the Robert that the board keeps telling me about

Sort of yes

What can i do to get you to reinvest with Dimera Enterprises

Bob smiled not much I’m afraid

Perhaps then you can share some of our father’s insight

Where are Chad and Abigail

Moved out


Also out

Will you do everything in your power to Destroy Hope Brady?

Why don’t we focus on Kate and chad first

Bob looked at Stefano’s portrait “should i help him?”  Sigh… okay ill hear him out over a game of chess ..Your move

Stefan and Bob began playing


This Week in Salem

A devastated Lani demanded to see her son

They held a small ceremony where she named him

David Abraham Grant

Will Lani and Eli have any kind chance going forward?

If they are given a story yes

In what may be Theresa’s nuclear Option she threatened Brady with the courts JJ came to her defense

Abigail told Gabi that she had sex with Chad the night she killed Andre so the baby may not be Chad’s

NO NO NO NO not another pointless who’s the daddy story

Are you upset that they are going down this road again

Stefan offered Gabi her company back IF she ran it under Dimera Inc’s banner Gabi reluctantly agreed

Interesting went bob moving a piece

Has Gabi lost her mind?

Paul is angry and worried that Will Stole a vile of Dr Rolfs memory serum

Are Paul’s worries justified?


Chad being the new CEO of Titan changed her plans for taking down the company

How will Kate’s plans shift

Ted made a play for Kate. She smack him

LOL guess he’s not evil enough



Please don’t ever sleep with Kate

After what she did to my mother not in this lifetime

I’m going to hold you to that

Leo caught sonny trying to entrap him


Chad put on Stefano’s ring  thinking he is taking his rightful place

BARF that’s not his real ring btw Bob flashed it to Stefan

Where did you get that

From Andre

At the cabin Ciara made rounds making brief calls to everyone Tripp apologized for bringing up Chase they all tried to get her to give up her location she didn’t budge

Good for her

Hope fears she may be with Ben Weston

ROTLMAO That’s still funny

Anyway it looks like Ben and Ciara have become friends even sharing a opps I’m sorry did that hurt moment

Are you believing or Accepting Ben’s redemption story

Not until Eve is done with him

Chad told Stefan he was the worst thing to happen to Abigail

Let’s hope so dad



Gabi told Abigail about working for Stefan and Gabi saw the pregnancy test and offered to see it through with her

Aww look at that they are sisters again

What was that you just said i didn’t make it out

Forget it i was mumbling about my knight

You’re great at this

Learned from the best

So I’ve heard

Kayla gave Stefan the pics of Kate and Leo, Stefan complimented her on her work and just like that visionary biometrics was sold and now free of dimera influence Steve may be up for the chance to see again

Remind me to tell you about nick Stockton sometime


How will this all tie in with Steve’s exit from Salem

Stefan sent Kate the photos with a let’s talk note on them

Very good

Theresa arguing with Eve brought up her fling with JJ and Page. But immediately apologized

Knew that would happen

Will Theresa take Tate with her?

The custody trial for Tate began

Whose side are you on?

leo told sonny to marry him and all was forgiven and the lawsuit would be dropped

Desperate move doubt it will work

Paul got a call from john who found dirt on Leo

Uh Oh forget it Leo James bond is onto you

John black.. You’re not ready for him yet Stefan don’t go there

Will refused to destroy the serum Paul and sonny exchanged i love you and made love

Poor Paul’s going to lose everything

CHECKMATE nice game Stefan

Congratulations Bob your good at this have you made a decision

To reinvest in the company yes to help you No

It’s a start

Time to turn the hourglass

By Robert Feldmann